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Red Sox 2013: One win away from redemption, one win from amazing

Oct 29, 2013|

We discuss the Red Sox 3-2 World Series lead as it heads back to Fenway Park. David Ortiz is the man, John Lester is the Ace, and all the fans are downright giddy about it.

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It is so get Ali back in New England here in our beautiful -- studios no more Saint Louis no more deterrent Michael were home for good. Is the Red Sox for the first time. In my lifetime first time since 1975. Well played decisive game of the World Series here and like our greatest it's great how great is -- -- and -- really and it's great to be home to and I just went -- that -- flying to Boston. -- in your round a lot maybe you take it for granted. That we mere. In Saint Louis Detroit -- destroyed. And you don't like -- program -- flying back and you Boston's after personally about it is traveling at the moment Ben and I got in the cab together to come over here in the cab driver gave it does look that we were too because jerks on the planet why would you not -- -- -- window. What it. We supposed to tip them before we get the tablet yet both forehand you -- the cab driver. You -- show money right in the beginning that I. Got a beautiful right. Cash you just sort of shell of our our user probably regarded just gave us the look and hear about troubling. But he was done differently was great I loved it until it should be I don't want your friendliness the talk to me don't tell me about your life to shut up. Just leave me alone alone. I don't wanna talk to you I don't wanna hear -- apologizing. Because you bombed two enemies are just shut completely alone it was very nice to be able to I'm not miserable I am not miserable in the I don't want a miserable don't want people don't like I say I know I. I'd love when people are nice to make. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost three Uga but if I was. QQ and -- you sure a lot of games where it's supposed to be panics. -- -- That you're being. You might wanna check that. Thank you all of this -- six of them added slightly out of that whoever slightly -- style it was tough man it was it was a tough flight back we are here run on very little sleep can be a fun four hours we year hoping it. For couple of interest -- guess we'll tell you who they -- as soon as were able to confirm but I'll start talking about the guy that that I found to be the most interesting character or this entire Red Sox run to where they are right now and that is John Farrell. -- throughout the playoffs not necessarily throughout the regular season -- barrel. But as I told you I think I put so much stock and -- -- -- did to build this team that he's really the guy kind of focused on from from from the big picture perspective our record in the post season. When the game matters so with each game each move each decision he's judged so much more. I think John Farrell has been the most fascinating character from the mistakes he's made to all of the good things he's done I gotta tell you as you've now played five World Series games. He's been by far the better manager. Outside of one giant mistake right doubles which -- not double switching game theory everything else he's done it. You don't agree with is at the very least. Arguable in either direction maybe you do it one way maybe he'd do it another way but everything else has been fairly arguable. He's made one switch in in 11 mistake in the World Series and other than that. -- -- On fire well I don't know I don't know if he I don't know if he's been by far the better managers team is separate entities that's most important but in terms of Mike -- and trying to think of woman -- has done that I've said to myself all. What can fake it now our -- will have had one. What he's thinking moment in this series. And that was Carl's Beltran. Bunting. On at 31 pitch. In the Jake Peavy game and that could have been disastrous for the Red Sox. Because because Carlos Beltran gave -- and out and he was looking for any kind of -- you can get but that would I don't know if if Metheny call that a -- that he didn't. I don't think that they need to anything terribly wrong one of the columnist the Saint Louis was jumping on him for taking Lance Lynn out of the game you. And that was after -- had gotten out of a pretty good jam the previous inning so I think it made sense that he would walk Ortiz and then turn it over. -- in Maine has given up to our job I don't know that I wouldn't say I. -- everything from -- mr. David's been bad. Not so much that Metheny has been bad it's just that I think that John Ferrell has been so good. All the mistakes mistakes have been made along the way -- I think we still. I continue to believe that that game three against temple was not well handled it may be a game in Detroit -- thought he got beat but ultimately I think he's been good much more often than not and I think he's getting the most. Out of a lineup that right now was nothing. This is David Ortiz in the seven -- -- right now man when they weren't a national League City. David Ortiz and the seven dwarfs that they did not look like a professional competent offense they David Ortiz was crushing the -- And then everybody else because Mike Napoli not in the lineup. Who else is hitting OK who -- given you confidence and I thought John Farrell expertly maneuvered to find a way to get enough out of his lineup to get enough out of his pitching staff is that's what that offense has looked like for the last few weeks for the last few days. Let me take a couple steps back here to give a little step back today because I forgot. Forgot about that you mentioned David Ortiz. I I'm talking about. Having. Wainwright pitched -- home. Art maybe that question latest grim thing but some things in the series of course. Arm but in terms of like -- we started it was who was thrown out there. Some of these some of the pitching changes that he's made him. It is it's tough to argue with him overall but John Ferrell. The thing about barrel that really stands out. Is that he has seemed to -- he seemed to learn from the mistakes and he is called Mel is called himself out a couple of times when he feels like he's honestly made a mistake of but he said there are on and on nine after game three yes I missed an opportunity a golden opportunity to doubles with. And are you at all surprised that he is double switched in both games then it got humility mission to prove that he knew at a double switched and I think he did it effectively and pressure in both time you mention the Tampa game up. Where click -- buckles gives up a homer. And Evan Longoria it's funny because I don't think John Ferrell thinks at this point that he made a mistake. Does an excellent. Story about Albert -- on Pedro Martinez Pedro was talking about that game. They -- -- he was looking at a from a pitcher's perspective totally focused on buckled more than it was John -- And he said look at that buckles made a bad pitch there. -- It is Longoria can't let him each year you know somebody needs to tell him hey what the -- to pitch around him. If you -- in a particular. -- adamant saved three pitches and so I've paid -- -- Republican but I think. Ferrell has an item I'm not short barrels looking out like that. But some of the things where he goes I think he's got a philosophy which is it. Maybe -- really that's right Pedro I think -- I think Ferrell has come into this this just his first year on the job with the philosophy and you want that a guy who has strong opinions. But they're not so strong that they -- inflexible and not so strong that is just discovering guy and you cannot convince him to