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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 10/29/13

Oct 29, 2013|

Back from St Louis, ripping on the overly nice folks and answering your questions.

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It's time -- answer the question jerk -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So which could be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question -- Our Mike Adams is here to answer everybody's questions today along with a hi Mikey -- A reunion we get it. I had a series and you guys as -- out -- -- short to Saint -- we -- human chain that is I could use you could use your -- -- casino last -- -- -- now worried about your split -- is at the blackjack table I split threes last night against the five than doubled one of them lost all three hands and she -- -- you do need -- there I know I needed you. You're supposed to split series against the five but it went portly asked the question. Brought you by heiress restoration specialists of your property or facilities manager warning turned pro. A lawyer asked to injury of disaster restoration game plan in place call 8774611111. Or go to heiress serve dot com or saw last night no risk belch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course Colin are you want to be in the in the press box. I -- get those 12100 dollar ticket you're talking 121000. Adamant about. And tournament -- have you offered 12100 bucks or 121000 dollar ticket and you know probably about -- pretty sure have a credential if you wanna sit in the bleachers. You can get by with a discount on 909 and yeah I like you know. It's. You know it's. Bad. Carlos -- or answer rather some of your questions here Nestle's or Hershey's Hershey's. Hershey's has better just pure chocolate but. Crunch bars -- it will be able to her right there with you saw the honestly -- was an EST alias -- makes -- varied -- true. -- -- -- -- After thirty years old what is your favorite sports analysts. These days but -- like to say because peoples these little baseball. I don't argue that just won the choosing between your children towards. The question please if you. Hold the door by all different looks -- how long do you hold the door. -- -- -- -- -- That dreams can achieve like. That there's no way yet -- night. -- is obviously something correct. -- you -- -- holding back an hour this is about. Something else as if she's 250 yards away. You wait -- -- fifty pounds you can cut off a little earlier that you're -- -- your boss you hold that thing is one. Like this it's like what following distance that would be cards and car drive torque maps street apps -- Following distance when you're walking it's about. Five -- five or six that I report in the midwest -- -- nice but they are yeah he's a guy behind it okay artery. I think when when someone holds or beauty or -- I think he -- Mr. McLemore settlement or somebody and it. -- the problem. Are you holding the door -- being all but it's okay what it should thank you boy here's the different times article in the midwest. I don't think the door so that they can keep up their reputation. Of being the nicest people around because they feel some pressure to do it it's genuine niceness it's supposed -- -- genuine niceness you think. Still wanted to thank -- that's -- thank you how hard is that the way around it is to look like your mission your goats and look at the paper cellphone in your hand and looked down don't even look behind you have to -- -- -- -- Next question to. Yeah I like them -- but my wife would like to know she should Wear the lace or sheer lingerie each year. Wash and wash your overly it's just. That's really good answer that could happen to agree with the united patent act that way or the other I think that's actually absolutely right it's a feel right -- -- -- -- I'm surprised you know what -- better -- -- -- right -- and they are out in our hearts -- as far as with the present wrapped starting at that went off rapidly it was. Is intimate and fortunately twister. I don't pick on them they can meet. Next question do you think a movie will ever be made about the Boston bombings -- Well I hope it's not one of those lifetime -- I would it would worry me that it would either be rigid list -- undefeated non answer is yes I think pride I wouldn't want it -- I don't want to trivialize it and it probably needs to be document. It'll -- -- -- to see what happened last night with the with the -- strong promotion in the -- one I think that they -- gone through this is their new campaign had Silverado strong I don't think it's an anyway -- -- now on Boston's strong it's not like people in buffalo or wherever else holding up please a sign from their city is it to -- on or put put it or make. The -- clean as what happened Austin. But I thought they did the right thing by removing it from the ball park where the rabbit got so wouldn't be misinterpret that's right but it's almost like the phrase. -- haul it whether it's. Alcoholic or workaholic or sixth hole. We're so used to negative comment at Houston at certain phrasing so it -- strong. -- it's so so in other words. I -- means it means a lot but people have been doing this war before we came up with Boston's strong and it is. -- strong it is no connection whatsoever right now I have no problems that they did the right thing would have been misinterpreting it last night in Atlanta. Because it was the Red Sox out on the field. This is -- cardinals tigers series of the tigers' comeback to win that. Ailes yes I don't they would have been problematic at all either -- nice -- taxpayer money for him. To. Ship you. Which you get into politics discussed whether or not it's okay for. Fidelity gas -- Next question. Do you think there are any real people on dating web site. -- some young -- so I'm not but one of my really good friends and his longtime girlfriend for humans and the very idea how long they've been dating. Yours for a couple of years from marriage in atom line square feet. I don't know whether it was when I don't know. -- this is a question from 1999. Programs like the uncertainty about online game is popular but people you. But it only you will exaggerate. More things. To do actor because don't you eventually reach a point -- exaggerated so much that it's you know when you write them meaning the person is just stupid enough and once you start off at least about your relationship that's right how can I can ever trust you he seems that we're going to have to come -- if you look at hook up and I think to go Craigslist. Altman his wife -- -- and -- -- Actually not there. Next question art is it okay to call a lot of work to a ten duck boat parade after the stock -- sauce and Steve did that last week yes -- W. Are you at home trickery seller about well it's going to be interesting if they don't win tomorrow. If they win tomorrow. -- -- I don't know I don't know if you can have a parade on Friday my roots that are in that the Bill Russell. In the Bill Russell and that governments and Saturday the statue be Saturday I would think -- benefit optical from should be okay. So he went on Wednesday and celebrate on Saturday yeah you know with the public is when he first in February -- Next question a whole milk to percent 1% or -- easiest answerable to. One factory. -- -- 11%. Doesn't taste like -- it it got 2% he's too much like. -- -- -- -- -- is mostly like water but with a little bit of milk. It's. Like milk where it's. Huge you know right if you like Bill Gates and I would I'd like milk in my cereal and may be after something we as an opportunity. -- appeals to me please 1% notes that obviously the whole -- hope he's disgusting. -- not that is ratchet I -- -- well awful hard to drink it. -- -- about 1415. An electric whole half gallon easily -- discuss a lot. Making imploded in serial I think it is that -- that ultimately it's vial that's lame you know but you know reached is. Now once almond milk freaks now. I just like 1%. Next question. -- talks it doesn't -- percent as yours that it expects that only going to be in the middle -- we're done for the day what brought your one parent home. Next question. Star Wars or Star Trek and -- Rarely. Echostar will I had to hit stores -- Star -- from 1977. Minute right not to be. As to who want to cut wider Quantico -- -- -- -- -- trilogy yet it is not feel sorry I don't get a -- it was you know it isn't like the new versions if you are frequently charger bigs. Much for the first. If you like just you I just don't capital like Star Wars -- it's over it. The prologue him via. It Star Wars. In in six or seven -- that Star Wars over which one you liked the movie in America over. I don't know that I'd like gladiator -- not -- of god there's -- movies that are all overrated yes also went the Simpsons. Definitely. 2% milk. Your freak those are things that -- like I like plenty of or pigs and I think. I think they'll. Tell you what I like I like I'm gonna leave here and go to bed very very soon I'm tired and I wanna go home Mikey Adams is committed to the -- with the for the next four hours. A full on the planet -- coming up will be at Fenway with the great -- and game six tomorrow start to with John -- to join us at 230 -- -- -- replay of Korea at 530 as -- -- -- Double steal in that inning against you what brought that about.

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