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Adam Schefter on the trade deadline

Oct 29, 2013|

Our NFL insider Adam Schefter joined the show to preview todays NFL trade deadline. He said the Patriots have kicked the tires on some moves but does not expect anything major to be done today.

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Because we were in Saint Louis yesterday and because. The game was going to be played last night and because today's trading deadline in the National Football League. We -- from a broadcasting cents from a logical standpoint. -- dated -- at a show after on Tuesday wake up to -- with Cumberland farms farm -- -- both football insider Adam chapter. While love -- and the copy surprisingly delicious taste with an amazing price of 99 cent in besides only at farms. Adam joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. -- -- how are you my friend. Good morning guys it's not her Buick you ruined. You guys are so close to getting into the world championship based also has very exciting and mark either. Well what it's it's going to be a fun a couple of days here and as some people. One of the name Callahan is hoping for a seventh game on Halloween night just to see the costumes and feel the -- oddly well take called do or die deal. Well I would say this not knowing very much -- baseball but knowing him not to say that. This Michael locker walking guys pretty good decent chance that. -- -- the trading deadline in the National Football League this afternoon. Who -- position to be sellers buyers we need names in teams and possibilities out. Well the first calculated don't get your hopes too -- because. At this time of the year this is the warning area where baseball -- it on football. Where there's just not a lot of action that pushed back to trade deadline this year to reached it today is usually Jewish earlier in October 15 yourself. And I think go back for the public school this morning and they said to -- not enormous -- now. Again it's 8:30 in the morning and a lot can chain by 4 o'clock eastern what should -- the deadline but. Purple never produces a lot of -- mine this year already. We have seen. Former first round picks such as Trent Richardson -- Kenny Levi Brown Eugene Monroe. Already traded so. Again not household names not highly productive players and most racists. But still a lot of trade up until this point. And so we make it actually worked through. Throughout of course dates possible. It is nothing right now these borders just. One that we relate to -- Josh Gordy and perhaps. The Cleveland wide receiver could be in play. You wonder if Atlanta will reconsider its position on -- Gonzales. Adamant adamant that it won't trade him. Although if you -- noticing he's comments over the weekend. The comment that needed changing toward it went from a -- getting treated I don't wanna go anywhere Q it's they're -- when they wanna -- and I think it would just recognizes it's -- its crumbling around the falcons -- To me it would make sense to get something -- Tony Gonzales is towards any Egyptian buyer. I heard you on sports center and you mentioned guys who might be moved it was almost entirely receivers or or plus Gonzales. Wide receivers and tight end Kenny Britt Josh Gordon. Do you hear. The patriots being in play for any of these guys -- god knows they could use a receiver. Yeah that could I think it made -- increase I don't think anything. Materialize opportunities come close to materialize but it they've done -- -- should be doing that they've made a couple of calls to see. Who might it might not be available -- Nothing's worked out so foreign and I I think delivers eighteen to watch today amounted to be getting anything done again deals are difficult to get done at trade deadline I need -- to be -- netting a the sort of tackle -- courage I think there's a wide receiver out there. That makes sense they have a problem acting but. It -- me it was for that and injecting worked -- to be careful that's what sort eagle putt because. Kings are wont to do it in -- it's fair upper bowl. Sides and right now knowing what is. It waiting for a deal that may or may not -- and as long investigation. It does happen and looking aboriginal get the receiver that you guys like and to get. Hay out of how much of a reluctance to trade is created by the fear that you would look like you're waving the white flag if you make the -- -- many people crossed the National Football League think you know Atlanta's gonna make some run toward the playoffs for the giants for that matter. -- perception standpoint essentially you're telling your fan base we give up right. Well I think that's part of it no question about it. -- And I think that people wonder whether or not more treat all. Which you acquired wide receiver today what he teachable system. Is never looked at quarterback based forward. Battered steps of the plate -- it. It's a picture -- pitched -- the -- or the batters at certain simple rather individualistic. Not so in football where guys get the systems in tendencies and teammates. And work as each -- Which is more difficult to deal. And so again not that it can't happen but which it decreases the chances that it will Wear that somebody would be willing to give a lot to get somebody who may or may not fit in right now. Understand it's probably not gonna happen and he's got a pro American again moves -- -- just say for example Gordon is traded to a team. Are looking into third round pick second round pick what's the price going to be for the sky. This is. My understanding speak directly executives is that -- around had. To all first and teaching -- it would include secular context now. -- whether or not that is actually reorganized to -- Strike away from the -- suspension. Might not be the worst thing trade him however. I think in new regime their ritual batter Michael Lombardi coached at in my mind that -- that your reaction that upset a lot of fans. But registered a directive they weren't winning streak and they trade and is not exactly distinguished themselves are. Indianapolis but that the trade Gordon ticket sales what are you doing to working here Gordon has made place -- been a good player. And I I don't think the same -- distinguish it from opposite for golf that uses -- you guys issues strike away who. What we -- that we can count on long term debt -- this guy's a great receiver it's on the children's well being warmer out. And that's where this decision comes -- Brandon meriwether I'm sure has caught the -- of the that the commissioner in the past. I'm wondering if this most recent grants the talked about what I guess that one dipped and some career by going low. Since they won't let me -- people high. Will draw the ire of the commission and the second part of that question