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Tom Brady on another comeback win and his health

Oct 28, 2013|

The Patriots came from behind to beat the Dolphins, but the win still lead to questions. In his weekly interview with Dennis & Callahan the Patriots quarterback quashes rumors that his hand throwing hand might be causing him some difficulty on the field.

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They are a conversation with Tom Brady is brought you by northeast electrical distributors. The cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit union good morning Tom Brady greetings from saint Louis Missouri. I got to put more of -- the next limits you guys. How to elect -- said -- based on the way the last two baseball games event that I'm pretty sure it's gonna end with a hidden ball trick tonight Tom. Well hopefully it's with a -- so -- and so therapy to be pretty sweet. What's the worst thing that happened you when -- based brokerage advocate. Picked off to and the games you have obstruct the got in the game. And and -- such a long -- withdrawal. Are based poker very short list so. There -- some positive moments. Not too many negative moment in an article based Oprah. From what I see in the last few -- of the World Series it's been a an Odyssey -- great game and it's been away for a book fees and so. It's great and even it up he says now they know for sure to come back home to. Picked -- where your defensive minded catcher or offensive minded catcher. I would always broke behind murder in -- -- you know I was trying to get the guys go yeah yeah. I was pretty offensive minded -- See much of the game last night we just. So target want to bet. I brought about the first half then really got this morning and turn on the the television -- see how it ended and but it was a little for the ministry -- I get all 88 become a relates to football little bit or when asked how it does but but. Famous about last night's game beyond the go home home run who by the way it wasn't even in the lineup until like seventy -- 75 minutes before the games started. Was an end game in dug out conversation that David Ortiz had with his guys and why they wild they want relate exactly with the content of that was each and every one of them said it was inspirational Ortiz is their leader he looked at them he challenged them. He brought them together he's that we got to play like Boston Red Sox play and Jonny Gomes goes up it's the three run home run. What has been your experience with the guys who either stand up in the dugout or stand up and -- aware or on the sidelines. Does -- have an effect or you have to pick your spots and -- to be the right message from the right guy at the right time. I think it's just you your -- are trying to figure out with the team needs significant source of motivation confinement subnet. -- happened war are you going to -- after that culture trying to communicate so. You're one respects the poppy and these -- awful long time and played the biggest gains in place as the biggest change so usually when you heard of those situations you have some. Somebody your work carries some weight and you know an eight. Within them away because it is obviously worked rather openly -- -- wouldn't go to work ultimately it's gonna come down there. Yeah X solution and then and you know it based -- hitting and fielding and pitching and -- all the difference those skills let. Told me you're just trying to get everybody on the same page in general mood in the same direction of the and and you know that's options for the best and you get lost momentum. And and I guess it depends on who the guy -- you have to have a certain -- cachet like I can imagine like a punter or kicker coming to the locker was throwing stuff around and scream and -- guys right to armed. No they do. Not football and you could two -- just a few guys you know I really respect and the leaders who have seen him so forth and that's where you get your cue from. They I don't know if you have had a more frustrating first half offensively that you had yesterday. But I'm wondering once that page was turned what set up what set of circumstances whether emotionally or physical or x.s and those. Allow this team to shrug off that first half and scored 24 unanswered. Well we if you knew that it urged usually -- better would make some -- certificate -- just from pure position and turnovers. And that was the difference I think we. And we obviously we got off to a slow start. But I you know whatever it anymore we got into second place and as we have defensively we played great special -- He could -- it made a really big field goal there in the third quarter. We -- -- kind of came together we caught a few breaks and electronic -- yesterday. I'm I'm sitting here with the globe story in my hand dominant mentions -- then reporters were washing you showered dressed and put lotion on which it is kind of creepy yes -- -- Known known what is most people showered dressed and put lotion on but then they. We're watching your right hand in the headlines it's as you did everything without -- your patent people on the back headlines says. Something is wrong with Tom Brady's throwing in the that is the headline no question mark flat out says something's wrong with your hand. Is that is that accurate. No that's I mean look at but I never gonna give him hell I feel -- little -- clippers but I feel great. I feel great. If true this time a