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Mut and Minihane Live From St Louis -- Breaking Down an Epic Game 3 and Looking Toward Game 4 (Hour 1)

Oct 27, 2013|

Mike Mutnansky and Kirk Minihane are live from Busch Stadium to go over all of the crazy events from Game 3 of the World Series, John Farrell's mishaps and decisions and previewing Game 4 with Buchholz on the mound.

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The only good news going rumblings that the -- -- a diving play throwing home -- at the plate he Texan don't. A third yeah. It's a good -- And you know maybe interference. Limited and and you know there. They -- on the run to score. And the ball game will be over that some World Series game dreamland. And that's how -- here from Busch Stadium. Were alive -- and -- hand ID 37 WEEI and off the top ball Italian. Judging by what are you guys -- react -- -- cell phone calls early and often all will go down as one of the most memorable. World Series games in recent memory one of the most memorable Red Sox finishes. Of all time 61777979837. Phone number 61777979837. I can Texas show as well the AT&T -- line is 3793. Step up until that point before that play. That was one of the really good World Series games we've seen in and cap it off like that with that sort of play an obstruction and all that. The nooks and crannies that was John Ferrell and the it was. Unbelievable at a baseball here. Published in credible. You've never seen it like don't see anything like it again that's part. One gave thank -- Europe late Martinez Rosenthal on game over over you know boring tomorrow. -- structured trouble in this I could be honest. You made its options game no. The problem -- -- by the while we sector toward last. Away. Exactly with Joseph -- the -- 96 where all the just saw Joseph Torre tonight what MLB network exceed a hundred times -- retreat like this part of that book looks -- John. Each of the over and over but if by the letter of the law. I have problems call tickets don't rule. Get exposed to. He's also stop the ball -- actually is supposed to stop the basic -- get it falls. Right dropped the ball bad throw the -- -- exposed to. He can't do anything -- as as Jerry Kelly and it's beat today Agassi's both attorneys visible right and I -- -- yeah. I wish I could sit here and scream you would tell you that they screwed this thing up and that Joyce and debate these guys are they cost the Red Sox game. If it was the other way. I would say good call Red Sox got a call that aids -- letter of the law. An absolutely. That was the right call now you may not like the timing of the call right in middle like the way the rule is written rule two point all gold. But this idea that he's OK here's the -- of things effort today. He wasn't the baseline well if you go look at the rule you -- your own baseline as a base runner I should just laid there and done nothing well. If that play happens it's second and it's happened a million times at second base that apple a lot of third. They award the guy the extra base every time and it's on the field there. To stop the ball he stops the ball middle -- stop a bad throw -- Saltalamacchia. It's not obstruction runner at third here comes -- a coach he's pitching and you move on. If there's nothing but -- lots that some may game and the Mariners playing the apps and games Scott Strange. But given the situation you do wonder sometimes. You make a call based on the situation we talk about that at times to different icing though got no problem the call get a item brought. We dated that at least in series. I think last night was his -- manager -- night as the Red Sox manager has ever had well that's great battles that -- it but last night to me. -- in the Grady Little category we -- -- all the decisions John Ferrell I am during to have the line up right -- -- -- got -- -- -- is -- let's -- Like I Roche took some pitches that it was -- -- a power pitcher wants. Me it's you know I think we have to. I've barrel just decide you know what it's a wait -- the fifth inning broke through a bench in the first. On the picture at three different guys in the first namely myself -- -- Ross Barry and Napoli in night life is on the surged over no 11 big spot World Series game. It sets it it makes sense it makes sense if he was convinced the bread at work it's gonna give me the next in -- matter what happens. I'm Jessica Brandon -- At one base runner ups and coaching was warming up already comes. So you birdie didn't used Napoli for one extra help for -- work. Nobody was thinking about if you're gonna stick with -- -- spot and say I'm not a -- a Koji right into we have a lead on the road that I would get. But the idea -- could go one out becomes coach -- and and have Workman take that -- a tremendous about that he took the first -- -- professional baseball owners took it and the at. The World Series scripture all at the same reaction -- Well I game he has -- faith in the Big Apple -- group right RK -- depth is deficit which at some point today your house. Dempster -- -- there was one more on report appear. -- you were doubt your last two or three guys in -- that we forget where I would. Those guys is no free coach to your. -- -- -- later. But right after you brought -- you have to answer for tonight. A couple of innings use. So. So the -- -- you lose -- is next that's fine. Kamen gave up the they lost as well again you've held on your closer to the night that it on the road okay are still legal remedy its. Coach he's warming one shark comes on. Thinking. Validated is higher before absolutely. He'd. -- and well I mean that's that's the point that he says after the game and give credit score out that he screwed up you should double switch and everyone knows up right now. The what is the game got too fast for John -- the National League game it got too quick for rebirth of the respect to quickly. He ended up making a decision that. We all wanted to -- made Bogart's it short and drew on the bench. But that's what the game -- to -- its defensive game you've sort of party cross that bridge John you know I I don't know if you got a problem with that. I don't like them pitch hitting for drew their because it's cute too if you wanna do good defense of late. And start Bogart and then make the move would play middle Brooks the beginning then go to drew at that point. You're sacrificing defense when he Marty it's already -- game late -- getting late -- game. I felt like for John Ferrell he said not a good series last night was the worst by far and he's -- in -- you're confused by how fast the. Bother me the first two games as opposed. Lucy was like we saw again last night is -- much better baseball ought to go suck up like that Jonny -- can't play again it's yours to did you like it last night. But this this magical it's it's over how does a better put it greatly in the game again last night. -- are all right throw to walk at a about stuff. Parker right rob it's on the -- really damn good productive game NC game on Percy usually sit across. Act like that like. Padilla and -- did last -- clock. -- clock. He put himself in position where he's left for the short bench late. You know you wanna say Napoli -- is the natural about the doesn't pinch hit 32 guys in a row. And broke the respect -- -- another back -- you understand I think about keep in Napoli told offense replacement doesn't want to use quick Barry David Ross probably should have been there anyway. It was just John -- the a lot of things right this year you've said this -- on your show that isn't much to criticize him because he makes the right decision and even. When he speaks he doesn't say much anyway last night. You know he made some bad decisions and then that and add onto it that that the final piece of -- organs these phone calls early. -- it's open document the third that was and look. I've been a supporter assault the I think he's made a leap this year from president as a -- you can call a game tonight confident with him on the plate. He broke the record for doubles the catcher. That role last night was one of the most ill advised throws a guy can make at that point here's the situation -- you -- the ball let Craig go -- third. It's coaching against Peter -- It is Koji costs not. At that point and instead now you try to make a play that even with a great throw from where I was watching here. He doesn't get what you're smiling it's hard for player to think that time to be -- statement -- oh crap it is. That's tough. He probably should be now it should absolutely should have made the -- he's another guy came is that that's replacement last night struggle. It's a tough play on holiday -- get. So that -- like dugout I was holiday you know I can live with that. For tonight's I'm honest I swear to god if you said to me I'm pulling -- third tonight and over to shortcuts they are fine. Roster -- okay well Ross asked to catch us get to prosecute it. -- -- his lot of issues because he's got to make some moves and Sean McCadam writes about it that it feels like Ross gonna catch the rest the way in the -- decided with the defensive catcher. Behind the plate that you think is interesting right pulls a late -- -- no competent in the middle of the game. Can he actually started tonight -- get these as a defense replacement from the reports Napoli to rubble the -- yesterday at the brutal. Was brutal on the ground -- -- -- compulsive third -- hoping to put him into that game I don't middle Brooks is not want to play itself. But you're based on what you saw from -- PeopleSoft and take -- the third. I'm not sure he's the cancer. I'm not actually I would go -- to middle Brooks. And I'll make an offensive -- honestly I -- -- -- -- when it's short it's had moved -- back to third of what to do yesterday it's time for it's we've crossed that point drew Ferrell has been seen oil to some extent understandably so. But after the at this point right now this must win most wins with a guy on the -- though he pitches. And that's almost now this pushed back third fourth I thought we come on here today react to the game it's it