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D&C react to the Game 4 Gomer Homer from Busch Stadium

Oct 28, 2013|

Dennis and Callahan (and Minihane) started off their final show from St. Louis talking about a big Game 4 win for the Red Sox. They break down all the big plays including Jonny Gomes three run homer and a play that Kolten Wong will never live down.

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-- 24/7 Red Sox World Series coverage continues live from Saint Louis -- Dennis and Callahan. Presented by Foxwoods Resort Casino. And brought you in part by northeast electrical distributors and Bigelow tea. On Sports Radio W yeah. Don't think I'm that good to. Plan now. -- news. Why would they be overnight. As soon. The floor today. Jamal unbelievable cargo bed were awarded. Thought into Boston win. While they were holding but this. They've got a little Olsen picked up. Some ping Wong. -- very much. But -- best I am fairly certain. Game five tonight the all important critical game five tonight here at which -- Saint Louis. Will end with a hidden ball trick I know what's gonna happen I know what's going to happen think about this. Derby at 1404. Post season games in Major League history never has one ended in an obstruction call. Never has won every bit. They pick -- play and both of those happened in back to back nights -- it's the hidden ball trick boys in -- and that and. And Mexico on an error and forty searchers say played in the era and has happened since I don't remember when do you remember. World Series game in England and it. Comes to mind but. I predicted the (%expletive) about getting the lobby of the privileges in the lobby tells them. To two inches is it what do you think tonight -- it. I predicts crazier. Which is little exaggeration -- you -- to play it's something crazy will happen I don't know how crazy was. But it certainly was a huge going seven innings -- a hundred pitches but now got to know. To -- getting pretty clinical I'm glad we're here at which stated -- people here but to that lump. In the dirt but first Internet experience will want it every hit hit a decade on a hole and buried and so -- never seen again I don't I don't hope. Principle which -- like real. Is -- -- winner Danica and I feel describe I don't think he'll ever but I -- I think it's you know not but marriage but in Saint Louis. Long a huge cities so it's never have never happened that's historic I've never seen it. Affected. It wasn't even the tying run for the winning run it was just you know the that's what the third run. -- so. Rub salt into -- -- That there was a pinch -- That's generally your guy who's good -- the basis -- whose quick on the basis who understands the situation that all I don't know. One of the great post season hitters all time is at the plate and should be standing on first base pairs long after the game -- -- It is. The government often go at it. If you don't have it great people. And creating a better they're grown men cry I don't molecular activity got less sleep and -- do like that somebody did but noted that agree you know what made this the biggest story as well. If you. Can. Say filtering moderate but walks judgment call you know Albers gave -- -- right -- -- only one game this. Joke you were joking at the all important but how important -- Atlas and without the in this game we walk in circles. Course here 31. We like to clinch yes in this building. Right now it's 22 and everybody that lost its books out of the game or two in Boston. It does feel like 70. In the wave elegant owns and it's something great. Cap on man at all. Voice he's there's his chief odds that Chafee caps off he's -- usually let you guys -- for the first five or six minutes and drink at all well I tried yeah enlighten us sort of would you would you like -- want me and I saw a man like you that I have got which ones I -- they -- last night -- John Wayne. -- -- -- -- -- telling you things 444. Innings in the baseball game I'm at a Mike and about it he's -- now is can about it. I think will be those ceremonies honored -- when next you would like firemen and policemen your season and complete buckled the blog that we salute gunfire. -- I do think this I've never. Seen rats to take them and -- Was established dollar L all star. Where there was less faith and report outwardly mocking him I was in the -- next or watch -- the game was all key elements ought yeah you -- Microsoft and seven also looking at the agony diddle little. Poll everybody. Asking how many innings and pitches -- ago innings pitches it's. All in in would be the minimum. Victory in the third. Behind it and participate in this idea -- just why can't we find that went back to room nursing your -- yes you could go to the game because of -- yet. -- it didn't watch the