change his mind. But I think with him like a lot of great leaders who do you gotta be able to present a good logical case to home or he needs to get burned -- and you know. OK yeah now that's not going and do it anymore we've seen it now Stephen Drew batting at the end of the game against the lefty I'm a Shia believe that's not gonna happen again he's made that very clear. -- he learned from his mistake as you said with a double switch so. Look at John -- right now I see a guy that is Cruz in on all cylinders and you guys can jump in -- 6177797937. I think this is part of the one of the post season. Playing along with the manager said -- yesterday mean you and mutton whoever else to sit with -- Jolie -- etc. To sit around us were watching the games -- -- would you have done this what would you do here. Would you pull them here would you wait would you try to get one more inning out of the guy or would you do this and and a few of those questions. Came up yesterday for Farrell in in watching Jon Lester who was clearly dealing but it was a close game he was also not a 100% healthy he comes up in the seventh inning and a spot we're saying all right well maybe this is a chance to pinch hit form and John Farrell and I think correctly said that was never ever an option. No no even if that game tied. I do -- pitch count was as effective as he was we we were looking to get at least one more inning out of him. We are able to do that fortunately you know again David -- from or break for the go ahead run in. And didn't think about bombing him you know to try to safety squeeze of and we we saw with the -- a -- and the producer Brett. Jacoby comes up big with the insurance from there. I greeted them at the time and I actually even disagreed with -- when he took him out in the eighth inning. I get that part of the fun he proved himself to be right it worked out perfectly Koji comes in gets the final out of that inning and gets the next three outs in the bottom of the ninth. I was surprised that he did that I thought the way Lester looked the way he was pitching last night as dominant as he was. And -- and with Metheny pinch hitting a lefty against him in that spot. That you would find a way to to let Jon Lester get the one more batter had not thrown that many pitch is still under a hundred and then say okay. Let Koji just get up do -- in the ninth he did it right with the double switch to make sure that Napoli would be up fourth in the next inning instead of the pitchers -- well done correctly. I and it worked I was just surprised by NFL Lester had at least one. Or batter and well I think the one reason I agree with them. At the time I agree with them keeping Lester and when he did and I agree with him taking him out because Lester velocity dropped so he dropped from. Mid ninety's to about 9192. Is that significant. No I mean you can win with -- the ways pitcher right now and the confidence he has against that lineup and how that lineup has gone cold. It is it's not the worst thing in the world leave men but why do it in the game that's that so close in politics is not getting one guy you know losing. Losing control a little bit putting guys on base and then giving up a -- home run it's not worth that. You've already gotten by the one part of the game where the bullpen as a little shaky. So you've lost the -- and let's call the -- part of the game. So Jon Jon Lester got them par at past the Breslow part of the game and you had the option if you want it to. To go what does Iowa or to extend coaching a little bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you mentioned John Ferrell. And his managing moves over -- its -- or John Ferrell learn from his game three gaffe. -- about what the Red Sox got through so -- after game theory you guys are all fired up about it and I hope. You wrote over it a little bit more than you were yesterday ignore -- talking I'm not gonna say. It's the old word if the oh not the -- -- no word are so. After game three -- down to -- of the rover that when he got. Bad not bad for -- tired and the. Okay. Mostly about the other bit ago to go for the ladies now. Two. So -- I mean Oscar Robertson. -- you're down 21 and you're an NL park. You're at a disadvantage. If pick out where they are now. When it to a National League park tied up bid a game apiece you're losing either Napoli Ortiz we know now was -- You win two out of three is able -- as an opportunity to close it out here that's sort of what I was talking about. Big picture -- a big picture conversation. About this Red Sox team and about John Farrell and saying wait a minute. This guy and look at -- right for people texting and right now seem all over the eighteen -- line -- all given very critical of him after -- -- well yeah that's part of the job. I'm not saying he's infallible that he's perfect I'm telling you straight up the there have been two games this year were I think he handled himself portly and made mistakes but. Overall I think what he's done to coax every single run. -- this lineup and to limit the damage against them has been very impressive yes -- been -- times and they've -- the ball around it seems that everybody in the post season -- -- those moments where things just kind of explode but you know what what happened -- will -- Brooks and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Had a little problem with their communication thrown down -- third base. Both dogs seal later start with -- you are Jared your product and play again in the series David -- taken your job. Just start will middle Brooks Stephen -- stand at shortstop -- Bogart's Nikita was filthy kept it hits kept getting on base in Saint Louis he's gonna be my third baseman for the rest of the ways that things -- playing I appreciate it unfortunately you proved yourself not ready for prime time the other two guys absolutely were again. He he corrects anything that has gone wrong and -- move forward in the fact that he is getting production getting wins at of this lineup right now this one of -- back. I mean -- is going to have the Red Sox lineup right now the way it is playing is not a good -- not -- -- it with the way it was in the National League cities it is not all character report -- problems and what he was doing those three games might. It was a bad lineup in the national League City it was playing like one Jacoby Ellsbury was coldest cold can be Dustin Pedroia has not been himself David Ortiz is otherworldly he's sort by himself. But then after that coming Gomes had the one home run but he's nada Inaba have not been threats and then the bottom of the order has been an -- All we have though I think what's happened and that's incredibly impressive what I don't I don't I don't I don't buy that it's been bad I think -- I think it's all relative. OK so I was talking about the stat yesterday so now the stat. Gets even worse for the St. Louis Cardinals so the cardinals. Great. Run producing team a home run hitting team but a great run producing team in the regular season we know what the resurrected great. 