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Red Sox Review: The Red Sox are coming home up 3-2 in the World Series

Oct 29, 2013|

Mikey Adams and John Ryder look ahead to a potential title as the Red Sox took a 3-2 series lead behind a dominant performance from Jon Lester. With the series shifting back to Fenway, Mikey and John predict what could happen in Game 6. Tonight saw some production from the bottom of the Red Sox lineup, will it continue in Game 6?

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But a handful maybe. Jack to Jack it. -- I had -- say Jonny Lester I am more nervous than Patrick Ewing on jeopardy. I am Tony award that was unbelievable. Era bite your -- thing and -- stuff Mike it's been great it's been a great World Series it has been -- and that -- that wraps it up the game six Cokie this weirdness fondness and all that crap that goes along with great. October baseball and there's no way these two teams -- we knew Wednesday night really wrap this baby up to -- this figure is going I would be surprised if there's a games let's hope that today they'd. They finish it -- -- games is guys like I do have little kids they want to take a month trick or treating well it's been such a strange World Series might imagine humorous and reach orbit on its its content in this case immediately which is just talk about you last. I didn't feel as some people be dressed up as some of these guys -- yeah. Some kids or you know you can do is just episode copies twin sister. Florida from a content. That's a that's a -- but -- -- -- -- -- it's a surprise totally against the lights. Right now on this Red Sox team now and start with Jon Lester because. His I heard the stat his ERA in his World Series appearances so far is under point 50 -- zero point 430. Point 43 no I just told you the other night Colfax. Was zero point 95. In World Series activity. Her appointment. Well do you know he now has a one point 97 career ERA in eleven policies in the doors you know. That's the third best mark never is a -- with ten or more playoff starts in right -- be a big computers and but all we have to say his bottom line he's been lights out of policies and and he right now can Wear that you know it was the window at WW league guys get the belts. You know they get to build -- they win a certain title weight class or. This is Lester can Wear the belt and says. Ace right on the -- real big gold embossed. Lettering because he is the case this team we talked about it earlier in the year -- in the -- to buckles -- like undefeated -- you know we -- Ed but about. Healthy enough to be an age could be a horse nuggets to a whole season. And get it done and get it -- the policies as well now. Lackey pitched pretty well. Is that based. This is charm molesters pitching staff when it comes to ace -- in my free and fair being fair about that yeah well. -- he's thrown more pitchers than any other pitcher. This year this year India more than Verlander for -- including kaposi's and so that's that two very very interesting now he gets. -- hockey of the three stars of if you give -- the first star yes. I guess in tonight's game the second star would you know you're. Have to go poppy is based -- -- over 700 World Series by going Ross -- yet because of the second start yet huge -- go ahead hit you've got Lester coming out there have been without an ugly you ugly ugly slide in the way that the he's. -- he's got Lester this entire post season but also just. That's the seventh inning right there is as amazing as David Ortiz which young and I mean any adjective positive edge do you -- used David tees but it. Coming from him at the you know David Ross in that situation with a pitcher spot due up next that's huge. Now that they would Ortiz is this and I'm trying to figured out I should -- really because I don't know this off the top of my head. But it the most. Base hits by any individual player. In a World Series you have I don't know that -- stop your head. Well doesn't. It's not -- -- reaching in didn't Richardson had twelve in the 1960 against the pirates but it. It's to a month or whatnot that's single game but the entire. Is probably a seven game and -- keeps breaking records and he's he broke this about this 1990 Billy Hatcher of Cincinnati he recently hit 750. Yet but he also reached base ten consecutive plate appearances and Ortiz broke that OK but but my guess by my question is most overall base hits a member. Marty Barrett had thirteen in the AFC aspect in 86 Bobby Richardson comes to mind Bobby Richardson was part of that might -- Not a part part of the mix there would that get twelve hits in the World Series against my and it -- we we have so much to be to be grateful for now one of witches that tomorrow night a week I mean -- on the night after foreign -- part of -- by the reform plan Marjorie you be here. I will be yes six to ten everybody's going to be baseball talk wall to wall. Okay and you know relatively infrequent lately the planet Mikey shows that we've been preempted violent stuff will have -- tomorrow 6 o'clock. After this groceries over the media audio everything goes back to normal right after roasters. But. Tomorrow -- I mean Wednesday night that might just went and by the way. In thirty minutes it will be demonic. We might just have a party in the streets. Of boss I think there would be Wednesday he is as well as close as that now. Obviously that's a big for the -- extra police overtime there will be so it's also huge for anybody who happens have a ticket. A two game six as you know I predicted this would be over six ran as it up to him as did you. And I really believe that now the momentum feels like that's very very doable. I feel like that more so than ever and what a wonderful thing that -- -- we're going to be at 2 o'clock in the morning. Writer in me. Because that's where you know -- well powers that be know we shined yes we Sharia reduce chatted easily and Dallas and what's amazing is this game was under three hours that's what's amazing. Our total numbers this 6177797937. Arafat text line number. Is -- the AT&T -- like it is that's what it's called -- an occupant and in 37937. And we went out talked every single -- -- -- just just excited sleep and tell us what you like best about tonight -- tell you what we've had so much. You look at Gomes OK he's -- for the whole thing. And he wins the game. At poppy who everybody's talked about you know we -- year round the last five years he's done we cant get -- one year Dili. And he can't do -- anymore he's he's slow he's old he's break it down it. I mean this is going to be a big hot cup -- shut the hell up for all the people at the same efforts from personal or does ease on down at the B 38 November he will be. If I got older I don't think he looks like he's. He's slowing enemy. I don't know I wouldn't say so last Mike with the media that I even mentioned. Koji who is 38 years old as well run and who is the most remarkable story on this year's Red Sox team and there are a lot of but Koji. Out of nowhere becoming the greatest -- you've ever seen. Is is always going to be a story. And thank you Japan. So much. Koji O'Hara. And his masterful. Closing capabilities initiative and yet this is a distant second coach you've -- Junichi tiznow he's been very very good as a post season and coach he's the man. -- -- masters this sandwich man. Critics are which if he can make sure that when this season's over one way or the other -- an interpreter we get Koji on this program can you do that great. If you do that we will give you you know will do. I'll do my best will put it for a race for you with via the efforts here -- benefits so well I don't know about that is competitive -- carrier. -- Conservative supply of food -- is hard to raise 725 an hour. Now he's doing -- the job he always does a great job he does. Michael in South Boston the very first caller on this Red Sox what is called -- review over at such a real Red Sox are rated zero. Hey guys thanks as it might call Michael one gave me behind his it -- to come down just one. So one game away from a World Series and now I'll -- in the game tonight I wanted to get you know I know you guys have been talking about the -- yet but. I'm looking at the lineup the Red Sox have both there in the field you know he got David -- he's he's a pack career backup -- Jonny Gomes that the Korea -- platoon player you don't Stephen Drew an outcast from Arizona. Is seeing the ball look at -- what was the enable all the -- the F. That we get being -- -- right field. Yeah we know the team is up by. You know that but I'm just I -- I mean it's just so improbable. That this group of guys. I mean why these guys you know. Well I did and that's a message. Here which are sending out Michael now should be an admonishment. -- of the people who are out there and there are so many thousands of them. -- I had to take calls these people all year long -- to like August. April may June. Hey. They don't and I don't have days and out of that this guy stakes act guys stay -- and it. -- I had no confidence and and nevermind that dwindling crowds at Fenway now and try to get tickets for this World Series game tomorrow and it's hard question 800 dollars will be shocked in Winston. Estimated that these you know appeal likelihood of of these. This group of guys you know one game away. Say the same thing about all these -- Your boy get cold gut at 38 year old. Journeyman close up from Japan he's got a couple audio -- I mean what what bella going on but this team. It's beautiful. Is what it is that's always say that it's bureau is a beautiful beautiful thing going back to April so on like educate Upton running on a beach -- cardinals. To Mikey you know. You could say that the same thing pretty much about Dem I mean you look at that team and that roster and power they can -- about their roster I don't there's two guys in the entire line of the scare me even a little tiny bit. -- -- Beltran -- that's right via an address like it's a racist crap. Well that's enough just another main point Tim by reason why I like I don't know I was -- supporting that whole thing when I was though is that. They don't they're not cool -- Well they're a good team though they're not they're not in -- -- -- scary. Every Yankee team and the -- they don't have plays they don't -- -- -- the Dodgers have reference to every. -- Yankee team the recession ever played is more scary than this team will lead to Google Detroit's lineup is much more secure as Saint Louis. 