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One win away from a World Series title

Oct 29, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Sox game 5 win. Ortiz and Lester continue to impress.

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Going to the ground ball fair down the first base line. That's gonna keep bouncing up against the side -- here comes PD he's in the store which teases in the second base of his standup double. I don't know manages to avoid -- Another cold -- anyway the people visiting and nowadays through a bit of Florida middle of the plate. When John Dennis one suited for Agassi Reagan weak ground ball to the left side arranging it was left both guards and he'll make the play on Greg who's really laboring. And it's good twelve consecutive batters retired by Jon Lester he's our backbone don't work himself there and Gerry Callahan. -- ahead homer tonight he's gone one for three of the first big swing in the liner to right right -- -- of backing up a bit Daniel -- Baghdad the Iraq. Sox winning. 31 up final and a Red Sox are coming home to Boston with a 32 lead the World Series and Carmen you've gone through. We're friends. -- thing on Sports Radio W. Good morning we are back at Boston and I and it sucks big. Good mood this morning that I it would begin the Dennis and Callahan program with little joke or you're ready. I walked out of the coffee room about ten minutes ago. And there is the historic display with all your choices. The first option on the -- show was. Decaf. Don't know decaf in -- today you have a Rambo because of red wrap his extra out of them. And that was that what trying to -- afraid you know with the phrase you know those days men and we said that due to -- Difference that. Don't -- just take its regular big day. -- remember those -- you know be a whole different alternate to a state of consciousness. The heart of the -- nine dollars 52 minutes last night was a savior of all time I thought I was gonna say favorable time yet I was five so overstate yellow belt and others have our game. That's an actual savior comic fake a five hour game -- does it. Sixteen inning game but -- what what what about after the Red Sox scored their second run. 21 right appropriate to write one you still think -- -- have a game are you thinking Saint Louis can score. Off Lester or you know rock. Aptitude. -- could have been a five -- game we could give 120 innings Saint Louis was score. -- not enough that was the is that the that was the only bridge no I reiterate what I said before officers of the Saint Louis fans. A lot of neutral and paraded me and beat me beat me about the and pays for the assistant. There are mediocre team and reiterate that they'll let the error meet the poker team. Have couple good pitchers. -- they have a great hitters bullpen. I'm not even sure they have a popular governor -- alcohol and bare foot -- and the way he said I could see evil in your face team knows -- -- -- -- is exhaustion do you like this that would like this -- you -- Couple. Very good baseball team. Mediocre baseball team over achieving baseball team. A team that -- -- down Iran and Pete Kosmas. Up with a I mean that's a concern down too and he's a -- and I believe it is a runner on base at PR Obama. Is batting in the eighth. It is not a good baseball well that's a good -- a very you said very that's a fair point OK good that not very big problem as you look at the the guys who could hit form they go down the line to think and know. Man he's not doing isn't doing either all lefties and ruining its Lester -- and and and by the way lest -- you know he was great. He always is in these were answers games. And they say lefties. Deal then Lewis yes. -- mean all there to meet their best plays -- eighty Molina. Holiday Beltran switches and even you know freeze. Why -- so vulnerable to lefties. No one is there a mediocre team. That's -- how great deep unknown undermines that -- in in in the series the St. Louis Cardinals are slogging Ryo three. I don't think that's good now titles as they slept at 433 in the regular season I just are off like a hundred I just looked it up. Both teams and you know obviously the words are struggling offensively. As well both teams. If you took their. Average OB RO BP slugging -- obviously a Prius she took those three room office of they'd be last in the major leagues and everything in every category. If you took the stats and applied them to the regular season this year. Far away all teams would be last. Which is why I. Am game you know -- has been great you are great everyone's great ball great but. It's not a very scary line I just. Crunch the numbers repeat customer who was left in -- and a critical situations. I'm really good unless I have my calculator at me figuring out averages shore and OBP and slugging and OPS. He is -- in the World Series he has all for ten. So back -- is batting