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Will the Red Sox wrap this up in 6 games on Wednesday? Salk, Holley and Bradford weigh in

Oct 29, 2013|

We look ahead to Game 6 with the callers, plus Rob Bradford joins us still stuck in St Louis.

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The fact is we're going home. Go back to a place or multiply and in front of our friends in the atmosphere here these three games been phenomenal. We know it's going to be equal to that is if not better. And were -- and going home. Tell you this it's gonna be better the atmosphere Fenway Park is better than the atmosphere -- -- I got a chance to experience a lot of got a chance to see the park focus that are good ones know compare it. Is not even -- right -- not. Say -- new ball parks and Edmonton technical route out Ottawa one of the best parks I've been to a -- get all the way around it. I like it much better than Detroit. I like you more than -- Diego and Kansas city's parks have been too. -- thought it was one of my one of the best I've seen the way it was built into the city like that but the fans are old for raided. Old for raided. Only the nice thing told he would joke and they told all of its all its -- I'll make it is it is -- to conceal packages you have just routed to the people now it's like who were hiding some deep anger issues these days it made it feel like he can't let those anger issues because there in the midwest and surrounded by. Legitimate -- people. In the or not that. But that kind of have to pretend to be. What government I think as they can play now understand or care about the game in the same way they are always given credit for. Red Sox and we talked about yesterday the park. -- stately says better than anybody that rises as one it happens all the time it happens naturally. It happens just in the course of the game it happens because the 35000 whatever is on any given night. Understand the game so well and I'll give their team an extra edge and that 100% did not occur. It Busch Stadium well I think about this the other parties. It. It's part of the whole -- and the whole thing that it would stand up here. -- -- -- -- You don't play the whole point. Now I will say I think the Bruins fans are very good and they don't need it and they do -- the cardinal I don't know I it is it is maddeningly. There's no need for it at all and they do at the garden all the time Bruins games in group and based. Doesn't mean that at all so maybe that's not the fault of the St. Louis Cardinals fans. But I thought they were overrated yeah clearly they like baseball and they're very welcoming to everybody comes into weekly review and they don't exactly give their team the -- thing Andre -- -- -- -- -- and -- people. -- -- everywhere in the lower bolts all. Probable people it's just very Little League -- they don't lead the league and old people and Tampa Tampa may have the day. Corner they've got that market. They leave the league merchandise I mean -- so much. Cardinals make it could be the old school. You know light blue with the red like that if you Google like a light and look good luck okay or QB the red. Red with white two with a white trim white with red trim -- Raised the white gray has not stopped all over the place and all kinds of dig at like eight different apple goes to if you notice this. That was it was a 47000 it was a vodka -- big part either 47000. Is gonna guess fiercely at 46008. 46800. Of them are wearing red tonight. It we don't think anybody there like that and then actually when they leave you don't even notice because all the seats the red -- they just blended right in crazy but there -- definitely guys who left early. He's gonna win a World Series in the next two nights here. What would it mean for this team. I'm sure you know 95 years since it was last clinched and celebrated at home but particularly in this season given the bombings in all the things that have. United the city and the team. Well we're certainly looking for him on field tomorrow there's no doubt about them. When we we continue to beat that drum that tomorrow we get here will will focus on that being the sole thing but I think what's really built over the course of the season. I think our fans of appreciate the way we've got about playing the game. I think they've witnessed. Guys a careful another. Ends. In return. That the way they've demonstrated their appreciation the energy that they create here we we have certainly fed off of that and I'm sure it's going to be an incredible atmosphere tomorrow night so. If we happen to be able to share with them. -- you know that would be great but we we've got to take care of business first yeah. It John enough how long to what degree -- victory in available last night and you expect going to be able play tomorrow. He was available last night there was no restrictions as far as the type of play in other -- he wasn't restricted to defense only your you know the played only. We fully expect him before going tomorrow. And that and that's -- up there and change. And in the background. It John you just talked about the road that John Lackey is taken to get to worries that going through the Tommy John and really not knowing if he was going to be able to it to pitch at this level again and how far he's come. You know the protocol for the rehab time genocide. I think pretty straightforward. That doesn't doesn't mean it's a guarantee to get back to previous