is will they look. Not so fondly on the fact that he mentioned Brandon marshall's domestic violence issues in the past in his ranch in front of the cameras yesterday. These are some of the most inappropriate in a special comment I've ever heard that it I mean who does this is why we love them. Okay -- incredible that somebody could see these kind of things and it tells you. All you need to know about the mindset of that particular person okay. Saying that. But can't find somebody saying something by the league will it hasn't already get a message to Brandon Meriweather that we are watching you. During game as it's legal or what annuity are right we watched you during games. We're tracking your comments. -- anymore of this nonsense. You will be signed you will be spending even longer we will take -- your pockets we'll see you down. And you will not be playing again what you say -- it was so expensive. And so. Disrespectful. That it's hard to imagine that somebody could be professional seated and keep it. Final question and this probably qualifies as minutia. But how determined the amount of fines that oftentimes you hear that you know somebody like Jason Tarver the defensive coordinators going to be fine in automobile -- 50000 dollars but they decided to -- Carolina Panthers free safety Mike Mitchell. For -- Sam Bradford. 7875. Dollars when they -- and 32 cents there. -- these numbers that give any idea. Yet they have a flying schedule and they actually at a chart like that are unnecessary roughness fine first and second offense. That they establish teacher has got to those numbers I don't know it in May be based on. A variety of back -- -- but there's an actual chart and they try to stick to the short I don't know how to get those numbers but. -- Jason Tarver and flipping the bird to the official. -- all days but Adams true. Was memorialized yesterday in service they're not -- election like remember it was scientists look at the -- get a double -- Thousand dollars a much out. 250000 dollars now owners. And hurl -- executives and coaches are held to a higher standard of conduct and players but that little I keep asking you to list. It but -- gets to fifty. Though that a double bird seat tickets won twenty out of birth order. And -- inflation to four years you've got a notch or so he can you don't brutally one bird but it's four years later so he key factor issued. -- -- -- -- -- Made it very clear to the league it would despondent guy all of our own -- deterrent then and so the raiders as an organization discussed. What would be an appropriate fine. Yesterday. We'll -- what they come up with. You know you get immersed in thinking I was there is besides. The whatever it robberies and a summary that ranged between. Ten and sixty. You know they -- that this would support that there was a time where. You know by Brandon Roy is PM that day I guess to reserve the right trying to give -- some -- to sit and can -- golf I would start thinking about these -- would we get. Don't those kind of numbers we don't realize for a moment like you lose sight of that or superior city you know. Jerry John -- reported on 101000 dollars for comments she made on the radio and out of -- IP debit. Well if forced to fifty for flip on the -- I hope it doesn't applied Astaro drive in traffic -- drive during the people often traffic all the time. -- -- Remember LeBron is obvious it's indeed what about how much activities there's going to be on the trade debt deadline today but I know whether there is a lot or little. You're gonna be very active with a bowl of your devices going at full speed I should pick up some time on the day of the trade deadline -- always appreciate it. Thank you getting -- -- thanks very much at a show afterward Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- -- our conversation with -- been brought to you by Cumberland farms fall in love with malicious farm out what coffee and do it today. By DCU digital federal credit union what can DC -- say if you added. -- -- Insurance go around the table to the patriots make a deal -- -- doctor mom absolutely -- hot -- I say yes I say Hussein -- know this for a month. And I'll be -- -- commitment you so they brought in Austin Collie named Dino and you probably -- and in the brain and receive that brought an obstacle. While they bring in again obviously damaged goods and doesn't cost much. Because they need one right anyone thought they still need one in between trade does give you some hope they made and as -- -- back and enough -- -- our whole goal. I mean. Guys like it's injection Emanuel Sanders. Kenny -- Gordon Josh Gordon aren't playing -- losers Phoenix they're playing for teams that aren't going anywhere like and so they say if the giants win he comes off the market right if they leaders created probably all of the above our teams. All are playing right now for teams that aren't going to play out. The yelled that's obviously -- in baseball that's automatic you know are going anywhere in -- don't have any plans for the guy in the future. You make a -- we know the patriots wanted to manuals and -- Me and beat kind of hard to deal him and -- I'll play him this week big difference -- -- -- making traders salary -- football that's kind of -- I know but I'm giving you five or six names. -- do you think in human animal. Any of them gonna get moved often has a big player you move that the NFL trade not often almost often enough. Often enough they gonna keep these guys around even though they're not going anywhere -- my prediction and some of them -- subjective especially making a lot of money. Are your phone calls next -- Dennis and Callahan we will give away a 1000 dollars at 9 o'clock and when we come back we will play for you actually play for you. The comments that Adam -- just said the most inappropriate comments is ever heard from a player in the national you'll -- I don't know we talk about that these. Or the Brandon Marshall I. And Brandon -- -- I loved both of them. And I am not he's a pocket -- shows us but the fact is that that you league want you to go low right yeah. If you go -- guys -- gonna hurt -- knees I think the league for further hurt in these than their head correct that's a it's uncomfortable to discuss. But it's inevitable if they don't go high if the -- merry -- like he usually does. And guys agreement that you saw and notes on offense and defense thing but Jamaal Charles go low on. I'm Brian crush I think the league once defenders to go in the middle on the waistline. We're tackling now they wanted to have little targets just so don't touch ahead don't touch the knees hit the -- and do you have a problem with what he says about Brandon Marshall thought it was. Brilliant. For him for him.

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