would get from bottles but now it's like we have -- But actually docket yet today but that's the secondary story off one of the most liberal Red Sox playoff games of all I want more Ferrell second guess where its vehicles. In that ninth inning it would John. Get a play the infield in Detroit ends up making you really good play walk resupply. I was surprised they don't walk him to set up a double play with cost -- And the -- buckle up and looked up what was the -- can double switch gears I think with a base open and -- double play set up it is not fearful walk. That's. The -- feral -- John. With coach well guys got throw strikes not -- but they contact. Actually not -- proceed walker yeah I I thought that Sunnis well in get lost in the shuffle. -- there. To dive to and I write like that that girl off perfect -- Gratefully great baseball where you know. Great -- that yes yes yes yes it it was a great baseball it's not possibly -- were -- it was Red Sox are down here comes the bullpen bull market to hit breaks of -- -- all right get the hit to make the thing for forty thinking okay. Once attacked on much time think about but the tags on the gulf -- gets what more out of 110. One insult because apple this calls. I actually did missile rose. They could not get a hard hit balls gluttony -- -- -- forums. Got to Martinez pretty well to shake things up guy in the regular season. Six ERA 50 wait but two walks you saw that guy -- For the first which arresting users goes on expect to -- If these situations so you guys are lined up they like get your -- calls earlier 617779. 79378. TT -- like 37937. Year Kirk and I. Why you might not like the rule but that call that spot instruction. I'm not gonna get on here and tell you that -- -- the game he did not blow the game made a call by the book -- 2.0. And I can't have a -- about that there's a lot of Ferrell decisions plays in the field muscle the market that -- there the end but -- question but that call. That's that's. That's the right call that spot in my opinion -- Ben's future is arguably the softer 937 WEEI. Yes go to notre -- like get cute -- polite yeah you just mentioned wanting out of official scorer in college in the all the places. Don't want winning pitcher out of opposing -- -- -- -- That is incorrect. The one that scored. -- Allen Craig was. What do responsibility. Called -- because the second out was made at the plate. Yeah note inconsequential. Compared to people want to mention that. Some of the people right yeah hypothetically. And active Bluetooth that he made that call and out there are before the busy. So called trip. He made that call went in the clip wouldn't say. So hypothetically. You know what you are they do -- media. And jumped all of Iran it is. An imprint it just. A little bit because we don't jump over that anyway it's called -- sit up -- out at the plate with anything to do with the call. Articulate gentleman and hopefully he looked up at. Growing call thank you. Should. Take a look at that again later I think you know I was -- -- the calls fine. I was overwhelmed with the performance of the umpires after the game. Seemed confused -- the cold right. Confused about. I'll work play had its -- -- nine -- -- some resentment toward reform and that rule book to their reading out of him was -- try to get the call what I will say -- Major League Baseball crowd ever see all the time. There's no way world call happens like that -- it's -- gamers suitable to bring -- crew and meet the media. Now there's no way it minutes after the game it'll be honest private jet after -- hands up at Super Bowl trophy gone so she got that. Ralf was in Cranston talking about the play last night -- Ralph. Well I got actual -- a couple of Katrina quote shall lockyer shirt got the ball that well it's especially recklessly that it. Oh really checked game like some -- according -- on an addiction shower but I can tell you guys -- -- in the space so. At a nickel hole like that would level we're at a clear trajectory of old Blake at third base I don't know why even meet that all. Well here's the problem -- I -- technically at any got it wrong with the Joyce who said he was really on the chalk after the -- -- -- wrong that was a dumb thing from say. Because nowhere near the -- the problem is in a situation like that from all the guys that I've talked to last night and today. The base runner creates his own base path at that point the direction of the base runner and I -- notebook I Noel presence gone after this today. With the pictures ever wants to weakness picture Jeff Joyce the base runner. He's clearly creates is on bass lines of the talk that you look at at. Doesn't matter at that point. What do you mean like I'd like to look at guilt particle thought they were 83 console -- that -- -- you glut that based. I actually got -- -- game I mean. -- quote run -- create social based. I would never -- that plane based on an -- at terminology. I -- the average rate on. I mean if you get up in goals and facial. Coding that they had little at -- Shall we -- the wall