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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Gronk being Gronk

Oct 30, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys talked about a new project by Gronkowski.

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The batteries on -- just -- so -- we've confirmed the the first pitch. Tonight yeah. Is -- -- TOT -- day to pudge we -- at echo like it nice touch at them. Is dropped it where he yes I love it and also. Pick it up with a a -- to Boston after the -- or later in the game at some point at some point in that easily point whatever your god bless America that that someone else there. Will get that I'm gonna get that as a matter -- me. I'm depressed this morning. To matter the debates are over. I know that was the last one of the last -- a good breaking bad finally went off the air a boring white guys admitted in his mid forties when. Yes I think you won the last excellent the double that was it was like Lincoln Douglas who really was I wish there were forty of them when it's over now but alas we must move on. As a country one family and -- was riveted by the debates tweeting about the talk about it -- skis. That's stuff that really. Struck out and which do you think Mayor Menino is gonna -- these two games though maybe only one. You think -- Do you think the whole government you know Vietnam or roll tonight and or tomorrow would be okay with -- -- probably not. I felt so he'll be he'll be he'll be in the mix definitely as -- governor I'm sure east peace plan left in game seven and you know he's got a Farrell feels like it's the right politically goldmans could ever ask you this if it. So district I think at first yesterday obtained the real of the park host -- and we shipping around Hollywood -- -- it would open for -- animated TV show about the rocks. Which is a look at the family. They want a coach at -- -- family guys' interest in their pitching at ground hall who is pitching dad would have the authority -- -- -- -- -- And maybe one of the -- acute -- not people. Use that he's a big part of it the real that they showed just -- but I wrote an action that rubs at all then -- at all any energy at all on this right now did you see -- this this this three minute thing had to know it's debris it's sound it's maybe not quite as good. As the visual trio predator DNC Twitter account also -- some of it. We're a little personal and you know when programs but he's 29 years old mouth preachers -- -- -- and -- Don't get the ball. Boehner he's the one they know -- my whole life I've grown. Do its utmost concern. Smarter than. That Gonzales more aggressive he -- -- -- we definitely need people who want you to. -- -- We don't want. My faults and uses his film careers who are going wrong. It was played into the sport you par three yeah. Here's your second place in order books -- replace them. That's their philosophy of life. Is why do we can do no wrong. All -- toaster a Barack wants email teachers and told him to supplement is body parts. Decorated in the -- Broncos keep fighting flipping around. There are strippers some boss is the space around the stripper. All the usual stuff this animation -- this was the real surreal stuff real stuff yet the Bronx I'm looking not. -- can hear -- and it looks like. The Bronx area home with a -- I do wonder what -- private interest -- -- if that's. Was not the worst -- of patriot remember yesterday it amazes -- he does this every -- he gets stressed that goes belly -- was at the roller -- again I don't know where I -- question and all the goodness is the most here's the picture was in -- issues like the captive in the -- -- -- to -- -- -- if she. -- -- -- and -- points the giggling about -- -- students should know that. I saw Brady actress redundant power line and power lines. And we heard -- Gisele as his door and so they are making which happened in the movie I've seen them they -- not make -- will happen but xxx parity or anecdote you'd get a dvd with the extra scenes they noted that yes yes yes -- girl yeah I speak about Al. Reality TV. And that might win big -- -- he began the rating the rocks the animated show to. Should watch the first one this this was reported. The -- Not match Johnny Johnny Damon and well water balloons realized Michelle yeah. Not only a pitching an idea they did in this war horses or episodes all in the home with the demons would -- interest that he's famous for these calls to. Companies on this is if you watch and guy in the its common on in sweet water balloons people below. It's like reality TV it would be there watch -- thirty minutes I would never ever do that put Bibi needs to watch what's the pedestrians of people watch you know. Storage wars scene that we're now fight over storage containers and you know that avenue I want to CBS Gerri it's. That they're trying to sell first Damon's. Doesn't do -- for -- issues that Bibby local best -- when the man let's have some nudity involved here could be the attraction. Could be he loves to Munich we have watched that there. What -- more headlines story and move on now to what is your segment shots which cost the World Series -- one that's relevant I think to the game OK okay. I desperately lonely man was unable to find a girl -- decide the -- penis off. There's this'll be -- okay fine outside. That once it's Yang who still believe him. I don't want to -- -- although president Yangon where game -- -- -- game got. From eastern Chinese pro over province of JJ as a matter as -- -- -- overs in the go to find loving -- decision slight sliced off his manhood. This past Sunday after work to work. French and long hours are putting in local clothing factory convince him and he would never find the time to meet the woman hoping to curb its desire for Parker and subpoenas to be useless he he made his. People decision only to regret it. He reportedly grabbed his bicycle -- to a nearby hospital. It's -- realise you left is missing penis back at home he cycle back to retrieve it but by the time return to a hospital. It was to us what this car keys -- -- keys. He has stoop that supersedes -- fed governor Bradford. Yeah I'm now not nothing now. I think old rattle -- of you know the dog dog killer right he is gonna meet a similar fate in prison and -- He's gonna go to prison -- whole cell -- -- gonna be guys who owned Bolden admits there Payton Malone have pictures of their pit bulls on the wall. It was a fun little run out of -- did he will be a female dog. Won't be whipping somebody's female male dog and I look forward to seeing that lake front page of -- the picture of -- -- welts on the face black and broken teeth. Is that's too good for. Tony Travis might -- calls next with Dennis and Callahan Ken Rosenthal joins us at 8 o'clock a thousand dollar giveaway at nine Curt Schilling at 905. -- Michael checklist will join us in the 8 o'clock hour. I would revisit the stupidest. Thing you've ever done you revealed one you revealed one we reveal one that Bradford did. The idea when I was a bit younger but I think you might find interesting -- calls next game six World Series tonight. -- --

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