levels of performance but we're Jon deserves all the credit. Is. The way he reshaped his body what he put himself through physically last off season. And and seeing him in meeting with him early last December it was clear that. You know the reshaping of of what he went through them. Coming away for not meeting felt like he had as much opportunity to impact this team is anyone. And and it's played out he's. I think. Show a different side of him this year and that had a star was performance on the mound which have been very consistent. But I think the way that he's interacted with people around here and maybe that's just the perception is changed when John and and rightfully so and and it all goes back to the credit to John. Perry right down here John did you like pitching here as a as a pitcher and what are your feelings about the ballpark. Now that's a member of the Red Sox and a manager. I've this year good and that. There's been days when you wind up you feel like the walls -- and and -- you making a delivery. -- and yet the environment that's in here to me is second in you know in June it's a playoff atmosphere. These -- expectations of the fans keep our guys accountable to bring their A game every night and -- Were fortunate to to have this series played into places where it's such a passionate fan base. Ends. In Florida can tune in tomorrow night. Ronald. You look -- -- -- six World Series Fenway Park you think about -- -- -- As much as your focused on tomorrow. Does that -- in your mind at all where do you rank that there's a moment was this franchise's. You know. I don't know the word with a with no disrespect it's a history or or to Carlton. You know. It's an iconic video and highlight that is that is shown repeatedly. And one of the more memorable swings that -- taken place in this ballpark but. Hopefully there's some -- tomorrow night they can wave their arms just saying. -- standing in the back John teams that have come home. For game six for game six and seven when they've trailed or been leading. Have one. The series high percentage of the time I was running as you guys come back here do you feel like he -- had a big advantage on coming back here it to finish out the series. And into -- second part that you think the perception -- on the Red Sox has changed from. You know what this the fan base for you wonder if they -- off it and it should win. I don't know if that correlates to a different expectation. I'm on the outside I can tell you that the expectation internally. Has been the consistent from early in spring training and that has not wavered one bit and as we've gone through this season I think. The talk in the intent in that conversation has become. More consistent with and our clubhouse. -- -- More than anything just get on the field from our fans tomorrow night you know that that's that's going to be something that I know that we're gonna thrive -- and if that means I don't know how that correlates to to the end result but still. That this is a place organizer of the -- -- and John. Are you with a point do you know or can you announce -- gonna handle your catching tomorrow night. Did David Ross distort and. In. -- -- -- Nobody on the nice -- that was easy. Okay all right Greg and Fred any change. Well John when you think of back to where you work you were a year ago today and where you personally and that he sometimes. Even for moment marvel that well you know look where I -- you know one win away from world championship unless you're doing to him. Not not a whole lot. And I mean networks. There is much genuineness as I can tell you because. You're entrenched in what you do every day and you know. I try to live out what our teams lived up this year and that's not to look back pain and it's. Tell you you learn and you're the product of your experiences -- you come from. But at the same time you know. We're so entrenched in what we're got going today and focusing solely on that. There might be a time in the future that you know what once this season is finished if you look back and say that the north to pretty action packed. Thirteen months. I'm not let myself do now. Done allegedly the tickets for tomorrow night the most expensive tickets in the history of tickets or something you yeah. You guys talk about you know how great the fans are -- -- yourself really think about what they're willing to do to be in the ballpark tomorrow night and what do you think it's on his outrageous prices they're going to -- There's a lot of people lot of money will spend. From a historic perspective you know when he when you consider that. An event like this hasn't been here and in a couple of generations possibly. There's a lot of people are willing to have. Take some extra cash and try to be a part of it and we we don't take for granted the passion that our friend assess how the fans are fans have. And I think that our guys get it they understand their place here and they understand that what the Red Sox mean to this region particularly the city. And I think there's there's a number a rekindled relationship between this team and its fans. And that is grown out of the personalities that are here now and like I said before the way we play again. If change gonna play right field tomorrow what are your thoughts on left field and can you elaborate on why Ross is starting in takes. Well first of all David it's given us a spark offensively in the position I and it's not to be disrespectful