800 plus runs better than anybody else in baseball amazing both of these offenses. The cardinals now since they scored one run yesterday. They have square they've played sixteen post season games. They have scored. Fewer then three runs in half of their post season games. It is it is is a lot of bad number one it's not -- Red Sox lineup is not bad. But it is it's this point it's October -- taken over so I don't think any other one of music they look bad now based on what we saw -- she's perceived and it doesn't even matter when you're talking about teams that Beckett only dream about being in this position right now in the red. Doctor what are the value and are just out of time and that's what I like so much about it is -- right it's October and that's going limits so much of the damage than any lineup can do I understand that it's the opportunity though or the ability to take it and say I'm gonna make sure -- -- pitching staff minimizes. In my defense minimizes the runs against. With so many perfectly timed pitching moves which I think he's done it. Finding ways and and Lou mentioned yesterday to put some guys behind David Ortiz to try to get him maybe. And -- batter or two -- -- saw a good pitch and we'll get to Mike -- in the dumb decisions he made in the first inning I thought I just a credit John -- His lineup is not producing outside of relief David Ortiz and that's about it scratches his pitching staff has all kinds of question marks he really has what we said two relievers that you can count on the and two starters right now he's got four pitchers that you can really count on his rotation and one hitter. Michael he's winning the five guys welcome these may -- six if you -- throughout the body wasn't there you got David Ortiz we count on everybody else right now was iffy. -- Ellsbury got a big -- last iffy though he's been terrible on the seriously if he's been terrible series if if if Jacoby Ellsbury leads off. Whether it the first the bottom of the first tomorrow. He hits home run shocking. The shock and it would be shocking to me right all the way he's reveling. Yes thank you -- Kobe Oliver and I know how great player but he's terrible for the last week herself. Isn't a good in this series what I'm saying it is equal in in the in in in the last. I've games he's been playing with a one hitter in four pitchers and it's worked out incredibly well considering that none of the cardinals have their own problems as well. But really it's been David Ortiz and then Jon Lester. John Lackey coach EU RO. And -- it is now that's been the Red Sox -- Jonny Gomes popped in for game and then forget about him again but ultimately got -- you've been -- -- I think it's an increase our guy. -- as much as I agree with your point on on John -- He's doing pretty well he's done pretty well for a guy who hasn't slept Leslie told. Tom Carper I have a I have a whole new respect for that it's over carver but OK so -- He has been up for a long time and if you guys read the Boston Globe today. You were going through the same thing if you're sleep deprived you probably gonna start right with you people were gonna start your boss. You might like him. He might argue whatever I'd like I do dumb stuff like forget about Felix he brought to I guess they have to put into was at all it's OK it's OK so. As much accurate -- girl with a good job advocates reports critical beyond so I -- I give you permission to put. It I apology not only does he want to put you back well perhaps you want to be new York and it would clutch everybody I don't. Don't get punched us could be happy with what's happening -- -- -- to get out of the way what way I don't wanna part of that -- went away from -- World Series -- New York -- along -- -- six -- 76 point 7779. And it's important -- 7837. -- in Natick Tim what's going on today and it. Not much ballot how much I brought the army here. -- a quick point. That Red Sox lineup. Didn't that rocked by a lot. Like -- -- grew -- you right you are overweight studio I ate there last night and I don't key to bet that in her Archie that are. You get Napoli -- put into the cleanup spot and they go -- Either number Gomes after I looked at me and I probably not a right probably not I don't -- gonna play and then you -- Victorino down to the bottom of the order looked the way victory and has been playing. It makes sense he's been merely an automatic out as well I'd better value -- just like Steve I -- entrances and crusher -- -- and I'm not knocking these guys for the defense of the overall play it's been at the plate is what I'm talking about David Ortiz in the seven dwarfs. What it's felt like it just it's him. The guise of each had maybe game or hit where they've come up big -- I'm saying they have found ways to win those games. But they're not threat after threat after threat in the order the way they had been earlier this year they still take pitches they still work counts they still do all the things that the Red Sox do but it's really just been David Ortiz is this one big threat Mets are. -- I just don't think so because if you look at if you look at Wainwright last night if you look at -- in game two even. These guys I think what they've gotten used to in the National League is what. Jon Lester did last night and what what John Lackey was able to do these guys. They Jon Lester was on the verge of a complete game. And he could have thrown a hundred and he could have thrown a 105 pitches are hundreds and pitches and had a complete game. So that's what I think -- right in the locker we're used to doing that -- here. He was impressive impressive rookie. But at what he got -- seventh inning. This pitch count was over a hundred mile and an OK and last night to the right right they start working on a ball so well look you can say these guys. Aren't a threat but if they weren't a threat. In the pitch count wouldn't be an. You realize that they've done a good job of that as well and and we know they've been better the second time they get a chance to see anybody. Either the second time through the order or the second time they see reliever and just like with -- -- yesterday I have the second time that you've seen walking. Tomorrow night I think the Red Sox win tomorrow night I think they're the better team had them six to start the series and I continue to believe that's waited as I think they win that game and I think Wednesday night is going to be one -- time to be at Fenway Park in -- -- more square to see something that none of us have witnessed in our lifetime the Red Sox winning the World Series at home. And just what that energy will be aren't you -- park it's gonna miss the puns it's in the cards walk though not gonna miss that at all going so it's a 797937. -- swamped Cairo. Great welcome Walt what he thought that you won't keep it close with apologies you what it is for the local. A couple a couple points. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wouldn't take a look -- that mean I believe are on the council one out into the world economy. It flows as a Q what is it about it well what we did in -- twelve and fifteen. Yeah well well. We probably didn't will be up you don't -- -- all the -- to -- institute -- what -- imagine what -- did -- -- He thought -- eight ball and thought it. The ball. Who won't wreck okay nobody will let won't bore that out -- -- -- that it won't. It won't be part. You won't -- one album at Saint Paul but it won't let -- you didn't want the Bible in football had been bought the rock well. Two things two things for you personally need new phone I can't hear anything you say it terrible phone. Number 20 thank you for being smarter than me. Thank you for being mean would more sleep you just said everything I've been trying to express but that I'm not capable of because -- either stupid tired or both probably both. That's exactly what I was trying to say. He he he summed up the point I was trying to make much better than I was able to do so that's exactly and you can even -- I can barely hear about it -- here make some of -- -- -- making up from what I heard it that was exactly what I was trying to say about what John -- did it was either it wasn't just great pitching it was slightly pitching moves that he was able to make. It wasn't that they were getting a lot of of of offense from the bats they weren't other than David Ortiz take out his 750 what does that to 22 look like