6177797937. Market Holyoke hello mark. Yes Kabul port -- I don't understand I am a yankees fan. Okay that's and that's you said before I say anything and a new set Miami Yankee fears so. Yet and don't wanna say I absolutely. Love Koji. Great clothes they're aware of that Martina how you're my era there are nothing overpowering. And under move met. -- pretty much on it yeah. Did you think that made up of beta for art and got a text about distributed to our Japanese trade deficit after Daisuke. And I support our ten member Daisuke one -- to a World Series game in at a base in 2007 cholera diarrhea then. Mark your happy Holyoke. I mean I don't. -- in or does she did the those guys enough represented. How he would consider it -- nobody gets last year's Red Sox team everybody did the owners do well no he didn't because he's a yankees don't want nobody like shouting this every year 69 and I'd -- last year's regrets -- even though there were some of the same place. Bobby Valentine -- on this is like the total transformation. This is that the fraud -- -- to be transformed into the princess. -- -- -- The thing off -- print it sort of in the future you got to build it. Likable guy I want -- -- and not waste money on -- like mark this is that frog being transferred to the artist formally known as brazen. The Prince Fielder is -- way he looked -- that they all you Leo Massachusetts. -- and somewhere at work he does -- they were used he just wants that same Mike at work. I don't hello Mike what do you do for work. So the earlier work and good man. Right I don't question it -- yeah openness is a final -- us. I don't wanna put that thought is or outlaws I don't actually I don't wanna but the -- -- he would like dale yeah. At this point. Co MVPs for the red dot. He -- for the for the World Series awards season Lester. A lot I mean I -- Now Ortiz and Lester and believe it and I think so I overshadow. It and it's almost like you expect. What do what do -- she's goes also for tomorrow Lester doesn't pitch and coaching. Psychology gets saved and yet I met that. And yet it's those tunnel though those two right now the two stars on William. -- -- with all due respect to Jon -- When a man hits when a man hits over 700. In the World Series. Not including being robbed of a Grand Slam on one of the great catches -- or that you've got to give it to -- he will win it he will win it on the and I'm just -- Mike Condit to stores of this -- you can't Coke coal. No no it will be Ortiz will be if they would. Right my other question is important right. I mean I know -- get bent you double the Saltalamacchia get back in the series. I wouldn't. Pro you would start Ross tomorrow because you -- you can Wear it when it went and yet I keep saying tomorrow because well in four minutes it will be here that's what's. After me up here Seattle can get back. And he you know what he might I I don't know how you know. It's -- that's the biggest decision. In terms the -- -- you know right now we can do this or writer because it Jon Lester season's over those kids sit in his lap stock and a streak and some Gatorade he's thinking about his F 150 Ford truck. But he probably didn't get it Watertown for but he -- And his season's over and let's smile on his season no matter what happens -- that this guy was -- Coming off that -- -- BC just try it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We might series -- Just great season for him and you're cute little kid I'm very happy for. Will it take a quick break we get all your calls lined up we -- one line -- 6177797983. Several get a quick flash and update its road to predict what is called. Red Sox -- it's a Red Sox road to redemption -- you know and stuff. You. Very much so. Ours can be -- tomorrow night's program between six and ten the planet Mike insurer used to read it always is -- west habits can be super double extra special interest in tomorrow. As -- which can be like she's so we can excited on the eve yes yeah -- We anoint -- QB of the future. Maybe this thing takes -- right to Halloween night -- well heeled. I I -- Finishing up in game six we all want to see that Red Sox fans do anyhow. Led nearly hit wonder and in symptoms -- about these things baseball assistant in life in general just the odd oddities that have happened in this series effort to finish on Halloween. Yeah that would figure very well -- you know of this of the problem is who would mess up a lot of different things have only two people have. It it has tighter schedule. That's the only guy with kids don't know it's Halloween ran for -- saying this isn't about me -- about -- black -- it -- Are you check this out Leo every kid wants to watch a game he's eight -- always what you gonna go -- for Halloween five security moment. It's time to -- what's Friday going to be like these kids there -- what about you in the candy you're gonna get. Yeah out out about the candy about you know I got a little boys their their role one -- can be the grim reaper knew it was going to be that man. Credit and we occurrence I remember what you dressed as the grim reaper into the studio wants -- -- -- and no one -- you were all very happy ECB was quivering underneath the account there were people that wanted to die but they were they I would I was refusing to take the we have a magical night in progress here Red Sox up three games -- two -- knows that number is -- it's -- way to get the phone -- 6177797. 937. And just one quick Connecticut techsters. Seventeen year old kid from Connecticut he says that once again it's someone different -- hit. I think David Ross earned himself starting catcher -- the rest of the World Series of goes to a game seven I would start to run if I was Ferrell -- you -- agree. Game seven Ryder what are your thoughts on that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that would dead you know leave with a -- situation whatever already done everybody -- last year the American need Lester you know Andy Lester back. You want you got everybody. He got there pretty well you got everyone else -- -- says that he would be able there's no 10 is a little bit as a DH two hours so that's -- Davids out in Wisconsin. Cheese and it up for everybody hello David. Need it and number one network and the state of Wisconsin. No we got one here in Boston's from Wisconsin thinks he's our number one -- and we know he's not. Yeah -- he display easy. Of course and you're out there are you where you from here. I'm from yeah yeah Lama met with you okay let's update. And the -- question about next year all these guys who -- inside you are. On new programs or Howard started back TV. PD how many of these guys did they get next year are still on eccentric from the. She's -- loser look at who they don't have tactic or -- TV you're under contract connection here. But David always I always tell people image -- do this at any time during the course of a post season run. I you know I can't deal -- or think about -- nor do I have any interest in knowing. What goes on past Halloween this year yet you know what this is gonna kill insects immune system there I wouldn't be shocked if Stephen Drew was back next season. He he won't -- you know he doesn't he's a free agent. I know we know he made nine million this year now I know so is a creation. I don't know. Yeah I don't know currency can be backward Bogart's that there admitted middle -- -- for Regis great writers seem just on Wednesday. We hopeful however -- loves them personally comment that. And it's a David why it would mean why why you so. Worries which -- what happens after. That we just had sorry that we always aren't just. -- have to wonder about you and I are happening I'm excited over. David you know how -- compare this -- I compare this to this and I said the -- you sit down and a nice dinner and a very expensive wonderful restaurant the first thing you say is. Just as your but take your first -- you say. -- have for breakfast tomorrow. I mean that's kind of what we're you're out of this right I get the analogy but baseball fans are wondering about the just keeps put -- -- at a time we'll talk about that when this wraps up you know budget cuts in the car hello big John. What you're likely I don't know how anybody could possibly be thinking about next years roster yeah -- legitimately. Do you realize. How long it's been since the -- such a village in the win the World Series in Fenway Park. 1918 now while at the hunting grounds note however that that was at that time it was. Yeah I was at Fenway a reprieve prior to that it was down and northeastward to the -- -- -- -- in -- baseball grounds. A couple of times but you know. Here yeah they lost in 4660 -- every fight you know but here's the thing that the last two they want in their -- Colorado and Saint Louis who would be so special. That's on saint departing yeah unimaginable huge bigger than a duck boat day. How many generations they've never seen the Red Sox win at all. We need tons almost all of them you know I mean if I mean. I I know one person yeah that would be able to say that they -- and. But John is more important figure out who's going to be on this team next year. No reckless if you don't like as I you know you're having sex trade up that you think your -- -- gonna -- tomorrow morning. In -- -- man and his like his doesn't. -- right and Jarrett thanks to call your assessment Qaeda and you're not alone I -- I'd -- medallion she catches us a first name that pops in my head it's the berliners think he would talk about a bad when Verlander was pitching. You know she -- with the Justin Verlander longer he probably have to dimples this June. Dave's in Maryland and. -- day you moved. Hi guys how are -- good debt. Then I basically grew up in Salem by boat in Maryland caught on about twenty plus years Omar gather -- and I have a and I have a question okay. Argued not -- a better position. Given that you need want to meet next Q. And that walker is clearly the best. Possibility first Saint Louis sneak one. They'll hit -- side of the ledger or you're not in a better place. Just sit there. -- -- a game for game at. Giving and basically give up 21 and that knowledge no you don't do that now from what the fact that we aren't. -- basically you've got. Up -- -- option. You've got to -- brought option. You've got a number of different things that you and do what game is sick yes you've got basically. Probably. August 2 best pitcher. Waiting in the wings who has gone and adding. As recently as yesterday who