to its assault team and anyway. You know. We we've had to try to. Jumpstart a couple of different position from an offensive standpoint. At the same time and David has done a great job with. Run in the game from a game calling perspective. And so that that's the the thrust of ambient background plate tomorrow. There right now would look to have. Victim right -- Gomes and left. David standing in the back again John and Archie said last night and not yet one -- -- -- that this this is a tough spot now. When -- one -- away -- take ms. -- do you agree as it does everything feel so much harder now now that you're that that close out. -- into the heart of what we've come through ball things -- won't worry and for all the two days here. This and that and this post season has been you know -- we talk about a group that try to -- it penetrates and taxpayers to go in and you know. The thing the look back in time where. When the series kind of goes back and forth and in a 32 situation a lot of times you you've got some lopsided scores in the gonna go through certain games just that. Kind of managed and get through -- and these have been every pitch every play is a significant moment in the game all the way through so. You walkway for every game. Pretty exhaustive and we're not even on the field and so. On and off and been harder. In us as one and -- I remember that's an amendment came back. How much you look forward Gary Mike Napoli back in this game and you know how much different is your -- look. Humility he's having behind Davis. Well I think both lineups are going to be extended by a power bat in a critical obviously have his opportunities to Mike Napoli first it gives us some additional range and you know what David Ortiz is a great job -- first place. Do without having the game log in from the I don't know last time he's played three consecutive days at first base. He's come through well physically. But getting you know -- arm one of our middle order -- back to us him. We're hopeful that it has -- really external out of him that much more. Time. And a job they're starting pitcher Michael -- had an unbelievable post season but he is a rookie and to you just have to hope that the atmosphere tomorrow what's at stake and you know finally get so little that I mean most rookies. Have trouble of stages like this. Well he he's had this postseason has had because it's extremely tonic guy. And many look when you consider not just walked about their young pitchers they've done a great job in terms of meeting the challenge thrown into. And that includes the environment in which -- pitch. -- what we know he's gonna come and honest with those -- don't we we have some familiarity obviously game two was. The set of experiences that we can draw from. You know how he responsive tomorrow. Who we fully expect and B is equal suddenly wasn't game to -- He uses his actual confession there's no doubt. And you mention. David is fielding a minute ago and that plus the city even beat that a ground ball is almost like. Whatever he does so succeed and if you put them into pitch an inning would he do okay and that's always hard. -- after I don't think you loud and it. David's a heck -- a player and I think a lot of -- because he's been the DH for so many years here that that's the view of him. And yet he came up through the minor leagues first baseman. He goes over there and generally play when we're on the road with with. Without hesitation. He's got very good hands and sometimes I think people just got to look at. Look at him physically and say well you know what he does not brain injury can move and that's not the case at all and but he said three consecutive days and the ways we're gonna practice. And second and on. And want unseated. Against the wall John can you just elaborate on Gomes vs now I know we've that's a lot about that this -- season. Well I can't say that's because of matchups in game two Clark who was tough on all of us but -- You get to the point where you look at the style of the -- trying to -- a -- and you look at what certain hitters. In our lineup are more equipped to handle. And even though you might say well it's a left in the period he should be in it in there but. I like that I like the matchup of Gomes vs non and that doesn't mean at some point in the game that I was not going to be involved. But it's. That's -- where -- now. Peter -- question. John the yum -- Felix tomorrow and we keep journalists there. Well working vacation in him for game seven possibly in relief against Felix is available -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Feeling that once we get to. We're -- today. Okay thank you very much John the -- Are they -- John Farrell and of course the biggest piece of news there is that David Ross is gonna start -- catcher tomorrow night. It's news but it isn't I mean that doesn't surprise me at all these very definitive about it. But after watching what's happened the last couple of days could you make any other decision -- talk more about it coming up just a little late rob Pratt told Jonathan about fifteen minutes as well. At a time more or call 6177797937. Salt WB. The double steal in that inning against you what brought that about. You love that -- don't you -- volume on it. Pick up the double steal. If you really about it it's like a new Yorker would aspect is does. I think what that is is a new Yorker who now lives in the midwest is Michael and I found out today