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Tom Curran, CSNNE, reacts to the lone trade made on NFL trade deadline day

Oct 30, 2013|

The Patriots were a part of the lone trade made on deadline day, acquiring defensive tackle Issac Sopoaga from the Philadelphia Eagles. Curran explains to Mut and Lou what this move means for the Patriots’ depleted defensive front.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI. Taking a slight break. From the baseball get back into it at noon buster all these gonna join us an hour from now. Your chance to win the hottest tickets in history of Boston's sports Red Sox playoff tickets for game six tonight. Pick a winner right here on 93 point seven WEEI one hour from now make -- listening for your chance to win 617779. 7937. To keep Texas AT&T text line is 379 -- 37. We got off the year yesterday at Saint Louis 1 o'clock local time 2 o'clock -- we said well how we win our our first of seven connections. We had yesterday get back to Boston we know the patriots made a move and they did. -- big while and they beefed up the defense -- line just like Tommy current told us they're gonna -- Tommy current Comcast sports net joining us here on the eighteenth the outline. Tommy last week we talked trade and I mentioned wide receiver he said defense of line. Was probably more what they look for specially of front so maybe not a surprise that so blogger ends up and patriots uniform in time for a this game against the Steelers. Yet because and I will vote that disappointed there's no excuse equating it to me. If you look. What the last two prone to double the jets in the ball that's critical strategic ties against New England. The Dalton threw the ball about thirty yard iron and that was bikes are there high for the season. Opposing offensive coordinator CAA's right in the middle so bringing it Sopoaga it was a strategy. From jump street -- 330 pound helped pick you up -- guy who held up pretty well on when Jones but he can't help. And you would think with Libya on belt coming near Pittsburgh would -- wanted to do the same thing this have anything left and of people Philly. On the -- tears easily even as well. I think they have a typical I will try to figure -- you know I spoke at the end cork -- for a little while yesterday you and so they'll be commenting. Complicating on the Eagles team -- couldn't figure out away. To explain what here I feel worse for your eggs so a lot of but you know recollection or -- that who still wearing black or dark as they let the ankle -- the -- -- -- 49ers. Last year. The depth and you put him a lot about it that it could make a big difference I think it was more -- Certainly is a first and second -- player he's not going to be -- field on third down or a situation -- -- -- -- -- But to put him on the field early in you have that. Body in the air that I'll take up room and don't on -- it's good -- -- it might be. Down the -- so I think it's their performances and they need to keep acre offer them because they're wearing and about a 100% capacity what they can't do. Talk -- talked anyone on the round the league in terms of the cost of the deal you know I look at and say get a the only give up a fifth and get six back for a guy that. Immediately plugs and he got in view it as an exorbitant price what's the feeling around the league terms of the trade. Oh it's it's basically -- to -- salary. Because. You know the fifth round -- that they send. It took place prior to profit from -- in addition they get a player they have to merry draft picks it sent you know. Hundreds. You relate hundreds that the graphical please order a 160 that they gave up now they have a hundred median return. And at -- said. -- don't -- watching a fact that -- rather describes some payroll like they would trade -- Yeah I think that a I'd now like the fact that you know you got me for a couple years because you know big Vince. Be back next year look like Tommy Kelly was back to practice today and as good as but Lotto lady -- Chris jones' looked at least you've you've created some depth at that position not just as you move forward. Yeah and it's interesting too when you look at how many guys -- who'll report. Literally corroborates our prior Kyle Love Fred Dedrick. To the point where they it's basically strip mind the entirety and why it will run in with your alien will work at the beginning of this. Those certainly they wanted to get -- -- -- more mobile front and I think that's actually the most defenses are trying to get into. If you see more and more spread offenses. It quickly to the target for the quarterback for the patriots almost went in the access meant -- themselves. You're with well I think we could all agree on our -- here so the -- Ares is really that's your -- went and they get slammed with. First injured Kelly -- the knee injury reports it will float which is more. Diabolical. That -- -- did a holes and diabolical is Tommy current Comcast sports that he is joining us the let's go back for a go forward in the first half against the dolphins you down 173. -- that was the score surprising. But the lack of Steven Ridley the lack of of Logan Ryan. But any clue yet Thomas to why those guys -- not see playing time early specifically Brantley who still appears to may be the best all around back for this patriots team. I think it's hard to argue that he is the most productive back in the -- looks. 