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Why pitch to Ortiz?

Oct 29, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk try to understand why the hell Matheny and Wainwright keep pitching to Ortiz.

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But -- you know. Went right to make the pitches though it may go bridge do you divert all the way down that I wasn't voted in hand. And I was able to stay in -- capable -- that's about it that's not -- disagrees with it. You know and even -- me that I got it was tough it was a Korean hands you know and I was able to stand. -- -- Mostly during the game they have tough time in the weeks. And even myself when when when I get off my swimming and have a tough time in the two so it's not a big victories admitted his use Denon is trying to stay within. The judge who might that mean. Now whatever you do. -- -- -- Who gives did you. Josh huge event even the name of the song I didn't -- -- was the name and all the name what did have the whole weekend off Jerry. That's true. Yeah well rested -- -- Yeah she's certainly human pride that is the only explanation. Pitching to David Ortiz observers say would -- do between now and tomorrow night at 807. Don't help Mike -- -- the David Ortiz had reached base nine times in a row nine at bats in a row that would be a walk. A single an intentional walk a single a double a walk a single a double. And a single and the tenth that that he hit it harder than any there's SE any of those and should have broken the record he's so locked in it's insane that -- I mean you throw a fastball on the middle first base open in the game and scored position. I tell -- I felt like the game was pretty much in hand after Ortiz. One nothing do it for you won nothing and that's what it took will look at that although I do admit you write my holidays today. Is it dangerous hot hitter he's dangerous. But if you're pitching to with the bases empty and what's the big deal to -- at the world's first pitch count was so low that. It looked like it was ago right from Lester who are a source -- and -- scored him once. Holliday homered you do that in breslaw may be or somebody of suits and jackets he worked not -- and these guys -- elegant way and right good pitcher right here natural. He's -- confident. This whole life he's been getting guys. You can't tell him. And you can't get this -- -- it doesn't matter who it is -- since the post their hero obviously on being different deal but you can't say see that guy. You can't get him out they don't accept -- what you have to order them. And not pitch to the station I. You say listen Adam I know you think you'd get them out you'd think he'd get anyone out pitcher good. He's it's really really good and he's hot and you can't pitched him. I'm talent they ought to vote -- -- to vote in the playoffs here at the end of this -- -- mentally and he was at the podium yesterday and somebody with a big -- holidays asking the question about you think David Ortiz is the MVP meticulous. This -- conversation or even. Thinking about we. We got eight games playing. We're we get two games we can still win here so -- kind of stuff and even in our on our radar. The -- did hello skipper and let you integrate our recent public Pope John Lester hasn't. But I don't know it's close we'll see what happens. Wednesday night. There's some psychological stuff going on here a couple different levels. Think about the tone the tenor of that city that we just left ten minutes ago. After the obstruction walk softly. The place was -- -- the team was going nuts they had the first of three right. You are -- correct there looking to win one out of two. And -- I think the tone and tenor is in in in Saint Louis right now and I didn't -- does Bernie Mac posted. I've forgotten about this last year this via the cycle on and on this side the cardinals scored one run full. In losing three consecutive games and the National League Championship Series of the giants last season and it's happening again. And. At the end of this and Beltran probably walks is a free agent. Probably of -- merger of the either shoot three hole hitter and did and -- win 95 games and 100 -- but that would. The win it because they have a good young pitching got a bunch of guys who throw 99 miles an hour but. If you or. John Lackey or in your -- the enemy of freedom for strike anybody now. That team made a middle dread all -- broke -- -- -- and if your Lackey are right either you know you don't worry about but. Well even holiday I mean you go in there with confidence if you're Rossi. You've thrown down the size of confidence this is not there is no Miguel Cabrera there is no. Evan Longoria is not one who's really scary particularly when you get a lead and always -- the bases empty and it's 61777. -- 79 victory several start widget in Peabody your first Tbilisi Callahan morning after. I don't guys thank you very much -- service from a sales -- to do a good time for the Obama. What is in Fuego that almost took an upgrade from coming up. Well I think my car out McCarver gives -- a great for -- you know -- panel Seattle seems -- fuel and it seems like just seems that exceeds he's a sea -- I was confused about it and you can't keep -- -- -- -- -- he -- are you -- right now what -- your -- -- -- But among the like you said the -- -- a picture of him -- Like a hug and let him just -- constituents at a somewhat like involving you know we gonna get a had a couple of. And -- runs you know Roger at a premium weather comes in the first inning for the seventh inning of the deepening us as Kirk said they are averaging. The cardinals two point six runs. Three beats them every time. Beats him every minute -- I I watch I couldn't believe -- when they're pitching Ortiz let's assume the first inning and host the first inning you're gonna walk him intentionally don't. When given the chance. I want you walk -- walk a walk and and you know -- I wouldn't be shocked to see wacko win -- but I would be shocked to see. Whoever is pitching game seven. -- -- Kelly probably Kelly. PV. And then works as well Wainwright is out of the bullpen. I'd be shocked to see the -- the Red Sox not. Score against Kelly and Wainwright and the -- all the really even the guys who throw hard at that point. It's going to be very that's going to be very intimidating stage for all these young guys. -- -- Rhode Island my connection DNC. We're -- Michael well. Good I know you. Had a pretty going -- the created by the door open make all the old dog to -- animal advocate and your. It happens thanks -- It's wonderful. You could include a group and it didn't hit it too long -- a -- -- really put -- -- or until there. Just a tiny crack of any kind runners yeah it's one runner on milk in the past two runners on a goat to and two thirds. You come out to -- common that's my production