year I think actually exceptional so. You know I don't say things that affect anything but I do happen in the field of you know whatever it is work are black troops -- lack of play on offensive. You know more lack of execution than anything else so -- Woolfolk a lot this week and try to go up there and just felt good to handle it hasn't been perfect film but a lot of things that we need to do better but -- same time we're pretty good position. In our division we just got to go up there be able to. You know sure that if we can make a a lot of improvement through in the second half -- year. We always -- when we're sitting back watching we always imagined that halftime is like. You know Denzel Washington -- remember the titans is making a speech for some that there's something that ignites a team in the second half yesterday it seemed like a different team was. Is there anything like that even close to that happened and halftime or you just to wouldn't you know x.s and those in in on trying to hydrate them what's going on. In the halftime where -- in the second half and look like a different team. Yeah sometimes serious you know some some. And speeches like that progress you know wanna get some things up their mind it's just hard to regroup and strategic nuclear warrior but -- -- -- that haven't worked and -- sure that they are truly a miracle for the 1213 with what's going -- over the course of the first half of the season and we dealt with some adversity we've been some really -- situations and founder under way to think restaurant that is so. You know -- -- is going to be perfect it's almost going to be you know forty point lead scored in the first quarter so. Pitcher you have to deal with the situation whatever it is and try to -- -- -- the bad place behind you move forward. You know try to figure out a way to make a good -- hopefully put points on the board. It was a good Broncos yesterday Thomas -- back Odyssey of the touchdown that was wiped out he progress from him anything different. I mean he's he's playing really parties you know -- -- great catch you made their repression America. A couple back but you're -- big part of our offensive. You know hopefully hopefully we can keep finally get a bowl and you know try to get firewood -- their predictable and where where are too many great things offensively right now well. You know we haven't got a lot better job. It's officers say a defense of question for the offensive guy here but the according tip of -- an interception. Is that. A a a result of anticipation. Is that a result of stuff that's done in practice is that a result of -- how does that kind of play happened. I don't regret for the incredible. I mean you you can't tell me. It never really practiced the situation like better. A match just instinctive guys have. Guys really make an incredible plays with the right kind of in further -- that the ball didn't. And from our keys to understand where he's got sidelined him. Palpable on the balance. I -- -- half an inch from below about and so what you play that was stress and it happened so perfect terms so we took advantage of it in. And it's it -- -- victory blows because the game book report brigade that's certainly was one of the world's best political scene. -- -- estimation which has more impact full. Bad time of possession as it affects an offense trying to find its rhythm and can't. Or bad time of possession as it affects -- defense who's trying to get off the field and can't. It's both it's totally complementary and the more were on the field unless they're on the field and that's. No more war off the field -- now. You know the more please don't -- that -- to -- our own. You know third down there and stay on the field so there are problem offenses. Governor lot of problems it will put New York per barrel in part of the great on third we're just let their cute little kid or -- so. -- stay on the field and keep pressure on the opposing defense by. You dropped the -- field which also keep their optical the field that's what cult members support all about so. -- you know we've got to. Continue our way to do a better job that would hurt them as a reporter this for us from America place we can be a lot better. You seem like cute genuinely get to satisfaction out of winning ugly you know the -- six and two you're atop the division by a couple of games and everyone's it was while the patriots. Are you do you believe put ourselves famously said you know you are which are records that you are. And is that something gratifying. About winning ugly vote but just finding a way to win. What we've done that all year gracious which is. I think -- -- the most important is winning period and and you know there's different ways to do it and probably local. You're the first half of my career. You know a lot of defense of football we were really work great on offense aren't situationally we were pretty good but it. We strongly toward the -- you are frustrated -- -- recruit. A lot of offensive football for putting up a lot of points and yards and and -- defense they would. Here we felt wasn't in the war on terror offense -- -- -- -- you know who knows what it's gonna be here bigger than that be a little bit different our defense is playing great football. Offensively we can play a lot better that's. You know we've seen -- some -- do things right so that's the real positive is that you know we're capable that it just hasn't really happened yet -- At