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Ken Rosenthal on game 6

Oct 30, 2013|

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports joined the show to preview game 6 tonight. He told the guys that Jon Lester is going to get between 140 and 210 million dollars in his next contract.

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All right Ken Rosenthal -- on the AT&T hot like you know based on the back to the president's in town again and everything at Fenway Park and the at. Area around offers I think about -- -- leave the hotel and had for the ballpark is usually hang up with us this morning. I'm pretty good idea hey say one thing about what the court just says. The Red Sox have been pretty careful about not to get ahead of themselves here in almost to a man. It says hey we have won anything yet and will not let all that went over. Few guys that had. Comments that were relatively benign basically just saying what if that happens it would be great but I wouldn't. Get worried about them getting ahead of themselves they understand what's going on here and every who plays -- follows baseball. Understands that winning. Clinching game it's not easy and it hey it was -- are awfully good they've won three straight on several occasions this year and it could happen here. You know can I EEE you've been around enough athletes in particular major league baseball players to know they are nothing if not creatures of habit. And I don't care the Michael walk up. Tweeted from the airplane as they sat on the tarmac for seven hours the following. Nobody's in a bad mood or anything like that the attitude is pretty good has to have some sort I don't believe them I think the you know but come as early exit seven hours on the tarmac. Affect you think that kind of delay that kind of breaking of the routine. Might play tonight. I do agree that athletes are creatures that happens and for the cardinals -- preferred this not happened. But that said. When -- first pitch is thrown and I can't imagine it having any effect it's probably throw that preparation off a little bit I guess yes it probably did by. This is too important and its interest. -- -- -- I'm embracing -- back at All Saints are back into the -- increasingly look at this we couldn't even get a flight on time nobody believes domestic typical. Cliched stuff that unfortunately -- to work. And I go from there are on the Red Sox in 2004 against the Yankees. In my -- And and they've been and great and elimination games and kind of got a clutch I think they look in the mirror. And -- Metheny looks in the mirror and sees a model but to the rest of look in the mirror and they see clutch team you're right they see it. Red -- 2000 enough for but tell me this Kenny anything different tonight we know Gomes can be left in a victory you know goes to write me in. Another sits down we expect Craig to DH Adams at first everything. Go as expected as far as you know. Yet the only thing that I'm curious about is whether -- goes culture on and you know spot again or return. The second. And on the conference players today that they have the media actually yes I think that was the plan he said. They're looking at some different things -- -- committed one way or the other. Obviously they need to get something going and ultimately ordered a natural that much but you might want Beltran back in the two spot. Beacons into the game earlier and just get this team can start again I'm not for that would do it by. I would consider naturally. Have you seen any cracks any flaws in walker and all I know we'll just kind of jumped on the walk on the bandwagon of late most of us. And we know he's undefeated in the post season and he's just is ERA is under three in his lap and under one in the last three starts. Is he vulnerable at all in your mind can. It's hard to say -- is right now based on those numbers and base and just what he's done. He rap against him has in his lack of a breaking ball and yet he has shown. Increasingly. As the season even in the post season. Not addicted to foreign passport change accommodation is what they can go but he's been done now with the -- -- so no I have not seen anything. At least you believe this guy's not going to be very good tonight the advantage for the Red Sox if there is one is it that it didn't have seen him. And that can be an advantage but I don't expect to block to be anything less than really hear it. The question is have good like he will be and just if the cardinals. And they did ignite. So at ten tonight let's say you know first inning is an out. Droid doubles first spaces open Ortiz comes up what is Metheny gonna do -- that spot. To me the choice is obvious it's been obvious really since game one you walk. And I understand that when he raised a really good pitcher -- -- don't -- to put people on days in my minister Adam Wainwright -- deportees now. But the way that he is going right now why would you do -- now like Manny Ramirez's hitting behind you got other players were good but David Ortiz. And I just don't see the logic what the -- have done here and I would expect. That it would change I can't imagine if you don't currently there are. Was -- on the conference call Mike Metheny said. If you have any ideas I'm all ears to the media in terms of how to pitch David -- out. They said that the -- -- -- idea to talk about what all right you are which is basically four fingers. And they don't seem to be embracing that which of course is that brought it is but. It just again if you look back and lacking this news just in his press conference. In the back -- he doesn't to a certain bond status because he did in cricket are about it at times with different indeed he is now. And let's face it David is not a -- yet but not like to comment -- But bonds -- draw thirteen or connectors. That intentional. And what he has gone for this series one intentional. Again this series did not start off with the year he's being Barry Bonds but he became a pretty quickly. And the cardinals at least in my view should have adjusted. Can you understand. These stubborn this here is that simply out we are competitive we are not going to give me and is it that simple there's there can't be 88. A logical baseball reason for this -- there. I don't believe there is and yes that is the competitive approach to a of course hey it was cardinals really and we don't have to give him. By the other part of it is that the police beating him -- -- -- and I believe -- this -- fast and tortured separate. And that point to something else and increased covered it even from just pitching in so. Nothing at the change if I were them I were them I would afford him at all costs. Yeah you're probably aware of this to some -- much as people will be watched the Lackey soap opera play out over the last two or