you guys -- leaders protect them I would say at 22 and two the third and you -- to have you brought you would do provide a right left you know what the things with this team. I wouldn't be a bit surprised that Pete beach resident Jim and took turns quality start in 06 and two thirds I know everybody listening is hope and they close about six -- -- -- -- -- But game seven tests announces the following night at Fenway fast -- Halloween night have the place that was dressed up yeah and you have this this. Pitching staff on the starting pitcher by committee at all levels of watch and like he commendable and I was very excited to see live among the itself. I I -- those senators say is don't compromise him tomorrow night it just seemed weird you know things -- who's gonna hit who's not -- in the camera on. It solve the of the camera on middle Brooks and then you will that bring him in. -- feel deprived of justice crazy. Atmosphere. Game over game seven filing that if -- -- mama -- complain that would such as good lord you're gonna get you. Thanks and yet Walker's life is a different show blocked a in the dugout and on the rail does it look cool. His ability COLT wasn't. Nervous I guess he's not as exciting as Chris Carpenter -- our troops that could talk about this harper knows and it really don't think is true now and we know in this perfect W at Wainwright. Trying to be Crisco opener losing streak is one of those puppies shows him as a courtesy and looks like Oxley you know legacy. He doesn't like him he's going to -- lately it was last -- does Lester it was a package means like the thing yet he has outlaw guns in North Carolina Roland but he got. Morning guys regarding. Great organism that. I'm sure that there are millions. Rooting for game seven so that he should make one more -- Guess the Red Sox pitching staff from. Pick. The cardinals starter whoever it may be. A little trouble on the -- You know he's but it really is a baseball guy you know because he picked up. Accused apple or the Red -- secret Detroit's rich and step over the Red Sox let -- shouldn't be here I don't entering -- long as you might guess I don't know. I guess Jon Lester -- situation. I guess we are told him under the concentrated next year subsite you know it's not always changing and get some a lot of that. That's represented the National League guy and yet those pitchers in the national figure that an American League pitchers right typically gets preachers and -- hitters that can't even get their way. He candidate. Yeah I was definitely -- definitely wrong about lesser role no question about it no doubt about trade him in the off season there was a good trade I think but I mean he's he's just great great actually three. These are all connect become if you guys agree. He's you know there's a lot of other shoes to fall when these when this -- series ends I think. It just became much easier for the Boston Red Sox who -- Stephen Drew. And and Jarrod Saltalamacchia ago. And became much harder for them the trade Jon Lester. And they may and we talked about this much a lot during the regular season where he's gonna command twenty million a year hyped up. We talk of six years one point that's that's about what I expect McGinn on the market. I think that I am I to this performance and I think they pay him you know why. This season last year was deal -- can -- have to trim -- them right there you know index or wait till next year I know he's -- -- off a another brilliant World Series never. As a guy that spot -- bad it's bad that I didn't like all and it didn't work out do you -- do you think right Ben has the discipline that's yet word that authorities used time and time again to be the biggest test yet is Ellsbury is not a test because he's gone. Lester is a real data pointed to Michael and -- -- to smaller contract and all that they got caught up at the hope of Michael being the series MVP -- -- signs -- the -- people -- side by side Mike what's gonna happen again but -- also left handed over -- real premium guy. Number one stock that that and and the goal and they would have to page through. Org and so the market fourteen million all of them have to tender right they have their shortstop. I do too so drew walks he hasn't taken anyway he's imports guy you pay -- And fourteen million -- -- One year to have Ross you have -- point nine beginning you don't need you don't get a lot because he should do the opposite with salty as you were probably going to want to do with Lester. You're going to look at his horrible policies and horrible World Series. And say about the theater and pretty damn good year -- and was that your worth fourteen million. Originally -- he is starting gesture but I think Dempster already fourteen million as a team -- team dig -- -- and insult he -- Ross -- ninety games which he -- helicopter let's look at -- year and -- minds right overpaying for -- -- -- might help -- form -- -- -- multi year -- maybe they'll put that much stock into this little company in the postseason and maybe they wanna keep the ball the way they did get -- they love -- he signed. And he's in a -- in what is he 63 years old. -- the key is you know I mean he's not that it looks -- -- keep -- TA RP discount the theater and wanna keep their catching situation just the way it is yeah and if it costs a lot of money it's a point by -- is that the short term again -- I felt like it and I especially after they win the -- worlds you help her twenties -- hard -- all want -- fourteen -- fifteen is not the -- we just checked -- With Busch Stadium. And the interview room David Ross is still there. Didn't think anything -- premises you -- no problem I'll stay here all night. -- they'll all that plane I promise. Is there anybody enjoyed it more than David well it's a -- like and by the way I and given it Wainwright credit for being a really good pitcher. -- -- A breaking ball as of right found them -- middle in the half. To David Ross lost the game online yes and Detroit free to reckon ball to Stephen Drew well you think either of those guys were hit his fastball. Probably not in fact I think there's no rule we learned what rule seven point 02 days ago I never that's instructional yet at seven point 03 it's it's the baseball guide I don't. If you walk Stephen Drew. You lose the game automatic yes there -- and right to not put that rule should be just like that obstruction -- -- -- waves is not exactly a walk -- mobile REIT to. To Stephen Drew and he throws the breaking pitch in the dirt. Not that he deserved to lose 61777979837. At a show after the join -- in the 8 o'clock hour we will give away a thousand dollars in the 9 o'clock hour. Al Ronnie isn't Cambridge's next duke is in New Hampshire Lott wants to talk about -- and John let's talk about Ortiz who doesn't.

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