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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 10/28/13

Oct 28, 2013|

We tackle four topics at 4 o'clock... today all Sox and Patriots.

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-- And now -- Neitzel can -- -- already roller board or -- four. Fun game. -- -- It's -- On race. At 44 brought you by Marvin windows then what we have today game three degrees you sending two World Series game any of us have ever seen. Have you ever seen a championship. Game ended stranger fashion and eastbourne. But championship game and any strange way in a stranger ways and the obstruction ball. Now. I'm as anybody what stranger than I mean yeah it's not a championship game right when cows and was out on the field out that's the strangers and any game I ever got them that MTV's the the very last play. Why woody what do you. David Tyree. Now by yet it would have to be. I -- the game is over on because of this. Anyone that championship game but it was -- giants 49ers playoff game Jim -- fossil. With the giants coach. And they they had all kinds of they had pass interference or should have been passed an apparent down the field special teams all over the plight of the maps. And that ended the game that was weird when was the one that is that the game that ended with the that's now on the -- -- a dirty little of that slap on the kids. Right -- -- -- Tony Romo in the failed extra point that's -- I mean that's really bizarre and in tackling him at the -- not a championship game parts of the terrible play up to. -- to move on Iraq. -- terrible question but it. Big question -- answer could be acknowledge so it is -- this plays so strange. That we've never seen anything like before a championship situation. David Ortiz has been the best player for the Red Sox in this post season has Ortiz solidified a spot for himself in Cooperstown. No he is not solidified. Its spot for himself Cooperstown but only because I have no idea how baseball writers interviewed David Ortiz. I have no idea at that time and he's finally done -- how they are going to look at whatever happened in the 2003 as. -- -- but his numbers what he's done -- you take that away entirely. Especially given what he's done in the World Series in the post season and if they end up winning this I think he will end up being the MVP of this post season David Ortiz. Should be able. Well it's funny that you mention the baseball writers. Because the baseball writers association of America had its meeting here at Saint Louis an elected its officers for 2000. Fourteen real and you know the president that no president young men. And it -- you -- with the new president of the BB WIQ. Only because I saw you reading it looked foul me and the third hole out. Ask -- the product snow plows through scoop up all the Smart with the open. Well Neal the third always notice the guy. Who left Pedro Martinez solvent and I'll come on I did -- of -- here. -- is -- president along with George George -- that the majority of available -- off the ballot. And also an officer. In the organization next year's going to be a boy he soups Ortiz no relation. Who who played premium radio. Program like things -- Italian area yeah anywhere and illegal -- yeah. You're absolutely right David Ortiz. Best -- In the history of the game. Forty years that position to -- all along with a camera. Better. Policies better policies and helps -- the regular season numbers acres per game but Ortiz. Better yet yours yet. -- should. Back. My my instinct is that acres -- regular season numbers were better go go back go. Back to. -- Former patriot nut job brain amend the meriwether finally responded to Brandon marshall's comments about meriwether being kicked out of the NFL. Again is made just got to go low amount match. On you got it in people's career. You know you got to have people ACOs and you know messed up people need -- you can you can hit them. You know you can't get in the way you can hear them crying in my -- you know go out. While. One of cities say about it a different things more now. In -- -- my shoulder I use my so that they get -- active faith -- if I do my head felt. You know it's. Something -- -- you remember you know I never heard about it -- different about. It is that if I'd like to come up before the start of. Does he took the party started going into every position again. So Meriweather went on to say he feel like I need to be kicked out of the league I feel like people who beat their girlfriend should be kicked out to all you tell me who you'd rather have somebody who play aggressive on the field or somebody who beat up their girlfriend. -- Soldiers matter whether have a point. Yes Marshall B yes looked good out there for being kicked -- -- -- got our I don't either guy should be kicked out of the league but. He has effectively. In America to tell the truth is effectively turn the spotlight for himself as someone else. So. You look at it it's the worst guy in the world war. The way he plays football or. Is is. Is spread of martial somebody needs to -- it looked -- a little more closely because of what he does away from football -- it's a good point yeah or. It's good to bring it up but it doesn't change the fact of what he's done his -- -- community is he's right and his comments are crazy about you don't get a -- guys I know he's trying to he's exactly rating clinic allowing them I understand where it's coming from election