patriots gave us. Most on the air. Only 21. Right now I went back to watch the game actually could have watched like a block away you can had a had a cold -- I want you why don't you guys. But nobody is silky. You know he's he's. Positive guys don't yet nothing he picked I think he might pick the closely for a third or maybe for Monica and on the notably left at least you. Following him at Twitter -- between the -- -- -- -- -- nobody anywhere including Rome won the Davis and John Farrell. His teammates nobody expected from buckles and that was it. Shielding us from nineteen 2004 no it was good enough you're good enough against that lousy hitting tee -- I think they also got themselves out a little bit I heard this theory that gives the -- his velocity was slowed down that they were swinging at. No hitters counts when they should not have been. And ahead of the pitch and hitting a lot of stuff off the ends of the bats because they were out in front. Of his 868788. Mile an -- fast and of course he was so Betty was good writes what they were saying. I got all the file was one of them you could tell you Israel frustrated after -- -- shot in the run slant slam -- -- -- but you know I mean from the start of the game it felt like he was always connect moderately -- Ferrell was nervous. Director -- -- sign for that start from him. As a last game of the year and I think your game seven starter if you get yours that you brought up. Yeah well through 32 pitches and obviously a group 11 run. It's going to be a I I agree minister goes to brought or somebody else. Because Dempster -- mean it's I look at -- it was on the roster knuckleball what that they have no faith in them. -- and is that. He's in the rotation next here for twelve million bucks he's at the end I mean I guess. They -- eleventh it is accurate in the seniors which use a lot and they didn't have to ideally in a perfect moral role you would have been lacking last. A perfect world in the -- and yet you would depiction. Asked about what may we were we're talking about -- away like -- some people think this is one of the great securities and it might turn out to be. It's one of the most -- will be -- yeah what the great series when the Boston Red Sox -- in 189. I got to give credit for and then number 228. Cullen in the start another 189. And that's really not a lot of offense involved in the cards at 235. And that's what was the second home run you'll see your news. David hit -- to stick around for the for the right for the Red Sox got it -- not. I mean can you it's good series don't get me wrong it's a very good series very entertaining and look forward to tonight but -- -- -- the all time -- It's one of the all time bizarre and an unpredictable when notable series in that regard and think about that let's review what do we learned here. Game one was the cardinals comedy of bears. Out where an out call at second base was reversed Ortiz hit two home runs including a Grand Slam only one of them counted and it was not a Grand Slam Red Sox win 81. Game true the Red Sox lose the first of two consecutive. Third base centric games when Breslow with a bad -- Tossed it in the stands Fox News or two game three well need we say more than obstruction that's bizarre as it gets a by the way the Red Sox in that game. Rallied twice from two runs down to tie it and then the obstruction -- and that last night. The famous Ortiz meeting. Jonny Gomes out of line up. Victory has got and how we and is back 785 minister for the game Gomes goes in use old for the World Series and it's a three run home run that's pretty bizarre right necessarily great baseball but it's interesting I -- that too. We call that guy. Did and mutton. I was saying yes obviously soloists. And courage and her on the team player and that was with. All Lee. But salty -- it. Appear. Look let's Twitter -- for. What we but yes we took turns in the front row. Paraded through this in the box in the books next. Two books over. In the Spanish Spanish. All Asians Spanish yeah yeah it's kind of rule. Though. Just so you know it's like a rubber small blocks for you. For assault yet but -- No voter here it's every -- -- -- -- much. They're pretty big bucks at the ever expanding -- this three. Three in the front two in the back so -- Wheaties. And the restless for. Yeah that help will be excited about it. It is very excited but. Activists it's happening -- going to be in the middle. Because of the circumstances. Andy -- have a good game last night. The key screwed up too much -- -- is brought in girls at -- the girls my fully I was I was back but it's hard given credit for -- when. Mean Victorino. As. You know what here's -- Jayson stark calling -- the call them back injuries. That back that saved the Red Sox. It but. Victory in -- pulls out the back