probably could use today. And I don't know you know because I don't think it looked like he just attitude enough in its final game of the year I think Lackey mentally is going to be tough enough to get out to give you good six anyway. And I don't have a problem -- don't I don't think he has a problem going out there I'm not because he's gonna have a day off tomorrow to in the -- -- at -- to -- and it's just as you know this season -- have to save anything for his next start the cardinals and would rather have after -- -- -- no one rather pitching and then walked in this situation but still you don't. All of a sudden say all right we can't be Wacom plus the second time around that the red section C yep plus the crowd is going to be notice they're going to be all over -- going to be. -- not saying you can't be music you're bet. And I'll finish in the. No no I I disagree do I think your best chance you best chances to throw away the best you got both games everything you got the last game and so. Obviously it doesn't matter PBS a bad start to be someone in the second inning yes. There will be now entering a warrior but you know and that's what was so great about tonight to Lester going 72 thirds you don't have to use anyone out of -- on with the exception of who are with the day off tomorrow you can bring buckles and for one better you can do whatever -- want and why do you just start PB YUU I remember you call last night you're all nutty about -- starting game seven you want to -- or -- -- you want to get me my on the net and by the way after Wacom and how some. -- I was pretty -- but. But you got a lot alike do it. There lookalike to we look exactly the same only the same person yet the same person just like all girls in Maryland have crabs in their. I don't know you don't really I mean about quick -- I. Start. Thank you Dave Levy of -- Maryland guys it's. -- -- 6177797. And 937. It's a telephone number. Textures the Red Sox this Red Sox team proves you don't need superstars to win a World Series good pitching defense Smart baseball put. Well and poppy yeah he's kind of a superstar of right now his stock has never been higher in this country promote this. And it's. 205 batting average for the Red Sox without David Ortiz who won 51 yet the average -- difference maker who yet. And by the way all are up three games to two in the World Series despite having. Historic amounts of strikeouts unheard of amounts and look at so bad in the process the big hit the timing is that timely thing. You know it's and good coach coach Lester hello properties like you we -- know. Is -- we always going to be on the yearbook next how we already know and in the last night -- the waited they pieced it together you know us of the Ryder. I would pitcher right now hundred bucks. That Lester. Poppy. And -- are on next year's -- such yearbook. Has that I bet you will be more than I bet she'll be well they'll be some guys that won't be on the team next year. Because they'll leave through free agency beta LB that he boasted most of the team on there you think you put it out -- like. No one -- collective things because they they view themselves so much is just the team and I want -- to -- an open that's fine but you can't just put everybody in the cover that. I don't. Big collective that. -- in Westfield Massachusetts I loved Westfield specially that beautiful bank Westfield bank. This incident might -- any erratic and you believe that we got to take more about it to him. At home we're gonna have the world -- don't we just go with this race. Yes. And down two games to one you know it's always that. That moment when you say knows this when the team finally after the entire season is gonna lose three in a row -- Warner row and beat. Be done and you know and and what happened after that obstruction to -- as some teams you know the host they don't put Bynum right no way the next like a bowel obstruction. That's all. Unit you know like you have I threw a little poem for a week. And -- home. You will be adequate. Is it is human for a record at the rate -- yes 77. -- how many hits -- a series -- Levin. Ports as well please let me look at the record is like thirteen. Okay he's not eleven now well I think Lou Brock I according to our our erstwhile producer. Marty Barrett Bobby rich and Lou Brock. I thought Barrett had his in the ALCS but I could be wrong. But. Cool so big stuff Paul and I don't know I know the west the western part of stays very very excited except the Yankee fans that they give read access. You know our kittens so listen to the court case you we see actual what we've seen so far today. At. It gains is dedicated women are not this is dedicated to Koji to a heart 'cause it's -- Absolutely okay and evidence to go ahead for -- economy. Exactly so patent 11. You know -- -- your article would you get started so -- start. Let the next came the year that each -- -- as -- hear it. And the next game show. Some of them and main Colmes. Girls from Martin in 02 or three runs you know and and that happened for armed with a win the -- one. We're one game away person. -- -- news. As -- as -- you know mid table what did you say and -- would you earlier I told him this last let me call with some lame -- -- It's not haiku you -- who has -- read a very regimented. I am big -- amateur it's all about that dynamic and and if you don't have it it's not haiku is is crap now -- thought was good. We like where your heart is on the news and we know now that you can make a rhyme. Anytime. For a nickel or dime. But I gotta tell you that a haiku so much Google -- to look it up and then failing. Writer yes I can I saw those difficult those -- he's you do -- -- clash you get a freaking national. Let's go to Chris and -- go back to needle point -- just. TA is our baby is like currency. -- think you didn't make is that we. Gonna check in where it looked less suitable. Who talks. And I'm -- And now that's going to get your blood and -- would ensure that popular books and did it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- talk about -- -- but I don't think that -- -- -- -- the question. -- -- -- Thanks Chris good job as always but he's just human consciousness guy and it's about -- -- well what's clear is that some of that was taken. To to a service of -- and -- 797. You can Texas still by the way it's easier. But we like it when people call you know we wanted to actually hear from all of you know of course measure might be able to do its discern from our prior ten callers. We don't give a crap if you're drunk. Sober for twenty. You know or just out of your mind. Six or 77797. -- 937. Sent by Wainwright and the -- -- sweet little I want that so I feel I did today. Yeah oh yeah that should probably head -- the Carter Bogart stars -- the -- not -- that. And it said two Bagger but one runs scored Joseph has to go back to third that's a tough break. -- he would -- scored easily. Yeah yeah yeah yeah and a double. By young Ross just was fair news just yet and that's and that's what. You want -- -- -- -- -- -- real closely can you trust him having you know I trust him behind the -- to trust him at the -- now more than Saltalamacchia with -- -- -- well yes salty sort of -- assault he's not been real good you know -- that one game -- walk -- but as united discussed it was a week. -- drawn in infield wasn't like he slammed the ball. But you know I think every single one of these players is all about you know OK let's just get this game one. And who cares who does what as always we win the game because that's been the goal. Is to get here and to do this and it's remarkable. How everything has fallen into place this team Greta no line people complain on the radio and newspaper on Twitter. By the way at John. WEEI on Twitter. But people -- -- don't know Ferrell this federal that will -- all Ferrell has done is taken this rag tag bunch. And made them a consistent. Confident winning ballclub. All season long you can you can individually scrutinize any. Little stratagem he throws out here. In any individual game that would just -- it works or doesn't work but everybody's gotta admit it's all worked pretty well. If you take the whole big picture with the exception of that old gentleman that called in with the rollout of Farrell he was -- his case where is he brought -- all solid and thus our role of the kind that was part of Claudia Farrell of part of that was one of the -- calls we've he was currencies of newsroom. Texas says. She should give the guy a break note was an haiku but it was appall me at the balls to share on the radio. Who cares -- -- And Mikey is in the high group home composed of alignment seven were two syllables one of nine and third there's another seven or something along here. I think that text was like yeah you know what Paula Paula is not a big. He's not nervous he calls in just about every night so. Well in honor of our topic tonight -- we're gonna have Dave Matthews inducing live -- years -- a little more. Chris in grand -- here Chris sees what I hear he's on the phone hello Chris. -- Chris he. We're. -- one that you to wanted to talk about. On the job that John Ferrell what the team this year. Whatever it sucks got rid of him I would not exactly happy I thought that they need a terrible move when they got rid of -- the first time. And it's. It is to get it see that many. -- on PB wanted to manage. -- they want the opportunity to manage one of the big shot there need to -- -- to get around here. Yeah he really didn't even into the. How could he know that -- Tito Francona was gonna get fired after being in first place beginning of September and death falling to the -- to the earth at the end of September need to know that remember few years back in the Pittsburgh -- -- the manager they turn that down to stay the Red Sox pitching coach. I I think it would stick out the -- Ben Carrington brought him back because now you know it is -- -- back. You know not only do you have a manager but you have. Ferrell who's been the pitching go to the -- who's been -- did you go to the Red Sox for a couple years to understand the who understand pitchers. In the I just think that they -- that intangible. Barrel that they wouldn't have had with any other manager. Yet figure out there's obviously they've had the -- earlier working relationships in army did is or better guidance fairly straight -- Jon Lester for example I don't think so as even if it's just an overseeing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And of course