patient. And I just don't understand the terminology. Of what our region's old based but it also. You thanks dropped you have via of the rule there. I can victory -- second since its release read it's. It's it's pretty like the governor I wanna pull up the exact. Or pull the exact rule 2.0. And local report a wanna find the exact part first world talking about nick isn't Weymouth -- Yeah a lot maybe the double hook bio with the west and -- Brooke there cause of went out of his so called -- that. You've got a static output times at which you couldn't -- it -- electric -- you -- is -- needs. He's back with this being back on the ground again and then he raised them again. Now I wouldn't equate that with any motion by the middle books try to get up I would equate that with emotion of trying to distract. And I don't and -- and the end no intent. That they that's Blair looked at it and I think about that a Red Sox Nation that's where a lot of people look at that you. Adding that I think nationally people urged witnesses is a bizarre situation that they're looking at this is an umpire call there looking just as strange. Circumstance and the World Series game in Austin will get the sense that most people think the centrist -- last few. The basis of a social media response from the hip and -- -- -- -- you know last. You know first hours -- up after the people it's it's a rule that there was. Handled correctly I don't know what else is posted at -- obstruction occurs reading from the rule book right now the umpire shall call or signal destruction. The plays being made on the instructed obstructed runner or the back. The batter runners instructed before it -- first baseball is dead at. All right -- -- without liability to put out there. There's been no destruction obstructed runner shall be awarded at least one base beyond the base he had legally touched before the destruction any proceeding -- forced to advance. Are awarded bases that the penalty of instruction shall advance -- liability put. On the out so be it to me it's pretty Clinton for a cut and dry when you look at it you know it's it's -- Whether it was intentional or not it -- are not intended as the rule states. You sort of have to make that call their rejoice. Is clearly shot -- -- is not looking at you looks down sees that Altria was done that yet. And meet -- calls it right away it the other thing if you sort of waited he calls it right away -- plate umpire calls it right away yeah and you just waiting for the -- sought that the third baseline he saw the whole little higher. Point to the bag and then wait for the twelve point point plate wait for it to happen because it was safe. They would just said OK can affect the place that he was out of structure of the play and they skin in the game winning does happen frost cash. I don't nothing Rosser was out of their way to go in that and as we -- grow especially if it does throw and it both. Both parties you're guilty in terms of Saltalamacchia and -- Brooks you know and and that -- has got to stop knocked up all that heat he knows easily -- leading into the base runner to try to make that tag. Gant he knows he's gambling final knock this ball down as a chance gonna be call for destruction maybe not as used to it because. He's not a bullet middle of the -- we -- shortstop to second baseman all the people call that sort of play. So I think that the decision to help you make so that ball down is guilty to Dave Ross beat the catcher. Between games for game seven if it goes that far up Mike's up in Maine Mike let's go up. They got what it picnic my call and what you just went irrational. Reading of that rule you know doing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- big either way a president since last week where in the rule was taken out on that field goal try with the jet so that we listen to this today all day -- -- vital of the tuck rule -- greater fear and all these years. You know what guys get over it the rule. And a boy this is this business this is toll is totally different last -- jets game. But the rules are in the book for a reason to be implemented not not the book but what's all the way during crunch time. If their four reasons. Well I take it further to give -- the rule that that the Torre was reading average of destruction but the they dig down even further and -- of a fielder is about to receive a thrown ball. The ball's in flight -- directly toward and near enough to the fielders who must occupies position received the ball. He may be considered in the act of fielding a ball it is entirely up to the judgment of the umpire as to whether a fielder is in the act of fielding the ball. After a fielders made an attempt to field the ball and best he can no longer be in the act of fielding the ball for example this -- the play itself last night. Evident the other dives -- a ground ball the ball passes him that he continues to lie on the ground and delays the progress of the runner he very like. Is obstructed that right just that that's that's the -- -- that's what it's just bad