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Gabe Kapler, Fox Sports 1, is ready for a potentially historic Game 6

Oct 30, 2013|

Kapler joins the guys to give his prediction for tonight’s game but first Mut and Lou ask him about his prediction from the previous series. He outlines what needs to be done by the Red Sox to pull out a win in tonight’s game.

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Yeah. -- -- on -- bottom -- -- It's not name on them. I'm all changed hands -- and O'Malley and it's not. A song -- we associate this announcement. We haven't. WEEI your calls until two blocks off the -- -- com live event way they'll have John Ferrell. On the show a -- 361777979. Point seven components very deeply now and 37937. We'll talk about John Lackey. Yes and his turn around what you expect from John Lackey tonight has gone three hours not talk about Lackey will do that a couple of minutes. Bobbitt joining us here on the AT&T hotline is a good friend for fox sports one EC mark fox sports like we seem everywhere breaking down these games. I he's Gabe Kaplan gave -- little -- ball scenario. A couple of really excited to argue that more work cited talk for me and now. It's what it is it's the morning there it's 1 o'clock in the afternoon we started a couple of hours to go until game time are you still getting tweets. I gave the Red Sox fans and hang a sergeant picked the tigers on much Maloney had jerk. Our mark a -- out food buried and an. -- or about apple fans and looked at it my job to call like -- yet it doesn't mean that I love. The Red Sox -- rep talking agent reportedly bought in -- lot. They'll have all about love it just so happened to my job now after the break down exactly that in our party appealing. All right so gonna ask you this with the operated to go into game six GAAP. Would you like the rest of the way it. The -- to win the period and they yell -- But tonight walker walker going to be too much for the -- doctor handle. Are pretty got a mechanic yesterday and that the reason that it cute and so strong and that you -- in Alter his shoulder how. You'll perceptual battle out in the pound strikes don't accurately. And not utilize the shoulder soul for power on top of -- believe -- disrupted delivered straight over the top. He also got really good lower out and -- up mechanic and that's why it is like even if the pressure get over it. He's still able to maintain our focus and counter strike zone and I do think he's going to be too much for the report not but I will take direct stock in except. What shocked me really watch for the first time that came to a close was that the fastball changeup knicks gave up I'm curious when you see him able to hit. Decides he doesn't velocity standpoint and have such a variation between the fastball and the change does he remind you. And anybody's affair -- to have a comp right now the you can eat your member or EC right now Major League Baseball. I didn't know what you're not really like anybody for me it's actually ordered that. And all long armed and like it -- his ability cute deliberate it what makes him stand out orbit and out from. I'd like to tell you that arguably a better out ball and and more movement and able to grab all the -- -- between -- equity interest in the reason Arctic. That John Earl may go Jonny -- over -- because of that -- -- change it otherwise. We waited on base average for knowledge so significantly better than -- -- -- -- no other. Regional -- to -- article to be in the lineup so. I think maybe got changeup equalizing the lucked into it is might be the reason that out on the deciding -- were -- not a decision made yet. Yet always gonna go with them and that and that and he's -- -- -- rather and splits as a thing against lefties you look at some of these guys that change. It is an equalizer the may begin this guy does make sense. Yeah -- -- -- maybe you don't maybe don't -- -- you -- pick I would significantly better offensive player in the situation on the and that it. It's not all but -- I'm not around not all about every day I don't know you other dynamics are I don't know what the -- -- and I'm -- you never know what it took back the curtain the beautiful thing about being. While baseball analyst but anywhere up -- in any event that that certainly the student from your couch. And nobody you -- the shooter John -- nobody knows darn difficult but it. And enact about a million things bouncing off the -- so many variable. But very easy for her collection from our and pick up little get to that and make our isn't rational. They capped I guess other than maybe two outs nobody on this David Ortiz get the swing the -- tonight if you're Mike Metheny. Not not not for me and a much that I -- bodyguard Archie Archie made a lot in a human being you how you how removed -- -- If you're not robot operator tonight and getting a little bit -- comparable you're doing your top are huge -- and I understand. The -- state and an awful and articulate we wanted to go after all sorted by the end here. But that they target guys been so incredibly dominant he's reached -- in Kenya. A one time in the World Series. That's unheard of it's not like you -- big again for the fifth starter Ricky great against the and that I could do that he was in 2000 pork and we all know you're pretty good partner. So is the approach is a -- is it that the unintentionally intentionally -- candy just put four fingers up and just put him on base. -- with the situation in the game dictate that the overall. Don't let -- be the approach tonight for his -- pitching staff. I'm in Q2 which do a little bit -- you to repeat what happened earlier in the game and out you looked. -- can't walk up by argue Oprah might imported I would let you record. Are not just Mike -- -- Paul Walker also got your Molina. But for me I don't pitch to David or you just -- dangerous right now and there are really no Manny Ramirez to protect and not the other -- -- -- -- A quick to put up. To be good. Support system. In the outline a piece for the most in the American League -- -- that -- can -- there's just no correct that you go. I've you know this guy is it's so good bet you don't -- reported between