that's the worst kind -- all our workers that move to the midwest I don't know maybe that further. The quieter lifestyle there there are problems. They are very very strange group in any event that double steal it. It. Rob Bradford a giant has come and appear in about five minutes and then I have what I think is a hopefully. A very calm and very fortunately story. Something that I noticed last night at the end of the game Michael I'll give that gives you the future I think I may be able to based on something -- -- or may be just another way of making promising those pants while you're talking fortunes in the future. About cardinals sitting there and why not able to move stakes at these days. The other -- What's the what's the time on our I don't know in any event they're sitting there though I mean we know the flight and so we keep -- and what we did Daisuke that was fun. We're on NORAD making sure we knew exactly when Daisuke it was landing -- air force praised. I think it probably takes awhile to get another plane as well and if you do is it as well we did is what they normally take all of the -- By it's just a little extra something for the cardinals try to imagine can be easily lead the league in all people. Accurate and they display out there -- -- and -- cardinals are. It's -- out of a you go up there -- -- -- -- -- and let's did you speak up one game at a time. Just eke out more ordinary yeah we're sitting next to mark with me in a market. Now in the inning that just didn't understand. You wanna just swiftly and more that's. Basically the experience I had today at the Chicago airport were waiting for our lives I don't -- equipment that anyone more the referring to round. Currently some -- we -- the lower bowl in the cardinals' stadium in which it used to mean. A although it is the only people who now remember the movie you two are like old enough to be unit now it's such an all conference. A funny 61777979. Victories and you're back to the phones and second I wanna apologize to Donald -- apparently why correctly credited -- stately known. With his phrase which spent way rises is one whatever reason in my mind it was -- -- but I guess that's that's done -- raised here so now I don't think he arsenal but apparently and yeah it was a while lot. I won't really credit the great phrase to done so well -- it out to you would think smells funny they were just -- experience matters that are out of this. Outline of the both. On our car. It's. And the entire policy now await and see what favorite -- as. For the final call the World Series with Red Sox win or lose it. The David Ortiz David Ortiz David Ortiz call is an all time classic -- -- diet but if it. Our partners are at its. It's. Just so luckily. -- Torii -- work. At 7779790. Preservatives are David New Hampshire go ahead. Our restaurant on Earl the sign you up this morning. What brought out of. I don't know the answer ultimately has gone the sun came -- Thoughts on it. That's all they had that there's going to be more about Karl guard alright thanks man we'll go to Chris in Natick Packers. -- And everybody don't great. Go to -- I won't talk about speaking about future Jacoby -- record. Before that it last night and I didn't cute at all I think a lot -- -- batting average. And play every game every time it ultimately you labor contract renewal. And -- and that maybe that played. That's why you're not hitting it well or. This play for fairway and -- is get this straight he's playing for contract. So he's not hitting it well because he's putting pressure on herself to hit well. Yes I'd -- I think. I mean they give them indeed be with 150. While likely -- if and you know everybody else was hitting and Jacoby Ellsbury suddenly. -- went south but the entire team has struggled throughout the post season because. They have taken on our our written names earlier. I've taken on some of the best pitchers in baseball so if it's like Asus club -- -- haven't hit well either -- they would have an L agrees on that list I mean outside of what he did in the first series he was dynamite. Against Tampa and since then it. He's pretty well gone into the tank -- -- -- be able to do what got us on my knees look at it we're we're talking about Tampa's pitching staff which people have raved about people were afraid of present company or somebody in the room was afraid of Tampa. Detroit and their staff. Which is outstanding in Saint Louis. Regular season terrific pitching staff and that's the reason I don't think it has anything to do with Scott Borg but -- but here's the thing here here's the only reason I would disagree with him. When Stephen Drew doesn't hit great pitching I think we -- outlet to Stephen Drew is in the post season right he's not a guy you can count on to do that that's why you know he's a one year deal type of guy. When Jarrod Saltalamacchia doesn't hit great pitching in the post season he shrug your shoulders and say okay well again that's why he's not your long term option Jacoby -- wants to be a superstar right he wants to be paid 200 million dollars in his next contract you know what you do when you make 200 million dollars you'll rise -- well and -- great -- where you do -- David -- to other how many how many -- is -- have -- -- series wasn't too. OK as the same amount. Ortiz had laughs you know I don't want to answer superstar I'm well that's not gonna do with it has not been interactivity Ortiz hits in the last series or pretty benefit