remember him no hitter in the eighties Milwaukee Brewers a -- maybe it was a great pitcher whose career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- normalcy you know yeah. We have a text that says we should just note. That the cardinals. Came back from down 32 -- 2011. Granted they were at home. But we still don't know all the title yet. I know that we all know that you know it's funny like the way you did that voice side. Seems like that would be the voice of that texting -- perfectly and I can do all these voices have really wanted to. Now I go do this guy for. You know like a living out in LA and committed to like a work outing with a partner Wednesday 630 but I'm. Considering quitting my job over your thoughts. It's just in texting Johnny's in -- I know Johnny Johnny and less staff. -- -- -- -- Our department has now I echo it up for like almost -- the -- until Portland park -- 575 right right OK so. I gotta talk about what do you adapt to operate in the World Series okay. It is about women before you Abdullah. Johnny before you do that OK because if you if you're right about that 575. -- stuff. Then this guy. From a 203 area code has written a real -- -- problem that pulled out here it is. Ball is thrown to first. Broken hearts in Saint Louis. Koji got -- bitch. -- Think 203 good job I -- everything. OK so I mean. I'm Robert you hold me game one and now future not this guy I don't how incredible is it for so PS should be like who. It is in I think it is anyways over 2000 and they know who. No -- trying to I think it's one point five so. Gonna look -- -- out but yeah probably yeah. -- I remember watching talks. You know last year where they couldn't have been patent and I don't turn the TV off because -- so palatable than any coaching comes in and I. No but again at this point. He's a rock star no you know out of nowhere I mean I understand that won't practice putting there's nobody here at the caliber of -- period right now. No and he should be. And and targets his interview a woman asked him through his translator. You know isn't 38 kind of old to become a rock star in the United States. I mean you'd done it though because this guy is a freak he's he's. Everybody loves everything he's done even the times he got hit. -- -- Yes working. Retaliate -- and have a whole Ortiz picks him up like the second the bandits and now I just all of well Robert. Entered the -- is all these people call them. Certain that the new baca met in the -- go to than air gas station only -- that they can do. And by the actual public ticket because if you knew the -- when workers and almost won the World Series this year then you're looking person in the world know. I want I mean I thought I might go a little overboard. You know April 1 and I said 92 Winston I did I don't Omega Theodore Austin mystic you know never run ousted but I don't laugh again you. We finished above third place I loose. Since that it was a great year. Johnny enjoy it we gotta yeah big game coming up when as you know how big I tell you how big John -- they don't get any bigger games -- him on his own. I can't wait I'm gonna -- much flak jacket. Almost Staal scored on -- Fenway Park I'm assuming it would get credentials. And and gonna get -- -- you know you should deathly make sure you re you do your entire Red Sox preview. During the game FE from Daria. -- you know so outlets make sure you and I both -- credentials for this -- we should. And hang out for that is that will be huge moment and especially -- -- you know World Series in Boston. Actually clinching in Boston first time since 1918. Cy Young you know. Having whether it's as they've had a via and its team that. At fleet footed outfielder there what's his name. -- speaker I ask. That is very good news good and a team I've -- side tourists as last time it party in April and down and agree -- afterwards and had about forty Beers each. I'm sure -- paid more the other Babel the baby left after that had storms later with a all the girls but he went he went for the Beers first. -- Quincy next on the play on the -- -- -- That's all right almost said play -- on his shoulders it would be the John. Yes Jack good pretty good. I've been having an article calling you to do you might -- sunlight spoke he is was. There in the -- I'm. There self rule I looked -- you guys all the thanks Jack and I appreciate the support. But but I have one thing that it you know this year is not a great they won the first game they lost second they lost the the third. Then Sunday I was like there's not. That I you might expect Sunday. Yeah I guess warm. Did I hit the number that I -- some -- -- so that you know once again another title. What's again -- gonna come and bought you didn't really get given us a money. Yeah I -- I -- should give us some money them all be real happy for you as it is now you're just kind of gloating when we sit here broke. -- you're not but now anyway -- -- you know I hear a lot of things well don't complain about -- can duplicate that that's. You know. I'm I'm comfortable with him -- in game seven in the Paula I just hope peace more likely felt remained yellow one. Value you will be that he's like that every and I don't want to I don't want to revenue of against the the best wacko wacko wacko -- I want that one walk at a walk a whole bunch of people. And then there its nice to get a couple of big hits you know maybe blast went over the monster who knows but this is what it's all about man. I won't like it -- -- that's what. You know who were you. Well -- lottery winning yeah there's no real answers so shut up it doesn't happen that often understated collectively known good for you admiral have the a while ago it magical. It was quite a day yesterday the pads come back and and then to finish with a cop there that yeah yeah. Thanks for the call in order you know that I had a dream last night that I was walking along the beach I found a magic -- no land you know magic lantern and -- yes. How it wasn't a strip are either in Munson Massachusetts aren't parliament he wishes well here's what I did this residents say this is the coolest thing ever I -- the thing okay and the genie came. What you look like in the -- -- it was like a dream of Jeannie SARS like Barbara -- -- crime you know she is hot. She comes out of the bottle. And I go she goes okay what's your wish I set I would like to have 20000 wishes. That's you know whatever one's wishes of those ads in -- as you go that's I guess yes from on a technicality the right. Now not only is she gonna do everything you want for 40000 -- about how weird that is writer. Even -- the stuff you like -- chandeliers right. Should -- put you if you -- twentieth nineteenth in any ego speaking within the tickets are less or more and wish for 20000 more. It's kind of an ongoing thing. -- Darryl was in New York or is it to our -- They like he has acknowledged is -- -- or derail. -- OK you gotta ask these days and selling it Darryl Strawberry okay. I sort of everything you know sound just like you taught him everything he knows well walk about like where to get the best low in New York. Dollar not right now no -- about. Now that the eight Iran might read it. Okay will you journal wanna tell me Todd Darryl Strawberry knows and that's -- that includes that. You questions you Berkeley. -- backed up Lackey lack OP backed a Lackey case black yet to come out. And Casey as well. Did you know depends what inning of course but Dempster or or too -- to again it depend were the scenario. You know what there's a bunch available yes. I and it's hard to tell you know if if somebody has blown out there were -- first inning in their out of their in the second then it's probably going to be. You know 88 Dempster too -- type of package. Right yeah that's him there try to stay away from his Dempster as much as possible yeah I mean I don't mind -- face and right. It is if that does go to the game that which I hope it doesn't but but -- you rat CPP. Do you or do Bryant. It's going to be peavy. I mean like Carol mentioned today it's going to be him to stardom via I think they get too -- a little bit stretching out for these relief roles -- -- to give you a couple. As you know he did very very well. There's going to act against -- Whose -- yet they are against lefties lefty starters -- five games under 500 this year. -- because the I mean I I sort that the other day that. That that the -- were seen against lefties. Oh boy at fourteen -- you -- -- make a play it it's like yeah double digit -- that a person now the cardinals. Yeah anyway I was sort on the -- 11 article about great yet. No no no we know is doing raids on -- -- did you -- yes. We're on the red dot all right thanks for the call men down in a New York's on the red sex to the New York accent might as current. I mean shouldn't everybody in New York have that accent. If -- from their New York. -- -- -- -- I was sick I was -- -- -- sing that song from -- with the with that accent. I want to be a part of it and old -- you'll. Makes a better and that's enough for all women you know we'd break don't we. How do we stand which is where David -- hey take a break stupid this stupid is inferred and it's in permits per its parents medical. But we have one line open were talking everybody now Red Sox baseball. WEEI. He was pretty good game -- back in 2007 but given the given the stage I -- Given how strong he's been throughout the course of this year in particular in the second half and what he's doing in his own right career wise in the post season. Yeah this was a big for him to go out and pitch like he did. Against you know a top flight starter and Wainwright and -- we we talk for the game we felt like this is gonna be a classic pitcher's -- it was shaping up to -- out like. And four they were able to break through order in the seventh inning of patrol was outstanding tonight. As a manager John Ferrell talking about his -- ace Jon Lester who was outstanding and has been throughout the whole World Series this under. Half a runny RA -- -- It's Packers -- like all the workers it was like that only when he was a closer you know when you have no area that low you're Colfax Ian. I really is incredible. It's deserved point for three in three career starts -- for him -- good for the Red Sox up three games to 20617779. 