three years this is in our estimation in my estimation. The beat most remarkable reversal of perception. They Boston athlete of all time. A couple of years ago this guy was scorn and ridicule when the trade with the Dodgers took place the funny. Got tagline was that we just throw in Lackey for nothing and nobody knew he was pitching with his arm hanging by a thread. And he has the potential to night to complete this 180 degree perception turn. If he goes out and -- it's a beauty tonight and is on the mound for at least a portion of the game six World Series clinching game. Well. Frankly issues reverse that perception already and it should not hinge on it if he pitches for -- it's as ordered by. He has come along way in doing just what he says. If you have players about him he has always been regarded as a good team now at times he is demonstrative on the mound as we. Players and coaches are on -- side because. He hasn't -- in showing people out but that's him in people who know him know that. And that's for the fried chicken is that -- all except perspective that the lead reverse that perception laughter Q so. It has been nice to see pieces. I don't perceived lack of he'd be a bad guys -- like I know he was perceived that way here any current but he was hurt. Indeed it is that one in which probably would never come belated. Fees and manipulate it and probably not much different than what they were doing in 2004 at various times by losing -- this kind of thing on particularly in Boston. And his credit. Until back in shape in better shape and is we have it through the surgery and this year. His competitiveness has shown. And a lot of his foreign nationals so depth perception it's good to see it reversed because. Lackey probably went down pat he shouldn't have gone down realize that if it is. If the Red Sox offered Lester this offseason five years and a hundred million dollars with the take -- -- need a bigger. Deal somewhere else after next season assuming there -- such -- -- obviously to pick up that option. I think it's better and I would not take five and under -- him. Because Russia is going to -- most likely result is if I'm Lester -- crucial now -- -- on the comparable. Numbers yet what is exactly how they line up but. I would imagine what the lined up fairly well and I'm not suggesting -- commercials but he's pretty going to. And in the post season resonate. Precious simply has not had the opportunity to build. So. I am thinking. He is somewhere between where Greinke was a couple of years ago which at least 61 point seven. And -- commercial is going to end up probably gonna be 71. But since you can't. That's a big big deal for Jon Lester. Our guys will be corrected in terms of what baseball players make today that is probably were able. Well I what's the what's the boat four and out. Excellent choice and we know loose singing the anthem to appease -- -- first pitch. -- day. When the drop -- where these days before game six -- yes. And then it -- -- the ballpark -- one of the coolest moment ever. Become a fan but that was really. And I think I think the Red Sox recognize that was very cool and they and they wanna do it again we don't know who's doing god bless America or America the beautiful yet do we Dino battle that we do. You know can't. C'mon I guess like at any inside info preview as to what's story lines UN the network will be pursuing this and about ten macabre. That would be one of them but that won't clumsily. And if you notice. Kevin judo and really the whole broadcasters very careful to kids. Tired of it that we even mentioned it in net as in request he wants this to be that being. And that's how we've always been and it's going to be really tough moment to see this happen -- the egos that have -- -- -- on this topic. Is about a half hour kind of -- it was about. Good that's an excellent I've ever been stranded on the tarmac for 7000. And -- -- yet. No -- did not -- never. I -- at it saw what I thought yeah that doesn't get mechanical difficulty actually. I can have a good broadcast we will be watching thanks for the time under Andy has always we appreciate -- -- -- for the ballpark any. -- present -- with Dennis and Callahan on the -- got on AT&T the nation's -- and now most reliable forgy. LTE -- Afford to that wrote his piece on him. -- at the sense that recover. And up to fifty years ago whatever it is 4030. Years in broadcasting. He must be a good guy -- some people will be able to come on the air but you never hear Colombian and I think I ran into at -- before when -- ALCS games very nice. There and stick -- list that you can link next to Joe Buck by no. And I hate those providers don't -- others dividers so evidently airports rip one down it was -- It apparently couldn't Jerry's Clegg defended people claim that they have certain poll numbers in their in their phone -- Jerry's its famous people -- urinated next it was the most famous person -- was your name next to Al Sharpton he didn't he came out of the stalled the it's a disgusting that. A low I'd really -- and he and as I turned around and the sick he came out of the stall and did not want to ask maybe just sanitize or pains in your personal. You think that's enough if you Saarloos SARS -- -- -- that maybe he was adjusting things may be necessary re way Purcell and and that's still -- -- corporate buyers at the airports oh yeah you're doing Larry Craig thing wouldn't you like atrophy. I was. Well it was at the -- you -- -- number one I was to a number one he was two and number two or something in the stall right it was like pop inside you at all when looked at himself. There's an office there and went out of the bathroom and I immediately told Judy and I don't remember once it was in DC element -- in there on it was -- it was at the -- it. Fellow analysts. Washington says new -- -- believe what I just saw just how many people heard that story to a shake it shook his hand in the past. He's an excellent chance it's got a creepy just thought shaken his hand but yes and it's actually true and again might have been in this just. Movement things are tightening his belt tightenings -- loss -- weight -- in his pants yeah what you do to show. It is now -- which to -- instantly turns it pretends the wars and -- does that it. I don't miss Nelson's game six pre and post game coverage tonight Red Sox game day live presented by a sports begins at 7 PM joint TC act. -- on an -- from federal way. That's on NASA to night right back to the vocal Jason Mike Chris might get to US as we get back Michael checklists. Will join us he is in town from Hollywood he's going to be game tonight -- -- 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock and she'll. -- a little bit about it's in the world to join us after nine.

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