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Rob Ninkovich joins Mut and Merloni after the team’s win over the Dolphins

Oct 28, 2013|

Patriots’ defensive end Rob Ninkovich joins Mut and Lou to discuss the team’s victory over the Miami Dolphins. Rob played a major role on defense by recovering a fumble in the third quarter in yesterday’s game.

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Our new Butler got a 37 WEEI here at bush stadium at Saint Louis side of -- game five tonight Red Sox. And cardinals in the World Series you guys stacked up. With your phone calls we get right back to them. But as we're here at Saint Louis patriots Charles -- 73 in the war on outs for the dolphins 24 zip yesterday get themselves -- six and two. With a 2717. Wins and out the side in the division two games up. And Rob -- joins the conversation rob has brought to you by air rest restoration specialist -- -- business solutions. And Boston laser also bought by Samuel Adams the Boston Beer company. And mica voted tractor corporation a lot of sponsor what your time when your captain -- play 8080 defense played a lot of -- opposite rob joins us rob well Lou how are you. Barker at your bank shot a look at that it's something we've -- -- -- that many sponsors. For. -- It's a good thing as with the final score the -- Tina yesterday rob the first half. Not so good guys felt the blue birds -- -- -- with -- all the time but that can hear the cry watching on TV really got into it how huh. How fired up was bill we hear about you touched -- at halftime and it that he haven't played well is it different halftime speech what does -- -- you guys yesterday. They'll record. -- the -- was not you know the typical Paul -- look forward you know we -- certain. A game plan that we wanted to go out there and execute in the first half we do you know we didn't do it in the second half. It was a different -- like that you know start a new gamers cannot be predicted -- But doing exactly what we want to do. You know rubble policies starling offensively this new faces in my takes time it's -- unit defensively -- his team. Take the next step you're the captain now -- leader that defense. You gotta be awful proud what you're seeing I think a lot of patriots fans absolutely love what they're seen from the defense because whether it's. You keep in the game close allowed -- office or take some time to try to get it going a little bit. Or just winning football games it's got to be as a leader of this team it's gotta make you feel real good. Yeah and ultimately you know. Happy with you know how we played. -- from your altered by high powered camera. Attending -- the second asked -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- very well and got that down through during the week. Org are working on secretly or were work in that group but I am happy unhappy. Power play him on any given that there have been some ups and down and those guys -- -- -- position that. You know. About six weeks ago. They weren't -- in Georgia State. We've got a great -- just coming together as a group realizing that. We need to do and you know or. Kabul Chris Jones just mentioned in my way it's hard to believe. You know this guy claimed off waivers and ending the affected except for you guys seven tackles two for a loss and a sack. That'll what are you seeing in that -- that -- that nobody else obviously did. I don't know me an hour -- laboratory writers it. A lot of you know things that happen. That are out -- control -- sure that. You know him in Houston it didn't work out and for whatever reason news picked up here aren't going well so. You know. Margarito or in. Between the work -- we all are. Better. -- Garnett a lot of protest drew in and rightfully been written. -- a -- seeing a group that the world am I mean you know in a perfect scheme -- what are the -- Rob Ninkovich joining us -- joked about it but that second half the harassment of a ride to any -- I should have been. Looked up in terms of the pressure out for the beginning of that second half on it felt like. It was ears back pain ready -- ago was that the plan coming out of halftime that we have some opportunities against this offensive line try to put some pressure. On this quarterback even down by a couple scores. Yeah I mean if you watched that first they weren't try to throw the ball they were affected and so on you know I think that's. Want their recent what we scored off censored you know kind of put them in a situation where they had the total pole. Border -- feel you know we're able to record -- or hurt. -- IDs in three step drops on the part of your recorder Berkeley also quick so it. And it comes down. You know tying the score up. Getting ahead and then -- them having been through you know his ball on the field -- is that a runner all of it is the first. Recently nearly set thrown ball she brought suppression of look and he is yes that's a legal system has brought fourteen different snaps of the brought the defensive back and pressure and just told of five in the first seven mean there are other opportunities those first. Games that you knew there have been a passage to bring pressure was it just. You're looking at the amount of sacks tales taken that offensive line is that is that why it is little more aggressive than usual. Yeah epic we knew that they had from the issues for what was protection then you know we. You know argued that the ball looked like you factor in the thrower. With people -- get on quick so remote that you guys. Along at all timing you know despite the passing game -- aren't -- it -- -- Iran. They hope to did it to him before all of them in Italy has access to order. Did you think you scored a touchdown do you think they're gonna let you go win untouched after you've picked up the -- Logan knocked away. Larry Tom you know -- in that situation as well make. You know make this let them make decisions and you know -- would later content such it was a missed opportunity this corner so. You know I was Pittman or Carlos. I've also become important bought the music Mario cart for all looked almost like you know. Comic -- their first floor of the computer role in general got up early and I didn't realize that it don't hit me or not. At the other three victims couldn't. When you were that's what you big plays that game -- your part when he scooped that the fumbled the other one. In that third quarter you know you guys is there a field goal position. You what I tower there for -- -- back nine yards and they missed the field goal and it felt like. Watching the game it felt like that was a game changer moment did you feel like that on the -- I don't want to miss that field goal -- -- symbol -- -- -- -- football game. Yeah I was there are under -- for us. Our particular play we had. A trigger another pressure are they salute the -- almost three. And our government. Very hot and murdered her. But it slowed -- at all -- got me through my clothes. I'm redux where the guys to -- -- them so. And then I'm happier -- we will hear it. Figure out what's go to great or move them back a little bit better which. In effect tell them it's -- Google. A rob we appreciate it Pittsburgh on deck this weekend in the bye week we appreciate the time it's always thought the next week. Our record I'll Rob Ninkovich joining us he's getting harassed by his teammates there. Our interview with Rob Ninkovich brought to you by Verizon's they connected to your patriots -- -- and on the go with files quantum Internet NFL mobile Verizon that's power.

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