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Curt Schilling on game 6 tonight

Oct 30, 2013|

Curt Schilling joined the show to help preview game 6 of the World Series tonight. Schilling discussed how he was able to thrive in the most pressure packed situations.

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Bad guys and I was a little some thing about pitching in the pressure of the World Series joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T the nation's fastest in almost reliable forgy LTE network Curt Schilling on the hotline. Morning show how -- Why are they continuing to insist we're not backing down from Ortiz we are going to pitch to Ortiz when he continues to beat them does that make any sense to you. I don't I don't think there. That they started out that mentality Indian -- to gambling right spot that. He can change some things up I think BBB mandate last game was it was and all of a murderous. You know but it did good. -- KP get drawn in and. It's different to part two and tell your your number 234 of five to pitch around guys that -- And I that we were promised to support our team I I thought that that would happen. Problem is if you -- it is it is -- Napoli hit the ball. Everything he was driving was away early. And and the one thing David can do is suitable in as well anybody saw last game win great civil most of them on the door and try and -- some ball in the end. Get a -- the ball away and it it didn't end well he's marketable also in part yeah. If if PD doubles in the first inning tonight first base is open does -- Make walk up walk Ortiz. Now. Well -- and I show I'm not. Nearly as good at this this baseball analysis is -- argument that but here's my analysis period as the cardinals have a chance tonight because of walk. A tomorrow their chances different it's it's baseball game seven anything can happen but tonight. It's walk or not the only way they beat them is -- walker comes out and does what he's been doing. Pitches his ass off this offense the cardinals offense cannot carry the day. Yeah agreed I mean I don't. They. I -- not at -- worthy -- the US and Europe are living they've they've played they've done some things in the you to do contemplate well. Indian you know I think there's -- kind of a mix and match of who wasn't playing well early on. But it did the other day when you look at the cardinals are doing this without they're David Ortiz and Allen Craig from post partisan non entity and and you look at what do. What what part of that our offense he was. It's huge they are are -- are still questions starting him last game. But. You know these guys are trying to figure out and make it happen. And their bench stinks to have nobody to bring in nobody does it. That was the thing I mean Allen Craig was a weapon because you can kind of pick your poison her particular spot for him for those -- championships -- -- It was that was always the danger when you look at the matchups in the late innings the other day it was even worry was you know what he was gonna hit. And and you can figure out around Matt and and there was almost I almost with a put the ball early directing Q what round -- out of the gate -- you've got many steps left. Well David I mean Derek you know Kurt for -- as poorly as you say the cardinals have played keep in mind that to the cardinals wins. I believe -- results of horrible throws to third base and that it destruction call as well -- -- to -- over to the other way. Yeah I'd I'd I hit it hard to see that in there I don't mean all right just. It would neither team played of the the first two or three games of the series. They did nothing. -- that got them here while police seen them they you know I thought. The other. But Bjorn had made some from some questionable. Moves and changes. That I thought I thought got we got our man is a couple different times. But today -- these bidders. They're playing poorly. -- they're good enough to play around that and that there -- I guess sort of -- if you can you can do about it. Is this the night and you uses version before that you really have to remember to breathe. I know that sounds silly but you talk about that a lot. I didn't want to -- you know I have always -- here these guys talked about sister of -- -- about the game and -- That this is it wouldn't all of -- -- and that's that's what you view. I would breathe in Mexico every two to three innings tonight -- -- -- the fun. And and I think I knew after after my first. Couple times suitable policies remind him that and not everybody felt that way. In the kind of tried but almost like we're confronted -- -- have quite scary try to pick and choose who wasn't able to breathe and it was -- And it was. It was provoke. Does -- over novel makes sense to unite. Don't don't -- no not at all. I -- I'd love then about I think the kid is just these are complete player I think that I think that the -- thing is what exactly -- Johnson I think it's a hunch. I think he he's continuing to play it. It's work and they went and. They have it within the so it's one of the things that annoys me when I played -- now I'm involved -- it is everybody's perfectly right there are two hours after the game. There and you know you can sit back to emergency law that move that was a dumb move that didn't work while you're he had didn't work that I mean. It's relevant to make the call and that's ultimately at least turn to bill and so. I was trying to remember that all these guys -- do -- they can do to win and then contrary to what some fans believe. In Alberta and actually trying to lose the game. But that this was when. It would need to think about the bill you know. Opening day of spring training and all the courses around what's going on in here you are you know 47 out a -- to be world champions and it's been an amazing amazing run for this payment a lot of what he's done this -- -- -- known as people. A current I know it. 807 tonight when Lackey throws the first pitch it will matter that the cardinals sat in an airplane on a tarmac for seven hours but you believe Michael Walker's