not gonna rip them up much here all written for the way played football for the last few weeks and launched himself head first -- people. I think he's trying to prove a point I don't think he's actually gonna go up there try to injure people by trying to. Twisted ACL and anytime you bring up that word I think guys get a -- stroke as it sounds like you're trying to end their careers. It does make a part of all Marshall and it raises some good awareness Ford but I just at our church really the time. Nor the place to make that point -- made it got to go low murmur. You -- -- career. After the pats dolphins game -- pounds he was served to my Massachusetts state police -- the odds that. What are the odds that county and the testifying against Aaron Hernandez. I -- step -- now I don't think to testify against Aaron Hernandez. He's going to be. His testimony will be used he's going to be part in this case. But I don't think apart. I don't think you'll start on air and while he was the one we're in the free hernia and insurer along with his brother now is brother coming here. With Pittsburgh as they can always hurts a pro travel them otherwise. Him to. Be able to hold off. You know like goats I can't make that they -- a moment was like -- terrible moment like in the dolphins' locker he's walking out you send them to like get credentialed media pass. -- March government just one more quick question of -- -- more your markets -- wreck -- -- It's not a phony story but the idea of him being served in the up in that moment that you like enough hydrogen or something. How would know that the -- out there. This are the targets are definitely hawks' locker -- -- short for paternity suit a couple of hours ago right right away and -- what happened to my eyes are. -- -- When -- sentenced by -- by he's Yankee games in April. And snow's story that's due respect I do expect crime and that's the problem that is today's photo real Morton we don't -- -- but it techsters schooled us on the first question one. The US USSR nineteen. High basketball gold medal yes -- and absolutely right yes answer yes fantastic fantastic fantastic goals are for you. That is the right in just for the record that is absolutely the right answer because. That was one. The gold medal. Should be in the United States of America and I think it's a lot of guys Doug Collins was on the team the ever picked up as silver medal. So guys are so upset by that robbery that was robbery. With a birdie. Techsters thank you so much for way it. I was looking up David Ortiz and Edgar Martinez just in case you're curious we shift back to baseball here fortune they're number they're not numbers are reasons similar except they are essentially the same except the home runs or not this what but OPS and if you look at the whole picture which I think we agree would factor that in. Plus everything else plus they -- for how many -- and water is really just to show you how similar they aren't eligible PS David Ortiz for his career 930. Edgar Martinez first career 933 and they are essentially exactly the same OPS plus was almost identical as well. Yet the big difference is going to be home runs David Ortiz in his -- Edgar Martinez and eighteen years. Had 309. Home runs. David Ortiz and his career now has 431. Yeah total the home run to clearly the bigger. -- so I a big guy I think Ortiz gonna get them all fanatic is to make -- not at all famine witches and and I think and I think Edgar Reggie Bush have been -- to kind of I don't turn this into a David Ortiz vs. Edgar Martinez argument. This is a designated hitter vs people who have been here who haven't accepted the -- possibly that it's a part of the day is stupid. But it's not a debate for today -- maybe it is into playing internationally park but it is so stupid the idea that you wouldn't allow a guy who plays a specific position into the game because he plays that specific position. It is so stupid if it's part of the game that it's part of the game if it's not that it's not a dollar a whole thing. I'll -- of -- surprise you with this statement. I was on Twitter earlier today I am already -- OK that you're gonna -- you agree with me I was also going to be surprised by that -- doesn't have a after all the by -- but -- was on Twitter earlier today yet you know after the little sabbatical. And I was tweeting about the Ortiz situation this time last year was roughly this time last year early November dictionary and signed. A banged up. Can't run. Hadn't played since August David Ortiz to a two year 26 billion dollar contract that has the ability. To become. Even larger to get it to the thirty million dollar range. And there was a lot of criticism at that time a lot of day in if you were one of the critical people. Maybe you were one of the doubters -- you when you were nervous your big fan of David Ortiz and you said. On our own -- really getting older -- play. I don't know if this is is is this just is has been making this goal or assist there's John Henry. As is this all about the yard not about baseball. And then Jerry then we which had its earlier Mike. I've ever known her for a long time he has never been the pound -- -- look at me. To a story out of he can have the committee could have spent the entire year you brought one day victory laps on Obama -- arbor recently British told you so that I don't hear you right for the globe right for The Herald. Yeah CS it and worked Providence journal -- -- yourself. He had so many