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Former MLB Pitcher Al Leiter sets the stage for Game 6 with Salk and Holley

Oct 30, 2013|

We talk Game Six and the Sox with former Met/Marlin Al Leiter.

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-- -- -- The good news for the -- text message -- form from what you somebody in the yeah. Talking about personal stuff and I shouldn't -- step -- happened to us. Sit and listen to music I don't know who. Who got. My phone number that us over the war here's the catch and its stake in. For -- strike count it knows. Greg wants that would hit the outside corner fastball at 93 events that strikeouts. -- John Lackey. First thought came here this on and off Wesley got down here early drop kicks are inside. Practicing get ready warming up to do the National Anthem -- played this song before the game tonight. It may be overdone it may be overplayed you may have hurt terribly time they were on its freaking awesome. And it always gets me site -- your baseball watch baseball. A Red Sox baseball specialists I apologize couple things weren't -- difference even when they were not doing I don't even mind test my fair but I don't mind the story behind that kind of annoying. But the mind that's it let's do this. Al Leiter is nice enough to stop by a little bit early so grab him right now and then taken some of the quote I was talking about Michael regarding -- do that. At 545 and Lou -- Maloney will step in from six to 715. Although we do out. Personal thank thank you for beating -- -- verdict doesn't yeah. Pretty pretty exciting out if we don't want -- -- we caught -- walking in now from outside -- it's we know is the -- -- -- an -- talk about basically stop you from here he would leave Hewlett that would reduce the bag and underwent. -- -- -- -- -- Al -- just thought I was gonna get him any air what the energy like out there are no agreement on a few. Well it's it's starting and you know just talking to some people around the city in particular spoke with a couple police officers and a you know they anticipate that there. You know my first things like this hasn't been done in 95 years in this town. And as great as this baseball. Nation is in the Red Sox -- like you know you just make sure their -- just parties and celebrates appropriately if the Red Sox weren't enough to where they were stopping like -- now are now I would I Archos -- I just guys hey guys ready and he was talking about. Yeah they're ready so. Just from the looks of the crowd I think everybody's going to be fired up and after spent in the last three in Saint Louis that was a great vibe and energy as well. And I can imagine how this place is going to be that. It came time. I was watching -- -- -- I was watching you and Harold Reynolds the other night after game five in Saint Louis you guys weren't seeing things the same way in terms of Jon Lester why John Ferrell left in the game at a couple that you guys debated but I'm wondering I didn't stay around for this. How do you see this series overall you see that Red Sox closing this thing out tonight you as a seven game series the cardinals went. I was so truthfully guys I don't know what your analysis says are all the folks that you have on here but I I think it's pretty fair to say that this is really going into this jokingly I think many people who watch this. And tried to figure out how do you how do you handicap this. They're both really good teams. Both of this both respective clubs have reasons as to why they had there the best records and it's respectively. I think the reason why you leaned a little toward. The Red Sox that was initially before start it was the 43 I do like the home field advantage here for buried in American League team. To me this is the only team in baseball. That really truly is dependent on -- DH. Because a big poppy because of Mike Napoli. And I think what transpired. For for a job -- on the Red Sox again to a three. In Saint Louis knowing that they had to -- balked at Cairo with Napoli to second most productive RBI guys and home run guy. Pretty pretty good. And and top of that is that you're talking about some great arms like this is no joke rotation for further -- -- this is it. A borderline dynasty opportunity for these guys into it received Carlos Martinez at the -- this as a stark picture children Miller isn't sniffing. Guy early part of the year was looking like the rookie of the year and you talk about the stumble and -- tonight I love it -- once he establishes a third pits legitimately fastball changeup guy. He's going to be front and he also. They have the arms I just think the -- And all of the stuff that went on you guys know better than I do here in Boston after you know last year in the the disaster that was. Bringing in some quality. Baseball players that care about winning. The the -- you see the way they hang out they date others of there's a fun thing about them party in the bearden just there's that there's kind of a 1993 Philadelphia Phillies kind of filter it. And that's that's infectious I think it is very important I think the -- metric crowd loses the whole. Focus on. After you look at statistics you know who are these guys are -- how these people you know what's in their heart what's. Did they have the guts. All of that and I think Harrington are you a mix got a guy likes to mix statistics with a totally at the other stuff I you know -- -- teams that made World Series of one World Series that we weren't the most talented team but I can tell you what we did on road trips and hanging out going to dinners and and being with each other and lunchtime in movies and just. To me when you have that other level of camaraderie. There's a -- when you -- your teammates when you're on the best note. About -- Al Leiter who's with -- course you can watch him on MLB network MLB tonight live from Fenway right after the game analysis interviews -- -- I just a great job I'm not mistaken you were in the Booth in 20042. I watched you were still playing -- you are in the Booth for the Red Sox and yankees ALCS. In in in 2004. So here in this park for some of the most amazing games. Really anyone has ever seen on the baseball field how do you compare the energy the environment the atmosphere -- To what you're witnessing now in and and maybe you can bring in some of as you just mentioned a year that the last couple years in this redemption. Story the Red Sox that's a great question because I I think there was no doubt about it the level of frustration for Boston Red Sox fans have -- one for all those years right. So after that I think there's been a little bit of a reprieve for the Yankee fans I'm saying Yankee fans because sales at Yankee games but the Red Sox yankees rival. Became kind of like it's all right you know we one -- we want a couple last painful years. 