average of with second half to rally around look what all the authority I haven't held on an island last night and it carried the one. -- the government of -- of those early -- -- numbers that goes on forever -- yes helpless -- It's -- keep at them. Point 00000. In Europe and room aren't eligible onto to Kosmas. Oh BP he's -- ten and we do the figuring here. As a strikeout. Period of walked around Mosul walked. That's -- to think -- this I had a regular season old VP of 27 if I was a sacred -- -- actually if you could live with that if he's a good hitter you know disgruntled and World Series he is not. His office and I'll bet you he's got like. Point seven pitchers on the post season roster surgery right he slugged 273 issue. I'm pretty happy that's as bad hitters you're gonna find regular lineup in the major leagues. I'll -- this some pitchers on Saint Louis that are better and BP and the take BP in the and then -- was want to pay attention. But just some pitches the way it's not a bad -- looks like he's got some skill. -- probably some coaches. On the -- -- can go completely your problem in around fastball better than because it's okay he's a good defenders are good fielder. When you're -- a run in the eighth inning and your national forgot and -- nationally team you know -- god knows -- managers. They know all the rules and they can make double switches -- and pitching at this guy and -- They have no one else -- Kosmas hitting with a guy on base in the eight inning of -- 31 game we began this segment with a joke let's go to Soupy Sales nothing -- talk about it that's -- idea. Left him now we only have there are other back -- catcher there at that lets you to another lefty in there but -- also. Even though it's been a tough offensive season form. He's also an obvious biggest -- -- and drops open and there are so we need him to come up big for us to that it. -- man he has just a laugh riot he has a lot of laps and be I wanna hang out of him yeah when you see Mike -- similar hang out with them. Where the quarterback but I've read this to you mention a manager earlier speaks consults less with the news. Pitching coach Mel yes I house always Valentine. I out I was gonna slightly Valentine Ascot I guess it. I don't even with a pitching coach in the in the bench coach on -- -- with any doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he is posing for it in the public all of these female cardinal fans to swoon over him. He is better up up but she looks in the mirror before did you to a -- digitally that he goes out to make a pitching change deaconess hunters out there and he's like a runway model on the run. Which is look in the mirror before he gets -- did you have to Texas look at him there are times I don't colossal loss and so you're not as jovial. The times on the national stage win. Situations present themselves show a little humanity. One of those was last night there were talking about David Ortiz everybody's talking about we're talking about David Ortiz. And the subject went to David Ortiz somebody jokingly ask -- and he. How big of a fine that will be level. Levied. If one of his pictures actually throws a strike to David Ortiz. Metheny said. Oh fun process and place. That's it that's a good one. All on -- yet I won't give we're talking about a very hot hitter who's a good hitter. Really wow talk about -- -- Ortiz is a good hitter that was I will say this. Warming it looks like a dink I don't wanna hang out with them it looks like an ego maniac doesn't -- -- pitching coach. But he's held manager. If you can -- 97 games -- that crew. It's right and you get to the World Series injured in two wins away from winning World Series and got the NLCS last year. With that crew he's he's pretty damn. Good yes it is is the leader amendment immunity huge mistake last night. If you Ortiz in the first after Pedroia I -- someone actually you're known as blogger -- in your your big baseball did you try to be why she left a willingness to me. Explain it to me. Like it would be the least baseball. Savvy person you know. Bobby Valentine. This is usually -- one minute Malia should somebody somebody somebody we. Got a viral it's -- -- its -- and hand them. Then and I can't bigamy but he. I mean these savvy. Some ago. -- -- -- a free -- anchor down the -- at Saint Louis Daniel -- we -- cardinals Erin Andrews. One X that's a good one explain it to me welcome Aaron Andrews. If Ortiz the play five games right five baseball games they've Ortiz and believers nineteen plate appearances. Four walks that's fewer than one -- game you walk last he has one more walk the victories. He did not walk in the pivotal game. One by there's no explanation did you believe they pitched him the bird would say that Erin Andrews it says -- is no explanation would try to school hurdle is a from a team. I want you to help me to make any sense I don't understand they are and