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Buster Olney, ESPN, previews the highly anticipated Game 6 of the World Series

Oct 30, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni hours before the Red Sox attempt to clinch their first World Series at home since 1918. He explains how the Red Sox want to approach Cardinals’ rookie Michael Wacha tonight in Game 6 after seeing him dominate in Game 2.

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I speak -- a buster archive Basra only of ESPN I he's brought to you by our friends at Toyota of Nashua. Isn't the only Toyota national megaplex -- they arrest restoration specialist. And by Andersen windows and buster joins us here. On the AT&T hotline back to Boston for game six year buster. Red Sox worked out yesterday at Fenway Park is not a common practice on an off day for teams in the playoffs. Absolutely not we saw the race. But during the they're travel -- basically now work out the same thing with the tigers. The cardinals didn't work yesterday at and that is common because. I think players and tell you that this time year that they value the rest still get a lot out the rest but. The Red Sox worked out again as they did in the first second and first and second round and I was watching yesterday but it'll. This really kind has it right at the root of their ethnic you know they showed -- to spring training early. They are fired up they show up early every date they are all working with you know Brian Butterfield -- until coached. Going through the infield drills you see every single day. And when I at some of the red such players they said Pedroia had a that they were brought in in a couple of the guys like why you hear. And -- he could to help from the debt. The conversations as in the way that they talked about it was like you know what we like behavior we like to work and this scene. I think if you were to -- in the that is self definition of who they are you start with that which showing up every day. And preparing every day and it's been that way the whole year. And I think it's part of the reason why and you know fans of Boston have responded to them. You know -- that this this were double David Ortiz and arrest the threats out sloppy at 151 so that. He really hasn't had many guys on in front of them they'll Mateen is just -- -- two outs nobody on our lead off the inning when you have do. I think game five and at first it was really the one time we set answer well what do you do and if your Mike Metheny. You gave Wainwright Molina one shot to go give them their net first -- -- now shut it down they'll let Michael walked it even come close to David Ortiz. I would for the reasons you -- it's not like you've got you know bunch of guys hidden behind him you know Jonny Gomes when he hit that home run that was his first post season home run. You know he's had his struggles. A Mike Napoli had periods during the post season where he struggled up and have a lot of -- Stephen Drew for fifty. Nineteen strikeouts. And so. You're choices and I would think trying to think -- -- in terms of you know other sports is like choosing between. Well do we wallet the other team get the ball to Michael Jordan or will Perdue could. Right and because Ortiz is that good any kidding he'd basically getting to this they embrace that Micah and same rate that Michael Jordan his jump shot. And you choices. He would make sure that somebody else has to be fuel. War you know do you know they keep pitching -- and I don't understand the logic behind -- installment look like but these are really Smart guy. And I agree with what Terry Francona said to -- over the weekend which is when what you get the post -- if you win you're Smart if you lose you're done. But in watching it play out especially in game five he was dead stretchers because that situation so dark in the postseason. Here's why to have -- to be buster my my view is that a manager has to be able to even tell the best players on his team. When they have to maybe do something different and Wainwright emit it after that game. Yeah I made the decision right I made the decision I was gonna go after David Ortiz I was gonna get him out in the first inning. It -- right away does Metheny. Timmy gets too much trust in Wainwright and I felt like that was letting the pitcher dictate maybe decision that management and the team itself. Wish they had back would you think about that call by Wainwright and Metheny not standing up to a minute spot. Well first off. You know you understand why in between he has trusted Wainwright -- what you. That I think that you have to take it out of the hands especially when you talk about one of the best pitchers in the world. Probably the best defensive catcher in the world because both those guys there instinct is we're gonna solve this problem. I'm gonna find a way to get David Ortiz got I'm gonna change position on the rubber TP it. -- altered. The way to deliver the ball with my delivery Yadier Molina is probably think I'm gonna find a different pattern. But given the choices in the choices really -- eighties and he has the broader view with a lineup he's the guy who can say look. Appreciate you guys doing that but the bottom line is that radical after these other guys that they're not David Ortiz right advocate bidding. -- the fifty in the World Series. Yeah I know everybody -- humble teams unfamiliar with -- staffs. No Saint Louis hitters are seen. Lot of these pictures for the first time and relievers the first time but there's two. I've never seen in line up go to school like this Red Sox on a second time around like they do which brings me that tonight because I. I've I'm a believer Michael -- after what I've seen Washington Post season some burst in against the Red Sox he's he's ecstatic that this team goes to school buster and I'm curious to see this deacon reacted elimination game. Absolutely and I think the adjustment. Will be there tonight I remember talking with some of. Red Sox hitters before he's starting game two and they were talking about his changeup which is such a devastating picking the good breaking ball but basically lets face the Red Sox hitters will mostly ignore that because as -- saw on the first start. He killed built fastball change the first time through when they talked about how. Walked his changeup is. Eight he'd be very usual for right handed pitcher who you can speak it to throw a changeup inside to right handed hitters and they say that he. You don't -- if you're going to do that most of the time. You have -- you have -- changeup that move they aren't like it change shields. Walk it doesn't have that type which need to -- got orbit Trevor Hoffman. Straight changeup but it worked recover often but he was that basically want any pitcher instill that to me is going to be interesting adjustment to -- the Red Sox. Find something