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There’s a feeling in the air: Mut and Merloni are pumped up for Game 6

Oct 30, 2013|

It’s hard to explain the feeling in the air before Game 6 but Mut and Merloni are ready for whatever happens in a potentially historic clinching game. To clinch the series tonight, the Red Sox will have to beat rookie phenom Michael Wacha, who dominated them in Game 2.

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You know people -- -- as a signal that our team was talented enough to get their hands. But talent doesn't always prevail I think its part as to where we go our business that we we've played every single pitch every single out. Iverson game Dwayne Wright delivers. Like as -- Okay. It's. Okay. And the fact is we're going home and going back to a place -- guys -- to play and in front of our friends and that this atmosphere here these three games then tomorrow. We know it's gonna be equal to that if not better way and we're excited about going. I can only imagine what. Realize what this he's going to be like a sudden there is. You know I'm I'm excited right now I I just wondered about how it went -- they. I'm telling you gotta love. We're friends sir this whole thing they've. They're more fluid. Will be going out of every day and every Tuesday. Go to President -- If he picks up the wrong in the World Series is -- made it has the right. Selection. Homers tonight he's going through. Good swing and Weiner -- right right and I'm a backing up a bit Daniel thanks again. Red Sox winning 31 another final and a Red Sox are coming home in the Boston with a 32 lead in the World Series. We continue to beat that drum that tomorrow we'll get -- -- -- focus on that being the sole thing but I think what's really built over the course of the season I think our fans and appreciate the way we've got about playing the game I think they've witnessed guys -- care for another inch. In return the way they've demonstrated their appreciation and energy that they create here we've we've certainly fed off of that. I'm sure it's going to be an incredible atmosphere -- I got off. And. And he swings it drives. -- By the -- and Johnson. Three run by Johnny. It's -- -- lose a lot of updates. -- I'll tell you what. Immediately out of the -- Joey -- -- with our audience that -- we give back to Boston this guy gets back to his a game -- read -- -- that happened before the show started. Since you always a game on single file that I we saw and we -- -- game out there -- college girls noisy game to. -- we need rocky early today let's get Lu fired up that came before the show started text there. But the this one kind of sums up as well big thumbs up for the rocky music boys I was hoping you'd do it even though it's too early. To be this fired up. At the sickle and I rolled it near an Iraqi in my just stuck back Joyce I'm exhausted and it still fires me up but. A long way to go a long way to go get. Each site you drag it because he'd try to let it be to another area to the level early on. But that's OK it's -- -- into -- critical here here we go it's game six. No better place to be the right here 937 WEEI much. Lou back in Boston after a wonderful trip to Saint Louis capped off by a stop in beautiful Cleveland Ohio yesterday back in town today. For game six the calm before the storm. And a lot to talk about what you guys up between now -- to a clock it's 61777979378. TT -- lions 379237. We are giving away. Game six tickets 1230. Is going to be your -- -- ball for your chance to wince at 1230 game six tickets will talk about that in relation to what is a crazy ticket market. Al due out later on in this hour but. The fact that we're here now we we -- three unbelievable games right we saw three. Well to historical games -- one that went under three hours which is historical enabler for a World Series there a Monday night. And other Red Sox have a chance to win a World Series at Fenway Park here for a game six and just. This warning -- in office talking -- people. There is an unbelievable laws as there should be for this game tonight at Fenway Park. This city's gonna be outrageous if they get this thing done. God mean how could they bring a chicken and what what do they are saying don't drive then. Noticed take public transportation -- cars can be -- believe federally area at 2 AM I heard it was until like sometime this weekend you can go home. Get your car until Saturday morning at 9 AM. If there's so concerned about how many people are going to be in a run for an army we are that. -- -- -- -- It and its associated to the ticket prices rightward. Several giveaway to ticket to a what's the average with a 1516100. Right now what the lowest ticket to get in. -- 8000 bucks 920 bucks it's gone down coupled with standing room the standing room piece of good down the right field but you wanna be there is what. 1918. You know usually if you bend the great did you go to Colorado you know that you could -- -- go to either -- here Fenway Park. The ballpark is that gonna knock down -- could have built that could about the new one over there and a seaport over their itself that now they didn't they built this thing back up. Been there forever. First World Series