I told you so moment struck this year and now in the World Series you imagine MVP of the World Series is either the Red Sox went. The MVPs either going to be David Ortiz or Jon Lester that's your. And I start and he's gonna -- of being David Ortiz he well get him out right now I don't is such a force he is such a driving force like John masters. You look at Jon Lester these numbers drop the post season. And if he's able to win this game tonight. Giving you two went to the World Series especially if he's able to shut down a cart. Also watered down that award too much if you gave one to a pitcher won two -- just say you know what they do such different things that we're gonna give -- two MVPs pitcher -- hitter award maybe just maybe a water it down too much. But he separated out for the most part in in regular season play just wondered whether or not there's room to do so in the post season as well. I gotta tell you wouldn't get back on Twitter have been a Twitter -- a month. The good thing about the reporters discipline this question do a lot of -- softwood from this is why should do I would lose this -- should. If you go on a daily basis. And there's you know there's some hatred towards you it's just -- drips and drabs right -- -- -- But if you're off for a month you'll just have the luxury. Other hate that this just sort through this sort through camp. I start to Whittle it down railing. And it was good outsiders photographers sending you all those. Hey did you ever check -- -- nicely for me I don't need to go on Twitter for that I can just listen to the morning -- on my six point 77797937. Mike is in Boston -- -- They guys are political opera well I own my own little policy now about him a car hurricane Kyle is in a week. Not in order to. Next year right this is gonna be is right because we didn't we've been here we haven't heard we haven't heard much of a carver we've always that he's at a boot nearby. Well we haven't we haven't had the benefit of listening. Or whatever little there was one out in the ninth -- going on about how long run -- how stupid they are. For holding on spurs go into a double play you're right well they almost double play and at least two out. And briefly -- in the tech -- more excited about. McCarver getting shelled out for being an income group -- and actually -- not -- this -- that your story. I don't lurking in New York -- as a producer and I had a program director spent the weekend with Tim McCarver. Indie scene -- said that carver was the smartest in the room and he never met someone as artists and McCarver. I quit somewhat later because -- couldn't work kidnappers. -- -- And by you know one of the -- reasons that -- quitting. Mike it's a great call you. Is wrong with one out he's right with two outs there's no reason that they need to be -- -- mom with two outs I don't I did not understand it last night. It it's the same reason that one should have been too far from the bad. Neither one of them should have been you know what I mean. Early on should have been at first base and Napoli -- -- 1215 feet off the bag and backed up because -- you got to shift on the and you don't -- have any sort of a problem with with -- getting hit. In these screens that double right by Napoli while he's playing up. You're ripping John Ferrell to they would be doing why would possibly be holding them on when that run means nothing and it just cost you a chance to and the game. But instead he ends up picking them off the whole thing is totally bizarre and now or Wong is never coming back again he's crying. Somewhere it's so -- work they Eddie let's hear some more of that group of Wong -- crime what was the report NASCAR as a first round pick I know there's always the cardinals. They like there what do these interviews that he did is. Has made this post game press conference with red eyes. I he was what -- -- I guess all of this teammates were. Reading about him crying too when they were trying to say like. Look at how much he cares but really they are doing is putting a boat trying to start a search is trying -- after completely losing -- the game even lose you don't like. Gonna get Beltran out I just say that I'm not gonna give Beltre and I had a 100% confidence the coach he was gonna get Beltran out of a game course never -- Don't -- -- gets it started hurting here at Saint Louis now I think that the same thing what happened in Boston if they had one could viewers this game. The game three have been in Boston. You win. On just like this chaotic play at the end. Look at the game is over and now you're off to. The bars the boss the bars and clubs of Boston. -- that they would be a festive it would be as a street party. That's the way I would say at best it was like that here too. As game three we -- for. I think -- this this community went to the extremes -- before they act did last night. Like they lost the entire World Series. I wanted to I wanted to console them the worst that Wong at least one made no place. This was this was second somber must not -- -- deep sadness. You must not have been run once I went across the -- unite the left each other after the game last night you must not have been were I was when I told you the story of where I was you'll be shocked you say what now happened at Fenway what I saw last night after the game wouldn't happen within 500 miles. A Fenway Park the whole thing was bizarre salt and -- a WE.

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