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Red Sox Road to Redemption Game 4 Bradford & Speier

Oct 27, 2013|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier open the show discussing the Red Sox epic loss last night on the controversial play in St. Louis of Game 3 of the World Series.

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This is a WEEI special broadcast part of our 24/7 coverage of the Red Sox road to redemption. Same reason vision. -- victory in a long long run on the track. Like. Presented by Suffolk university in front -- guard play Atlantic where we're going. DMV financial and Brandon smoke shop. I drive went better than I would have won a lot dawn. On Sports Radio WEEI. You better believe is a special event. You better believe it. Hi Bob -- stadium Bob rob Bradford WEEI dot com and Alex being here also this very organization. Big long run -- like I'd be big. Where that might. Good job but I guess I could not criticize your all. Did you just ran up your parking the car in the lovely Busch Stadium parking lot -- there is today Alex here in Saint Louis -- evidently you -- captain -- and I and I've just excited about postseason baseball we get under it. Talk about that we give me the phone number right -- gave. Right out of the gate Adams 617779. 79837. I don't keep you updated with the Patriots it is kicked a field goal down fourteen to three. By and tell you why have a that idea how about that what you know. By and tell you what Alex what a date to be on talk radio on sport for a UW the talking about what happened in the Red Sox game last night talking about what's going to happen tonight. Is it is just a perfect storm. Of events where we can talk about it and I invite you. The caller 6177797. 9370 join us if you like but -- really get right into it. Yeah we have two hours of hard -- Red Sox talked with the temperature here the bushy 55 degrees. The tide here is one away it's 20 wait I understand back in Boston a world of difference this is like in all we're missing is that Debbie I helicopter idea to ask you all the information. Alex you -- unbelievable column today on derby -- dot com well done. Thanks all right thanks in now and ask you. What is it. -- -- the play to eat plenty of calls I understand what he calls. Diagnosing a play lasting deep play there is a lot of play capital but it was only -- -- he won the play what was the biggest take away for you. After going through the clubhouse after listening to everybody after really digested the rule. The event seeing the video what was your biggest take away from. The disparity between the perception of injustice in the accurate sportsman of the law. That's a good one. Oh -- -- -- -- so if you can elaborate I know you're talking about I mean it's such cutting feeling for teams -- lose that way way they've never seen a lot's happened before. You can you can comprehend a walk off loss that seems fair pitcher makes a bad pitch. Which goes very far you lose you block with head in shame rightly yes that's how lock up losses by a sore. They block a plus is not supposed to work where you think you've just completed the single. Biggest defensive swing -- -- Eddie Jones Donnie Jones said be the best double play in World Series history I mean I think that's a little bit of it now. I -- I come -- -- out there -- do our jobs because there were two missed plays on the -- to pour -- elements of the play in two unbelievable elements of the play. The Red Sox had just committed had just had just concluded they thought. The single most impact full defensive play -- World Series history all night that I throw out out two runners at the plate. Both of whom would have won the game on a walk off on the same play. So this is. Is what they thought they just accomplished and instead all of a sudden. You see it had dug out of Cardinals streaming towards Allen -- who the hell knows if he's ever touched on it still by the by the way the -- of Cardinals streaming toward home plate even before I think a lot the Red Sox players knew exactly what was going on you had in the same -- I just jumped -- -- so bad in the same breath she didn't spit it if you had you had Red Sox players celebrating. Why the Cardinals players are so. And that you had Red Sox players who looked like they had just had their lunch money stolen which you know old lady had yet so you had you know the Cardinals streaming towards -- you have will middle Brooks and John Farrell and Dustin Pedroia. All charging towards home plate would you hot -- who kind of slumped to his knees when he saw Saltalamacchia is -- taking up down the left field might -- -- standing on the periphery. Just looking like he had no idea what just happened. Seeking an explanation they were getting an explanation explanation for the Red Sox because of their vantage point this is kind of the Russian minor effect. Where your perspective is going to necessarily color. Your view of the moral universe. The Red Sox are standing there and -- you know they they wonder how on earth can this be obstruction. What could bald -- Brooks and -- He dove in order to keep the ball from going down the left field by -- put their narrative even after which was their narrative right read what I could will have done he was off the baseline he didn't know he dove to his. Here's -- era is not in Europe but here here are some of the things that we heard from the clubhouse were going through the Red Sox explanation. Guys who had seen the video guys who hadn't seen the video guys just wanted to find a way out of this from the Red Sox