7937. Text messages of 37937. Here's a -- says -- defense need to get on this kid Wacom maybe get rattled. He can be as nasty as Verlander when he's on I really don't wanna see a game seven a lot of people -- Agree that. All you're always -- government to give me once solid women. I figured jumped in the middle attacks there. OK I'm gonna start again. Mikey this is so -- From Brooklyn New York what an amazing game to add onto it has been an amazing series so far I've been rocking my Sox gear. All year long and now where I'm about to give me once solid reason to Wear throughout the offseason and -- in the faces of these Yankee is now in Brooklyn. I would imagine you catch a lot of crap when you were Red Sox gear because people Brooklyn have notoriously big mouths. Well there either yankees or Mets fans it isn't just Spike Lee from Brooklyn yes. I Jay-Z. One. Whose act clown on Brooke grow like on the basketball team who wanted to alike writer whose. I don't know hard time it now now appears and -- a crack at it right six point 777 I 7937 -- Fall River hello met. Like you tell me about Brooklyn I used to live there Jeter used to sell crack in -- and he broke but it's. Tough part. People who doesn't think Brooklyn has actually know the part that lived in Spike Lee lived and he claimed that he was you know a child of the the streets but that is pretty much of middle class neighborhood but it is a chemistry but my college roommate from Brooklyn. One quick thing nobody is -- the same demographic you know -- Eden. Actually put on the G costume -- as a dear. I think about 34 months ago for a charity thing in Europe with Bill Clinton on the stage in my gut issues of footage. She looked good and -- -- a lot of bills that oh my god I'm sure would like to have if you wish you be Steve he put on a constant video or -- reported on whenever it's funny. But you know the -- think about this might like chicken parts in a bag. Let the greatest part of this that it doesn't happen is that you know they've they've done despite sort of being the you know. The anti Yankee team at seventeen definitely -- into -- -- yeah yeah that that. Two quick peak Friday and -- guy that I hope doping code is seven but. You know I think they can rattle what. So public name Barca if they can you know especially if they get guys on base but it didn't wanna say David Ross. In the heat of the unsung hero of this putting him in I think he's a lot to sort of your book called students for you yeah he's -- -- catcher he's a real -- on the team resembles a coach what you got watching the out of the pocket broadcast. You will of course yeah did you hear what he said when he got hurt -- because I couldn't get the Chinese sworn in on my DirecTV. At that would debate the he could pick up what he has to say the first base coach when he to get through it hit him you know. Glad to meet you. Hello again the -- that. This as the guy discuss things in perspective and that the estimate indicate that it -- get up. Comeback player of the year and Lackey you know -- -- wanted to run out of town if you manager of the year Uga Uga -- it. Exactly got. -- going to be. Definitely commend you called synchronized greatest DH has to yeah nobody wanted to pay him the money that he's coming off the killing them and I think. Jon Lester had become you know because he is these EA's. So wonderful time anyway in my document if you help I got a. Cheer for tomorrow night to if walker gets hit gets tagged he's gonna -- for the won the writer and scream up the sky. While. Her walk and then they'll pull them off the field as he's -- it going into a deep candidate catatonic trance and he'll be going -- weeping going whimpering going. Walk. Walk and I think that's Metheny when it finishes out of one -- -- these two and a little wacko on a critical. Stephen and -- to bore -- Steve. A lot of that was -- Me few cocktails and Jerusalem. We don't -- my Steve's audience have you had a 999. -- will order what you drink it. I'm bloody marys and DeLeon. On NATO yet rated news we know what's in a bloody Mary -- a song about bloody Mary Ellen I think you do. I do -- -- Osama bloody -- it was taken from them the Broadway musical South Pacific. And while I don't usually do show tunes on the nightly show or if any whatever monster request that I can signal software Steve. And they could use your account to guess -- -- -- the you could do look at this yeah a lot of weird crap and has no value. But neither Jon Lester is finally an -- you know affiliates and eight. Warrior -- regular season doesn't constitute an ace but but now with a stellar performance in the postseason but he -- one. -- at -- two he has arrived and to slow down the. Don't -- out aces defined not by years particulars desperate by you're standing on your own pitching rotation of UV's how I. If you're the top guy in any given team it doesn't matter how good or bad the team is you're the ace in and you know they still expect some of the similar numbers that he put up this season you know during the regular season -- -- called studies gonna go out there one time when he does he -- -- -- -- -- they now this this is just you know yes it is anybody would -- -- -- going -- in -- -- -- Mi Cy Young L a legacy at all -- best a new team he's clearly that. But it is basically -- Ortiz Lester and and Koji. And and Harrell moved this is why you gonna win it. Come to think of it right -- I want to amend my earlier statement about who's going to be on the yearbook it will be -- it will be poppy it will be Lester but -- loss on each shot I don't China -- Also on the covered because -- be measured in years. The -- sort of funny game you get it got a team here that what what they hit 200 for the for the series 205. And and yet and they ripped off one game by the way we'll get into that. An and there on the cut the -- -- world championship but that's just what it all goes you don't need -- outcome of these stats he's now. That's why I loved baseball -- and I love baseball so much. Well perilous in question losing game three beyond these but it unbelievable job. This tires and writers here it's Mikey would you it's the Red Sox review amid arrived 6177797. 937. That number again 6177797937. Live from Red Sox haven't. -- -- I get a lot of tweets in text here's a kind of an overwhelming thing. What happens when the Red -- in the World Series I I know it's been unbelievable. Again about 4000 more followers I did before -- and what that means but I forget 200000 restarted church. As you know has nothing to do the rest so what if you just get short just fall short do you still start them. The church yet -- gonna get a 100000. That'll take forever but that's okay it was a lot of work good -- yet to be done here. At this at this rate but first we get these to -- -- in the LA voice and yes. He says your just an LA voice was way off from from Hopkinton. So he's in a wave but he says he's from LA you know sort of try to do his voice trees from Hopkinton psyches -- says. Justin -- -- that day you know I mean Hopkins. But he says you honestly think people from -- listen to your show more online not likely well you know what it is likely ready every time we say it's not likely. We we throw it out there's so many tweets as Texas from Los Angeles or Hawaii year Fresno or. President organ or somewhere you know how that works. Now there's this -- -- Boston -- ball all over the but let's say there's -- any transplanted -- people to -- to that had to had to Boston -- Massachusetts people Australia Europe to Eli and I got from Madrid seriously -- and I can around with the as the -- -- artist artists for me was after the Celtics won their recent championship. And I get a call from Guatemala. That floored me. This guy from show the children who says. What winning the World Series means to Red Sox fans it's like having to Fenway frank you can't just have one. It's also like having appeared -- -- you must have many many many more and then tell the Yankee fans screw you use -- Well I have more to say but I'll save it for next year again screw you Yankee. Sports and Joseph perfect Joseph in Rhode Island and getting it to get it done for him there. In Vegas and at U mass and -- how are you would what are you studying over their -- -- drinking. But not acknowledging OK I don't think together that really I was concerned. Don't consider what's gonna -- on our on our course even true so. Many there's a lot of doubters boats in Europe and I mean is it numbered in the later atrocious yes he's not alone. There beyond atrocious. -- beyond atrocious now I predict. If you get a hit tonight that he hit that ball deep to address our and it didn't have immediate but that he's -- -- well struck so he he did walk. Yeah that was a key -- you know the seventh in the league walks cruising then. Yeah yeah Susan Farrell told amendment but I mean you also did you did you run of bad used -- there. -- know you're caught up with Fiat. And also made an unbelievable leaping grab. And I -- that's that are brought to bring about our top vote yes of course yet at least in draft no one's questioning his gloves. Yeah and and that's -- I think I can -- that really make up or own like. Key issues ability in the field is well you know anti Andre you have -- Point in that a lot of ball players who say this you know that when the -- the describe a guy can hit they said but there's a lot of outs in the -- glove. And that's the same thing with Stephen Drew used to be the same -- You know the center field yes of course there with these guys that that make up for their lack of proficiency with the stick and there from there have been many of over the course of and that's obviously why he still in the lineup. But if you if you for guys. You know the problem with him is that he's at the point now where. He's not even 200 batting average he's -- close. So -- -- he's making -- -- to the plate and he is in the -- but he still can -- in the -- every time there's a lot of guys outside -- -- and on -- in this World Series he just has been in the entire post he's been sort of the poster boy for not -- -- and the other thing is is you know and I heard -- -- only mention this today and it's it's true -- -- he doesn't bring -- these struggles at -- played out on the field with them. And this I haven't really heard too much like he would like here. -- I think a big reason why why and I've said this. Like drew was playing so much and is one of barrels favorites barrels a former pitcher. And those pitchers love those infielders that India and Turkey get them those type about well that short I think his steadiness out there his ability to work with Pedroia consistently and smoothly at second -- that double plays in the post season and they've worked that very very well. And I don't -- Stephen Drew. Because he can't hit that it it's it's an awful feeling -- psychologically he's got to be devastating him. But he doesn't as John said take that with a -- start making errors that come out tomorrow. -- when he triple and become. Everybody will forgive the the all 49 there was a couple of good signs if you look on the positive side that ball he struck pretty deep tonight and that he -- he hit it on the button dads are needed -- he had that -- Thanks for the call you know was speaking I'm on the board and went out of vending machine down here where usually get Mario. Raspberry -- snapple. Yes for a buck fifty what do bargain that is in the vending machine to complain about that one of these broad number one and I go to there I got to a single dollar bills that machine won't take the dollar bills like he usually does from -- located we get that's what I get a drink -- Broderick little water life is tough -- wanted to comes out of the strainer. Now you know we strain on good morning Dennis Kelly had pulp out of it before we drink it make -- biologically safe. Jim in Peabody hello Jim. They may get Jeremiah by Jim Stewart just pavlik he's guys in Waco. And for legal reasons Sayyaf. And let them told of the vote on the -- noted the government little depression totally shut out so long ago Blakey. It seems so at the planet fitness or go to play -- -- citizens. You -- what time is this. Those listed above for more on -- to work out. You give knows their openness for the morning. The 24 hours you know leave you get some of those people that they actually got a guy who worked that one of those guys systems there's social -- -- No option and among the exercise I go to wayside racquet club and they're not open on 44 with their nice clothes and -- every three and a half miles just to get well. I had to get my energy level down for this game because I was like -- Brighton on the -- things like the desk in the -- I was I was I was so nervous. Before this game Jim no I feel like a million bucks or just. Hoping close six games I don't wanna mess around with seven games and have a vote. No I don't like to -- the seventh game and -- think. And yet plus you don't wanna have that going on Halloween night in Boston all party -- that they're good they're either gonna have to call in the National Guard. I don't have to go out and you know awake at -- government. Well it try to what sort of -- -- trigger him what it's like working and you know somebody will get drunken is that handing out candy at the beginning of Budweiser is. But but but you know. And so we don't want that we wanted to beat -- on Wednesday Wednesday which is tomorrow night by the way now since it's no 1. O'clock in the morning 112. But Jim thanks for the call but it might -- you -- siege of America. 6177797. 937 and it's -- -- just to texted in and you guys pass on to joke at stake to not say. Can you believe -- what you in this thing love him but yes I can't believe it underwent a believable for mostly that's his trademark community doesn't say that there was it would happen well you know Georgia have a did you. Did you pass out here in EO I wonder when he will -- because Dave O'Brien. -- the final call. David Villa there -- -- to it together yet they will. I like those guys a lot a lot of best arm their friend in their my friend and I'm a fan of both of them. -- in Rhode Island. Pete go ahead you're on the -- on Red Sox review program. Yeah at this and says when they -- same situation no long commitment first time caller. -- no way I would expect -- a couple of nights ago that superstitious baseball fan and I'm one of those so humbled and truly afraid saying little about the neighborhood are still really good about the texting and some of the best World Series that I have ever -- 2001. Yankees Diamondbacks 2002. Separate -- Anaheim went seven games of the series both those people who built to go to -- Edited out of -- but sometimes I feel cheated. I would have been. -- I feel -- if you're not rooting for either of those teams I can understand. And nobody -- -- -- but now I was OK with that it was seventh against Colorado Colorado with the both they would -- and I'll let Hamas won two straight games they had that they had a good in an -- of September got smoked. So I'm wanna see a Red Sox -- -- to a seven game let me be the only guy okay. Let me stop right there because if you're really Red Sox fan view will -- the feeling of being quote cheated. If they waited on Wednesday night and you know that we -- -- I think he said he wants to go seven of them to win not the opposite ongoing and -- Bob why are risks include a baseball game and they win and I'm not gonna feel cheated however -- may be the only guy knew that once this hit those seven games mean everybody's like it's. Slips and looked indignant about how the intention of doing so I rolled it up. Perfect world it's a walk off Grand Slam in game seven but you're not gonna just like -- -- being cheated in Camara. It's different than the Grand Slam into this -- don't -- -- homework on the clutch home run to him I don't see the World Series. You have -- -- you have to -- to Pete you have to address your individual greed year. It -- because a result of anybody that can use the word feeling cheated with this year is Red Sox and no matter what happens in the last couple games is out of their Pena. -- -- -- it's important that we reported to us let us are a lot of small let's assume the game closer to the Brooklyn. From Jerusalem as the game and I've watched it last better than the RTS. -- -- -- -- Obama stood so that I read print that is tonight tomorrow those last. It's stupid to sit down and actually watch a baseball game and they just listen to root. Aaron and I watch it c'mon you board I don't know they'd look at Roger Evans loose lips let let -- -- I think that are okay. You were -- and I don't register as you are superstitious. -- I open at 101000. And the -- event there at age and -- usually. As superstitious as you are you're not as bad as stand the man -- usual which -- done stand house former -- former Orioles reliever didn't. Days between every every wanna game we didn't take a bath or changes underpants. And that went up for thirteen of fourteen straight days writer in the it's that's brutal act retiring -- -- By his teammates stinky when I go to their house by stinky man just a stinky stinky midwife. Mike what sport hello Mike. Or might be true story that. Nearly -- it and you're hoping for it to go seven games and you opened and the lows and they're. -- -- Its critics. You have to finish it off you wanna tempt fate -- that it was every like that Manson and went this kind of -- off -- -- to -- and rescue I mean you don't want that you want to -- You wanna push anything like they say okay let's take what we got here. And maybe they get it done Wednesday night and meet this in the -- book is the party will go Warren until Halloween night. It's not like but if you haven't on the same night is Halloween can be all the kids now. You know it often mentioned ball -- WW incredible now -- 95 years I -- 1918 -- -- right. But on -- -- and 95 years a long time -- that's that's ten years before John Dennis was born. On -- only about. Anyway -- are well what else. Yeah I was -- in the bedroom. They wouldn't pick up more improbable run. The cute -- along the -- -- this year's Red Sox in. It's that's that's a very good question I'm owner that brought up. That's very question is that really worth pondering -- -- are both unbelievable I would say. I would say 2001 patriots by just -- edge what I advised college. I don't know that it's tough I mean that that's a coin flip right -- it but more improbable about the patriots season was not -- the record because they had Bledsoe. It was the record that is what happened -- Brady took over in you know. Which created some ridiculous. -- added both dark but it. I've only missed. To get two games that bring you put it -- that yet here in wonderment jaguar and liked 2006. A night game against the browns. See the way to the way I look at it though they were such and they both these -- huge underdogs but the Red Sox are actually favors and I mean. Patriots were like what eighteen I mean as -- texted. Yeah a double digit underdogs against the greatest show on turf and and they beat the raiders -- right where that no I no one knew really what they have it but you know I'd just one other Brady gave it was a game of which ball in his boats surrounded mansion basement the rec room down there I have to speak -- cigarette. It's good to my outlets -- always bitch and I units wise. Cuba seems to me get my foot off the -- there and they are like oh why did they have any Lester cup without a coaster I -- ever said these socks are clean. Just in the car you -- -- -- -- -- -- and what is this program that you know the thing issues barefoot how did she retaliated tell us it took them. Macaroni salad right out of my hand when the -- All. I press the button Paula in the car -- -- -- -- -- All I -- really steak at a -- actually at first I wanna pay dirt over memorable Collins CEI. I appreciate that the World Series. These are you spending at Beijing I think it's gonna count I know our soccer and Lynn I know that they have a lot and -- not -- yet. I think big -- it's gonna -- demand at all Brentwood at all. While I'll pretty good and want to hear you're going kind of with the odds here because of who he is and what he's done and so far he's been just so unbelievably well this will be terrific can only idea of a lockout because the Red Sox have so -- walk off wins during the season. Yet while memo come off for now I think we all are it's been such a historical run for roads for property to where you know he had a a a series against the angels. Back in -- a -- of the DS series GA ODS back in 04 was where he hit like. 600 against them. It wasn't the World Series -- OK and the and their pitching staff. You know wasn't as formidable. As as is this cardinals staff or for that matter the tigers' staff before it right -- has been locked in like a monster like honestly. I eight I twittered this earlier tonight I believe this he is our we least partial. That makes sense to you writer. We are family yeah it does you know I was he's the Willie pops start July of this ball below -- leadership around the everything you know everything carried just stand and up and saying