tweet. Who said nobody in here is in a bad mood the attitude in the plane is pretty good. I can't imagine. Major league baseball players with their kids with their families and the entire organization sitting in a school for seven hours and not having a little frustration level -- What it is important that Beckett back to kind of make up for the club and you know. I can see where there are teams are -- on where everybody would have been John crock of you know our that's just what the people that the but the team beat both of these -- I think from a personality perspective on their manager. And if you look at Mike Metheny. He manages exactly the same way he played you know him and and that's a good thing having some good thing for both -- I don't imagine that it. You know both the times when the guys put Doug Mirabelli. You know. Were invaluable because he would find a way to make something like that enjoyable. It's funny yeah and it's not a small thing again we o'clock and nine months and and it's 1:30 in the morning in the end. You know there and I promise you none of those kids were kind of winding down the purposely. But -- -- -- the kind of things that there. You remember I am not a bad way actually when he when you look back and here's what is. You know when you when you see his teammate David Ortiz is teammates. A guy like Jon Lester for instance say I wanna sit here I want to talk about David Ortiz. Rather get out get off the -- the other night you say. And to see touch these guys slick -- -- no one else. You played with -- you know home can you put into words what he means we know the numbers we know we can hit we know he's clutch but what does he mean beyond that. That's been the only way that I can I can. Make it makes sense I guess the way it was there were some guys and not a lot that I played with him right in my corner who. -- their opinion of my ability my performance was important to make. When you have teammates that you want -- -- in the end it's doubles but we'll -- you you wanna play you want debt they have to be very proud of you. It's a it's a different feel it's a different. It's it's just different and in there aren't a lot of guys that you play with that you feel that way about but when you play with them you know what they aren't. And so giving the the nod of approval from Davis is there's not a small thing that these -- and and that. I think they feel that way about John. As a manager but when you can have a player to that list that's that's -- -- -- of what it would mean do you view. On an opposite field you're always kind of looking over your shoulder making sure you're doing the things you need to do because you know he and that's a big deal. What -- you'd better under pressure and is at the same thing that makes Ortiz better. Under this kind of pressure. What factors that most of the guys couldn't pull him out of for the tractor. In the end from being. -- is that I I. I looked at this as a chance to beat this something that no one would ever forget. And I think a lot of people and looked at this as. You know this could ruin everything I've ever done and I know I've got -- I know they they don't really resent that. So you know ultimately is that for me it was just a matter of I knew I was -- people and harder I knew I have a chance to beat. I don't know finer more perfect because. I had extra adrenaline is quite used it right. And after you know the only game I ever think I'd screw this up was was forceful answers -- -- -- I think MR Milosevic game. -- I don't know how well you know John -- -- much to you talked to him but given the scorn and ridicule that he suffered at the hands of the fans in the media in this town and this turnaround. This -- stands to be one of the most remarkable 180s from a perception standpoint an athlete has ever experienced here in this town if he walks off the mound in the seventh or eighth inning. The five nothing lead and have the ball apparel hands it to Koji. What do you think he's thinking as this as -- rises to its feet and just you know -- Aniston John Lackey. Is there are -- however that might even work so I told you -- -- -- yeah yeah it is deep and we are probably to provide immediate think about. The things that he said. Before I came here and then and commitment he's seven did when he got here the things indicative of happened since he's been here. Don't think that he can walk off the mound as the guy who pitched the clincher in the World Series it had been. I mean you listen to Google Talk about them they are more likely get the ball it amuses. It's double the weight it in the sense and the only tip your cap because a lot of -- them. It you know this is not a how we can talk your way back into the good graces the different she gonna perform. It would -- -- Tommy John surgery which which is enormous it is not a great way. Battled back in the -- product key -- to the OK you know what that whole gig before and -- wasn't working and W seem to shut my mouth and actually go out and do something about it and he did it -- that Spitzer Brussels. To get the sense that. Peavy starts tomorrow night I assume if the Sox lose -- one of those guys you talked about who get real tight in -- -- spot this post season records and bad news and bad twice here this post season. I don't know that he gets tight I think he gets worked out. I thought I was kind of surprised that the other night win as badly as it did because they figured you know see if there's ever guide into two lineups that you can kind of -- tiptoe around you have to you have the power the ball inside the strike zone and you know. I would I would I thought it was going to be overthrown and prone to party once implored part of -- he normally does. I don't I don't know that that adds up but his stuff right now the -- pros right now with with success and you know I it's still I guess. I want the guy that that I know. We can come -- wrote to that are over seventy these big epic kind of make up. But I'm not I I would like him believed to Brockman in the ball I do witness matchup works him in the fact that. They're