50% better. Operates would anybody else in the all my -- to -- to rich. Breaking down personnel tendencies. Every Monday. Theorized that he was not -- -- related to our liking it the end zone. Based on what we saw. Didn't impact that it was principal was down back early. In the casket back. But there are once got his reps early as the first second. They just kept locating and in -- -- let me let -- In terms of its production when you up to -- -- -- And then you're bringing in mark -- -- that so I think -- please. Don't everybody let's go out of -- now. Not that big deal was going to be a few late when the other team went to -- so I didn't think the first such. Was better Regis. You look at those plays in the -- you know what. If you look at Bryant without. So. I think you'll get that's not a big appeal to -- -- -- Bryant big certainly they have enough. The -- related. Yeah I think part of most that telecast really the first step was boatmen's pictures of Tom Brady's hand. And you know early on the next game you did see that you guys know just emotionless Wright wasn't upset -- was -- mad new account -- guys really hurt just. Walk in off the field with with a hand. You know in his little -- in his right hand running off the field that this is that there's obviously something going on there he obviously can still play with it. -- any clue how severe it is. -- base -- Bob Lewis in -- statement obviously was grotesquely swollen and you can see that the people or the pictures that. We're on not. City you're gonna make a wish. That any excuse for that particular that there were okay and slowing which we know. Clearly on Sunday he didn't want that in the be all legal. And I used right I think the thing in my pocket throughout the game first and -- article putting your partner put all that based upon witness. If you throw in tight spiral that we are -- -- city yes -- yes certainly don't know if that say. Until IQ welcoming no less velocity. What spiral -- -- -- -- in the incompletion. That don't see it from him is related to mechanics have not yet. Going forward now with the this fashionable or injury Tommy's place in the IR. It has to be changed the way the approaching -- last year when they had the access -- tight and sometimes who keep an actor tied in to help out one of the tackles and make sure Brady was protected. They don't have the same height and depth they had obviously but -- changed in terms of the approach to protecting Brady going forward not just this week but after the -- That's a great question I think this week it'll say hey that really believe it or not Pittsburgh. They're a great job getting the quarterback that we have ten sacks this season so far which is. Miniscule amount routine at this explosive that they have been in the past but it although it's there. He sent a coordinator extranet zone blitzes so despite the fact that -- I'm against. Get off against we're back as much could see them. Tried to attack and an open on the right side probable we will be awake seat type thing in the world could. I was in doing music it's just syndicate -- 13 of all Burris was always very consistent. And candidates in recent it's a little anxious combative wants to make a way to get -- -- -- -- but he is a much better athlete. And Ballmer but. I'm not not certainly not a bigger almost a massive guy but. It'll be interesting to see a well developed could this shark really throughout the cruelties. Were you being the starter going forward. So Shane Vereen also back in their today way you know we kick -- back probably after about week week eleven this is first week. -- is eligible to come back and practice. I'm taken that. It makes -- got a huge impact on its offer just more we solve voice got hurt. Yeah and it will be good for them to have been against teams which will be fairly explosive coming out of the pot. They're gonna come quicker spurred them they'll have the by. In -- ten and then we go eleven -- -- Carolina. And -- we've all seen the Carolina can put points on you because of multi so a lot circulate that a comeback -- Denver after that so. There at a position -- they need all their cases offensively. Could be. Part of the dynamic I think that you know Yemen though that with our coast Keating got -- You see it seemed that it's starting to get those pieces that -- deterrent in November. And then of course December and I think in court but that's about. Think it does last check the calendar attic right now although I always think that when you come on Tom there's gimme music so. But something's somebody thinks something's going to happen you prepare for something and you'll get music when Tommy current comes on you're thrown off by that. Well quicker -- always been a real fact there but I think -- time has gone on over the they're. Complacent and it's difficult to see -- having a role in the future. -- -- -- and -- At a hearing and to work or -- you know are we pushed around nicely you know it is time we got to -- of the slippage that position. -- at that position this year there's no doubt about that a recurrent or liberal or through -- I Gregory for the barrage of text messages. Todd you're always brought to us by you're haired doctor doctor Robert -- called 1800 get -- call 1800. Again here tomorrow quick slant what do we get we get. Always get that get -- forty again without duplicates but the rest of the -- played throughout the rich operate out of that and we'll have brought us her take care of course very I'll let. There it is way Tom thank you very lucky next week. -- that's -- every -- start before even sent the text message that Tom. This is it is sound bytes together Tommy current 6177797937. The phone number AT&T next line. At 379 B 37 bolster all these gonna join -- just after 12 o'clock your chance to win. Red Sox tickets to game six tonight's game having at 1230 what's the weather going to be like what's the app. Atmosphere gonna be like if Fenway Park tonight for this game six. We'll talk about that with the guys next hour sinkers and do.

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