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It Is What It Is Cast: Recapping the Patriots win over the Dolphins

Oct 28, 2013|

FOXBORO -- Mike Petraglia and Chris Price break down the Patriots' come-from-behind 27-17 win over the Dolphins Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike Vitale joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com. Christopher price Chris we have seen some ugly patriot wins this season I think it's safe to say but the one they pulled off here Sunday. At Gillette Stadium 2717. Over the Miami Dolphins and I think really speaks a lot to the toughness is -- -- did you -- about no longer back into the game. It really does I think -- -- -- it really played maybe one of their worst stretches of football for three quarters that I can last 56 years. Really date is to do anything and other side of the -- communities and allotments and that includes Scotland when Miami was doing importantly and specialty. They were able to turn it around. There were able to finally put together -- really -- third quarter after struggling for six for 67 games this season. In the third quarter and in the end there we went really didn't. We here's after the game in the tunnel as we waited go into the locker my thought is very interest. We've seen this team played poorly against them superior competition and get beaten. But let's face the Miami Dolphins are still in a transitional phase they don't have a lot of game breakers even Mike Wallace I wouldn't consider the way he's playing here. That much of a game breaker. And yet they struggled against the very ordinary team we are not used to seeing that especially here with in the middle of the regular season. That's true I gotta think right out of the gate it was clear that they were struggling on both sides of the ball again. Offensive consistency and getting defensive stop getting off the field on third down defensively. All of that was an issue it was a perfect storm for the team through the first two quarters they were able to rise above the -- and make the necessary adjustments. I have to for the first time I thought all year the group to do a lot of good things on both sides of the ball and of course that two minute stretch there in the third quarter of the republic of we were two touchdowns. All of a sudden it goes from 731717. Got a whole new ball. Tom Brady. 25 yards passing at halftime a sixteen point seven. Quarterback rating I tweeted out very sarcastically. Making hash tag. Makes Mark Sanchez -- but and that's what it was like watching -- -- totally looked out of sorts of first of all gonna ask you do you think he's hurt and do you think it's right in his -- down. I think he's banged up a little -- I don't know to what extent he's hurt but I think right now you're looking at a quarterback who's not a 100% physically he's gonna tell yet and we'll hopefully -- -- -- and here's just part of the game. But you can see some of the screen shots. From this game from the broadcast. His right hand is clearly useful whether it's a finger whether it's hand written what -- at least maybe. There is some sort of physical issue with the quarterback -- it's gonna affect him going forward we don't know via Pittsburgh next week -- -- -- the fight week. So they do happen out of Pittsburgh you can have a bit of a downtime and it's going to be interesting to see. How that response Damon is going to be getting treatment amendment you know trying to get something fixed at least mechanically trying. Do you -- that going forward for right now he's clearly -- -- are you OK two things I think really picked up Tom Brady in the second half. First of all the defense there were three huge plays in this game one was the corner blitz which we don't see very often from a Bill Belichick defense. Logan -- the rookie getting through. To Ryan ten you know forcing the fumble Rob Ninkovich recovers -- -- game tying touchdown moments later. We saw the interception. Mark he's told after -- according. Covered Mike Wallace along the sideline right their nominee -- beautiful and I made like maybe the defense the player of the year so far. And the Donta hightower sack of -- getting killed when the dolphins were up seventeen free driving in for what would have been 83 touchdown lead. Tied the score I think those three plays really picked up Brady and the other thing I think Chris that really picked up Brady was finally we saw running game from Stephen Bradley. And also preemptible. Exactly I thought the patriots ran the ball consistently in the second half as well as we've done all -- reasonable 22 times in the third in the fourth quarter of the gets him good chunk yardage. Recently ran hard blocked in part a -- and rain are there -- to get the kind of good consistent yardage that we haven't seen this group. Simply because they haven't handed him the ball a whole lot in the second apple whatever reasonable for six -- the beginning of the year. I thought the high towers act. That's led to the missed field goal and that -- -- rule I don't want to also bring of the spectacle Logan lying in Steven Ridley talked in the locker -- few moments ago. After the game we asked them. Was their first quarter Athens today having to do. -- discipline with benching -- whatever he -- that -- -- -- so it was interesting to see those two guys sitting very early on. But playing a very big role but he did you buy the it's a great story. Say that it's a great start not on this really fired -- you know both those guys are very Smart guys -- -- -- they don't know what they can stay in certain situations so. I can't imagine. What Ridley might have done to incur a benching or at least some sort of you know first quarter -- or talking to from the coach that treatment was gonna sit down through the first quarter. Line we -- know what happened last week intelligentsia the crotch grabbing. Yeah that might be residual effect when you've not seen him on the field. In the first quarter but again those two guys -- third and you'll know mr. Big picture of the -- the patriots six and two now heading into the Steelers game like you mentioned a very good chance of that game being at home going seven and two into the lie. They have a chance right now to really we say this -- said this last couple weeks wrap -- old. Of the AFC eastern division. Yeah that they can't you know when you look at the fact that he's desperate need and now the jets are struggling the bills in the future to knock off the dolphins -- able to after this after today. There could be some separation for the first time if he -- and now will allow them to. Focus on bigger picture -- focus on. You know wasn't that the possibility getting a first round -- focused on you know jockeying for position when it comes to those top two seeds but. It all starts with the division race and you still have some questions in -- right now with the visionaries -- Again and another win over Miami in December you wouldn't it -- -- the only feasible again later in the year. Those wins don't -- we will -- in the division another division. It wasn't pretty it was though in the final result that's all that matters here in Foxboro it's always. The patriots -- 24 unanswered points and they come from behind it rates 173 halftime deficit and beat the Miami Dolphins 2770. Christopher price unlike betrayal Eliot WEEI. Dot com.

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