luck -- -- down there in that situation and you lose the game is a reason for the rule. Was interpreted correctly at -- George to a good job as he's made mistakes you know in the past absolutely but. Her she'll talk about last -- heard mugger got a -- talk about less like this is respected umpire. Who made the right call -- that situation. If your Red Sox fan you're this. You want the same call me wanna be awarded -- hole because if you if from a common sense standpoint it -- just gets up and he has touched the middle Brooks. I think he scores easily OK so if your Red Sox -- that happen -- you you want obstruction call you wanna be awarded the run because comets that should take over and say. Is running into doesn't tripled from him like he's an athletic or injured I don't care. If he doesn't run it will be sports at that point and you want the same exact call. We're talking about instruction I want to talk more about John -- decisions which to me. We're a much bigger impact on this game last night 617779797. It's the eighteenth tee decks on 37937. Kirk -- and ran half marathon. This morning and it's that appeared to -- but with you hear it up Busch Stadium or your phone calls from Saint Louis next. When when the play developed after. It's all the markets to ball third base. After the ball head on straight through and Allen had slit in the third and stood up. To attempt to go to new home plate. But he was off right there and when you tried to. Advance the home plate. The view -- in the air and you trip over. -- right there and immediately. And institutionally I call obstruction. That is just. Jim Joyce talking about the call after the game but -- a hand here from Busch Stadium 937 WEEI your phone calls. Hey until 2 o'clock at 6177797937. Talked to the -- wanna keep calling Jeff Joyce put them. I said Jim Joyce and being called Jeff once in the first in the it was suggested or Jeff Joyce on the album Jeff Joyce to work that your WEEI -- and you think. I'm Jeff Joyce yes I think -- Yeah that's why Jose July and that happens it's our Jim Joyce saw the first -- it's almost like I say it's -- small eleventh well there all we care it's time Beckham boss who cares about the time. I understand that -- I'm still gonna screw up until Tuesday or going to be here they're going to be a series of over -- will be here to have a guy here before the -- -- -- -- after the you with a welcoming party. Were last man standing here Tuesday pretended to one of these days we're -- program director. And when we do that as inaudible it's just I'm telling you it's got I -- fingers crossed it's about 6177797937. Your phone calls are all day here today the obstruction call I don't probably that -- to their problem with that. I would talk about this game -- you guys David is in Florida today hi David. I don't get -- you know. Obviously. And certainly that it was controversial. -- and you gotta wonder if you didn't make the call what Matt. Would demand that department -- and what might misty. Yeah come on are reputedly publicly yes all absolutely it could've gone either way but. -- -- but before -- got the -- that I the bottom line is that -- Opera mocked in the -- the -- yet well don't know what's the final horrible defense that I would rather it was a mistake to keep demonstrate you let. Not any adjustment while as it you don't see any product that you don't get it coming -- being brought about any crime. Andy I mean what an outbreak in -- there and -- per second base. -- I'm Pedroia era -- back with a -- in her I mean they went back and they wait a minute. And it -- In order to pick up there in about it I hit by it that should not be ready to accomplish anything either victim get credit that. -- -- at the Argus media carpet Bogart some big RBIs that relate. -- -- In the a fielder's choice for RBIs -- -- got to Rosenthal. With a single back up the middle and yet I mean last night debut on the critical to Red Sox it's -- got to make adjustments I agree. I don't think the adjustments are on offense they they were down two different times in that game to nothing. When Bogart's can't make a play the field Ortiz can't make a play. They -- I think 44. So it became -- on the tenth forget the offense for second David defensively. You write about salty he's got to eat -- ball you're right about middle Brooks got knocked the ball down but don't give me toga Kevin Youkilis. I don't give me they got to make off its adjustments to I wasn't watching that game big boy now. Offense that is is the issue is irrelevant what would worry me from a Red Sox fan as I don't trust this manager spot right. I don't trust -- a big spot. He showed last night that he you know again he was behind these behind the -- in this game he -- a couple of bad moves and a great job this year -- manager the year he deserves -- He has done a shaky job at best so far switzer -- in Fall River we get to all your phone calls to now once you have that. -- guys they Kirk opted Margarita and a half marathon I can't even finish up we're grateful for breakfast. But it's