Oct 28, 2013|

at the time of teh creation of this bit, Drew is just 4 for 47, batting.085.

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And know the student drew post season experience presented by the -- can only show also known as what four for 47 and then Kuwaiti five batting average sounds like. Playing ground ball up the middle throws on the first against swing and a miss by drew Stevens swings and misses means you first extensive back to the mound playing -- -- -- parts of the second baseman Silverstone was about 43 -- -- fly ball hit. 8% of the player who is going to hide twisty -- to left field shallow. The weak ground ball first face I grabbed by the doing -- line drive. Playing fisted pop up when in advance strike through. Did this is right or way in the air strikes re playing ground ball Randall ranked signs stab generally gets the altitude over in -- one good challenge right. Playing in line -- one not two monster second uploaded and confidence -- fastball. It's a high fly ball right center. -- -- one unaccounted -- in the mideast strife in the swings grounds weakly to second base when you. Strike three swing and I've accomplished one -- -- that was predictable -- -- -- -- fly ball left but not be NN Messi struck -- miles away -- at top speed he goes throughout the -- way when ground ball to first -- here's the don't do -- he swings -- -- -- -- high fly ball twisting dilemma but not even ground ball by the body care. Can't support for the sharks got very cosmopolitan. Guess it swings and misses it. -- one and swung out of pop up third base -- even grounds weakly to second Stephen. This city very chilly post season just as he double overtime against lefties. Nightmare of -- post season continues for three.

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