these are really good baseball guys Mike -- -- pitching coach. Which is -- it yeah held it there and as in his bench coach actor who it was a what's the I know what's gonna put some call it an and a guy with a hood -- guys that are supposed to be good baseball guys. Why don't they say. Mike. Adam. -- walk walk Barca. If you throw strike is wrong and you did your your -- when Pedroia doubled the first -- apps and I thought I thought about it was too bad he doubled now Ortiz is gonna hit it you know it's too bad that first place was occupy yeah. We don't know countless. Why and why helped me you know and joking question how much of a fine is should be joked well now I know you know it's a good question answered a question. How about this it's that you seem incapable man we'd like you don't -- Does that over the that's the only and they did pitch to right it's obviously you want charisma thing is don't you love them that he's a great -- -- I want I explain why why. Why do you go on him like you're still listening because it's caught on to the outcome of any explaining why the -- relief pitching around David Ortiz. Second to a we talked about this or -- make them make tough pitches. Sometimes -- more than play the what we're looking to get sometimes. He goes on and get it right there is -- Idea of making it tough and partially unfortunately on the spot. And I do learn. That you -- are. Have a whistles on possesses do which is -- You heard that there salute yeah I don't like he's excited as I was circles civil civil civil desks and Miley shame on Bob Buchan. That'll guys and let. -- who -- -- just I just march -- and say one word about not pitching to Ortiz in that spot to good to come up once it's it is. -- cardboard box and mr. I know it's. What's that song. Goes. It's. Man and on coach's fault. All you feeling right now is seen daily human -- was missed the plane is listen listen I'm -- educators she won't help Leo you don't want to pitch to him. Sue the human pride. That's -- Cisco. Sue the human rights stubbornness at some point don't you stop. Need to stop -- your -- with a -- a good question why Adam Wainwright looks like pretty heavy pitcher like he has a plan Gaza. Metheny cut -- really man. Why don't they say. We we were proud guys here and you're great pitchers Cy Young candidate -- year ago but. He's really Craig and good he's locked -- sometimes just state again you can't challenge him right. -- Saint Louis is down 32 they deserve to be you pitch to Ortiz. He has fewer than one -- game and he is as hot as any hitter we've ever seen in the World Series. And you can do Pedro Martinez says if you wanna save you pitches just hit them. How -- you throw a fastball. Over the plate and and by the way you -- -- converse said it was of the strikes it was not show the replay it was a right down the middle. And -- it's a good question if you're pitching coach or manager. That's definable offense and in my pick and record kind of thing you don't wanna give the union -- -- You threw a strike. Down the middle -- -- -- advice and PS by the way it's not like you have you know one of the two of the great all time hitters behind Ortiz that spot you bring us the goal post you have not. -- I was gonna say it's it's a very good answers it's a good and interest bearing interest the other entertaining and -- you'll never say these are two great teams. Because a Saint Louis -- and we just went over the line NB. Jonny Gomes hit -- beat Boston Red Sox. Johnny Gomes a mean furcal that numbers hates Colmes we. I mean their over achiever in -- gutsy we like you know their lovable there all that all of that when Jonny Gomes is in the -- one. You applause. Which -- protection for David Ortiz -- chemistry equals cleanup. Right you know you're grasping at straws but it worked out -- I'm not taking anything away from their their lovable and there's 9719. -- part of what 97 the ball -- over achievers that ball lovable and and and it's all good but. It's more reason so they know Combs is in queen at the element of Vance yeah. I think they have a list and they don't have to do yeah I have -- and that a lot to do that right the -- so comes out and swings like the weighted bat but as -- next next so the -- -- -- called them. When -- -- right thing thing. Wainwright looks over seas Gomes in the Latino and first base open -- -- -- just basis equipment at first base oh yeah says. I gotta tell disguise and by the way Molina supposed to be the greatest game caller in baseball right. Those know it and they just they they they attribute to me every every time a pitcher -- they say the guy's brilliant. He puts them one and fastball to David Ortiz -- -- dissenting -- disabled Metheny. He's a great game callers run baseball to say to those guys know they're really great looking and got to tell you in the in the probably -- -- was a seventh inning with a walk them. I answered