perspective him. Number one was he was on the base path. Rhetoric if you watch it he was clearly in line almost in line with -- the inside the grass right all of the outside the grass was now we know that that. It does not -- Correct the base runner establishes his own baseline and so what happened on that play is that Craig. Has slid into has slipped to third base but -- spot he's tracking the ball so it turns his head to the left as he. As he sees the ball get by middle Brooks either going down the left field line it's what he stands up from the base he takes off. From that spot toward the plate you slid to the inside of the bag never -- across the bag so he was inside the baseline he gets up and he starts running. On a straight line towards home which is in fact which which is in fact kind of triangle. Rather than rather than being on the charts it's legally. Inside the -- and all that leads me to another part of what was going throughout the Red Sox clubhouse because again these guys are trying to find things. That makes makes some sense in regards to. They're saying this cannot happen right now -- still want to play to be they still obstruction call to be over will -- about it and got back on the field another thing Google it was a little more outside the box as you said when he got up he actually takes one quick step towards acted with more of a balance thing right but it took one quick step source of support second so they're saying. If you make -- move towards second you have to read parts third base -- didn't do I think that you know that may be crossed about splitting -- I think it is because I'm not sure that -- I guess that the interpretation would be that he never really made a move toward second base he just kind of stood up yet that one I suppose could be a matter of subject to interpretation certainly now now another one is that when you look at middle Brooks is. To me. And I can't prove this -- middle Brooks is -- admitting to it but to me it's his. Instant reaction was to lift is like I think the umpire saw that or some umpires on that not even necessarily at third base umpire but. -- -- saw that it immediately that looks like obstruction now. If you look at when Craig goes all bring him right leg is actually down on the ground but people will say this people will say while he was you saw the leg up. So he was already trying to avoid the leg. And that's where he kind of stumbled over middle sweep the regional sweep the leg right exactly 617779. 79837. We're gonna talk about this play a lot over the next two hours we're also gonna get into -- -- -- we have to everyone wants to move toward everyone wants to talk about the here and now we understand that. And it is also fascinating what Clay Buchholz might present today and also how hope Clay Buchholz is existence affected John -- moves last night and there's a lot of moves to breakdown productive to him talk about the way we'll talk about a lot of federal decisions accompanied move the -- -- -- -- out of the -- amendment there's there's a lot of these Hamlet victory absolutely. So 6177797937. Fourteen to three Miami still up -- the -- were talking Red Sox live from Busch Stadium. Alex beer I'm rob Bradford just go right to the phone lines we have read in Spencer -- right Saturday. -- -- Terry I'm. I'm Boca while I yeah I'm here barely hear -- okay you -- out. I -- yes I could hear you well enough. Well lots. I will -- Astros get given another world. That's one down -- one down so if -- get another world let's go to John John and miniature. Two on ideal. What got done. Well I got cute and I just left and potential wedge in hockey palace and ceremony and I thought that was the Raiders on them shut -- jab -- relate. I didn't think it was right there that was. -- -- called him about football -- so inconsistent. And specifically at the strike on how are you outside. I think the seventh with a runner on second. And that I just thought that ball districts are incredibly consistent. At bat out of a couple Red Sox in. And I'm surprised no start. Well John as it is deployed thanks for call and you know it. Balls and strikes you look on Twitter last night the topic of conversation. Right there's no question about it -- the group with the of the whole plate umpire he's been a lot of stuff yet Aaron. But as we get to the end of the game late jaundice that I I'm surprised no one's talking about it. It's kind of dwarfed by everything else that was going on Tuesday because it was so much going on the game. And with the balls in the strikes if it was a game remember on -- Joseph read the Joseph west game. The first game at Detroit -- Detroit friendly park right that was one of the biggest topics of conversation even though he was at a pretty good day right. In retrospect she was pretty much spot on but this was a very different one when you saw. When you sub the the screen shots that people are taking up a pitcher facts. And what was being what was being called strikes and balls. There would be you know like Felix who -- for instance had sequences which who's doubling up on pitches they were pretty well within the strike zone like these weren't just. You know this is hopeful insurers Owens type of the zone that die as as it -- read out on. It's about what -- you know what it was it was you he was having an off capable sides of the plate Darryl both teams. Congratulation right exactly so what we're looking Dallas area and today yes acts that's where -- screaming from the press box -- -- the deleterious mistakes you're making dated him. -- after the game in the game