0704 but I think the five. In the stadium that night when Dave Roberts stole stolen base and you know. Miller -- gives up the wheel base at the middle mean it was beyond deafening there really laws. And me having opportunity coastal -- -- the Mets to do the game with with puck to Carter. I remember that guys I want fast -- I think what the Red Sox have done. Around here even with missiles schools to you you guys have here I mean they took a hundred plus Euro place. And really made it field. What's the word not a collected in it you know definitely been able to reject -- -- area and have a different feel so I think the fans here I think that -- -- in the vibe is better now. Who knows how plays -- of course that was historic deal for. Do you not I mean this this'll senator -- I walked up the street from the trucks from a man this is a part of the polls streets and alternate. This is great. As you mentioned boat show you mentioned by a statistically at least -- you probably. Maybe you see it differently but statistically you had your best season of your career. Playing for the Mets and playing for Bobby Valentine. And we know Bobby Valentine here in a different way -- maybe you know what what was it like. When he managed you. Did you see. Any of this coming what happened here last -- was just disastrous. Did you think from a for a man to get fit in and we surprised when he -- I think I was surprised at the level of what seemed like a really dysfunctional concept. And a look you know losing breeds that winning -- the opposite right so. You know -- I've had teams where. My teammates didn't like a particular manager but. Did really manager that matter the manager patsy and think I would breaker you have a great year pitching and you know there was amicable. Kind of conversation but nothing close. I'd like I look at it this way for for me as a as a player I had a responsibility to be fit prepared physically mentally prepared to start the baseball game every fifth day. Would buy -- -- did for me was he he he left me alone he never ever questioned by my desire or my ability to be prepared. And I think that's all you can ask for as a as a player you know there was no there was no side bar there was no stuff going on for me to have to feel like there were things being said. I don't know what transpired look I had Bobby for five or six years with the Mets I know he had left them -- Japan and its music and stuff excerpts that are so. You know people change in you know I think the dynamic and everything the way it was set up it didn't work you know his key his -- didn't fit the -- hope. The John Lackey story is such an interest in one being where he was the injury issues personally issues. Everything that transpired between the CD in him that was not really good fit at the beginning he's had a great year and now -- in a position where. I don't but there's more than five or six guys in the Red Sox where they're going right now that everybody has complete confidence in. When the reader on the mound aura but that -- David Ortiz might be the only batter and then in your and your pitching staff at the end of last year and maybe a couple of guys in your bullpen coach -- -- foul and that's about it. What do you expect out of him tonight what does he need to do to be six and. I was kind of both sides of the fence and just thinking about it is this one of its answer questions. MLB network that slow while ago and I thought about. His side day and the fact that that John Ferrell -- able to get a clean inning that was needed. In a very important game. That's what we do this pictures when you're side my side these were ridiculous to 5067. Pitches sometimes I would throw away the pitching coach bought him. Done you're done so. What happens for John to -- late in the game. He threw his size has won the Davis explained through twenty some odd pitches he was ready -- go in the game any troops what seventeen. I think that was the number so. Think about this and you know having and he doesn't need because of that divide in the and the jitters -- as pretty -- much easier for veteran player but. He had a great field. In game two days ago as opposed to his previous start which was -- So I don't think there's gonna be residual of that and the fact that this is Columbia all hands on deck quote unquote outside of Lester -- available. Start I can tell if I was going into the store I think -- Every single pitch matters and if -- give three great innings three ratings don't be trying to think that you're gonna try to -- this out -- give you -- seven innings and you know mode so it through a -- well it's going to be. Accelerated to the floor board. And to go to your you run out and I think that's the way Joseph pros look at this. 00 and ask you specifically about locker you've mentioned that when he grows up as a -- so to speak he's going to be the top of the rotation guy looks like he's here right now. What do you think makes him so tough even without that there it will make them so difficult to to hit leverage he's inherited. Guys he throws 9597. Miles there first of -- that is a special -- -- in itself. Average -- fastballs -- -- to Bosnia sending about that hitters have to click a little sooner. Now he's got to pitch which -- than usual consumers either fastball sliders and kind of wrinkle curve ball he throws a great change. Doesn't only -- to left handers in those two right handers which is also unusual because is always that that feeling. A changeup right on right is this going down and and left the left goes down and hitting zone. So he's got great leverage his size and height allows him to throw down a plane he throws 95 plus he's got arms beat any great change -- that looks like fastball. Curve ball so so to get me over pitch you can throw a few early in the count. You know I think if the Red Sox hitters I think what you gotta do is you got to figure early in the count. He doesn't really -- backwards a whole lot meaning he's proud of his heater so. These Red Sox hitters early in the game the first three innings. They're gonna get a fastball and no -- but now what is -- it's at 9795. On -- well it's hard squared up consistently like that description he's proud of this he's proud and it felt like -- -- she's gonna announce my -- authority that's it but -- -- he should be proud of the -- you know so I I think I think I think because the Red Sox had a look in his last game and even -- -- -- and -- -- a change up -- big -- The popular. You know the green monster by helpful for the home run. Com. There may be a little bit of a -- to that I think they had a better look now because more and there's no doubt about it when when hitters he pitchers. More often. Advantage goes to hear especially with this team seems even just the second time in the game. They're able avenue and we'll still awake guys out there they're they're good enough that it looked -- I think -- -- such approach has always been historically to to see what guys have. Don't be afraid to hit with two strikes and -- guys out that's what that. Boasting how they do it tonight it's game six a great moment of great energy Al -- thanks so much for coming by remember you can watch -- On MLB network's MLB tonight live from Fenway after the game analysis interviews highlights as well closes out the moment that -- Maloney at 6 o'clock alcohol WB.

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