right. It's that they were able to get timely hitting David Ortiz and some good moves by the manager John for a lot of credit for and they are well well -- before -- tournament to Casey Stengel here. He did it continue to go to. Breast pumps aren't and I like that and I would think John Ferrero makes it really really good moves. Until he points to his left hand okay. -- -- -- about him he's a bad man because it's either going to be the morale or relative or graduate you know what it's got to go on the always tape up around Austin was -- John Ferrell is a great right here -- -- terrible left -- -- I won't tell you -- as -- right now Mike -- -- Adam -- -- have some explaining to -- Two pieces of sound the proof why they are now coming up next alcohol you'll hear it on WB. First base open we'll see how they pitch big poppy here and you think very very carefully. Personal all the way. Chewing and a ground ball fair down the first baseline that's gonna keep bouncing up against the side wall here comes PD he's in the store which teases in the second base of his standup double. What a series David Ortiz is static. Yeah. -- it is 733. With a couple home runs two doubles and six rabies I could absolutely see why you pitch to a manner. With first base open and no one up after. Yeah that makes sense Mike Metheny good job good job by you. Jim Harbaugh is that is that Mike Metheny what -- -- your boy. Your boy Bob Gibson error I mean -- are right now just calmed down over there aren't all -- relaxed some of our guys just aren't there just -- a health. So I say one thing right in seven and relax he he didn't have any kind of candidates most of pro life how I'm Bob Gibson and there's only wanted to tell you what man first -- quickly and on -- can you bring it -- he has not been as expected in the series he's been good he has been no by no means great last night the same thing is the guy with excellent post season credentials an unbelievable regular season always not been as good as he needed to be a lot of strikeouts last night. But I don't understand at all what they're doing -- first inning to Pedroia doubled I don't think that's the thing I think that's when well they both talked to only play the two cuts is having both of them were stupid start with a note with with -- who said that -- it was basically is no reason particularly what it. Second -- we talked about this earlier to make make tough pitches. Sometimes it Moore played the what we're looking to get sometimes. The Euro zone right there is. I -- make it tough. Partially unfortunately on the spot but that doesn't make what. We're gonna try to make tough pitches where you're always gonna try to make tough pitches -- the point you didn't have to make tough pitches you could have just walked him with first base open. And pitch to somebody else. Who you don't have to make. Nearly as tough pitches I don't I'd much rather Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Gomes and the beach with a three run home run at the Soviet Adam Wainwright gets beat by John by Jonny Gomes but you know what it wasn't your night. So I I would absolutely take my chances with that rather than pitch to Ortiz. What's the upside there I don't see it all well and the upside or the another perspective is wearing -- No way right talked about it after the game. Like walking -- it's. Got a guy announced that -- first thing. You're good pitches and he's. Out of his mind. My call before the game -- it's around -- them forget about it and he just he would get that make its way. By. -- writer Brett Favre I'm not using that Adam Wainwright a pit -- your player manager and declare that America. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they don't have a look -- on every last thing the thing. I'm not Notre Dame political math I don't know what the girl. Right now. If you but I think you should have some legit here Adam Wainwright and Bob Gibson every time the post season start. Let me know he said you what you meant to say was he calls Bob Gibson returned to postseason starts and a source -- advice but. He says that's part of his game plan so I understand that the perspective of the philosophy that hey I'm a good -- he's a good hitter is the first inning. If I execute my pitches. -- he can be hat. What he helped you about where the situation throughout because you had somebody on second. And you could you can easily put Ortiz on first and and don't worry about anything that's leadership of your Adam Wainwright he's acting like Brett Favre that's why -- brought -- the comparison there he rose one makes sense to. -- -- -- Gunslinger -- I don't play a regular sure it was he's he's out of his mind hot rod about -- not. You know you do with a guy is out of his mind hot don't pitch to them this seems pretty straightforward. You're meeting -- giving us the reason why we all think it's -- that you pitched to -- and you did anyway I'm not gonna complain if they wanna be dumb that's on them David Ortiz continues to make him a couple more it's even after out one. What are we doing. Just walk him and put -- and are are still won't are still won't say that's bad -- move track name maybe it's guys of that maybe -- that maybe it's a bad dynamic in the club house where. Wearing right what to do one thing and Metheny what is up and I don't know Metheny is the manager -- no team the manager while Celtic where writers. And I don't us I don't understand how this is even a debate for them -- -- -- Feeney says a -- more on the -- his bench coach. Especially the -- the Brad Mills to Carla. I'll give your suggestion. Adam but you don't have to do and obviously because you manage part of the comparison right this is all that part of the many of the reasons why. John Farrell I think look so good today comparing him to Mike Metheny and some of the problems like that the detainees had in the series. And -- comparing it to the one name that that I think everyone uses as a gold standard. Here in Boston and that's Terry Francona. Now personally I think Terry Francona is in game moves were as sharp as any manager ever watched I almost never had a complaint about any Indian moved -- Francona made in the higher tenure. Of his of his time in boss what. Don't live -- part of it part of it not that he. It's totally relied on these guys but he's had two of the best pitching coach here. That that this game is seen in the last fifteen years we had Dave Wallace as as is pitching coach. 2004. And then he had. John -- So to help -- appeal will tell you it and I don't think he's ashamed to say it needs. He's self deprecating as it is -- on the show and tell you that. And no pitching as well as they John Ferrell does so John Ferrell says okay that's what we're gonna do John Ferrell 2007 was the captain of the pitching pro program that's just the way it. So you know -- the to know was the -- the CEO. Which jobs that are running about almost every good manager -- well Tony La Russa and Dave Duncan is -- him throughout that time. I think that's part of what makes -- you gotta have good players you gotta have a good pitching coach as well. But when you start to compare them Terry Francona thought made superlative decisions throughout his time in Boston as an on field manager. But the advantage I think he had over Ferrell was a one what you just said he had either John Farrell Dave Wallace with the help of the pitching staff. And -- have better players and I think that that the teams he won wins in 04 no seven which is better than this team this I think they have more talent. I think they were better hitting better pitching. More top end talent arguably even better depth I think we are at is certainly in 04 I think that team was -- world for better