answers so much to talk about it and balls and strikes get pushed to the back burner because as you said. It's understood he was back for bowl sides. But. Other than the play -- he apple right. What does a secondary thing that you think was the most support the most noteworthy. In terms of a talking point I guess the most controversial. In terms of the -- certainly most controversial that's that's kind of a lay up to me that's where John Ferrell. Did not pull the trigger on either just straight up pinch hitting for for Brandon Workman. I'm at a time when he was probably going to bring would you how to into the game and the subsequent inning right where they'll work and I -- -- agreement -- get one out. Getting one out giving up a bloop hit it was on a good pitch -- -- You could have been to a very easily. Led anyway yep John Carroll's decision to let Brandon Workman hit for himself. Which in turn -- are reflected both decision not to use Mike Napoli in that spot in the guys in the top of the ninth straight up pinch hitter. Or an inability to double switch with Jarrod Saltalamacchia who finished. Who had finished I believe the the seventh there at the top of the eighth inning. -- for Britain and work the next game so Saltalamacchia punched out to conclude the -- that actually might have been a good spot pitcher with Napoli yet he -- double -- and did not tell us this is this is the -- after the fact he said -- catch it it was a mistake. Before we go the break it and I see you all lined up will get to you. Lot of the talk about keep the conversation going 617779. 79837. As the road to redemption we're live at Busch Stadium in Saint Louis Alex the year rob Bradford. Or go to the break let's go Mike in Baltimore by how you doing today but good -- To -- and gentlemen here's what bothers me. It's the attitude didn't take it toward the empires on these controversial call him to give me an example. -- Q I see. The play. With the Dodgers from the Cardinals in game one of your series -- Yadier Molina got credit for put out. On the -- like the ninth or tenth inning. -- in the first the next year he writes that occurred. With the collision at the plate. He didn't tackle. He got credit for the owls need to normal -- I'm talking about. And national really irks me everybody in the media national media fox they also the same thing what you can't blame the umpire for about one. You know there are we gonna give the catcher of the hole on that one. So I'm truly confused that the fans when the empire make mistakes we say well that's baseball. When they when they make that call -- people wanna say you can't make it at that time of the game. After watching sports for forty years. Why is that considered one of the ten commandments that you can't make. A big call -- the -- why or why we always been programmed that way. Well I I think there were moving on from that more and more broadly overtime and the fact of the matter is that. We we are reaching the point where we no longer. Except human error is one of the beauties of the game I always thought that was terrible lied document and roll the what does of the game -- that's why we're getting replay. It's going to be implemented more broadly. What are the things. And I think that. Did hold water for me after the game was well you can't make that play that. I mean you can't make that call that you can't have a World Series game determined by that call. And either it's the right call or it's wrong call we understand letter of the law that's what it was it was a letter of the law. But can also understand the Red Sox frustration when will middle Brooks is being told well. You were at fault there because you do you get out you away you -- make yourself invisible that's what they're telling him you'd make yourself invisible which will know Brooks said. How much what to do that I just -- They understood that right now and in fact Joseph Torre said this both in the post game press conference -- again on MLB network after the fact. He said it's the law it's not fair. It's the law. Listen there's a lot to get to 6177797937. Clay Buchholz on the mound today the Red Sox. We're to talk about doubt we'll talk about what we expect from them what. Really resides for the Red Sox going forward. Maybe after Clay Buchholz if things don't work out for him we're also gonna talk about. Everything focusing on the eighth and the -- the seventh inning was also very very interesting to me -- be talked about that right after this. Had about a level. I was pretty excited. The this. As the originals and so. You know a -- -- a dive for the ball there there's really nowhere to go to -- -- get he's on top of me so. We know we're gonna go there. So. I don't know it's tough. That is will -- Brooks. Boston Red Sox. Center of the storm -- the hurricane. Is I don't know what salty. We're gonna get to that second I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com that's Alex spear of the same organization where at Busch Stadium I atop which stadium in the broadcast Booth. With the great Joseph Castiglione the great gave little -- a great -- -- will -- be broadcasting later. But this is the road to redemption. This is a special addition of the Brad -- show all the way up to until 4 o'clock. Your phone calls are welcome 61777927937. They're all lined up -- here people are fired up. People want -- -- people want to predict what's gonna happen that I. And by the way Patriots lose in 73 at the half but more importantly Alex -- you might today. On the seventh -- I'd probably -- step before the break you did and what