where they will argue that piece of information. Because that was such an effective way for walking a pitch in the first time for 81 time that he faced them. And this time around that that that's the pitched to me the inside change at that I think you might see the Red Sox hitters talk a little bit. We're talking to buster only of ESPN I wouldn't make a lot of change of lineup buster one thing I would do for the Red Sox tonight. It is continued bad -- Bogart sixty moved up to that spot in the order in the National League ballpark Napoli is back tonight but I would not be afraid. To go Ortiz Napoli and Bogart's and I'm curious as you work. In Saint Louis in watching this thing. What people around baseball or -- abouts in -- people that saw him for the first time in some of the hits in place he came up with in those three games and National League park. Yeah I mean his presence. Is he talked about last week -- hearing comparisons to a young Derek Jeter not terms of what he's accomplished but it turned -- comparable he looks. In terms of what their perception of that he's ability to handle the big moment you know he's been so good that I've wondered if in their meetings with the -- that would deploy at all. With the idea of batting. Bogart's behind Ortiz because. -- -- Jonny Gomes. It came up with a Big Three run homer the other day in Napoli hit some big moment in the post season. But I got to believe that if you're sitting on the cardinals' side the -- said the best at bats overall against you when this World Series. -- -- -- -- And that would be to -- not -- would necessarily Alter strategy sticking around Ortiz but that would be big guy that you go oh boy with -- runners on base. Yet be the only prom out of tonight with that is that. He is the worst he's looked as against Michael walk and you mention that radio ready changes some you don't see very often and I can guarantee you. You considerable that's never seen that in a minor leagues and a short time that that worries. The matchup tonight move forward. But as head pro -- one think is it typical incidentally I thought his candor after that start and given his confidence level he said. You know I had to make it what impressed you don't walk -- looked at -- and he said well next time around we'll have a better idea of what he can throw. And will make our adjustments and that's what it impressed a lot of misty needs is to confidence in which he basically it. OK I get beat -- but I'm gonna get tomorrow that attitude after that start. He did that against Ben what do we got the first step baton after the game that I'm gonna get them got to now on next embedded double -- Yes -- -- -- -- Guatemala you know I noble teams' closers I've conferencing coach Ian and and I like the way Rosenthal throws but. The best reliever on both teams right now might be Felix to Brock. You know do you use him if if you don't use him tonight buster. You save him in that role in game seven. Or do you go Jake Peavy. It's a fascinating question and love that part of what the fun thing about the policies in the World Series and a week ago. Feel it's about what basically forgotten their second most important lever up and coming in and so. Might my guess is and I know that they if we had a conversation within the organization about OK is it should we start you brought in the -- -- I think he has more value coming out of the bullpen. It'll be an example I mean first thought he used -- tonight I'm assuming he's going to be the first guy had to depend if you if black he'd. You know pumped out the six or seven Denny probably be that guy their hope would be to get you we are. -- ought to be another reason why you might wanna do that we've seen the cardinals have troubles against lefties. And let's say they start their lineup with -- scalp still left handed hitter at shortstop and -- they left handed hitter and center field against PD. You can if you break into brought it basically lining him up against the -- a left handed hitters and I think that would be good thing. Is there any chance Allen Craig is not in that lineup but a they had him in their plane first a lot of people surprised -- in Saint Louis buster he looked. Pretty banged up I give him credit for for gutting it through DBD re injury to a point where he wouldn't be available -- -- the cardinals. Well if you get carried off the field on Sunday night the night and waiting -- the -- the -- on Friday night air. What was its Sunday night yet he. They all they did -- I honestly I'm with you. Run together they carry out until one night and it comes back in place. Then I think he's getting -- -- -- no doubt he's gonna play. I'd -- be a lot of fun tonight just get your -- it just get there early buster from all the parking restriction everything else my share you guys are. A lot bloated all day -- Fenway Park. While the mud and get a ticket entry got to talk about the ticket prices they're the biggest in history. We are actually giving away two tickets. In just a few minutes. Don't -- -- -- -- buster thanks see the ballpark of pastoral Levy SP and joining us is always buster has brought you by Toyota Nashua. Visit the all new Toyota Nashua megaplex also by an arrest restoration specialist and by Andersen windows Allan Gregg will be in there. -- -- The ball -- is interest in in a minute we bring that up with him on. People start texting in. I mean I wouldn't get as high as fifth I -- Napoli sort of a lock for that role that Mike Napoli is going to be. Can first look at. The worst Damian is open three. Against walker. Two strikeouts back to back first two at bats. And there -- there was some concern before that game I mean it's a vessel wall early but there was some concern about. The change on ready ready changer that. He'd just in a minor leagues to coming up did not not many guys have seen at the insurer of the hitters in the scene at once or twice. It's just a pitch he's never had to -- the great. He's a gun control all its other bats except for game two against Michael walk and that's the fascinating thing -- shown a quick improvement that's why they love -- that's why jump so quickly. That'll be pitching matchup tonight. See if he's in a bogus gimmick I just wait to watch those -- square off against specially given what Bogart said after the -- gain any wind up and why again I would -- and to remember that right yeah. You've got a good at that popped up to -- interviewed him after the game things Alex beer. And he's like yeah I got on next at bat I got -- -- of assays taken deep or that he's gonna get him. And -- separated double next having faced the pilots do this you guys detects the when's the Red Sox ticket giveaway and it'll come up ball when we get back in just a couple of minutes from now your chance to win game six Red Sox tickets right here on WE yeah.

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