work. But the entire. The entire team has gone through slumps -- you okay come on -- Michael Powell -- -- and I don't -- -- -- you're you're you're jumping -- more more beyond where I wanna -- I'm I I -- I think the reason Jacoby Ellsbury is slumping is because -- slump like I guess that lock. I don't think it's because it's great pitching I just don't think that's a -- excuse to use if you wanna be 200 million. -- -- an affair excuse because -- 200 million dollar player doesn't care who's pitching I don't care what -- on the matter -- I don't care -- he's in -- -- a lot of time which -- still affected by a slump right now it makes you want 200 million dollars and I'll -- your excuse man unfortunately -- sloping the wrong time that's how -- Everybody blame it on great kids are supposed to be great if there are kind of slump right now David Ortiz is a great hitter now. Dustin Pedroia is a great hitter -- hundred million dollar player but last series. Neither one of those -- network -- -- 200 million dollar player you battle and once that -- -- agent while let's not tell you why he -- looked like it to -- rob Bradford are guys from WEEI dot com joining us right now via the AT&T hotline not -- where are you home where where he. Now are you on the Saint Louis team -- Or -- -- Louis -- -- leave at like 11 o'clock A-Rod go to her ribs Jack what's the texture as a natural bridge road check it out. I play guitar duo -- real quick on split happened which closed. Alex spear electoral early eagle on to the car he -- to guitar but he left the car -- beauty. So I go all the way through airport security I get to -- -- or play -- pocket. Realized my car keys that you guys are returning a rental car. -- Where it was cart where was it. It's gradually -- follow you around. -- The public order. -- -- Got off the plane. Don't live in the 7 o'clock excellent second that you got off the plane because -- that. On the plane like that report and it's really. -- -- robbed there was nobody else could do I always. Do you have a cell phone right you could explain this situation you call like two like a day labor something -- until -- got through. He's figured only easier -- that they might have been -- Could go blue. -- Or -- I would have I would have given some -- -- -- -- -- -- a partisan division has your neighbor or totally well. Well -- right. Let's let's begin to where we are now that we know that you're in Saint Louis and human. Spoke to rob this is your opportunity to get on the cardinals team blame if yes are they leave before that are stuck at the airport -- corner -- -- -- now working we were talking earlier about John -- series. And and there are many mistakes made clearly throughout the post season but what I'm so impressed with with him is his ability. You get the most out of a team that right now only has a couple of guys really going at their best. Oh I think another thing if you mentioned that -- -- for a conference will gorge bush was not being afraid to make the move. Way -- -- be going well I'll do my job to refute you worked out. It worked out where a guy who is all great but -- -- come out of -- Even going to -- copies of the older I swear to wait -- to -- July. To actually pull the trigger while he pulled the trigger -- third will now it's pulled the trigger a lot. PP chart three and Milwaukee guy you actually didn't pull the trigger. I would -- -- -- all right now people probably still think this team regrouped gotten to be up very short. So be it -- in fact I think you -- a lot of light boat but it also it can troops be termed the Athens the Greek or more. Aren't I want to ask you about. Just the your opinion on on what this which means. Having David -- start again. And having Saltalamacchia on the bench and only reason I ask is because. Saltalamacchia and Lackey seemed to have a pretty good report going there and now that's going to be interrupted is not a big deal or no. While -- big deal because. Oh under god yeah actually very -- our digital and Barack what people worry about or about energy picture. Or about him it's going to be able to call legitimate competitor on the different its current duplicate. What do you know -- excitement guy. The question why would people that you put out there what he can repeat offense to life -- well they caught him that I'm in terms of Beale street he. It is hit the ball pretty well Saltalamacchia who want to hitting the ball well and all you guys if you do good cop could blow wide street Louis. With acute care -- well I think that no brainer. Think Mike Metheny -- David Ortiz yesterday. It. You -- idiot -- it's obviously important -- he -- that were you at all. It may be I don't call it. -- -- -- -- and that's all they'll do that Adam Wainwright on the what is best pitcher in the National League. So why should it fuel probe straight all right on the middle. You can't do it right through these two were around strikes got to get a guy like you repeat -- -- -- you have confidence that you -- beluga. Obviously going to be argued. It is it is going to go without YouTube and everything but more most importantly. She's hitting the ball did you -- -- yet when they are trying to Toronto vote all that's I think about the history didn't. How much -- try to ask your question without mentioning a certain word it begins with -- ends with and it happened. At the end of game three itself. Do you is it fair to us today that the -- another Red Sox are really bothered