such. From but much different team gets left handers after -- -- through the other night that I think I thought that was where they're ago. It -- if -- Michael walk and you have to pitch to David Ortiz tonight in a critical spot. What is your reproach how do you go after Ortiz. I am trying to stay away from the strike zone. I eight. The problem is to be so locked in it's very good on play in the sense that. When he was going well he he would literally get one pitch. Not admit -- a game and when he got in -- -- that David is. Is giving it up it's in the back in the missing and so. -- -- Try to play around with the the course of the strike zone off. The problem is that we're back at Fenway and I you can do that in in bush can give Obama last. Here it's different so. You know and you look at the guy who doesn't pitch that breaks away from last -- and that's a little bit of a challenge he's a very much a two -- pitcher and and that's what sort of a unique video because it's not a good -- he doesn't throw it very much was not gonna break them out to me. To David Ortiz because if you -- one of the things that are right. Find that I found very. Consistently -- young pitcher to pitch around a hitter he does try to -- that -- -- then that means probably also part. And it doesn't you what you picture on the guy you're trying to pitch around. The course of a strike on outside a church retreat to without which is what it is always great using his government -- -- You try to go against David that I can throw some soft stuff to get ahead and is now it'll be -- to properly. Coaches think even to game seven -- -- do brawn isn't too broad better than peavy out of the pen so TVs on a real short -- And -- -- comes out in the second or third inning. And you know part two I know that. Jerry. That's what you are you all right I hate to win again doing what I do now. Allow me to be perfect hindsight. But the one thing that that I keep saying is. These guys and other players better than we do they at least John Carroll knows. You know the makeup of this player city and and so he's going to in my mind do whatever he needs to personalize. It to make sure they have a best -- it made me. And maybe that's exactly what these speculators you know -- got a two that are depletion. If we go there in the first we -- there I I just think bit early runs opens a whole huge. In every game of this series. That. It up and if -- way to -- up -- -- seven multiple authorities opened its own. -- as low salt the middle Brooks you think we may have seen the last ball three. I you know I don't know because every. The first thing you have to ask yourself is is it not them so. Breslow you know I don't know. I guess I I'm completely bought into appeals period it you know you -- rebuild the bullpen everywhere. You can go one point five to seven relievers have campus proven that's almost every year. You know it is if you have a lockdown -- over there are chemicals are great almost nobody does so you you know. But also the kind of guys that from a loyalty perspective. You don't spend a lot of money on -- you can always find new ones. Who catches -- it's not -- next year I don't know what the market looks like me and I know there are some guys because you know we tend to say okay well. There was an award -- okay what I plan our guide is almost -- that guy and hit it generally tends to be harder to do them because there's other teams spent a muddy up fourteen. Spent a whole lot more money that's going to be the challenge for the -- are -- forward. There are going to be a lot of teams playing inside the built financial ballpark now because of the unity because of that you -- -- massive amount of money being spent that way. -- -- final question for me your ESPN teammate Aaron -- I believe was Aaron Boone said John Lackey has never pitched better. That he's pitching right now agree or disagree. Agree absolutely agree start harder than he's ever thrown and his breaking stuff is he was always. When he was well and good early yet a borderline -- slider it is a -- fluttered -- he's got a really good curveball to vote to a to a fast all the storm harder than he's ever -- Not too late shield get that Tommy John thing done you know I -- if if if it. That would be just those who describe why but -- It would be growth and -- strikes me is a guy the you don't need tractor if you know what I mean I don't know I now know. Regarded governor Kirk appreciate the time has always. Would you want to Chile when Dennis Kelly on the AT&T -- -- AT&T the nation's fastest and now most reliable four GL TD network upstart game seven. Will be would be could be just one of the most fascinating. Dramas to have unfold here. In our backyard I don't you know who started for the Red Sox I don't I don't wanna jinx. Part of the cardinals right. Mentioning game seven would beaches. Fascinating. We don't we think Kelly starting right yeah he'll probably start. They'll be shortly and Britain and the -- some stuff going on we've never seen from both these managers. You know and Colmes starts -- number peavy looked afforded the same no basically to the issue was given -- the last game that allowed him pitch himself out of first there's a few pictures you're sure you won't see in game seven walker -- yes I think that's it. Everybody else to let absolutely Lester would come and Wainwright and always struggle against lefties we know he's feeling good outlasted becoming an. PV do going to be warm up in the sack him. And the be all kinds of important first last night in the first -- first forget the second this game sevens. Plus everyone in the place will be dressed up. Meanwhile everyone in the -- dressed up as a cardinal fan. Just reject it. Gray there gray hair. And and sent them politely clapped the look at combat urea has its custom -- that's right and nobody would bother. The guerrilla theater of the absurd on Halloween night and whenever something that every every guy dressed up as a girl yeah. The BO. -- would you your phone calls next with the NC.

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