got to. I had to -- -- point. And that's sort of a different perspective on this but I think it all hinges on. -- mismanagement gold gained. Starting with not starting brought -- yet because the 2.2. First of all I think if they had an instant replay or the challenge system the end. You would not had that call made I think has been from my looking to want fox and ESPN there was enough to be all over. You know the position though the runner going back to second base with a resume flying. If they had the second to have cooler head that a look at that but listen we don't want a deciding game on. But technical call like this there's enough room for doubt that we put the runner back on -- -- they still have a shot to win the game. And I think that of the total -- but the. I'm I'll -- your second point but I don't think that's going to be called it's gonna be ever replay that's a judgment call by the umpire -- -- and they're gonna replay things next year but it's going to be. Fair -- foul home runs catcher not catch that's a judgment call but even with replay. Does not get overturned once Joyce calls obstruction. That's sad that it gave -- fireworks it didn't matter the fireworks went off your Busch Stadium they -- not -- overturn that call in with five hours mystery play. OK let's delighted that that come to look at I I think there's the rule book is going to be extended look beyond that you can do that but it. The second point is something occurred earlier in the game and how often have been in the fairway and it it would it would have been allowed. It's indicative once again 04 fouls feeling that the played it to go for the kill. Wind Beltran was hit in the fourth inning he was obviously. Having the play. And he had made no effort to get out of the way that all member you held up his his hand -- that are reviewed video out on the images blog debate. Plus elbow yeah empire state that he would report -- to confront -- when that call have been on the turn and not I don't know. But it would have sent us to hone in and by the way I think today. What's waksal don't need in your field called for the time in the game for Peru. And who -- like a good question I don't know we think buckles and the signal that there. To throw at him just to give the time did epic victory call. David Ortiz who has argued. -- Beltran -- free speech on that whole issue and even Tim Cook said. -- first of all he could that the -- here for. You put this to you know put him not getting out of the way for the -- can make a decision to you know on the out. And that would show up on the -- the whole course of editing and all the whole you know falcons' depth we've come up -- challenged thanks a lot guys. Yes kind of garbage -- I mean we've seen victory don't do worried and really try to get out of the way they'll traits were stuck his elbow out he got him that had tickets based. -- order if Ferrell coming out would help anything it was one of a million plays you're gonna look at in this game I'll tell you what is disarmed and get that call the second. Drew was four for 44 this post. One of those hits the 152 waterfalls are in the infield hit against Tampa yet and yet that pop up. The other night here but they called it directories four hits and 44 bats at some point at some point you have to say Anderson makes all the plays defensively. But it's just not it's just not enough where they're getting huge I thought. A big strike a last night in the fifth right. -- triple Saltalamacchia walked first and third drew strikes out and carp as a sacrifice Ellsbury strikes out. Huge plane and getting hit that double score a couple of runs. You know at some point in advance the runners -- -- had that moment and he's lost. And I think you know I have been saying for weeks and he's knocking it to Tarawa in the user to do with these -- what. But then don't kick a pound at last night at 22 game by finally make an addition to him that's what I wanna yes -- -- get a lot of you know brush back from Red Sox fans think it's about defense defense defense I agree. Turn defense to be really good but -- withdrawal scenario Bogart starts at short. Meadowbrook starts at third -- get to the sixth or seventh then you make that offensive moves in it becomes a defense or place of sorts steady last night. It's Bogart's -- Brooks in defensively. Any digits for drew while the game is already going nuts I rather stay here right to look the other way the mistake started -- -- -- should not start writers David what are should be off the bench for the replacement be about one extra what's I'll drop that's. I don't want a big spot something -- Brooks can -- -- He's here at -- I would get some water on good defense. Maybe that's a better option -- pulling drew. And Angola that the -- Lima late Bogart's have to start and either way no matter how you autism but we're wants to go to guys might not let him Bogart's are not -- All decode David Ross to you're there Ross has got to catch it will Seattle frost -- are four games. Penalties which are 4567. You have an off day the