by things that happened there heard. Jake Peavy review and it sounds like he was really ticked off about it I disagree with him completely put. It was -- do you think. Do you think the group. Has moved on from that or -- that they haven't what's the big issue that they feel like these this series should be over. Or is it just that that they don't feel like that should have been called. -- -- all Michael but anyway it's a lot easier to move on duke jacket my -- it -- -- artillery. But I -- for the most part after that -- After that day went by and do it understood that was the rule if you want rule would not to roll most -- about six bit. Go into -- -- interpret that no question about it. I didn't think it will darken your article I'd hyperbole you oh it waging -- time -- we're not looking past what would you back. Good parent club into the factory and they advocate that but he. Lost more than preacher -- at any time this year. So if you get -- unit that. -- -- doing it pretty good about -- -- Rob we always love talking you know reading you -- WEEI dot com there's always get a little story that nobody else has your connections to people in and around the team. Is there any great story in and maybe there isn't one -- put you in a bad spot of Jon Lester last night. And what he was able to hunt you know go after he was obviously dealing with something in more pain -- I think we realize certainly heading into it and and by the end event. What exactly was going on with him last night how impressive was his performance considering. Well. The big print we will put on what it is not remember what point do the -- you can talk. I'd -- good before that. I was. In part because of the all it amounted to a friend and because -- a little out of little harder and poor guy like if you -- -- home plate that. Of course who's here to attack might be tweaked a little bit self absorbed going on you switched up his repertoire a little bit out bloody. I'll tell -- -- we're progressed last year and that was bit distorted and no matter. By the you don't get a pick our guys back of the pack after the game that I heard John well talk like you could talk that -- you might be available. That cowboys basically why you have acting the way you look at it in regards to the other interviewed. There -- achieved they were GOP. -- What do you the issue and -- first. Look appeal that left heel. He aggravated. And -- -- problem because -- to bolt. OK we we call him that but I also makes you realize it will -- guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And if that is prohibited and perhaps more -- where -- -- -- August 29 and he used to play like it's. All right commentary one more time rob it's delta flight 8893. It is still at Lambert Saint Louis international airport the they are waiting there they're waiting for you you can tell a story that would be for WEEI dot com rob Bradford dateline. August St. Louis Cardinals played. Like the old days when the guys. -- ride the train in that in the -- doors in the press chats with -- -- who would you sit with -- carnal -- if you were given one guy who would you sit down next. -- 000. Out here. It like Stanley for -- Adams doesn't give you a lot of room and a little worried about. And control what urban movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well look -- -- you'll -- that. At that we're here for the not pornographic and multi anyway like I told -- our current Caprio. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. A -- are -- talk to you thank you rob. Are there no matter Adams also stole Evan Longoria as -- is which I think is pretty lame. Are coming up here we got to answer the question in twenty minutes of barely been able to do it because of all along shows the we've been doing will be doing them once again tomorrow will Maloney will join it's at 6 o'clock. As we will be at Fenway Park after the extended show up until 715. Game time at 807 also John Ferrell tomorrow can't wait for that -- to make sure we go big picture with John fair or burning at 230 tomorrow and we always replay that at 530 so you just get in your car right now remember tomorrow at this time you'll hear John Ferrell right here on our air. But up next as I was leaving the park last night -- more importantly as the cardinal fans. We're leaving the park I expected one thing from the Michael and I got something so much more that that's next alcoholic WE. He bails you out here takes outside. The first pitch cutter away at the outside corner that poses. Iraq. The ball mind. Really you ma and get -- I know and -- I. Noticed my yeah. That present with the threat. Yeah. They give the games well. And he blocked. And barrels. Oh litre bottle. Sure that's real pressure part of a park. That fat overall. Fat -- Real bind that a 100% apart a little bit of that that sounds -- to me -- to the bar -- sports -- -- -- and found that today. It. Little over the top of where that's. -- I -- people who yell and scream of the TV I've been known to do myself at times but. I don't know but there's something about that that sounds a little. It's not at all. Differently that. He worked with people definitely not a desperation that's actually not. The so well. It's the intensity the intense are these games. Is think about what you've done. I you probably don't notice your public tapping your foot in the press box -- -- pacing a little -- little entity. Aides are these are very high leverage situations. The