does this kind of set the scene for the red for the next two innings that the rest of the game on what Jon -- was gonna do. And may be where he was a little bit inconsistent -- so. You go and you pinch hit. You can sell out with pinch hitters there you pinch hit for. -- Yes true so you pinch -- for -- with Mike -- Now now now -- that -- I'm sorry I'm not I'm I'm that's -- struggling with the with that with the reenactment of the game he had no -- that's okay well it was it was the giving that you sold off for pinch hitters right and you're getting no production you went three up three down. And the last month old dog Jonny Gomes was in there buried them yet Jonny Gomes and so okay. You sold off for pinch hitters Buick taken Felix to brought out of the game because of it. And a lot of people had a problem that without because. Take -- to brought was pitching pretty well -- you got no production from the pinch hitters that I don't have a problem with that because Johnny Gomes is a guy -- can -- home I'm sorry it was -- -- -- to pinch -- for injury. No -- through living go through there Purdue brought correct right. So you have a couple guys who could hit a home run up I don't have a problem that the value jump four to let it -- and it. Double switch decide not double switching aside you that Workman hit a Sabres could get through this inning. But you also have a guy on the bench same thing can hit a home run rate and if you've already done it. Then why are you doing it there I I understand. That you looking down on the lie right defense replacement. But this and we I think we both agreed this is where Ferrell has gotten in trouble in the past throughout the course of the season which he's managed a great great season we understand that. But typically when he's gotten in trouble -- looking too far down right line yes absolutely and it was interesting because. That LeBron situation to -- throwing very well he had perhaps feeling on his side of it probably could've continued for awhile more I'm not sure with the with the match ups were. In the in the in the bottom of the seventh it would him -- -- you agree it's -- Brigham Breslow right right right so you're going left yet so -- -- Fresno run to brought presumably would have matched up justice favorably. In that situation as as depressed yet and it -- also so you're limiting what you brought how he pitches to throw for 545 so it's 125 pitches. And enters the conversation about how John Ferrell was benching last night. In relation to what could -- inspired today we're gonna get to that second but let's go back to the calls again you can join. The conversation at 61777979837. I'm rob Bradford alongside with Alex -- -- go Louis Louis. -- I do us. Pretty good at on a comment on your game last night absolutely. I think -- looks it will actually ability. He cheated got -- Our Eli didn't press conference when he said that the Marlins on top look at it out at the video. Yeah it would take place -- not only that it is a lot cheaper at the plate twice. It is physically impossible -- Approach to give up off the ground here lately and what he should've done was to remain on the ground lack. And I think it would have been okay. Are you got to remember that cute to watch this. We'll -- they should be cheated it should not be likely. They. Apologized to about. Well those -- flick saw I am I'm sure that's exactly what are thinking about the kids of America -- -- say a few things because -- -- -- just -- probably about 35 times between the hours of -- between the hours of god knows when this game ended when it -- my article in the wee hours but -- undoubtedly did in fact kind of all over at least he kind of had to balance himself while he stumbled over -- Brooks. Pushing his hands onto his back. Middle Brooks that -- Is trying to make a movement whether to get up or to get out of the way in in doing that it's his legs that go up I don't think it will -- Brooks had any intent I. I personally don't think that middle Brooks was trying to trip him. But even if he was tried to trip him whether he was -- was not trying to chip from back is he did trip them. So at that point the umpires and over and over and over ten doesn't matter. So regardless of what his whether or not he was trying to engage in shenanigans of chicanery. Doesn't matter it was still -- it was still obstruction by the letter of the law this goes both ends even though I hadn't been able to move out of the even if he would remain stationary and flat. The fact that the fact that at that point his defense of play is over in that Craig ran into him it's still by the letter of the law right obstruction. Letter of the law which isn't easy for Wilma Brooks to take and as you said no matter what he his intentions were in that split second. It's hard to argue that he would be able to get. Lift his body get out of the way the runner. And that's what he's thinking when he's making those comments after the game the umpire. Hired told me this and how my -- to do that right how can the lobby this way and I was just lying there flat on my belly -- able to move when Allen Craig's stumbles over me. In pushes his hands into my back accidentally. How can that be outplayed that you know for that is adjudicated to be against the rules and these things are right now absolutely and if you read the the entirety of all the stories today. All the reaction I think the majority of people majority of writers majority of people who actually looked through. The the rules look through the the video. I think -- the overriding consensus was that umpires