okay this is where you do when your man. And it's been great -- hasn't. Earlier. Both thanks for the call are going or we disagree I'm sorry we have to break -- that we need these breaks like -- -- the winter needs this set of active. This flowers need the rain. And these breaks easily forget November rain headed -- -- -- -- thing you know it doesn't it's not exactly cheap sent in ten people to Saint Louis. It's not you know use the began the commercials in the commercials pay for. That the you know all the special things we have on this radio station on upon the arch like writers overtime like like John Dennis is foot rubs every morning. We need this money is lobster -- we'll be right back. He's homer tonight he's gone one for three in the first whistling in a liner to right right -- -- a backing up a bit -- -- they catch. The Red Sox win it. 31 -- final in a Red Sox are coming home the Boston with a 32 lead in the World Series. A can comment you've got to love -- there I mean. Our friends our baseball fans. They. There more for the game and they. A movie going at it. Every day in and I'm preachers going to be pretty loud out there. As -- sometimes he's hard to understand what do you say they like that muffler on the game. And that was it. I know one thing Mikey no it will be Siena on Wednesday united Dave O'Brien cultural mentioned at Boston's strong shaved in that -- field grass I love that. You know and you can you imagine though the amount of money that the Red Sox if they win the World Series that they can command by selling their beards to for charity. -- -- up the corporate -- yeah like kids a good idea after Jimmy Fund Napoli shaves beard and it somebody buys his beard he had puts it in a baggy and says and I think they're on the record you know it is -- that actually you know what that's a great idea bring that everybody if everybody does -- they could make make a lot of money for charity in the Red Sox would probably do it. I think that's a great that really is who won your best ideas I don't know how much you Gifford Junichi desire was beards probably about if anybody doesn't have one so -- was clearly very small. You know me you could probably just hard to bronze. Strip public toilet seat and puts them together is back but it. I mean I personally wouldn't by that I mean I noticed. People out there that would. On our numbers 6177 my voice goes after 1:30 in the morning of you know that writer I might just breakdown here. My little Smart breweries open. Because I've been doing some sing in tonight -- in yodeling. And I did take I took over cola after my last futile and it's it's feeling OK but -- general going to last much longer maybe another half hour merit. We go to George in Cambridge always fun to talk to even in the wee small hours of the morning George. Viewers like to see how you do it. The tour trying. -- you know. I did keep -- checked myself. This is really happening -- the the Red Sox in the World Series. Bruce assisted during because. Mean from the worst. In baseball and sent last year to right around the corner getting sick to being the best. Right it's at -- a proper only one other team has done it 91 twins. Anyone you know with Kirby. -- and ironically was glad that no that was the perfect. That was the Braves they beat Chuck -- it was the year before cardinals. Where there -- other reality set in early as it is truly magical in that -- bush you just describe George which is -- eight in anticipation of nothing to begin the year and now we have anticipation of a victory in game six to win the world freak in series. It's just unbelievably -- -- heaven to hell any further that if baseball Joseph -- average. George usually are held inevitably east and yes that -- users in the it usually always give us the pulse. In the spirit in the mood of the people of Cambridge get a blow away what he was republic you walk around the streets during today what do what's the general feeling right now even the Communists or have. -- -- -- Well in in Cambridge. It it it really. It very very unpredictable and and erratic and we're not talking that -- -- at that -- Well it says. Yeah I guess against one of the things this is. When I mentioned -- you. You know last time and take the previous show. Very deceptive -- just after. The Red Sox had lost. Game to recovery sooner rather than mood here was really down I mean people just. Lost there here they wished they were nervous scared and that's where you know this thing didn't they have hope they have a psychological complex right that they truly believe for some reason because -- Boston Red Sox fans and -- something really bad and and heartbreaking. Is gonna happen to them right in in this time of year and it has to do with the weather has to the end of the summer. The far the nights get colder people bill we're gonna have a -- prologue we've. And eight it's been delightfully not that feeling from most people so far. Right and end so when people were still down in Russell paid similar or going to Saint Louis and their gonna get. And they came so close I mean they almost swept them in most ethical precepts they got -- doing. Yeah or George was somewhat -- You know book batten down the hatches if you will in Cambridge show tomorrow and it because if the party does begin to you know little spill over to Cambridge you want to make sure all your windows are locked. Are right okay thank you George. This texture writer says telemann. When the season started Ross Gomes drool. -- Napoli Victor Reno Lackey even Ortiz were Major League question marks. This team has the of one patriots beat. As far as argument but predictability of the outcome there and I don't think there's. Think it's hard to compare based he had you know it may in and is definitely unpredictable but. No question and his right up there Mike and our member as many do that because you take back to the patriots that was their first one. That you think bag easy at that time we cut back on my dad Tommy hides and it just it's terrible years that the patriots had a record day a year in the regular season eleven and five or something 106 and what was it well I'm trying to recall that personal once. Because that is -- -- -- for the best record in the entire American League this year tied for the better baseball so that would be kind of equivalent to. That season if -- if the patriots have like a fourteen in 213 three record and I don't think they are they did not. There -- like either let if they were eleven and 5115 and just -- to school orders on the Kate good place for a guy named scooter. Okay NYT Adam what's going on Sunday scooters. What -- you don't I'm doing good and I just got openly -- and which games Saint Louis. Well I wasn't actually -- obviously I was in a bar here on the -- -- but yeah. I'm gonna go where they've figured sir you did you have tickets -- who we are where are they right field. Right field I was CN where even standing room might Wear a -- over a hundred bucks on. Some -- -- -- don't sure writer I'm sure we'll have credentials. Yeah up through without proper army and like wrote fourteen G-8 are you know we don't care where audiences who would not become -- good -- -- -- -- -- game. -- about the game but I always watched and I always watched three innings in the large shoe box. Three innings in the press box in three innings in the bleachers -- -- -- Path. A threat that. Yeah well -- person impressed press rounds sometimes you really wouldn't get it from my however all. As the last 46 years I am here and very few exceptions. But anyway so I'm gonna go to game six -- they -- -- the -- the -- -- in that World Series because you know what looked for a change. It's on how well he hit by a sentence Lebanese six during the post -- -- now. You're you know you're in -- OC yeah yeah well right now as yes 730% average right about where your right about where your blood alcohol level that scooter. Probably got through but anyway. Let's -- this Red -- are gonna win that's the point 7%. And believe that are not. You know it's not going to be your achieved that it's going to be somebody electoral. And made me in the -- true who have done nothing. -- -- -- hasn't done anything Wednesday night he will think and -- who has worked in Myanmar scooter what did you work. -- actually be working for went -- Marines fly which is. True value hardware but that. And Jeff well enjoy your Rome bureau you -- tomorrow there you know and true value hardware that. Turned out to get -- screws mixed up -- nuts and bolts and your hammers near. Paint cans because you're you're gonna have Anglo. Six point 77797937. Let's go out to Detroit. Where 48% of the street lights work. Are you don't like power you already by the way 48% of the street lights is better than you know 10% of the people applied for health care. What's going to happen. That bad out here right now I know it's -- apparent when he. Was only bad if you have to call 911 -- such -- timer for an hour by the time they get their other that is probably. Well mope about writer actually don't live within the city limit that Detroit hockey poked him keeping remember because sure I don't it. -- I do it or I don't. Are you don't live in Detroit proper I just feel that I feel bad for the Bebo dual living in that city is traded they Saddam -- and that is you know. Stole my wall and Columbia and they had they called my when they wait for an hour. And I. And I. I had my car broke it to one and I called you know called police I waited hours that I decided to go home. Oh boy you know I I I thought maybe Cecil field -- Cecil Prince Fielder both would take his 230. -- 23 million dollars. And split it up and they could hire Detroit could hire 230. Cops set a hundred grand each. And boy that would that would lower the response time -- have Mike -- by Detroit. About Walt Disney you know -- Disney's Disney should bias but you know I was. Lot of it but at the end Gilbert who won by -- out here is I am the owner of the cavaliers. Yeah -- -- writer he bought cavaliers used by a lot of property up the Detroit. Room and now those dollar houses you a lot of old guy. -- -- does -- -- force tonight your Red Sox fan. You know -- back and I proper moderate Italy and super excited about that he. Is an inquiry rise this year. I use the you know I -- -- -- Moe beat and watch the red packed our year long it wasn't it. I've been out here for awhile well one art scene at tiger blew it because. And a lot. Brand -- endless radio and -- and I don't hate the