California and grandiose seventeen maybe too little -- arguable -- -- -- that was a better team -- to 67 game series. I still think that's a better team in this one is so what John -- is doing to just pump every little last that every little last ounce out of them I think is very they're -- and I think also that you -- -- -- -- -- had over John Ferrell there's an album. He took over Grady little's team they went to game seven of Ailes yes. And that team came back with enforcement but wit with. Reinforcements ambivalence he had yeah -- Curt Schilling added I keep focused well. So. You don't was told I get this team to the World Series. Is stay out of the way like the -- that the manager -- in the previous to make your predecessor he didn't. -- he stayed out of the way too much but. Stay out of the way it's a good team it's a World Series caliber team with John Ferrell. He was told restore our house. Give us credibility get make us like a little miss everything you Canada hasn't been competitive and like what he's done it 61777979837. Might Guinea's long -- on my. They like Mario did. I'm I agree with most of what you guys are saying and I certainly want to preface this by saying acting out early on a phenomenal job and he deserves coach of the year. But if they are talking about like he hasn't made any mistakes I certainly made some glaring missed. Now we know Mike I don't think so I think we've said that I think we know he's made some big time mistakes we talked about we talked about him at the time and we've mentioned them today. But overwhelmingly. What he I think that the the bigger picture evident even if you're disagreeing on some of the little wolves the big picture stuff is so profoundly in my aggressive he got a lot of them I get over the give us arguments from your target gives -- -- two things -- So -- we never get in the game in game four. -- -- never -- -- -- in the game. I think he took a little bit -- by making sense of ports and an open book arts over I think he'd been that early. But that's I mean that's neither here nor there that would be in the big happy about I mean obstruction call. -- he didn't have any choice what would go in the game victory what are. And and miraculously enough to go to a bigger -- and act in certain it was fortunate. I agree. Joseph might get in argument you mentioned Gomes though you mention -- and this is a guy who's been the biggest supporter he's prominent the president of the Jonny -- fan club so. Your right. -- is not supposed to be in the lineup Victor Reno got hurt and then that that forced they switched. It's like John Ferrell has run away from Jonny Gomes. Loves to go cement may be to the point where. Now he needs to back off a little bit and say our game six. I know I believe in the intangibles of Johnny but game six nominees to be starting 61 cents. That was 7979837. Jerry's and -- -- Jerry. They got a large guys that America must thank you listen to stronger than the comparison about the advantages it is. Is not even close. -- believe for many years and I mean there is he's -- -- While he's been pitching coach. -- ultimately decides that as just as a baseball guy. Yeah that would be you don't even had -- not Anemia and who has -- like Little League in. It and. It was an NLCS LCS last year how mean he was that he was a great catcher for the cardinals has been in in the last two years deep into the -- so got you got it into the NLCS Lester got the World Series this year and his coaching stint at at Stanford -- before that is that San Diego right then at Stanford in the -- -- coach in the San Francisco 49ers -- to meet the same guy men if they -- cal -- go to a lookalike things seem like intensity thing they both went to Michigan. And I'm just always went for him to pop off the way Harbaugh doesn't seem to have quite that seem insane streak the Harbaugh does but he does have a little. After game one when the umpires reversed their call he was after the game steam and -- Just like Jim Harbaugh would be 6177797937. We don't look com wanna I wanna take Mike I want a break with tradition. And take this call but only. Only select employee went absolutely absurd piece of audio but I know you haven't heard yet but I promise to make you laugh talking -- on WE. But I think you should have some legit here battled Wainwright deductions and Bob Gibson every time the post season starts. Sent my Wainwright the pitch -- -- deadline when now though I feel I did today. Yeah oh yeah that should rally in the garter -- bag storage dedicated to. I just had no disrespect to Bob Gibson Wainwright has just been that good a post season performer. Duty UND what do they do audio. I come in a minute good mood a little tired. You got a message me like that he got to play all the stupid things I say come on man. We don't have enough time in the showed play of the stupid things -- We're talking about the funny thing. Why -- tiger take the call for Scott and all through hell -- in order to get you to the color 617779. 79371. I will take Michelle in Connecticut a promise there's a reward for this hello Michelle. Hello oh hi guys it straight I look forward to your every day I'd love it -- a million I know you -- talked about the topic collapse I appreciate take my content -- a question. -- yet to adopt instructional role. Colonel if the instructional states. The it's when the heat shield in Europe foreigner and they and it -- console and the runner inner interferes with the field that are. Why isn't an obstruction lend me capture inner fears that they rendered on site. -- great question you ask I appreciate US and I am not going to answer your question. I just fortunately for you and me and all of us Michael you included you know Tim McCarver not last night but the night before I'm sorry I just saw this for the first time this morning. Tim McCarver explained the rule in such crystal clear detail that I think after this there will be no more need for anybody to call. There -- a lot of rules that. Either -- applied directly or indirectly. Decisions. Often part of both -- judgment. It's about time in this particular case things obstruction. -- But -- tried to. He didn't got towards the expense. -- -- -- Does that all come together has evolving crystallized for you after hearing Tim McCarver explain it so clearly. Rob is unbelievable -- helmet that's not amazed. Decisions. Often -- -- both -- judgment. It's about time in this particular case things obstruction. -- But got struck. He didn't got -- at the expense. Here's what I'm thinking I'm thinking Tim McCarver also had very little sleep because I know that I'm having a hard time formulating coherence at Arlington. I was talking and as I'm hoping that that is probably a producer was talking things are. Yes because that is gibberish when he just said. That is utter and complete gibberish make I was gonna say you know I think he's trying to talk to people who. Don't follow baseball closely they probably were telling him to make it a little simpler. Please -- -- start to say something that maybe you'll understand that they would stop and then he started another way a lot of rules that either implied directly or indirectly that umpires decision. Often. Or -- and umpires judgment often it's an umpire. In this particular case thinks obstruction -- guy in a guy obstructed in impeded a guy going to the next base he could call it otherwise no call. Yeah. Yeah I just -- when that happened 779797. Thanks Pam we're gonna miss O'Brien's in Rhode Island what's up. They had to go get Brian. I think that this offense is actually doing very well and I think they're put together very nicely I think that. You know. There's a lot of things that go in Q. You know how -- -- on. -- necessarily