good hole if you don't have the know cheering in the press box rolling out -- often drink I don't -- that. I thought hey dude I've told you game 72003. ALCS. I was in a hotel I had and I was outside on the balcony screaming. My -- Until the front desk called up and told me that they called the police and that I was gonna need to be quiet -- -- -- -- Fans reacting like that cardinals fans as we know -- different -- -- at the end of the game yesterday. That was last game at Busch Stadium this year no matter -- So we're wondering whether or not there was going to be. Little cheering section that would say goodbye to them you know like today. We know you're not coming back thank you for everything you've done this year whether they would Spain each year it. Right because that seemed very midwest of them but they didn't do that there was not a yeah. Exactly about performers. But what they'd do is they were filing out and you mentioned this a few times that they seemed really down and out really upset about the couple losses that. As they were filed slowly out of the building and they very low volumes and not airing out of the speakers as a sign of hope. They were. Playing this song at like a low volume almost like they were a little embarrassed about it to the shop pulling out of the park. Really sat cardinals fans with don't stop believing but -- -- not like. We're not given up. We still believe it was none of that. Look at definitely it was just like how they roll really quietly don't stop believing but it it it seemed to fallen completely deaf ears as they were almost all out of the park by the time they played they've been they've been here before so here about three -- to you before they went eleven not around. -- on the road it's the big difference for then I think it does they've won here wanna game or his policies. But to win in Boston. Plan yourself. And it -- are playing a lot of what upset anybody. I don't wanna know what upset that guy. That's what they do I thought was pretty lame man here comes. Here comes back that up it won't make. I don't know those lines aren't as an. The good old house. I think John it was a good group I like I like when the lights go out so it. Clearly singers that they they have like 45 differently than your house speaker Hastert. Nobody else out of any you know listen and you know journey. You know -- history. I think they I think they've had about maybe five is look like no not a. I know that the guys have now is the locals spinning him do Steve Wright because Steve Perry is here. Anyway easily in a little Taiwanese. He's announced just it is now and let's demonstrate that you respect that. The -- the new guy yet and -- while regardless. That was the only way. It was which -- -- The shuffle and the other night of the phones excellence -- -- at 7979. Victories seven it gym in Beverly idea. Hey I like you very much to economic policy and eat it -- already used you data about them like art and that I have been doing zarrella. And bought -- already by McCain didn't. And a lot of what you're spots are. I'm personally not a lot of socks and bottle while obviously most my -- are very epic and I get straight up. But presuming that -- aren't like them like they're happier I would create or an illusion. But they're going to win a patients that tracking. What they've done a deal like out there and it's going to be yet I hear -- one group. -- -- -- is there a limit to how crazy something can -- though like isn't there a limit like. Can it really be more than it was in games one or two from the World Series can it really have a better energy than was there in 2004. However great Yankee series around -- I mean it is there a point at which is just die hard limit it can't get better -- Maybe I think that answers questions and their real lot of cops out the answer is no they have I'm serious -- a lot of cops say hey you know you think. You think of all scenarios and you hope that most of by the most on I 95 not 95% of Red Sox fans would just be. Happy if they won in they would celebrate -- go to bars just have a good time. You always have to think about that 5%. That that wants to do something crazy whether it's. You know getting into a fight or destroying property data. -- a good job here in the last couple years or in the last few weeks we've seen it where they actually shut down -- more square so you cannot come in if you're not somebody who's are either out the game or in ten more square you can't pop over from the EU was in the seventh inning and decide you're gonna cause rockets after the game ends and you may do that on your -- campus and we may see something like that of the Red Sox are to win and do it at home. But you're not allowed to come into camp more squared go to that area because they shut the whole thing down had a time. Yeah I mean maybe it. On foot and if you're walking if you're walking from the -- area. Became more square which is not that far depending where -- -- -- for a while I think maybe I want it to -- one person by himself -- -- -- what they're talking as a mob of people is not always trial in the -- that the -- over right here they come -- not gonna have a mob of people stormed into -- more square yet -- after the game or seventh inning or -- of the game to start getting ready to create trouble I just don't think they're -- a lot of. Think you'll be a great atmosphere and anytime you can go to a game even if it's. If if it's the Red