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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 10/29/13

Oct 29, 2013|

We tackle four topics at 4PM, all centered around the 2013 world series and the Sox. One win away baby!

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-- Now our silicon -- swollen already roller board or the -- Fun game. Mean. Well we've solved it finally -- on Sports Radio WDE. And don't. Our exports more time in 44 is brought to by Marvin windows and that means then who made even more sleep deprived than me. Is going to reach some question type I -- -- today I'm tired carried no way where it can stop what the sleep deprived them watch your vote you guys. We're jammed into the same -- on our Chicago to Boston. Flight got to divide left I see you out the slobbering Listerine or at least we are truly that's links I looked back. Ben Natalee generously. With a hole wrote to himself at one point because. You know the planet in the -- okay -- it helps our form of hat pulled down over his eyes -- -- without more where you Billings. I was really why didn't you why would you sleep after I went hold your college -- you know what you started travel. Fund -- your finally during the actual travelling part yet but you go to bed so apparently. You're such you go to bed at your earliest that -- arrive responsible whatever responsible and -- grow the casino the bats we're not gonna placed himself last night at the casino my eyes of somebody had to go over there and when their money back. Saint Louis Detroit business trip. Bit mr. I don't have to be they're both cities with downtown casino I was wired -- wired now. Why don't wake of the great downtown. Casino is the man. Then when we got tomorrow night the Red Sox have a chance to clinch the World Series at Fenway Park yes crazy first time since 1918. John like you'll take the -- if you could pick one of a suspect that keeps him. And that's the first time -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they could but the percent there and if they do if they do -- -- percent since 1918 that they actually Arafat I'll get that chance and seven if you angry don't get where grammar question. -- that crop could -- if you could pick one Red Sox pitcher all the time to pitch it World Series clinching game. Who would be. Welcome Mets in 1918 it when you think 1918 do you think of George -- and April every. Because if if if I have to I like my chances virtual I have favorite. I don't think -- will be in the game. Six or seven situation I don't know I'm unaware that this isn't. In a National League park -- and bring big -- from the past to the it to the president. He could pitch warming who have an ease of direct wake up until Monday and -- about -- pays him he's a threat at the plate. So -- go. Where -- -- you'll -- nine hot dog before the game. We will all messed around with a woman her true. Go hit a home run. A bitch eight innings now hole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Called the Yankees my daddy that's 2004 paper totally different human beings. Different guy -- 2004 is no longer Pedro. He's this guy who's who's getting by on this marks his intelligence his ability to pitch his knowledge is wisdom. He's no longer the flame thrower with a lot of that knowledge that he was 992000. Argument that kind of good. Mr. Carmichael the cardinals' lineup has very few players -- you wanna take on the Red Sox over those additional players. If you could take one player from the cardinals and put him on the Sox -- wouldn't be. I would go with their closer Trevor Rosenthal rather I'd want him to close games forming a pretty comfortable comfortable -- what coach you -- is doing what I want him in my and the 100%. A thousand times yes I -- -- well with -- Out of all time current current cardinals. Aren't going to be -- -- -- -- out of -- You know what Andy. I need this idea I don't need this out of -- this I don't need this kind of this kind of Jabber Jabber you know I would still I think Rosenthal -- they don't 9798. He's got the hook to go -- that I think he's been their best pitcher every time -- -- You don't want I think you have the right idea. Haven't heard me say for the past what we. You know I got to be convinced about Michael walker whom -- Go away right Lockett what has he done need to figure out of Texas a and M. I have insanity was all right yeah and Michael walker and Michael. I'll take -- better -- that it is a crook I. Joe Buck and Tim carver calling their final World Series together thank god it's about nine years too long. Since 2004 Tim McCarver has been a -- forbid a Boston Red Sox fans. So of one question about them what the hell is he saying in this clip. -- sort of applies judgment. It's about time at this particular case things obstruction. -- -- -- But got struck. He didn't got towards the expense. Well I guess he couldn't be any worse than Tim McCarver is that sportscaster and in my. -- view as good as the Yankees were in the first half of this game that's Hal as bad date and now. What's your question what does he say. What was he saying. And nobody knows he doesn't even know he got caught in the middle something realized he didn't know what he was saying he hadn't properly on the -- write -- sentence structure kind of got away from mom did -- any other here's the other problem the problem is that person. Costs rise and he has such a good person. That he was worried about the hacking that was going on around -- and -- just want to make sure they're -- really. And then he does see the board approved. Are you okay did you see the keys to the game last night this is pointed out to -- and you UD you watch it on TV I was over there. I didn't see it until later I saw posted on some shots on Twitter is keys to the game for both sides were to win. Go defend wait to read -- loyalty to the key to the game well he got up Hillary to do when you're at Fenway Park does does this was very interest thanks -- the first -- pictures of the game. Adam Wainwright now you guys correctly correct reformer. But I believe this is what happens this is what I -- first pitch of the game Adam Wainwright throws balls. There and -- carver says. Now now. The control of -- concern. And Joe Buck if you really were going there are two pitchers so Wainwright -- the strike. Joe Buck. All current -- the third. Strike wine and I guess McCarver gave -- look. Basically you know today if your last year and I can't -- you -- now when your last year I guess I never can and. -- carver you don't look at where it. Some amount of good humor rotten. -- which you like that really after all these years is gonna give our grief from one let's not let it. If