maybe. If they can accomplish this thing when one tonight hopefully be at the go to tomorrow at whatever it is to win a World Series at Fenway Park hasn't been done in 95 years unreal. Yeah like a little crazy that thick thick of this -- -- people bars around Fenway Park and they were 1988 and there's some rules in place will talk that'd lead -- Atlanta Roush Fenway Park under rate apart. No -- matching is the first chance for the Red Sox to win The Herald the World Series cup. Mean no one's ever wanted to -- Boston write you a chance that you a chance Mayor Menino to win the World Series cup. You should not let that opportunity pass that's the big business and a state. Paying back the World Series cup there and sort talk and with you all day about game six -- only is gonna join us. It would be unreal. I think the city of Boston would actually go dessert. If we're able to pull off in game six against seven hopefully game six. It'd be pretty surreal scene that's been here. All of -- -- in the there but you -- babies -- real absolutely would be. But off that the Red Sox have to win a game I I think we're gonna talk a lot about if they win the celebration what's gonna be like that's part of the storyline they got to win one more. You have to win one more you can't you know get. Too -- ever cells here that's blocking on game six. What's -- thing -- most focused in on for the scan what's been your most interest today and for game six here tonight at Fenway Park and it's they walked. It's -- most interest today. Because I'd I don't know what I was gonna see out of him in game two. It's all looking at game six elimination game if he loses he goes home. I show me a lot in the first game he came -- just dealt but threats such team. You know they seek out for second time I've really had a better about that at this game it's -- -- the same way I felt the ball Lester and -- I expect both on the pitch well. It's just that. I like the Red Sox lineup against their guy. More than I like. Of their lineup verses our guy right so a look at the cardinals' lineup purses lack of the -- a total ball well. That -- throw the ball well but maybe this lineup learned some things maybe this on a beach in each individually at bat. And you know what this that we did get less time to make you do some different. Can he make the adjustment. Thought I think that I look at it was a 114 pitches you. Most -- ever thrown his big league career. 2112. On -- post season -- once but you know won fourteen he's bent over like a hundred only to a three times as a starter. Then what is to come out with -- can does decompose mix up his curveball more to ten curve ball a 114 pitches. Good pitch British institute to sprinkle pitched itself fastball changeup. What he does a big yeah I am very curious if they can get him. Bernie mic last of the Saint Louis post dispatch agrees the huge column today once again on walker. And about it turning that cardinals -- turning their hopes that this young kid he's -- hole with a one ERA and four to post season starts. I hitters are batting 122 against him he has the chance. To become the first postseason pitcher in Major League history to win a fifth game during this -- And as good as he looked out walk towards top my list David Ross -- talked about the potential of facing Michael blocker tonight I'm here in this -- -- They're really good young pitcher -- and we got our work outsource I know everybody's excited about last night that Marty ordered a change election and how those two game plan. And the what we're gonna do and how little work. You know the life out of them and you know Peter really good picture -- a good team. There's a lot of pressure on him to disease that's just not swinging right now but the cardinal and and that's why that's when I mean the you know bulls starters you'd pick would feel good -- Now they're knuckle against each other right Lackey got the ball gets walked and it -- against the lineups. You Wainwright was good Lester was good at -- 200 of which -- -- just off right now. So you know that's thorough look at because you read about centrist and how great he was. I guess -- sucks the first time in Syracuse and go to school little bit they're pitching backwards you know he used to it and different things and they've looked the delegate different team against and second time. It just a different approach lot more comfortable. Any wonder that at the same approach vs walker. You know that that's the thing you look at it does some things jump out at -- You know you get -- start forcing in the go first pitch off speed. 86%. I -- do fastball 6065. Pitches fastballs of the 114. 