Sox would mean winning the division winner division and home in Europe that game. It's a great memory and it -- a pretty cool experience. And we were there at gopher for game six when they when he beat Detroit. That was fun to see a ceremony on the field and CN seeing guys happy families out there means this it's a pretty good. A pretty good setup so if you're there. There and they win and first wanna hear all the announced that you want again I give tribute when I applaud you and David Ortiz enclave and -- buckles to a degree but. Jon Lester John Lackey went that. -- wanna celebrate with other Red Sox in -- majority of people are not looking for a let let's just be real majority of people will be you know. By the police presence but I think it exists for our health says there's no doubt it was six point seven sevenths. The 97937. Patrick is in New Hampshire high Patrick. And Alonso Patrick. I think. You know. After what we all what are -- to be -- to gain. It Lackey need to go deep into the game and that they can get some combination. Of Lackey. It does I'll let that we are indeed the plot ago that Lebanese. You only have to brawn who I think is is -- ago if not now -- in game seven. I think the bigger question remains. Got regular person to get my way to get back. Of course yet know Patrick we are flush with ticket that's all we wanna do is give tickets do you when you call and you you have less you have this -- so perfectly. If we had tickets I would love to give into your body unfortunately. What did you say they're going for Michael 181000 dollars in some case -- -- -- Patrick I -- -- -- if I had eighteen of I was sitting on an 181000 dollar gold mine. Gold mine excuse me I would definitely give it to you you seem like that Canada. Maybin and pretty and it does not much we like and they were -- discount -- -- the 181000 thank you give us 151000 will sell you -- ticket average -- list price and resell market for ticket -- average was 1860. Tussle about average. Bleacher seats for the game. Selling for 11100 dollar. It's someone this is according to story and yet -- come. On Monday night someone -- to a bare feet in the house paid. When he -- thousand dollars on stub hub for pair of tickets in the first -- in the dugout -- you'll probably. And one of the Pondexter -- 25000 apiece or 25000 it'll. Our report thousands were here now to twelve about 121000 per ticket for -- yet imagine now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm here that's easier said its allotment of useful when all of this in Rhode Island I don't conflict went on. I got a Gloria and I just a quick question I'll learn what I thought our side the series toward the end today without my house steps. Will -- and the MVP yacht candidate that is if the -- I think is they are these other thought I would lose man the quote Dave O'Brien of the -- David Ortiz for a good David Ortiz. David Ortiz it just pastor with two games out of Romans is or mention pajamas and to end the coach -- think who's been fantastic all three of those guys. How do you not say it's David Ortiz. Asked Mike Metheny it seems to be his favorite question these days asked Mike Metheny what he thinks he would he would like in the David Ortiz MVP talk. It was great when they -- guy yesterday that the same guy if the Red Sox beware and my opinion this post game availability. I think that -- that's the first questions so as they got a -- up. -- outside the other night -- Lewis try to shut me down David Ortiz did when it do you think that's an appropriate choice. Your thoughts please Mike. Six or 77797937. Ralphs and. They got it going up Ralph. Here of course support I don't wanna be prepared charmer and what -- we know wearing inserts. And we go to game seven. Oh we throw in a mishmash out errors to ride -- -- them -- CP the air and water and they'll I think -- ready hoaxes are. I think you'll see peavy again I think you'll -- to ask your question the other going to be a bunch of monthly going to be peavy. I think do brought depending on what happens in game six and what is uses. Everybody's available everybody would be all hands on deck for for game seven victory -- more referring to the question -- in the car hijack. About it Jack. We're great Jack what's up and I don't want to question. Yes what do you like when -- like rush. I like to talk things I'd love to Mariano Rivera you don't like Manning -- do a whole whole let's just all look like an electrical. They don't like -- and I don't it's. You're missing the point first of all Jack I'm sorry if you love all of your favorite teams enemies are not like that I like the teams I like I usually don't like their biggest enemy so you do hey I guess that's where you and I you're different. I tend not to root for the opposition. I root for the team I root for doesn't like -- today as -- -- why bill. Hey John if you are front runner who -- Peyton Manning loves Mariano Rivera and loves Derek -- your client they're a -- and all the rest of your favorite opponent that's argue not may. I don't ever and I respect them collections and I didn't respect them. My I would call your Internet. I'll. -- away -- you staying answer the question is coming up here in just the second major questions 379837. Nextel Mikey Adams of the old hurtful to lend his potent special blend of humor until everybody got out records he's been a big victories seven salt and all WB.

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