Joe -- actually wanted to kill him every time he said something -- but Joe Buck really is it you know I'm I'm not one to defend Joseph -- but he's absolutely right it was the first pitch of the game is over -- Don't -- right. It'll happen. Has been a lot of great things about this post season but one of the bad things about this post season is -- dumb questions. That have been asked to the managers. Let's celebrate the 2013 -- -- -- seasons so far by removing some of the dumbest questions of the 2013 there will be postseason press conferences. Number five -- John Farrell about David Ortiz win or lose in the series do you think he's been repeated and that it actually were destroyed. Celebrations. The question wasn't actually all that dumb until the same reporter asked the same questions to the manager of the other team. Blue cheese the -- decision and that's that's essentially decided greatness kind of conversation or. Thinking about the two guys are excellent here dumb question number two who has heard John Farrell and it wasn't just -- Was really loud zoom. The double steal in that inning against you what brought that about well they felt like -- an opportunity get two guys in scoring position dumb question number of was asked by someone -- allegro. And you just athletes. Professionals never like the term must win with a heading to Detroit for three -- a different -- on one vs the tonight. Again. And dumb question. And number of play started off poorly one less -- it's. We -- the microphone and just got more stuff that it was Craig and only does that. Like when you mark Preston is doing with their front. -- Just -- -- -- -- so far the games and doing great but the questions haven't been. It's we just did it and dumb question yes believe he goes 54345. Thought yeah yes I want to make your calendar and there's no such thing that Umpqua. Just don't get a lot of I'm sorry I don't go John good doubles still. How was that happening. And what about what that. What did you give her credit reported that why do better get out what is -- that you -- any thought to very seriously our -- to lecture me. For a lot of -- one is definitely on camera the other night I was I was upstairs I didn't see who last. But it was so strange -- for jury get the issue with the microphone. But the basis. Ask them whether or not it's harder. Because it can play elegant you have just the wrong about one. There's another there's a bunch of funny parts to it and it was a polarizing -- the double steal in that inning against you what brought that about. It. Grades -- to be heard. Survive. On less fun if there's anything. And. Indeed the microphone. Like that it was Craig coming home does that. Make bogey -- more does that reflect -- anger toward. If it's -- time. Policy that double steal in that inning against you what brought that about hey hold on -- and other than me. And my question is not that bad girl gave me more of an incident just one game -- it was not that -- was not that bad either it was a bad. When I was trying to get the point I was trying to make -- to do should have just yelled at a -- not that bad it may be your ideal in that night that now. God. What did you ever -- out why. 08. I'd lied. -- ask him about the complexion of the series and how what changes if they have lost both of their games have and we were going back there with Justin Verlander. For game three it would have been a completely different look to that sounds fun. No question but that's not what I was trying to get him to talk about the interview. It means injecting do you look at that I would never mattered to god and ask him a question John. About the complexity and record the complexity of this series talk about it. -- do that and what he gave after he said one game was actually very good answer but the other four were all Saint Louis reporters. Or national guys none of them were Boston reporters have been double steal in that inning against you what brought that about is there -- -- that's the same person as the guy at the end just softer. I think I think somebody said about John Ferro do you approach the Houston Astros were terrible team. Stay with cardinals need the microphone. It was Craig coming around is that not the same guy Umar. Properties and there is such an on an odd question no. Well now. It's not I know what he's trying to you do yes I do not I don't get on target survived it you know he's trying to say. I know I don't I think I think he's trying to say. You lost it he's really even what is it like that. Austria currently guy OK this guy can barely run. And you lost a World Series game because Allen Craig of all people. Scored -- you can barely walk. -- scored just. Really if you -- IQ loss like he did I thought it was carpenter. Or or or actually make a good a good base runner. You lost to a guy who should hospital the only way to ask that question is to ask him to this you know. What do you make of the fact that Allen Craig was able to do what he did despite being hobbled. But the look on her face must've been priceless that street -- when you ever hear Ferrell do that giving one word answer not elaborate no nothing in the Hillis was the woman who runs -- press conference is apologized to them. -- how about the course we don't don't I had never heard back in my life a compound until I'm sorry don't it tell us we don't need to apologize to the reporter's -- items are you about budge on that we'll try to find one more that you can actually answer -- double steal -- that inning against you what brought that about 6177797937. You guys been all over the phones and people want to talk about Stephen Drew gets really offended that we played every at -- that Stephen -- was at the post season. It's our fault that the guy keeps striking out it's our fault that he can't get on base to agree to that he's been fantastic about taking not taking it to the field. What he's done defensively and -- fine but the -- horrific. During these are horrific during these times register Red Sox went in Boston teams. Are -- a game away from a championship -- -- championship game. We all become -- you -- Pleasantville earlier we all become Pleasantville when the team is on the verge of championships of people are feeling very protective. Of bear. Stephen Drew. It changes. You -- -- run that and in the Tampa series. Or we run that in the Detroit series -- maybe. But now one win away. They're all. Our guys and it's hey Stephen Howard kill our guys I got no problems -- but it wouldn't wouldn't -- to maybe have -- hit every now and again what I heard and every now and again make contact. It's all can call a WE.

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