middle of right I don't but it might appeal to catch I understand -- site -- The way Ferrell is I don't know but there is no way in the world sport and watching you count him last night. To Bogart's is never coming out of line ever again he's now in its its old. I Shaw's and -- I agree with you got -- what's going on. So all decide Simon and I baseball and Vietnam common umpire I just wanna clarify the creating new gold based out for people in your immediate -- Com something in the example the track is not abuse but the fall. When you're running from -- based not a connect the dots and don't run at a ninety degree angle so using that what the wanna hit a single round at first base we -- called him out everytime you -- a debate that could be out of that same. Proverbial baseline that people are current group as well as a runner trying to score from second base that we round third -- why. Technically according to what these people arguing he would be based. I'll be -- or we established. When the ball is being played to a -- kind of direct line directly from him he's built into and repeat either where he has. So that was. The ball would not at third base or -- played airport based -- was not established a couple. Yeah so equally once he stood up the Sony created his own correct. Yup exactly because based on what you said they -- -- each other when yep that populate in item based out of the baseline excuse me the -- and so he stood up he was trying to get through little -- He was in side of the -- the chalk it not been your. Body that say you would inside of the line but not true that the plane was a ball was not being played its attempt to get him out of -- or -- got up and if I was under the ball what you'll get out I go over to the bench -- Oakland about iPod my coach and go to first base on out of of that but it's true. That let people messed up they think shock is the base. Yet the LAL you don't have to Sean thanks your calling your input when Jim Joyce the post games as a clue clearly right on a -- not mean it was not close to him -- I think that. I think the -- for than to say it got there. But to see the -- admit that he actually after from the skirmishes are like I love that I think every sports do you make it to be accountable players coaches are the owners are available Friday night rule book their front of about you know -- inventories boosts. The guys excavation -- makes you think -- -- lucky that this. Amid these red can they wouldn't get it right I don't think so. But you see that that's the sort of fans of rich people get them worked up when -- an explosion like that can pinpoint this is wrong this is wrong in this. We're talking about you until 2 o'clock to local anywhere 61777979837. All your phone calls where your Busch Stadium. Kirk went ahead and Mike and Nancy Sports Radio WEE. Had to dive for the ball falls pretty inside. -- -- As originals and so. You know I don't -- a dive for the ball there that are endorsement ago to go to get up he's on top of me so. You know -- from -- there. So. I don't know it's tough -- for -- streets of what about the way -- back. Against good pitching and that's visceral so I don't. When I have developed. That is well little rooks after the game. Much -- hand here from Busch Stadium 937 WEE we're not going anywhere your calls until 2 o'clock out spear rob Bradford. Take over from there and then Dennis and Callahan servers -- real close -- -- is that right Dennis and Callahan. Have been. Put it to duty WQ and a post game. -- version live from Saint Louis 937 WEE I get covered. All -- -- 61 ET excellent. Is 3793. Says. You might hear some of that who is Jerry played the Fred roll today. It. I don't I think I don't know if they've got over that yes that's a good question was off a white saw what athletic socks. -- Lou Lou is in a car driver morale but many handers they Lewis Lou. Pocono next event. Despite beyond explanation for sure who is an umpire on. I thought that the baseline. Established. I want to play is out of patience still come out clearly that tag play less than a typical from -- plate to first. I want to go on to something they clearly. Use the terror around the base -- outwardly the glass as the baseline if you get inside of that. No I'm tired always to call mature. On the inside the baseline and they would call you August. Not it's not meant but that's exactly true -- you play guys run down the first base line basically on the grabs. And get their safe and they were called up the baseline that that's. But I'll is involved Internet and it checks and -- -- -- make -- call. But they're out of the -- wanted to -- at some wild about the baseline -- that plays. A little while other Balkan EU in a -- of the baseline it's a dead ball a different effect for the collision evacuation -- that case -- what. What with a -- what would it differ resulted in. What would you like them to call their. Entitlement among our area we talked about -- -- yesterday. The double play yesterday and obstruction or whoever that -- played OK just to establish