86%. Right handers if you're right handed hitter first pitch of the -- believes that senate time. These two months they are listen and you were the first time we had no idea that you -- -- So first of duty order we wanted to make you work a little bit as we know we won game. Little more aggressive because -- and see these guys for second time relievers second third time. To the commode just opened first expressed or right and left these by the way high percentage though -- you -- today a change a bit locate that thing early. -- -- be more aggressive tonight. I think second time around I like their -- you say aggressive is the word is the phrase ambush is that and we talked about here are heard you mention that win with optimal are about this and go after a guy early trying to ambush Michael walker tonight. If he wants to stick -- that 86%. Fastball percentage in the first pitch right now. Michael why not walk a -- got broad you're better off spot and deliver that change. Yeah it -- incorporated ball you've got to like your girlfriend's flat and so forth and he's going to help. Host a predictor ball or Michael locker opens drive around a ball are now here to -- and letter up and I as a Lockerbie -- on my list he's not the thing I'm most interested in. What do most interested in is how they approached David Ortiz tonight and -- the more I've thought about it the more I think that Mike Metheny is Tuesday knucklehead. Arnold the product that he's been -- and in his hair is seep into his brain this guy caught the major graffiti played when guys like bonds were playing. He knows that you're not supposed to let one guy beat you you can't do daddies hit the right if you Mike Metheny. What is gonna sit on a beach somewhere and think about David Ortiz destroying him for the course of 67 games -- -- thing goes. It is not -- it defies all baseball logic. And yet he went into game five knowing that he was white hot. And Adam Wainwright so I wanna go after and -- Phoenix and oh. And yeah okay -- brownie doing this from. It's been fun to watch so you know it's just a keyboard -- hopefully he's continued I don't know whether our lives and our profits through a lot of it's not my decision. And you're right it that. At a chain victory -- always sold break and writes -- biggest key road pitching to him is he different approach. Tonight an hour at times have we seen. You know you almost feel like guys again last looks or. I'll gonna go to him I'm gonna go to a breslaw one more time. That he struggles you know like game. The myopia write me if I can avoid a media -- I felt like game five was I'm gonna try to give him one more time. You know because he has ban. It and stuff lay in off speed pitches. I've got my ace on the mound I've got a gold glove catcher -- I'm a former catcher I trust that battery to Canada. Pitched to a carefully. And we didn't BP -- have beaten us away because a lot of stuff off speed stuff we trust these guys and it did exactly we -- first pitch Goddard GP and get him guessing -- give him taking whatever he still beat you. Now lets you no longer have duration and amount you know you're down three -- two. Yet go to homeless winner because of David Ortiz from Mike -- and good if he's -- all of us when it's going to be because -- Jonny -- Mike Napoli -- in a -- not. Topic -- CB say that happens you say that but the first. Five games of the series he's walked four times the one intentional walk right misty asked the media legacy in his conference call alienating. It would -- conference called on a plane need ever got to Boston they do on the phone. And so piling up the quote from me not to sound tough love to have to have sound insane you know he was asked about pitching to Ortiz. Any says -- you guys have any suggestions let me know. And according to Muster only on the first time that he said that in the media I got a suggestion. Walk him. Walked David Ortiz and don't tell me the book is not out there what to -- a World Series what do guys locked in. Think back to 2002. Giants and not Anaheim angels. Barry Bonds now okay this -- bonds in his native is -- bonds on Balco this is he most -- being guy may be able time. But -- five games of that World Series right five games the World Series the Anaheim angels would want to win I believe in seven games. Through five games of that series. Bonds that already walked ten times six of which intentional. In the first five games Ortiz walked four times with intentional. Makes no set I just like as a series has gone on -- Mike Metheny note -- stardom as a Farrell Ryan Ferrell criticizing him I think guys bull headed and a big guy does things a certain way. And I think he's letting. Don't let the pride in funnel you should do year four pitches and neighbor TI -- you say that it changes approach. Actual -- keep -- Ortiz right and 708. -- against bats balls eight for eight. Against fastballs in the series. Can they actually make the adjustment what does that trickle down effect and Mike Napoli get some big RBIs a treat you mentioned -- and Bogart's. You know does this finally change tonight I am fascinated. By what might -- does because through five games he seems oblivious to the fact Beckett pitch around this guy like it's against the rules. And make it back to the American League it's harder because now please back in that lineup. So that there's a Condit talk about with this game you're looking at walk I'm fascinated about the -- approaches Ortiz can he continue to pitch to homered as you make that adjustment. There's a lot more talk about with game six here at 617779. 7937. Your phone number 61777979837. AT&T text line. Is 379837. What are you focus in on tonight. What are you get locked into for game six won't get right here -- calls next on WE yeah.

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