to issue. And -- goes can give them credit for that and write I end. To lose in order in this could this guy -- -- a -- -- victory in human right to go to the same line up off the whole month last. Adapt it. Like victory. It's a good question. That's a good coach tell the -- that don't mean in the collective goal in victory in -- -- back. It was in the back hurts into politics no listen you're packed it's just not right yeah because Victor Reno wants to play -- have to play. He says I'm ready to play. You don't tell Victorino. That it. Doesn't go observing goal was -- to left doesn't have to play at the last. I don't know you're the one that -- -- -- -- You know that takes the priest -- Lucky norms go luck at all. The lucky known came through. Dangerous. Of the issues magic fairy -- -- 000. Hoops with the biggest hit of the series to quote show up what it did -- -- -- no question and he made it it would they would have won the game of Gomes were in the that is definitely true -- it is not that you hit another diving catch but there's not a single human being -- for. This guy was. Brilliantly going to play your belt the -- felt some of us human being caught for John Lackey. Lackey and now the ball. I I I'm -- -- don't understand. It's worked out finalists that they say it was -- or use decide days they turned into that you situation there. -- pretty good at what you think it Lackey was on in game six and yet. Political game is going game six I thought that might have disqualified it acquired equipment carver in inbox say that they. Astaro parasitic who got six notes from our last night but that's that they were gonna do. I love that though because it makes all the sense in the world rated his pro he's feeling good very good pitcher. He's clutch -- can handle the pressure why not you know why not because it's not lead to fight that would be the answer one it's not what we do. Why the hell not mean he's better than the alternatives. This season. Most guys -- middle relievers -- news -- that failed stars at the starters are better start does make more money. And the starter. As it's well it's great first timer pitched great last -- and show that he can handle pressure relief pitcher John Lackey talk about Penn. Ottawa for sure yeah so strong notebook or voted. Ego that when there are some more instantly that black cat. And an adequate. It's city's gonna talk about the -- -- -- -- talk about the bulls select that -- and I don't find it fascinating -- get like a tingle up my spine in the public Chris Matthews with the Obama here but I like when they do things like that when you see Lackey. Head out to the bullpen and you see -- Warm up yes that say -- Michael. Most popular guy in -- job guys disagree that you privacy well I don't why that's why you like the post season it's only great things -- the post he's seen guys step in their views of the different. Something and usually. Wicket picked off first let's get -- -- -- chance. We'll let let's let's hear more from John Lackey will be. A father felt all right better than anyone else former hopes come along in those constraints trying to think too much you know when I was warming. So little bit from Mount Juliet tells different little while but you've got through it you got to close record. Some -- -- he's -- yeah dinner Lackey right now out and and no one really wanted to talk about. Davis -- talk that it won the real. Looked at the contents yet yes raptor -- that was broke I was the first team meeting of the season they've not had a team meeting right yeah how does he. Right especially if you're -- acquires well well obviously what he's asking the I understand -- -- at least not in the locker room when it's close to the media. And by the way would that qualifies team meetings so there's like act but it was to gather round because some say let's look at what some bamboo shoots under Gomes fingernails have -- tells what they've visited him in the -- You know David Ortiz you know rallied us together. And down as far as the message you know I think we'll keep that in house but. You know I think it just sounds you know that the type of guy he is the superstar he is the teenage years the passion he has for this game. And obviously the passion he has for between four guys they share in the dugout with right there. Any time this guy steps in the boxes of presents and has had put a uniform on there's a presence and if this guy wants a rallies together for a pep talk I mean those like you know. 24 kindergartners looking up at their teacher you know I mean he got everyone's attention and we looked right in the eyes and -- -- that message pretty powerful. And then add on that. In the top of the six you know we all you know when trying to dugout for to stand up for cancer. I have two -- myself. And there