what a -- -- -- I'm finding. What a baseline -- it got dark around the baseline. And clearly on its slide played -- even so that you know I don't into the don't inside the field and those inside the baseline if you look at the left field you. When I get up because I don't know we -- pattern kind of aura but little -- inside the baseline. And in my eyes that should not have been obstruction elections. I don't know I watch it live right here right above third base have watched a million times today. And every time I say that was part Sox want to get obstruction call there I want to call destruction -- I it's it's not. It's not a great rule in Gaza City prepare for the role for for five hours that's fine. But he got past several that play what other things that happened in the game between Ferrell and Saltalamacchia and middle Brooks all the decisions that. -- -- focus -- the last play. I thought there were stuff that was bigger the game that you've asked the manager of the year last night the game got too fast for John Ferrell as you said earlier. This tonight. If it starts to move and shake a little -- -- the -- -- -- you don't believe what workmen Matt and I here's here's the thing would hurt him a lot last night to a he has a widget for TV that situation. I don't Jimmy prominent with the people there. At that point you have to make the move offensively got to make -- move that's what -- fortunately kind of moves are putting up a little bit -- makes things even more difficult and I think we're looking into. Start tonight where if -- makes a start I think don't we all think that's probably -- happening yet. There's a fifth or whatever I mean you're gonna be at that spot again I know what do you expect quickly buckles should be executed he's advocated the idea that you've rocketed back he wants that would. I was -- Up early for Jake Peavy -- had trouble with that when they sat down got up there. You can't use you brought it's gonna back up -- what do you think Buick buckles -- pitched eight innings capsule setup. No 6050. For someone that -- were four or five -- or wanted to know would be surprised write about companies gonna give you usually not expect jail break bread always knock him do the -- are -- going to be that's by the interpublic to -- -- early needs to be the -- because again. All of stuck to Mitchell caller from Maine today -- Mitchell. They played on in. You get stuck to -- that thing that really irks me about the game last night it you know that the last play notwithstanding. -- make the decision to use. -- -- and whatever the reasoning behind closed. Whatever but he's in the game and it was good feeling -- was good year right Dili and unlike. Well you know when we -- those two now on strike calls. I thought are sure the next you know pitch is going to be. Saying. And then. I think it was the the bottom half of that inning. But -- -- top seven now right Wendy's Saltalamacchia struck out they couldn't chip middle Brooks for drew the attention Gomes. For the -- spot. But they'd bring engulf homes. To hit with nobody on in two outs and then you've got to hold it brought. It didn't you credit hated it. That's another -- -- -- point I hated it brought -- down last night novelists ever since I was two outs two outs and you heard Gomes. And and I was going crazy and he's like is its people and you brought right now and this is early in the America I think it depends on what happened. I -- -- -- as a runner on second and that you're only chance the -- on there's nobody -- So that's one that's it's sort of if you want to outline out. I would create it got out of six that's a good that's -- -- that's a good second guessed that definitely that's a toll for airlines erection that time nobody on two votes. Adam -- to -- Bob -- of their life. It doesn't make any sense other than this so they already used choate at that point right showed command. Out of the bullpen. And now Seacrest was in and so barrels ligament the last comic -- to face a lefty in this game maybe. Is that worth the tradeoff a burning back to back into he as a pitcher. But middle Brooks and the game at third and you burn Gomes soared one adding maybe you Jewish you're right handed bats -- with the only reason I can see that. Is because Seacrest came in and you were dowdy a last lefty there were no more -- -- the bullpen. I don't think that excuses them. Still think that's a spot by the caller brought that up where real question -- guys get exposed much in the post season and John Ferrell right now in the series. Is not handling well he's not acquitting himself well at all -- any Red Sox fans being fair about it. -- different label Farrell they did 48 hours ago -- to jump to a year's top of the hour we are not going anywhere you Red Sox calls for the next hour. At 6177797937. AT&T text line. At 37937. Year ago but it around on Twitter today at Kirk minute. At -- and UTW. -- yet more Busch Stadium and the Red Sox big loss last night what to expect in game four that's next.

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