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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference after Game 4 of the World Series

Oct 28, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference after Game 4 of the World Series

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Tell me about sort of as the pregame process I found out about victory in a one -- aware might be in question and and about what time and you've made your decision why you decided to what you did with Gomes. Auburn game last night he started tighten up a little bit and while he had a little bit of relief overnight. The work that we did early afternoon. Didn't free him up enough to to be able to go -- and in some cases trying to get some rotation going. So during batting practice you know when I met with chain when he came in today's India for me and him. I'll find a way to get ready to start the game but. You know as we went through the early work it became obvious that he wasn't capable and you know what. Turns out that his replacement is a difference in this and start with room. Right in front. John in that six were you surprised that. That might didn't go with showed against Ortiz -- prize that anything that happened there as well especially. Maine -- vs Johnny and not land facing him. You know. Will -- show was warming up we we fully expected that would have been the matchup. You know what went into his decision making you know that that's certainly his call. If we know the -- who who's got the tremendous sinker and has been their ground ball guy. You know Johnny fortunately you put up you know good at bats all night long. I saw a lot of pitches he gets a sinker up on the plate. -- only runs when out of here and you know. I don't know much about you know the decision making and thought went into it. -- He -- and Rich Harden hitters haven't torn seven. Just how about David. Well you know through five innings we get two hits and -- his double problem in and you know what he's. You know if his career. States what he's done he's a tremendous hitter at any point in time in the year. Playing first base is certainly not affected it and anyway. You'll be back in there tomorrow first. And and it's you know even in that fifth after the fifth inning after scored on the sacrifice fly by Steven you know he pulled everybody together in a little bit about. But I talked in the dugout and it was meaningful. He's the one guy that you know of the guys that we have is one of the guys that people look up to our guys look up to him and kind of a timely conversation and -- -- -- John what -- seen David Ross tonight and could he play tomorrow. -- I don't feel he's ready to go tomorrow and like we'll be back there as he's tandem up are paired up with with Jon Lester. What's -- -- you know good game caller is he's always been known for very good at framing pitches. In ran a very good game once in -- night. -- Great pitching tonight from your bullpen especially to -- just take him through little bit why he's been so effective after really not it's a whole lot. In September and then also at the end Lackey that job he did it in an Xbox or. I don't wanna skip over Clay Buchholz and I was four innings that so much attention has been brought you know Kenny make it and what's he gonna give via. You know a lot less scrutiny around his situation but given that he might out of had his mid season stuff. You know what if the ball doesn't bounce up off of some -- progress in the outfield. Beltran might rowand to ground ball double play and -- didn't give up a run through warning so he gave us everything he could but Felix after two innings last night he comes out. I play in. A quick first inning nine pitches almost gave him the ability to go back out for the third because it was so efficient. But it's you know he. He doesn't panic and he stays very poised. In this setting throws a lot of strikes. I -- and our bullpen did an outstanding job become a little hairy in the seventh but as our comes in and it's a big on a holiday and no we knew that before the game if we had to piece it together be a little creative Lackey was going to be a bit available for the one inning. And fortunately he gets a grumble a little -- grumble -- to finish out the gate so. It kept us from having to use -- for one plus. And here in front. You touched on Jonny Gomes earlier post it in the restore the post season has had some big hits for this year what has he meant to this team overall. Very good player a given the role that he's been in which is not been an everyday role looked you know he's ready every day and I remedy. For a given that -- in a pinch hit role. He's been one of our leaders and clubhouse. Did he hit his importance to this team goes above and beyond the numbers that puts up. -- -- John the pick off by you read our with with a one at the plate in Beltran market for us about that the plate. It is that something he's looking for is that Calder how does that work I was on his own actually were worth talking about some things in the -- right there was some positioning. Not wanting -- we've used the shift against Beltran and daughter -- and I were talking at the time we didn't wanna give up. The potential for bunt base hit with Holliday has been swinging the bat very well on deck and in the conversation picks from -- games over so it was all in all on. You are. John one more because John is -- mark John you -- both said before the game we thought this team would go to put last night behind you quickly and go back to work today how impressive was it to. It's not inevitably gets you to go out there and and do that and get this went. We've seen him many times tonight's not the first grand of the states might be a little bit bigger. But this is very consistent with the way we respondents. A tough night the night before. And we came in today fully expecting a very good game to be put together that's that's just who these guys aren't they've shown many times over.

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