like Ortiz and Ramirez now. Or even handing out at by -- the -- here in the world here. Are there in the season -- lot of injuries the players and -- week off and most times a -- this is great about. The post season -- Miguel Cabrera didn't surgery now on the season's over. Allen Craig. Watched him take ground balls he had absolutely no right being in that game but he went Mateen is that I wanna play. He's a huge part of this team both guys in the corners action on Saint Louis are probably DH tonight. It wouldn't say some of these guys Victor Reno he's back in -- tonight this time a year but Allen -- in particular how important is he on this team and this just doesn't seem right. Well argue that it's it's remarkable the familiar are you want to post you sparked little and you know that. It every game is -- do or die every game is what are called and and hold so much important if you have any capability to be in a lot of need to make sure that you get up and -- now. I want to that it -- manager to accept what percentage of that player you're going to get straightened Allen credit revenue per cent. The spyware example I mean -- ball is going to travel 30% less than it normally go to meet eyeball them like you can run it now -- out. On the Internet normally run sports -- for. Sports are speaking out maybe running you know in the in the high -- -- out of page itself into the replacement level player. Better than I got an -- in the -- job. Acquire all of edit permission on the player. But that's the situation and decide am I getting -- percent -- part of -- built stronger or Allan Gregg are you to read or might get a you don't W percent which take better -- I go portrait and level player. We're talking to Gabe Kepler he joins us he played for the Red Sox and -- now on fox sports one. Guys all over the place breaking down this World Series the Red Sox running game which was so good during the year such a big part of their arsenal game. Has been shut down they run once with -- bearing got a stolen base but that was late in the game. It was against John -- -- is there any situation. Where you try to run on Yadier Molina or is the approach so far of staying away from that what will see -- game six in game seven. First and foremost I don't think that you ever run on the catcher you run -- pitcher you accept that -- that to the plate. You know I didn't I want forward spot if I'd want part once that it doesn't matter who's behind the plate it could be part Rodriguez and it and -- party and you take epic now a -- that if I am a huge proponent of knocking we're all out on the basis. Particularly against pitchers that -- the ability to hold an up and down. But for me I love the approach of not running. I'm Fletcher absolutely certain. You can -- -- -- -- -- don't feel the risk is worth the reward. And it immediately that really like the approach wrecked our. Or shutting down our own running game I don't know that I put it on not -- Although I know he's in an extraordinary throwing catcher but he culmination of the the pitcher being able to. Don't hold runners are being quick to the plate yacht but for a -- not giving up out on the basis. A vigorous Smart approach right now -- the -- Is Joseph -- go tonight for the Sox he's had a great year he's been good here in the post season that. He had a tough couple years in need talk about we don't promote road to redemption here for the Red Sox and -- probably typifies don't think. Well what does it say for guy that's gone -- play in this town off topic can be to go through it and the people take shots at -- usually the guys like that in this town. Don't make a comeback and to -- with a fans feel good about -- taken a month. Our community -- got two years ago at your regard -- -- David Ortiz and in the earlier part of 2009. I'm more -- -- -- -- -- boater -- -- little what did you got to trojans' starting. I literally were some people were saying we should released David were you a note saying Covert agent popped up. With John Lackey and and at the -- would look you know it's. It's not -- that he wouldn't -- ineffective and you know -- their injuries you're moving up and move your old 130. But now that guy and become the -- he was at. Remember the locked into Angel which -- -- -- -- curveball in the old and a lot -- you -- back -- into meeting that it cannot admit to a guy. Will determination. Or you. Wind Red Sox Nation because once you -- -- -- in very difficult to get them back on your stock are on your side like you mentioned -- so permeate. What -- you've done is extraordinary or that region because you felt like. So hard to get sent back and side. -- think the Sox to win this thing and seven the we've talked a little bit above game seven and the way Felix to brawn -- the for the steam out of the bullpen. Do you try to get -- data peavy and go to -- brought already go to -- brought first. You know it's it's such a difficult question to get a -- back to my and I really comp -- spot on the couch it they what I thought you were brought you last appearance. Would tell me that debate on the way to cardinal here. -- aired against left handed pitching that you think are one amount and -- might even get that are brought about their start -- that -- would -- the deadline for a reason. You can't get too emotional -- caught up in one start one appearance but like I would -- were brought. But -- I think maybe you go he's strong eagle -- a little bit further but it not -- rock looked. Extraordinary you're due out doubting -- commented that the cardinal lineup a extraordinary difficulty reaching not into that and. As you mentioned you lose Red Sox Nation tough to get him back as your finding out on Twitter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then again I go I go back to mature director earlier this doesn't mean I love about the Red Sox or the city and elected to me that call election. He is breaking it down on fox sports on fox sports -- he is gave capitalize at the join us here. As we get set for game six of the World Series gave thank you very much we'll talk -- down the road. I can't escape cap -- good stuff Michael -- there.

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