put up there on the wrong topic says it's an accident that have a different guys step up every day I think there's a lot of guys that are taking a lot of pitches. And -- -- pitcher work real hard. And that leads to somebody else coming through big time you look at a guy like. It. Yeah Stephen Drew. -- one turn lights in this World Series. -- that a lot of good at bats yeah yeah he struck out a lot I don't think that there's a whole lot of times we can tell me that. Through it struck out on three pitches. The public to be fair Brian it's only because he's so bad at making contact that he can't make contact on the first it out. If you about some off field and give it credit he were to walk that -- a matter of us and I walk a bit we'll have to update our big Stephen Drew montage. But I'm not gonna give him any credit he's really been bad. -- I think you -- actually pretty now -- now -- you know -- you think 'cause they are now I think your overall point about the lineup and what is capable of doing they get the go win. May even get David Giroux I don't they'll probably go at that guide to make the point that yeah I don't know that you know Roger are brighter I think you're hurting yourself. By saying that you think Stephen Drew has had good at bats. I think I think that. You're you're wrong neck and I think that even it if you go up there and you take protective -- out right away you're not doing ninety taking talked fault -- stick and ball that are. -- look I I am all for the idea of working counseling it's what makes the Red Sox great. I am all for the fact that strikeouts and not significantly worse than other routes but he has one hit in the entire World Series and it was a pop up to the pitcher that he dropped. I mean I'd like -- their house who at some point be results you're you're right that those other things are valuable and it does what it got to be some result occasionally you have to get a hit. You know it really doesn't even matter right now because. As we talked about last week -- after game two. There is no purpose there's no purpose in disgusting. Stephen Drew and being taken out of the lineup every second start that it. There's no purpose and it is gonna happen hit another rarely yesterday and defensively jumping play as a more than he has more than earned a few different. Six or 77797937. Steve is in New Haven hi Steve. I guess they don't have the first in regulation -- everybody -- station and a great guy did it. Great job listen on the Internet. OK I'm making quick. Really how we do that either to be honest and allow gore invented the Internet along time ago I have no idea how the radio transmits over -- I'm able -- -- Well they have as a radio I listen over the Internet and and act yet I love it I. I make quick here my credentials. I went the captain. And winning champion. -- Tebow leads. In mystic Connecticut. That everybody who is one of the sculpture major. The other is electrician and the other is so hard they played and he's cited a credential but as a baseball and I gotta -- it. You're gonna talk about being. Good breeding with every pitch. Up on somebody if they'd just let. -- -- -- -- -- -- I am so I don't know what I was I love bogey and our kids. People poem about a short complacent. In cutting little punch someone's you're so happy. And I'm happy I'm so happy that somebody I I don't -- bottom. I'd love to -- -- -- in order here's the problem I have Steve is very happy and impressed with our station and everything we've done that nobody -- happy and impressed -- want a quality opponent plays the military actually really likes everything we're doing he's just an excuse apologists in the -- I guess -- -- don't appoint someone not -- -- I -- do. Is very very strange that is not the way about that call was going 61777. O'clock and then 93 dot org great. Well -- somebody. The face this issue. Often part of both parties judgment. It's about this particular case things obstruction. Yeah. It's got more to -- space. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot more your phone calls to come here the entire 3 o'clock our open for you guys -- We've we've mentioned David Ortiz and exactly yeah Mike Mike Metheny and -- -- -- approach with him. But I think it's also fair to just talk about him directly in what he's doing the historic nature. Of David Ortiz is World Series caught from him but I hope I explained that axle canal WB. We asked a question earlier why with the combination of Adam Wainwright Mike Metheny. Pitch to David Ortiz doesn't make sense not the way he's going over 700 at one point yesterday's game here and OP yes. Over 2200. Is OBS is over 22 under for the World Series now we -- 800 OP as players are very good player. David Ortiz and his career I think is at 93930. Threesome like that. Yeah I mean -- -- -- what it for the World Series and it's. Just the numbers the numbers are staggering and if they win the World Series. There's still going to be tough for them to win you know Michael lockers and is a good pitcher and the cardinals are asking him to do something that. They didn't even ask Adam Wainwright to do so basically for the second time this series -- and the young Michael walker. We don't need you to be. As good as Adam Wainwright we need you to be better. And we need you to save us they were down zip one before he came back and got a victory. They tied the series now down 32. Or for from their perspective down to three. At Fenway Park again. Season on the line. He has to be better now. Yes they're asking him to now step up again -- does -- -- your ace unfortunately is lost both the games he pitched and now it's your turn. You're gonna have to be the ace of this staff and beat John Lackey and just so I mean we talk about -- here but. If John it has to be -- They have to win tomorrow and I've said this for -- more moral they're going to win tomorrow night I've always thought it was Sox -- six and I think -- house to be John -- it's just the perfect. Summary the perfect metaphor the perfect analogy. Sure thank you John it's the perfect. It's sums up these Red Sox are. The complete road to redemption is nowhere more obvious than it is in John Lackey he's got to win the game tomorrow night -- with a perfect punctuation mark to deserves it it is in other. He's they would wrap up pretty politically that this would happen that way but I don't know Andy is really bust you on this. Bob Gibson out of Wainwright thing -- who is. Andy in Israel would put us that oh yeah okay -- -- magic blanks out he's actually you were more animated after game one about that topic than anything I've heard from you in seven months. I haven't seen you more excited about anything in seven months that the committee yell at me about Bob Gibson and Adam Wainwright it was a good fight -- that mrs. -- -- instead of Adam Wainwright. Our Bob Gibson rather and you came in the next they were like. All right. I got you now you messed with my mom and now you're going Bob -- fragment I. Like my dad apartment. I'll -- Until you actually use is dips in the hole like. It's Jon Lester. Jon Lester now in eleven playoff starts. So it's not just this year this is not me -- he's in a good group kids. And eleven playoff starts his ERA is 197. He has a point 43 ERA in three career World Series starts last don't it's crazy so. Would Jon Lester I really wanted knowledge what he did last night. And just talk about. Jon Lester in the post season okay he had he talked about that's -- rob Bradford before the season about what's -- -- and he's on sound a little whiny. At times against sound whiny. But that's -- you talked about how it would it would be talking about the Davis he gave his regiment. On and on I've done this or done