was just. Just pretty ironic that having the toughest suits and I think there are some some angels above the stadium. Looking down on me looking down on them or else. -- I've had a an object lesson. In the disparity between Washington game on television with a files and cameras instant replay and Tim -- explaining everything about baseball player did not know. Vs watching it in the stands. I was in the stands last night the night before the obstruction yeah I've watched on television and the amount of information that you gleaned from television replays all that sort of stuff the facts figures farms. All that is -- helpful when you analyze this the next day. Jerry likes to wash over him organically which is what I allowed myself to do last night just watching the game in the stance. Are saudis get up to catch about a Pittsburgh movie -- what they dad Charlie all the sorts things. I had no idea until the morning when I woke up. -- line. Turn on the television all that stuff but Ortiz even hat the dugout meeting or they showed up to a question for guys don't -- -- but -- the stats I had. No idea the Ortiz which is kind of a you know a pivotal moment I guess emotionally for the baseball team at least in the context of that particular game even took place last night sitting in the stand did you know there were angels looking over -- -- -- and didn't CNN Kirk was in his room. Watching on TV so he knew that if they show those that he when he said that I was like Mickey rocky two when when Apollo talks in the frozen soup at the TV I got a list that also the nobody cares -- the cardinals at. That's too bad they're going to put you know the angels alongside us for the cardinals out angels as you seem like. Eaters -- can relate to the guys with the beards but think of the cartel have one point one. No member of the team as -- anybody effective against and what I mean the odds that -- charm like that's incredible amazing but. Poems as a great. Presence he really bought his great great -- to presence if he comes if he. It's -- -- contributes. It's almost like. Economy boys' everybody in the media MLB network ESPN here I am. And that that's good because a lot of guys don't want that they don't want that he -- he welcomes those talk about. The managers who. Valentine he's lightning rod. Johnny -- as the guy that won't mean the Google wells and lucky well a lot though I can't do it arid years after the game of this is not my sarcasm actually asked him if any hair left on that -- Majid was like a Edmund yeah I didn't get the question to why he was she pulled that. Did they poll of hits push all right so Yale daily but it's merely great. Right right was already had left on that chin and she's at they'll pull -- really hard and get it. Stupid immigrants if there and Anders -- -- did you -- did you expect. But a theory of relativity question was -- better at the McCarver -- I half expected to McCarver -- paper slippers by April wandered around it I -- he was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The face of clutch David Ortiz -- -- if you can't. By -- the -- that -- rookies hitting 742 and they're Ortiz is stepping up saying we don't want wanna -- -- -- in a single double triple or or walk. Mis hitting 727. And now that portion of the game is so easy for David even in the post season he is now -- let me turn my David Ortiz. Magic for the rest of these guys have a little pep talk right and and in some -- that's the magic. Let's don't go looking well. -- -- -- -- you've got to get lucky moment. Come through with the for a moment you got the greatest clutch hitter Red Sox history to do when. Over and over again and the look on his face -- -- after the game and you only just smile and sent. Is the World Series I'm loving the assets covered a lot of guys say that but it -- -- -- -- meetings and more wants to be of the explode wants all the pressure on him. I look forward. Today the rookies these next three games as he's gonna keep innings Yemeni -- he'll do something big in the next three days well I was Metheny I would just what went. They're close I seriously would -- up what looks -- that Barry Bonds point. Which was like look at the base is right you can't you know -- Kevin -- said on MLB network he said he would flip. Pedroia and a Ortiz in the order personal protection and you -- getting in the -- has to begin at that point all right which is do not throwing enough strikes. 1777 on 7937. Doubles and Callahan a final day broadcasting from bush dating and saint Louis Missouri ideas you know what today is Monday. What else's behalf of it right it's. It. -- -- a picture at Monday it's a patriot and Red Sox Monday. Tom Brady patriot quarterback they're six and two joins us next for singles.

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