tigers at all you know I made fun of a lot of their fat bass players I like the team is a franchise and I know a lot of bottom. It's just that rocked the guy bugs immunity you know what this is the first time in the first person ever -- heard of and I that you share this might. That went from Vermont to Detroit yes ever in my life where you know in Vermont the police response times only 48 minutes may come by dog sled. -- Her to a cop ones in the town paper your snowshoes and you. You'll help my family immediate future that they aren't a part I think he's in the Detroit OK go when they come out here but. It would it was a great run. I'm all right exactly I think Wednesday night I I don't I don't wanna go to gain that. I know I'm agreeing with John Herrera finished Wednesday's tonight two and a total you know the theme of this station and that is the redemption. I mean I lack any Lackey fitting to IKEA. In a redeemed himself in games in Detroit Vermont the same human being I know. You know I tried to -- a lot better place if you look at it torture card pick up the gap insurance and a -- take quick break we're talking Red Sox review here and by the way for those of you just waking up bottom a Rip Van Winkle types slumber. Yes game six is Wednesday Red Sox up three games to two will have more after this. First base open wheel scene early pitch big poppy here you'd think very very carefully. Personal all the way to. -- and a ground ball fair down the first baseline. That's gonna keep bouncing up against the side -- here comes PD he's in the store which teases in the second base in the standup double. What a series David Ortiz is static and a Red Sox lead at one to nothing here in game five and I BI double. Pad Dave O'Brien -- we will have an off night tomorrow night the -- -- -- -- -- -- we didn't invite all of you to listen to the planet Mikey show on the number one rated award winning planet Mikey show. -- would -- ours is 6 o'clock tomorrow immediately after the salt and Holley show. Those guys leave from Saint Louis or edit I would think -- I I don't know more it will auto writer I have no idea idea -- -- the last thing -- was done is keep kept me apprised of everyone's travel plan I don't know. Don't metal loss. We have a total number of 6177797937. People -- Tim McCarver has been taken so witchcraft -- a carver is a text. On our text -- -- 37937. McCarver made buck appear to be an ornery cards -- after Wayne writes first two pitches were up. The bias is too obvious they should have a third guy in the Booth. Put Jim Rice in there to make McCarver look better. Well I don't know. Mikey you should replace salt on pregame. And listen you know my own time slot. No home are all grown we. -- -- I joined Dave and the world's that was he has pianist total crap. Many -- well ESPN is of foreign Arab total sports that -- -- I understand most people wanna listen to a -- of their origin of voices that familiar with and that's that exactly now. This one says Mikey time to play The Who Horace song tonight maybe we should close the show -- that tonight. Greg can you pull that out. Secrets -- are very good there he knows how to do stuff. I always like have a a producer on the program knows how to do stuff. Always awesome Ali's terrific. And -- -- rabbit ears. 6177797937. Pat is in cabinet Massachusetts. Hello pat. I can't say that here and has the the cranberries no what's that thing they have down and have a listing Richard's very rich it's bad. A little last week in -- he clambered from you know my -- -- already have one of those big Turkey legs. Only those who want them. Now I tell -- I joust with them. Until I would be your rent and argue is that when I go every single time I go into Turkey leg jousting. -- -- -- -- It was awesome it was worth it for -- group. One time ended up in the but -- just ate that chicken I sat there in the mud and ate that chicken it didn't bother me at all and I've I've ever understand what medieval times like full bird stuffed with him yet. So what that what else -- And I would welcome to -- now I don't post that an aerial route tomorrow. And you can't really -- is tomorrow and you say yeah because there's no. -- opted merely an unlikely at work. -- -- -- Wouldn't -- Muster at the beginning of this year. And what would it unexpected. And -- well but at the end of football scenario when you go -- to eleven and five it's really about peaking at the right time. And becoming a team that is either fortunate enough for good enough. Thabeet -- each opponent for three successive we're forced four successive games -- here -- Probably in the playoff opened the wedding and you know. I understand what your -- your talk about four games as a team that that was who was crappy last year like like the worst team they've had since 1965. And then coming into this year. But no expectations there were 600 plus Molinari argument and it's a -- -- interesting but it again when you compare baseball football gets a sixteen games get 460. Totally different. They're both unlikely now added I don't forget -- would argue that. I mean compare the payroll or mean or you can -- -- expectations of the team. You're thought he outspent them -- on a little bit. No you do no expectation for both words and good not great well again make the playoffs and then go through that the division series the LCS and and the and the World Series against another team it's gotten 97 wins eight. I'm talking probability here I gotta say it's hot it's. -- -- It probability for the rats -- well they both they both were last place teams correct. The year before the year prior -- 08 and eight were thing. Part of that is following. -- attack whatever but no -- -- -- I mean like there there are both outstanding achievements in unexpected if the Red Sox and a boy who were answered if they do it right and if they don't it's a moot point now you know because they didn't win it all and that's what we care about the most here. Right 6177797937. This -- his -- almost cried when Wong got picked off last night. One cried yes he did then he won't cry himself to sleep last night I actually felt bad for the kid. After all it was over. Because they lose the World Series you know again -- the eighties he scanning that cardinal fans -- -- -- he'll be a little bit of Billy Buckner -- he had and they will look back at that and also that was unfair we know that. -- doctors think it is this -- thing I mean this is a guy who. You know -- quick little guy I mean real first round pick up there every spirited guy you could tell he was -- -- even when they're in the front of the you know yell and scream it. And you know as much we make fun of the name you know war all along but one way you know whatever. You gotta feel a little bit yes and you know like Laura Diaz they'll be looking at that that's one of the things and if god. The bid around here anyway the Red Sox ball then people -- look at that that obstruction. I was wrong. -- you know that there aren't that many cold ones out there. What did you know that -- with during a resilient was -- Saint Louis Chernoff and last reducing and if loving you is long I don't wanna be way. Let's go to Jake and missed the -- Jake are you there. Are paid well as you -- around now we is we're just happy and you know it's it's about to end here -- what are you got. All of your number Rick and the other. I'm not sure what did you do which that you can't. I'm the nineteen year old it has been spent nineteen years. That -- -- -- so. So I made a prediction awhile ago. That whoever we're still waiting game. In there now you're going to six game. And then they would -- and make that prediction -- Or girlfriend. Ours are women let me just get this right because you -- of his -- prediction here gentlemen take it all the way. You said whoever wins game five win game six. Yeah whoever got that create a -- is when it are you changing this Israel. What's your girlfriend have to say about this yet what does she -- to put her on -- called. My girlfriend who want confirmation. Oh you know what she's she's kind of he's been doing their thing at every at -- you know cabinet remotely and it's one of those ships there area a lot of -- yeah I want you know and that's -- -- -- marriage. Yeah. I mean I personally you know. When -- -- everyone looked straight at home ninety ATI yeah yeah -- long before you were nineteen. There are no longer for irony -- part of -- how long before your grandfather was on brown struck. -- You know tiger. I Eric I don't know why it's so hot explained everything seems like it is yeah it's taken a long time and by a robot. I don't like baseball like Apollo I -- earlier today -- we -- credit the pile of -- -- so we Eric they -- I don't have pictures he forgot which is said to him. Yeah I said -- determining your. It outside today at the -- And out. It was your quick dad's job dude what's up would act. Aggies in Rhode Island Maggie go ahead. And meg are -- roof we knew you -- holder would have gone to you first and that. They don't anyway you read a bagel. I read the big winner should be -- -- -- -- -- at this time of the late now but there's no says no should be Iran had bagel Maggie. No no ma'am not not a lot of what do you have sweetheart. May we have this booklet that comes I'm sure that tomorrow a -- tell you why. Hi all have that talent. Poor guy I have been created in that culture and the I don't eat the ball into law and I think -- -- in my life. You know -- column and Metheny the meaning. Unlike goodness and that's why don't get a little bit and alone because. They don't have the high -- it. What we have I guy they get each other that they can and that connection -- the coaching -- the quiet and that's why we're gonna well. I am so happy to hear your charming little voice say that mag because you will Lydia -- are going to be the good luck charm tomorrow on Wednesday night okay. I'm telling you might might admit it unlike a which you can buy or eat it check up at bats now why he said that not just. The only a little. I would become some late season he gives only -- sweep in the -- is gonna gonna fly away and then things really you're rich and I love it. It's now meg yeah we we love you please call on. On Wednesday night okay. In my diet Iowa caucus all right nicely. He's nicely yes how we leave you the code view of cars on Red Sox have three games to -- We'll be back tomorrow night 6 o'clock everybody -- -- -- jobs -- The only thing.

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