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Dustin Pedroia with Joe and Dave after Game 5 of the World Series

Oct 29, 2013|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia after the Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals to take a 3-2 lead in the World Series.

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Boston Red Sox most importantly have a 32 lead. In the World Series in Dustin Pedroia has always right in the middle of the with a double in the first inning first of all -- how does that feel to be. 32 on -- Saint Louis -- sitting back to Boston. That's a great feeling and they have a they have a great team and come in here went two out of three on the it was big especially. After the first one we responded well we played hard. And you know we're a good situation got to get back home in. And plays -- you can't. Flopping he got the brunt of the first inning it way right shot. Things down to the seventh and then the bottom of the order really picked it up some very patient at bats. Yeah I think that you know what he's he's settled in us and was locating everything he can flat out hits and you know the guys in the bottom line up I mean -- They grind it they grind it and and Rossi with a huge chip bogeyed -- bat Stephens about to walk there -- -- that set the whole thing up this huge win for us. He'll be up first you start for the doubles -- base open David Ortiz absolutely on fire but he's ready to swing at the first pitch I'm surprised they -- after reject them that early. I mean not a number I don't know I mean it's it's early in the game you don't -- so I'm David in wasting time he got a pitch he liked and they're good swing on -- -- You know we wanted to make sure we got Johnson runs early and we only got someone there for awhile and we we just kept battling and they went -- Media I know that this was just ended you still look assimilating all this but. Here you are one win away from a world championship at Fenway Park are you allowing your mind to wander in that direction at all yet. Not at all I mean we're just. You know we've taken the same approach all year long try to win that day and we're trying to come out. And and and do that again we have a day off -- and then players -- as we can mean that's. That's what we've we've done since spring training and and guys have bought into it and that's or try to do. And Jon Lester was super it was an image of -- this command he's he's he's the best communities that's toys RAC goes out there takes ball and gives -- everything he's gotten. You know they they get a couple balls well that one inning but he settled back down and got few jobs for us. Dustin congratulations. And now it's back to Boston dwelled on -- things. Dustin Pedroia who had a double and at first the very first hit of the night for the Red Sox moments later. David Ortiz chased him in in that first inning Red Sox needed three in the end actually needed only 20 we got three and out hitting the St. Louis Cardinals nine before. And this is a winner will be defined by -- Jon Lester did.

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