that how many pitchers have done it. He has a point. In the post season so far we have seen. Starting it up like a terrific pitchers. Ace level pitchers pitching David Price -- Matt Moore which insurers are reaching for Orlando recent Sanchez now routinely right market. All of those guys and especially Verlander he's been an MVP he's been a Cy Young winner David Price has -- -- our young winner -- Jon Lester has never done but there any picture in the post season. Who has done something. In this post season that Jon Lester has not done or is not capable of doing. Any -- -- No not actually not so has been the best of the bunch in this well if we're gonna give you were gonna say Adam Wainwright. Is in that category. I think John masters in that category two wasn't last year. And and I've been having guests also part of the stories you will what will happen if the Red Sox win the World Series. We're gonna go what the redemption thing. A young Ben came up with the road to redemption the -- redemptions that take that to the to the nth degree. And talk about. How all of these guys turned around in Jon Lester the story will be that he maturity -- you know he figured it out needed. Well. I'm not sure he has what he's doing in the opposing the -- and post season before he's always been good but the personality. That that perception of Jon Lester had a -- hasn't been like to meet there's a lot of stuff that person or whatever job. And but we are quite tough SOB at all last night was enemy is clearly dealing with something. Are you could see even maybe early in the game I don't obviously got worse later but. I mean that -- or swinging bunt that he had and what the second or third inning when he was -- down the first base I've never seen a person moves so slow. You look Iran with a refrigerator on his back and he was like. All of them believe it is but slower than any of them and it was. It was weird that you saw the paper airplane come out of the sky biggest paper -- ever seen and you see slowly he reached over to get that thing. It was like watching an old man on the stories -- Hopefully -- can hear the creaking a microphone that that's -- Jon Lester back was like he took ten seconds to reach over grab that paper airplanes. I mean it was he was clearly dealing with something like -- kind of has that. -- slow. Moving gay to Obama but at the end of the day. You feel that that -- through last night. He threw it -- -- our side against Brady's if you're on the inside to right he's the he did everything you would need to do with that pitch plus everything else he was he was as good as he can be last. Was asked he was asked last night in one of -- interviews he was announced. You know what's bothering what's troubling him. And he said yeah -- part of my body and it yet you can probably figure out that you know something you know little banged up but that's OK it's OK it's at times a year. It's it's not that dissimilar. From what other people would dealing with guys that are out have fun with it now 61777979837. David's in his car I didn't. -- -- Just quickly. It's it's -- the -- of that but -- and Cheryl are. Are more or cut from the same clock and they are different and that's based on -- -- -- -- the -- -- intentional walks you know OK -- in the catcher. Throw the pitcher the Red Sox. I learned from the great -- -- the fewest number of intentional walks in the league issue. And my sense it and all about managing the fragile ego and the confidence level of their -- -- It's why H Ferrell has -- that was true. And despite all of the offensive woes because it increases the confidence that the pitchers it's like he shouldn't. The that intentional walk. In the interference came in the last inning because she got that went to put it entered into a position where they can't walk it right. The intentional walk I think what's the part I'm really looking would have given. I looked at -- Confidence to -- to its so poppy is. Why they would like India and has a lot not that I'm giving you that I don't have the confidence that you can get this guy out. In my manager got an -- that competent. What's that gonna do it. But the ranking get him out. It has nothing to do if you Adam Wainwright. The way he is going right now are off Peter and his prime get them out David Ortiz right now may be does the bitterness -- is a different animal. But David Ortiz is in such a groove right now I don't care what your fragile legal. It's the end of the season suck it up sorry I can't allow you to PS everywhere he plays and give up runs here you know. -- -- and I periodic -- -- -- you know there's the there's human element that you have to deal with and that's all -- managers great managers and in mediocre managers like they have to deal with that. But there's also something to be separate baseball strategy. So. If you're Mike Metheny there's a way you can have. You can you can make sure that Adam Wainwright has confidence in himself hey Adam but you can also say. This is the right move for us right now because of what Dave and I hate Adam look I trust you know how much I trust your trust you with two men on only one now. I trust you when that situation. To get after I had. But I don't trust anybody with David -- -- not the personal this is the way the game has to be played I'm -- he -- -- -- back up as you mentioned the amazing streak that he's on the amazing -- he was asked about it after the game is why he -- -- the ball so well said this. I don't know man -- -- -- hitter in our right now it will pressure on myself. Not try to -- too much. Another holds -- anyway that you won't visiting and not -- they threw him the board of middle of the play you know I just. I just tried to stay in my game and I that would -- and whatever it denies the abuse that I can be able to fit. It's pretty simple right I mean it's see the ball hit the ball he's he's just that talented he stays relax and think that's where. That's where I would focus is just his ability to not at the moment get to be -- epic four. Yeah well that's inept part of the David Ortiz story -- about two years. And I can't remember what it's different all right it's different for some of the other people who are mean Manny Ramirez never the moment was never too big -- either. But not because he played with a flourish not because he wanted to be that kind of superstar like David Ortiz. It seemed to be more just because he was almost on aware of everything around him and his whole personality flat lined in a moment like that Ortiz is how it plays with such flourish and -- such a show off and I mean that in the good way. That it it it just seems to come naturally to him to rise to the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But just for different reasons really see I was doing -- the game come to -- different personality. But both of them you know extremely bright hitters. You know many. Many were definitely did he worked and it did at the expense of other parts of his game. Only wanted to do. You love to hit and eight we were talking -- Bill Belichick yesterday and you ask bill what kind of manager would -- be. Well I remember when when Manny was having some problems. Always problems many. -- times or what nationally -- war it wanna play. No injuries or whatever. He was saying of injuries that were suspect. And bill it was a big Red Sox and look at and say. That I do. I just I wouldn't play him at all. -- he wants to play on his terms. When I don't play him at all. That what he wants more and anything else I don't care who it is Manny or mayors or anybody. Anybody who didn't want to play a 162. A guy only wants to play 150 or 145. They crave the states. If that even man you guys don't -- -- play but what are his identity is wrapped up in baseball and in -- So it is attention. By not playing that that's what that -- -- it was all about. You can't say -- are many many tells you when he wants a place to what he's ready to play yet to -- on OK now you know why. Don't know I don't know I wouldn't -- at all but I don't. I think you did it just fine health reform when need be and send -- back out there whenever it's ready to go and help -- 6177797937. Gyms and even the idea. They have movement and I think you know guys I tell. The guys that egregious obvious things. And I appreciate being recited. And that he is going to describe what he's in legal. It objectively I don't know anyway that it shouldn't let him that -- -- like that I -- outside him because. Obviously by. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I tried to pitch him outside early Jim thanks to the phone call they tried to pitch from outside early in the series and he went the other way at Fenway Park put the ball over the monster against walk. Brian -- -- wanna leave the changeup up outside the way he did the last time Ortiz just put up pop -- going on it was so strong and powerful. You put out -- Fenway Park you know that was -- -- way to pitch to him right now and well locked in like it has. They I think they've they've missed an opportunity whoever was blame -- any blame Wainwright a combination of the two. They've missed a great opportunity to be able to they had they had an opportunity to pitch around him in Saint Louis. I don't know if I would do that. I would I wouldn't do that and to what are so let's say the same situation -- Ortiz on -- excuse me your Pedroia on second or teams come into play. You walk Ortiz can pitch to Napoli -- working now. I would that you can't do that -- you can't do that with with the DH end against this team with the DH is a major. Our -- -- -- -- might because they don't how well they don't have a lefty they like out of the pen against them they clearly don't trust Randi Joseph and for good reason. What did Randy -- become all that going to be Randy Choate is not a great lefty they don't really seem to even -- secrecy against them so. They don't have anybody to go after him with and I think Ortiz talked about its situation from last night first inning yeah. I guess the first inning of game six Michael you've got I'd done it and we got it or actually is an amount -- -- Napoli you've got god Pedroia on second Sino Portuguese at the plate. First -- open. You walk Ortiz can pitch to -- I think that would I don't I don't think I can pitch to check out Mike Napoli I don't I don't like as you know what it's a good numbers there -- if someone's gonna be it's going to be Mike Napoli OK but Ortiz okay fine. But it's gonna be him it's not going to be David Ortiz I'm sorry I can't let you beat me you're just too good right now 617779798375. On the car. Hey guys at the outside to radically and Freeport and an anabolic college. I -- great you snuck there's a busy time people would Arctic. I love listening to you guys -- they're really ought to argue that amount. Well but I don't talk about it and I you guys feel about it. But. A -- it out mathematically that. I bladed I just a little white people in a bat on the ball. Is that simple. It's always been able to beat this Election Day it all the local dump it into a car. The that the strike they don't think it's. -- thought it did they have this approached her to regular season. I thought it would have mortgage. It back out there would have more to let you know I'm out into -- patent that pat talents like. Because you've gone Kamal. -- don't -- So you go to court they would've scored more runs and then they would had what 900 runs in the regular season they've done. They -- big problem and what I want. They wouldn't let me I'll -- -- like gonna speak Obama rightly. We're not undermine what about the balls that they get to know Michael now you've got -- -- are all what about the balls they get to on the outside corner that they wouldn't get -- if they move back. I'm not a little backed. Go to get out and moved back how are they getting the balls in the outside at a question or -- -- -- you wait away right. Have a question for you what's her next to do -- the other point to argue to -- -- EU. Pressure for you Michael Douglas is that it bought. And again in. Us. -- -- -- point Paul it is almost hard to believe that you called so many times have not gotten through before I can only imagine how the call screening process has gone. -- we'll try another culture I can't tell marked Ike and very. -- and there's a lot of pressure on you go ahead. Our -- are you guys opinion on. You hit it straight Lester our -- you know you don't quite so now I don't not now. You are. Update make edit option you can pick up his option for a fourteen between nine dollars. That's chump change for the for the Boston Red Sox -- -- -- John Henry's a couple of extra money got the globe now on -- and he's not making money on the -- leader did you read -- it about it I was just you read the op -- he lit -- he's also alchemy about the global it's not make. Oh he basically called that a nonprofit. Is a while longer make any money on this and let's be clear right now I hope not to lose too much problem to make any money here. I just wanna own newspaper. Exactly what he said not that you'll make some money -- -- a -- are OK you made tons and tons of money probably -- it very clear he doesn't think he's going to go at BR six point 7779. 7937. Candy is in Hartford. I know again. -- -- Well people today. Are excited people are just little thing that excited well well they don't seem that excited because they're hired -- I think the courts are as good as they're tired because I'm tired or more on how the entire hi Cathy -- -- I would go it is going great job posting a nine. That was let's the prime time listening to you guys especially in Atlanta color of my god I'm sitting here -- -- -- My my my comment that I wanted to make was not only am I -- excited about this this series in the history that we're going to be winning on our own soil. And I have no doubt that we are going to be winning. Is that no more fox broadcasters I am so sick and tired of them because I knew them all yeah. Don't listen Joel David low you know. And I can't stand them. The -- and elders -- if I could unfortunately I live in an area where I can't get the V I can't get the G I want to go up to the main road. Gary you're gonna have to get on W you have to go by the mlb.com. Opera mlb.com how -- it all list on the intercom yeah Beckett that's western bathroom. There are posted that you're close to lead vehicles for the New York border correct I am well the WER Sports Radio network -- Libya. A local station out there and played the Red Sox get him -- is put him I'll ask why god. Pitched in -- the ESPN's. Dammit -- I can't imagine why she would be sick -- the fox announces that feels like Tim McCarver has been essentially right on throughout the entire series we heard them explain the obstruction call. Umpires decisions. Also -- part of both -- judgment. It's about time in this particular case things obstruction. I've got it. But Dallas tried to. He didn't got towards the expense. They I don't know what her problem is that guy is genius pure genius and if you don't understand what that's got to be on you. I am not a genius Michael -- said -- repeatedly and especially in a day like today. In my repeated attempts to say David Ortiz the seven dwarfs David Ortiz I realized I left out something very important. And it's something that I've been talking about a lot and shame on me. For leaving it out I'll explain -- alcoholic WE.

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