some point it's going to be really content that's important work offensively going to be -- try to achieve that we think we can be and oh really complement the -- our defense -- player than. That we can be. You know the type of team that plays against the best teams can compete against the best teams in court -- would have gained. Did you feel that oh by patients account what happened on that nick was at Houston a forced -- gronkowski urged the bad reader what happened there. Here's the bad throw all that but I space tonight America behind it would have been nice catch so are the league really wanna start -- -- it was just sort of abruptly by me. If you say Europe opened the the offense clicks like you mean you -- like like in the good old days you -- and 35 points plus the game is it possible with this team are we talking about. Production like last year. And they would have would would effort it takes from the last three games of at least court. 47 yes and if he scored 27 against the jets were when he. Seven against the saint. Some cool and they're close to 27. And so I mean work where we -- nature improvement from him it would look to be or 45 point we're just. We have been we haven't heard it yet we haven't executed at a time what will be able to do that yet so. You know on a -- -- that at some point we can hear. You know we have some really good players often -- it. There -- trying to come together try to make directly. And you know we haven't spent the first sixteen and -- and hopefully we open this will be a week. Our Tom have you ever seen or been bailed out by an illegal swapping call before. I don't know what they rewrote their square on -- Your side that -- -- -- -- it's good fortune died yesterday that was a I concede that it really should play our -- But you know Barack publisher sort of called bitten. We've been on the other side of the -- so well it worked so. It was only what the forty yard penalty F forty yard to collect your routine every day forty now. And our interpreter after -- We got to be a quarterback question that we brought you by crescent credit union online at crescent. Credit dot org two part question on where they're flooding issues on the field yesterday you seemed to Gloucester belt on several occasions the second part. It's part of that halftime adjustment conversation. You asking Logan Mankins not the step foot anymore. And at. You know what note that the way to do that would deter your partner Robert. There's literally the slippery on the team actually get -- tangled up in terms but it. You know our field this. And that circus is pretty tight so you progress. You know there's a lot more slip and fall down but on the -- it's pretty stable -- It's just -- lack of coordination. They get -- and everything else. There were jobs were to get the ski hat to consider cutting the palm -- off before you were the cyclists -- today. There Sherlock that you are at -- other -- I'll get your yeah -- becomes tenure in your manhood to Wear that you know. You grew up -- -- our art we ask you this every -- this year it's your job to go to Katrina or stay home Cuba opposed the full size and. I think great writer. -- book report drove up to Richard Richard feel differently what that was gonna grow into this year what are they going yes. There's still undecided so. Particularly critical last year. You should you must have to go out disguising going out just like as yourself and go door to door. We're usually trying to -- the normal that -- that they I'm one of those. Things that you you know you could do it like guys in order to hit this. And how we -- a -- my neighbor -- and I'm going to be fun for kids so. Did you ever go Joseph Montana. Out of football order yeah. Yeah there are hurt or hurt. Each advocates ghost -- that be funny -- as she goes that this goes Dez Bryant the scream at the guys get worked up I think that's a all right some -- went talks next week. All right Tom Brady with Dennis Kelly on the AT&T outline accomplished -- -- is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. The cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and by crescent. Credit union but never let the pieces. Are no peace candy bars this last year we talked with -- -- given yes maybe two years ago. Amid all the papers. It's just those gigantic RR RR. -- search are not a big ones -- global roll up which. -- -- -- Well off to brush -- bag with she can't. Trail mix to. Beat recently had to assist in my neighbor who Russians Russians Pittsnogle is that defense on what it is cheap yeah -- from an effort yet cameramen aside I. -- -- Troy Brown. Yes by the time. We try to get the latest. To show -- like I did -- show myself a month earlier. You know we do a show with -- it is myself try to get that Bristol but. And it's ages five through every sub Robert generic recruitment -- -- prices and was obviously it's wall and we can see the knuckle I think he added that like low. Something's wrong sprawling would explain all I talk to my competence by art a figure which it was not. So it would appeal. What's. What exactly what it's yes looks. Claim that when we get back Dennis and Callahan are probably broadcasting live from Busch Stadium what got quiet in -- quickly that Netflix and quiet Busch Stadium. Dennis and Callahan are -- late in Saint Louis patriot Monday. Red Sox Monday fault lines opened 6177797937. Let's talk when we.

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