got it right by the letter of the law but it's a tough break for the Red Sox because. Really there was nothing they could Don and -- It's right and you know what of the other one of the other fascinated elements is that the letter of the law. Does does provide some wiggle room that says you know in in giving the example that's basically identical to what happened with middle Brooks. It says. I act in that case where a few -- fielder. -- dives after a ball and remains on the ground such that such that the runner doesn't enjoy an unimpeded path TV. Path to path forward it is very likely. Put a -- very likely. Obstruction does not say it is structured it is very likely start that is Alex -- formalize a cranked up -- you can join the conversation 61777979837. It is. 138 in Saint Louis 238 and Boston temperature and Saint Louis is 55 I have no idea what the temperature in Boston is but. Maybe Norman Brookline -- talents -- -- you don't. I think it's about six Buick in 20 wow bonus for you anecdote that hey if it. If not getting down what is it blog tell you what Utley watched norm the sun is out here it's a beautiful beautiful day but go ahead would've gotten on well. I just lay prone on the ground at the whatever we do look back at -- at -- quickly. And I didn't have to pick might speed up a little bit to get to my -- yet to my arms straight and straighten out. And you need to take into consideration that little -- knowing the ball got by him. That the runner might get cut or rundown who's gonna play that third base side and -- and a so he's not done. He's potentially still in the play. But the thing that really bugged me was I was in another room so I want you to -- I was listening to the interview with the umpires. And carrying -- and the umpires made it clear that -- and it doesn't matter is the if the obstruction is inadvertent the runner has the right yet to go play there also noticing that that runner is pretty but. Inside the foul line if -- didn't yes. You know didn't get pushed up the island might have been able to go who have been with the outside but. Why did the -- why did I hear them talking to Jim Joyce -- Always prefers to -- Well Allen -- was trying to get around. And moved Brooks was in his way so one guy -- -- by its first name and the other guy is referred to always I did flattening. Norm -- loaded that looked adorable -- let me just tell you have taken this to another level I admire for this -- did you simulate this play in your living room. But amazing you have also. You have also broken down how -- the umpires are because of the way the reference guy's name. That is a true Red Sox in right there I command. Yeah I would I would say that in terms of the suggestion of of conspiracy. With regards to -- first name references. Craig is a first baseman is probably on a much more conversational basis where you go at it also it lets be yards it's also first thing. Obi -- you have to first names in the right guy's name right at the kicker -- yeah. So maybe he's mixing it up in these name was Craig yeah I mean look like by by the standards set by Bobby Valentine of all that if pumping a little bit over the willow grove where half the season with -- I will result again. Well there was Matt Alberts out there are for actions and yeah. And did he also dropping Iglesias or was he off at Goran saw us. Yeah but it granted printed that was a Mendoza and those were good times books are deployed boy Alex -- circuit tied with six -- a separate. 7797937. As the all lined up well -- -- -- on. Hunter Bob Alex you all fired up. Patriots still looking by the way. But more importantly Alex spear myself rob Bradford we here at Busch Stadium we are here to answer your questions to to be here for you all your venting all your predictions. Everything that you wanna know about last night and everything you wanna know about what's gonna happen. Tonight -- going to be -- I don't know if you -- this but they have not been eliminated yet it's only two on yes it's hard to believe it's also hard to believe that they ever let the series what nothing after destroying the Cardinals in game one they have about Louis Cardinals have roughly chants of bring it at. I guess I'm rob Bradford that Celek -- we get to all your calls are gonna talk more about and -- John Farrell did last night how he managed not only in the controversial move that he made a double switch. By how he managed when looking toward what he has at his disposal tonight. We do got after the -- got here I got. It today. Is that you think the -- with the glory of ours. He had in case you missed it Alex and are walking outside Busch Stadium. Adding to the park heading toward our job which stadium bush a -- What is -- that I was like yeah it's an homage to -- -- absolutely. I've you do that you do it but we're watching outside the card and there was a statute. And they have all these statues outside and in new -- -- witness to this ice this statue. And I screamed than anything. I scream and -- to you but as a setback. It is it is uncanny based by the arm angle it like where it's only the ball. Like everything about the delivery does screen and played for the Cardinals and yes exactly this is the Julian Tavarez world. Yeah I had it -- obviously it was -- the men in up I took a picture or put on -- on Twitter name speaking of Twitter. You can reach me on Twitter at Brad Fo live teacher for sale not really someday. That's at Brad throw an Alex -- at Alex Spears SP yeah. -- -- Almost it's like old MacDonald yet he -- out dispel it won't be as Alex beer and I just read out this Alex the slight you'd. It read out a link to a -- we have up now on WE -- EI dot com. Which shows up hole what -- changes to the Red Sox make forward team for the World Series. And there are some good questions and we're gonna get into this in the second I also all the cause they see all lined up to told what for second. Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Vs David Ross. That's one Dave Ortiz vs Mike Napoli Stephen Drew verses theater Bogart's. Which Red Sox starter at third base in a -- will middle Brooks or Mike Napoli which -- that was the joke. Who would least like to see in left field -- average Jonny Gomes. And who would you like to see start game four of the World Series clay buckles Ryan Dempster cute to brought Jon Lester all great questions I think this is. Heading into today and we're gonna get the -- up in. About hour and a half we don't know we batter -- they get it well and make sure you have -- we don't know but until that we can talk about it we will talk about it but let's get to the coffers of the people are hanging on. We've -- it was so hunter in New York ideally dale hunter. Here. Hello yes. Punter. Yes. Did you wonder why we thirty. And I depressed and -- on tires. A -- together on game one got together they need to correct call could be promoted -- Al. They have each -- structure and call on -- to get just a game over you look at that I didn't get it to really talk -- And can go to and where we're at Indy comes with one get together and went out next time now and -- want to actually -- bottom line. What if the call within our league are they will be good how we can't -- you don't get out in. You are and why he what we are. Including why I couldn't hurt like you are what you've been durable. Odds are sorry I grew weaker your break it up but we'll get to the -- question and I'll I'll try to address it. So you go back to win that play happening game one where they -- conferred they talked about that after the game how they look at each other and clearly you had a group of umpires. All -- recognizing that that was the wrong call they look at each other at -- that. See that there is a major disagreement there that's when they get together they have signals they have non verbal signals that they use in order to indicate we Houston we have a problem yes yes and and would that play last night. If you looked at it from the umpires point of view from anywhere on that field. You probably saw the same thing -- -- Jimmy Joyce saw. Right and in -- in the post game press conference. I jumped on her back who is that it was the crew Chiefs said. I've been basically they got into the locker room they were like that is a great they were they were because they thought that it was a great call by choice. Joyce saw her -- who -- in left field said that he saw the same thing. The right field umpire I think Doug -- means that he saw the same thing from that vantage point. -- so basically gave you had. Unanimity amongst the umpires and this was the right and if you hear the tone of their -- it's almost. In May be a look at too much into this but it's almost like they understood they got the -- right call. But there was no Lee getting the right call because they understand the call that the rule itself with flawed in that case. Yeah yep -- sort of -- college shot in Boston just keep the conversation going are you doing I I I'm sorry Fred -- announced today and he's our name. Yeah we started there you senator. You know Russia. Thanks and good I was 200 on the circuit obstructing -- are silica was the right call. It was there was no good call -- -- a side note from our side you know it looks from the Saint Louis decide to -- Korea right call you -- What have you ought to move on book how to -- watching -- on you know pop vocal coaching and arm. He might he might armpit admits that he Michael probably like or five innings and in my putting to brought. Because you are -- brought him in like midway. And they come in the game people yesterday so not that I think Arnold brought bought the remark happened so. Dodgers -- -- and we haven't talked a ton about that and thanks for the call. But this is one of the things that we have to -- we had to keep in mind as that game was unfolding in John Farrell had to keep in mind at that game is unfolding. What are you gonna do to back up Clay Buchholz today too we also and it was going to be Felix abroad but then various ball. Got in the game you said what threw 25 pitches this is going to be one of the biggest things pregame that we can find out which is. If Felix too broad. Available for today's game. -- and if not is India's long reliever because Brandon Workman is another guy who would typically be able to get multiple innings but he threw thirty plus pitches yesterday. And then we're also doing with in and then not obviously to Bryant threw 25 pitches. What else Alia duck or Aramis -- not really -- for Denver receiver not the way if you're looking at clay -- gets in the first inning and just can't do it. Dempster would seem to be the guy have salute by. But it's going to be interesting go back to its going to be fast inning to find out. If any of these guys are unavailable because there wasn't anybody who threw a ton of pitches you would think that somebody could give you something especially now that. Well yeah I mean Derrick this is this is getting to the -- of the 2004 ALCS time -- where it's time for people to throw a hundred pitches in three days. That's kind of where there -- Sox are that you aren't exactly saving these guys for down the road so let