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Red Sox OF Jonny Gomes with Salk and Holley

Oct 28, 2013|

We check in with King Beardo himself, the guy who hit the big homer in Game 4, Sox Sparkplug Jonny Gomes.

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-- -- -- of the field right now talk to him out Jonny Gomes joins us from the field -- we have -- there yeah I got to -- -- -- being with us man we really appreciate it one of the great things about tonight. If you're gonna get a second look at a pitcher in the way your team has been throughout this whole post season. Whether it's getting a second look at a guy in the game or getting a second look because it takes second game against them you've been so much more effective. Why is that how does that work for you. I think to explain I guess we'll just have to go -- resonate these players and set a club house. The veterans you know if you will they know how important that is in a game in -- series on to make adjustments and at this point you know game 56 and seven. Like he can go back to the Detroit series ruling. I was under the Lowrie got -- And about twice and Verlander twice. So basically now. You can't really highlight -- -- what happened in the past you know with Wainwright. But you know now is it true it's a race to adjustments where he got a hit off from whether you walked off from coming here is that report to. But you always got to continue to play you know killed thirteen Sox baseball and you know live and die with our plan you know -- as far as we're continuing. John you know your home run last night was huge help wondering what you were thinking as you approached the plate. What was going to be your game plan -- going -- going in against a rookie pitcher famous. Com we'll get several as a rookie you know right now as far as you know facing each other for the first time. But you know stepping -- says there's not too many unhittable pitches in the game and if there is one it's probably a ball. So saying now you can kind of throw out all the reports of what a guy can't can't hit because. You know naming game has been a mistake and put -- mistaken play. You know majors and power sinkers -- backdoor a couple power -- When I was just looking for him to elevate one. And I guy and you know I take a lot of pride you know individually you know with the at bat in front of me and behind me. I don't think I have you know the stature in the resonated detect protecting you know David Ortiz but you know last night that was my task and I had to do it and then when I saw him. You know basically unintentional intentional -- you know I don't wanna be a pushover by any means so. You know I -- Through my heart helmet on and get to work. That where your back out there again protective mr. Ortiz and a little more length behind it would did you find you Alexander Bogart's. Seems though like this -- eight for eleven and it's not easy David Ortiz he's doing right now and he's going to be wondered if -- good you pitch through. -- yeah you know I tell you what -- that -- like you said this on -- deep you know I mean you know one thing you can guarantee is you know Pedroia Els and on and get up in the first inning. I'm with me hidden behind him in the -- you know your your four points and you know I'd be the first or second inning. But outside of that you know we we can turn this line up over pretty quick you know Dallas Bogart and drew and Rossi. So. You know -- doing a heck of a job unbelievable offense touched off of you know experience right now. But you know this team doesn't sit back and wait upon his three run homer Grand Slam -- get on base and we've got a ways away. -- -- -- how to go back a bit too -- the start of the post season or even the start of the ALCS. And during the regular season. Other roles were pretty defined between you and Daniel Nava and John -- similar guy. I'm not necessarily go by the book here Jonny Gomes as some intangibles that you can't ignore look at our record. When he starts a putting event there and we've talked to John about how we explained that Daniel Nava. How explain that to you and where were you surprised by. Com. Not to look too far into the normal player I'm not a fan here you know although I have to do is get ready -- -- you know produce my numbers called. You know we wouldn't have gotten here without gaining knowledge you know 300 average you know those RBIs and homers he hit. You play any good defense as well. You know these games are extremely important right now but we wouldn't have gotten to these games without you know the work that we did threw -- 62. You know what you were says how deep this organization is now. No scored all 25 guys aren't team and you know there's no one person more important -- next and you know just a lot of in -- success we've had. You know -- obviously they buckles was did you performance fired some before we gave it fired me up because apparently. Felix who brought the you know we go back to back days walked in that level for the game yesterday told the Davis. You told John I can go seven and that got me pretty fired up here so much out of him but it probably does it surprise you with this team. No it doesn't come. -- seems like every time you turn a corner and you see John Farrell there's a player in uniform and -- here I mean. These pitchers one at bat lead off these pitchers want to pitch I mean you know John Lackey obviously doing he had the last night Jake Peavy one in the game. You know these guys don't want to negate the in the game to be heroes they wanna be in the game to you know help this ballclub win. And you know it just goes to will be no talk about before that he doesn't just baseball junkies in. You know it was a pretty hostile environment here -- a big stage in the World Series but we're we're most comfortable in the box or on the mound you know your positions that is going to get out there. Well your team has been incredibly level headed all year long you don't get too high you don't get to blow it yet. To lose the lead dating game three I know there were some players that were upset afterwards was it any more of a challenge to get yourself back into into. Game mode for yesterday. I mean it could be you know but I think that goes -- -- character and identity revealed during the season. When you look you know we're the only ball -- Major League Baseball that didn't lose four games in -- -- This -- teams and hopefully -- job of cleaning the slate what you -- double doors here Arnold win or loss. And you know I've always preach you know thinking thinking bad it's just like eating bad you know -- -- you do it you know all day every day. Obviously it's not an area healthy lifestyle. And getting your way to another way I don't know you know but -- -- clean the slate and you saw how we can play the -- We -- a very poorly today we have to rid us to dole -- Saint -- -- -- and you don't you like ten pounds since there are advantages crazy. We'll we'll keep you guys in the Booth then we'll he had no idea what we are -- most definitely very very quick start for many route Arizona -- -- -- pick your. Beyond legendary now fourteen speech. By the dugout what was your take on it. Com you know I do it you know people talk about that and I mean that happens all the time to take pictures coming from I mean he. Not only does he have a presence you know when he throws 34 season and he has a presence when he's in the box he had the presence when he Washington's double doors as a -- to dinner. You know. With that being said what when this guy opens his mouth you know. I mean knowledge is coming hours knowledge easily rolled your eyes shrugged shoulders. The -- each -- -- -- -- if you're fortunate to hit with him in the cage if you're fortunate enough to have. You know -- locker neighbor with him dinner on the bus on the plane. I mean this -- just you know truly preteen baseball and wants the best that ever going. And you know there there's a lot of point that -- in the game before where we weren't to Jun thirteen Sox who we play aggressive we played extremely play rambunctious. You know we go on extreme things over here you know to -- par when your success and it seems like we just kind of had our feet in the mud. And he looked upon you know to. Point just -- yeah accountability that we need to have. You're really pushing on on and that's that is the nickname do you enjoy it for David Ortiz. Pitch and I called Cooperstown to -- limited let's say okay Cooperstown and whoever turns around but yeah this -- it. Cooperstown -- there moment we really appreciate -- we'll let you go in finish get ready for the game tonight your bat cleanup. I protecting David Ortiz protecting Cooperstown. Protecting -- whatever name you wanna use -- appreciated Johnny thanks again I got -- -- are -- -- Jonny -- you that you want to get on in there because as you want it is battle interview was all about him and look I want you guys to know. He's pumped his nickname is is it big -- they have been hard to punish. He's punishing pitchers -- It is only -- physical Cooperstown because it doesn't look at -- and every day our lot in there I'll wanna come back here a moment and and a break down what we just heard also continued to look ahead to tonight. Lot of conversation about Jon Lester what about on the other -- what about Adam Wainwright a guy who had unbelievable numbers heading into game one of this World Series. But really was not as sharp as he tends to be what do they do to ensure that that happens again it's coming up Mike -- -- -- Michael -- had little reloading or in Saint Louis here and the shots to be the -- Red Sox radio network.

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