every day I'm not -- -- walking in the seventh I think that's bought the problem walked Russell -- Lester pitch to Ortiz in that situation I don't think so Farrell neither -- -- wouldn't have got this thing about the minutia. And I heard somebody talking about this yesterday but -- advance scouts and the discussion wise are long getting picked off and somebody made the point. The Red Sox advance scouts although they won't talk about it. Saw a little situation right he tries to get an extra step that Ausmus and I agree that extra steps and so the date -- the age old now I caught him in that extra steps they drilled down so far in advance scouting. That they know that a pinch runner that nobody outside of Saint Louis has ever heard out. Takes an extra half step at the end of every -- And there that that's one of the reasons they think and on base so they have better information available to the Red Sox do. And yet -- apparently they'll spend as much on it and scouting defense has no one has told him that David or as far as how locked. In and and and and brought it up to the batter's box look in his eyes and that's Metheny presently -- that would have you ever seen in her. Look maybe bonds obviously who walked with the bases empty bases loaded bases that matters -- Did in Metheny and assumed thieves but -- behind the plate he walked bonds -- a pretty sure. -- hippocrates -- god bless him you know the -- such -- win away from that the World Series and Ortiz. The MVP ballots already filled out Ortiz your MVP. But he can thank among others Mike Metheny and Adam Wainwright but that does our conversation. From yesterday at Busch Stadium when we presented the. Possible scenarios of walking David Ortiz we said would you consider walking here. With somebody at first base and putting -- -- scoring position well -- our bases loaded bought. First -- right over our first base and they want our government and what's the difference in 56. Mean your offense Sox -- facing Lester they had the immigrants that runs are unbelievably. Valuable yes yes and and you -- to -- best -- Fact. -- say the only good hitter in the -- decrease. -- -- -- pretty good let me about it obviously different level right at them -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the only. Usually it was searing wants to -- violence. You know the only guy who really strikes fear in the pitches in this whole series. It's just David Ortiz and you pitch to him when it first opened and sec and you pitch tomorrow sooners again he's a four walks to you know -- In nineteen plate appearances and you're right the runs are valuable the cardinals have scored fewer. Then three runs in eight of their sixteen postseason games less then. Re runs a game in eight of their sixteen. Games at -- 777837. Text like 3790. -- has let it rip. What's Ortiz -- MVP. Would ask you think you have to give Lester. Considering how he -- in second place votes -- it's I'd say the same thing yeah acknowledged votes I would go Ortiz -- -- Lester Koji the sport then of course you will be on the mile and writes yeah when it ends newbie on the mound. Didn't get excited now know I can jump into David Ross is on spot and we will go back to the best looking manager in baseball he was asked who he thinks the MVP years he gives an empty today -- -- -- -- payable to him out they have that. Now. We don't -- well I don't. It crosses to deploy. Right who's still there he landed about 5 o'clock this morning Ross has taken that same private jet that buckled took a role -- on Iraqis to wrap up the press conference right now and I wanna know this. Who will we see in action. Next who will we see in action next it's -- this think about this instance carefully. Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Will middle Brooks or Aaron Hernandez will play. We see on that field Craig Russell to that too -- you know -- -- -- saying my pitching game six optimism. He said he's always more likely to pitching game seven of the bullpen Buchholz or Lester. Lester Lester they're horrible just -- I'll just say less horrible and you -- a good lefty and you think Breslow is in the dog house war comes in for an inning Ortiz has kind of a bad six and seven Lester comes -- -- -- to beginnings in the winning game seven he might -- an MVP. He could he could mean I think you'll get a vote or two because some people think pitching well normally hitting almost everything here that Albion MVP. Absolutely not question what don't doesn't Ortiz don't just look at -- that's the definition of an MB yes we estimate there. It's something -- torque at the at the at the risk of of being hyper Bolick we are looking at something historic someday we will say. That World Series when he just -- All eyes open we'll talk -- Dennis and Callahan we are from Saint Louis were in Boston. I am down one ago you know.

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