me go over the pitch counts of yesterday. TV 64 pitches obviously you wouldn't be consideration. -- -- 25 pitches Breslow five pitches so he's probably available for a multi you know for certainly more than three outs. Whether or not he could give you two full innings is not a question to solid got worked a little bit so that's that's a tough 124 pitches from him. Work in thirty pitches that's also a little bit Dicey Koji to a -- three pitches so he's obviously available for. I mean I I think they were probably try to lean on him for more gallery out all of them jumping on the first pitch of them coach Yani you just don't see -- team haters try to do that before. That's a strategy going -- -- avenues if you look at go back to the Tampa series where they all try to do is Oprah's. Basically obviously got three pitches because I know they're going to be around the strike zone but as you point out they don't usually get him before we go to the break this go to Alex in Florida Alex. I -- I'm. Alex. And not good guys and I think anybody doing good -- they put all the good thing for you -- his team tonight. At redemption to come to America war they can be bigger -- the World Series but here's my they're -- McCutcheon on this earlier but this agreement. What is it and it goes into -- out of the -- I don't know what Daryl I think is dropped the ball in the big -- we know play yesterday yesterday you know clay is much more so we need long relief today collect. And why let peavy throw more innings it. You gotta do open one of these days you gotta let it start to get up we all want is capable -- united. Tomorrow. So old that we belong meant what would it probably tormented like you can use the clock could remember that brought -- woke up public aren't the warmup. -- it now do you let doctor tomorrow released today and you don't even know -- what is for the people call doesn't know what he's gonna give you. And it seemed like that the bullpen than that and it's been completely mismanaged. And one thing not let it in that I hate to go back and he'll get the victory -- -- Grand Slam. But they are loaded one out and I know we let -- -- it would it would Portland particularly in there and we -- compliment bench. And bases loaded and I know that the result of better fielder and he's got beat at the double play in the flat but. He was and always at the time that we're a -- out said that you know things change -- -- -- -- and this and that but so. If -- change -- -- to the carpet and all regional at the Grand Slam and hindsight but I think at that time that. -- with a better goalie. I think that that element is completely. Caught the ball I don't know what's gonna happen with the bullpen tonight and then what about tomorrow. Well I saw all good points and I would just say this about you the peavy situation. And how he's approaching the bullpen as you said before Alex. This is -- no holds -- situation you can't look you can't be looking at resting guys too much you have to be in the here than now more than you have ever been. And regarding peavy. It was a tough point. Because he had it figured he had figured things out he was pitching pretty well you want him to go deep into games although it just -- the highest stress inning of the game may be yet sort of but it was certainly I think you're in an American League game he keeps on going may but then you get to the pitcher's spot. You need to get a run there you feel you aren't getting any production from your offense you have an opportunity that's where you make the move. Not the perfect scenario all of the decisions that John Ferrell made yesterday that was why I don't have enormous problem with because at that time I didn't. Enormous problem. Yes so in in the interest of fairness and a comprehensive perspective it's worth pointing this out John Carroll had one shining moments -- like really terrific moment in this game where he. Update on lava in the game. Two bad against Randy Choate in basically have this like chicken match stare off. With Mike Metheny and it was -- who -- much to the benefit of the Red Sox when novel whacked the single BR BI single game tying. That's a left field that was that was a big goes and I talk to prepare. That move with with regards to PP. I actually thought he did a really good job of five of managing the peavy situation. He got some went up early when it looked like things might be slipping away fast from peavy but he pulled back at the or he pulled back in order to let them. Give -- a chance to work out of it which you know that date speaking of over taxing the bullpen could have turned out -- more disastrously if he had done. To Japan after in the first inning of the second yeah did it that's that was the danger there right yeah and to meet once -- -- has that incredibly stressful inning of getting a bases loaded. No outs getting out of it great job by him unbelievable quite honestly then you're thinking that he's probably going to be a little bit on fumes after that and you need to start scoring. Yet but yeah you need good starts where that was a priority that leads us to blighted decisions. That's what we're gonna talk about coming out of the break I see you all lined up Jose Brian Beverly Bob Gary all you're gonna get your calls. We're also gonna give you the poll results as we said on WEEI dot com right now we have all the questions for you who should. Play today we have a ball up right now would give you -- result from that all along with -- take. On who should be in the lineup -- Otis.

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