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NFL Sunday: Final Thoughts and Analysis for Patriots/Dolphins

Oct 27, 2013|

The boys discuss the weather, the inactives and what they foresee happening in today's matchup at Gillette.

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Always mentioned earlier Matt worked the game here to elect yesterday the UMass game on ESPN. And apparently for them for those people who were within the stadium. It's pretty similar conditions today it's nice I mean it's kind of you know on pleasant fall day. But it's pretty breezy in there -- you know what if if you happen. BC on the side it's this on real life it's going to be really very warm yeah like shadowed his public calls were talking about 1 o'clock game. -- don't think a lot of the issues -- -- and so maybe second. It is its own issue absence from the cool weather in the shout those issues in Africa last week market the issue actionable items on. Huge issue in the northeast and zone -- these words come forward. So that shot you get some some balls and I always -- -- pre outs when -- could be. -- -- alignment -- all but it's -- but I think the weather will be well after that when it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you're if you're at the game up at the close the -- -- little colder in the stands as a walk or. I would expect this is game where the patriots. Feel that they get a little pressure on the quarterback but the problem for the dolphins as we said all season long and we mentioned earlier Ryan Tammy L has been sacked 26 times already. Couple numbers from this game just give you an idea of what this is like. Miami has lost nine of eleven in New England since Gillette Stadium opened back in 2002. Their last win in New England was 2008. Ryan cannon with a freshman wide receiver at Texas in -- day here -- just give you an idea how long it's been overall. Have to beat the dolphins six straight eight of their last ten. And since 2010. The pats are 24 and three at home in the regular season haven't lost the game in October. Well forever they didn't lose games in October especially here at home that -- on games. All the numbers seem kind of point away from the Miami Dolphins today as I love the split. Traditionally when you saw these two teams because you guys -- go to the Miami early in the season -- at that -- out there. In four is in intro it always talked with him in years past about -- that you would -- -- -- it. Totally messed up government perspective you know which the cool. Weather down there in -- inevitably the dolphins appeared December and just roll like dogs as they couldn't handle -- that it. You know that the the conditions but. I find it interesting you should waiting breakdown of the flipped around there -- a year earlier in the season. It's going now there later in the year just the week that these -- troops have kind of fall in years. I think this year fevers the patriots at least maybe from whether perspective but it's the -- that exactly yeah yeah but it's Demetris he opens. I think today -- kind. A situation where. That don't don't take this is a time when your thirty degree name it's not that what you have been used to sixty and seventy if fifties just a notch below if you see some early ball handling things. You see a guy that you know maybe didn't used to work gloves and -- needs of those kind of things sometimes this creep up which just the first pick in football world this is actually perfect witnesses. Fifty issue in sunny and bright and you get out there your break this one I think you view me as a player off the kind of prefer this in the fifties range as opposed the east -- -- -- But you know I I feel like it's also the Miami game Buffalo's level when you often check when you get your. When you get your schedule orally because you don't wanna be -- buffalo December and have that sort of disadvantage what yeah I think that the whatever it for what reason schedule makers or whatever they kind of took that whole factor out of happened -- in the hot hot sun and in the cold cold. -- the weather later the Miami just often you know they would like. We were talking to neutral field in this week in mute point telling that beat -- and the temperature down the ball. I want this week in Miami and -- wonder if some of it was it's going to be articles -- -- -- -- there -- Long -- and -- Now it was it was definitely be turned delegates and -- the low sixties and so the idea was that. You know you wanna start preparing for more fall like conditions -- the -- it is supposed to. What -- -- -- this will be a roundabout question but I promise you it will get to a point that makes cents. Aqib Talib is not the plate today it if you were guessing. How the patriots have utilized to lead against the dolphins today because the obvious. Point leading to that is who's going to be the guys and OK my my game plan just got easier or better from a -- And my says my best guess is that. It would know Bennett who you're gonna -- game it would have been like Albert I the could still play man but -- -- -- necessarily -- advantage. Having to leave copper Wallace's from times and then. The other guys here at other times of heartland heartland I don't think your lesser advantage of one or the other it's. You know over half -- -- that the whole whole question I think his. Where he's super important where you have a game complete team playing piece of the other guys can't do. I don't think this is one of those weeks obviously he's just an -- of anyone because he's a good. Good quarterback but I don't think from game plan standpoint this is one of those weeks where it if that we have had -- we would have moved him around I think it would have been more sort of a stable week. -- wood and a team defense question because. You can sit there and say we're gonna be able to -- pretty good pressure -- in jail because of that week offensive line and -- think your idea of them trying to go deep to someone like Wallace. Is it really. I I don't know if it's going to be that practical with McDonald's that's going to be that's sustainable so I could have seen a situation where. If he was able to play this week and if they wanted to plea -- coverage he would have been -- heartland as opposed Wallace. Possibly you are alleged. Just a bit bigger but -- he's not a big receiver on the we've called them but one of the batch of Tom really anxious to look at as we review we've response of time on Chandler Jones vs probably now Bryant McKinnie. We're forgetting about the other side and that's Rob Ninkovich who's been one of the most productive and consistent guys. He now gets a guy and Jonathan Moore who moves to right tackle would have been a little bit shaky there last year. And hasn't now play the position so as much as you're looking for wins. On Chandler side of the ball maybe feasting on that situation. Rob should be really chomping at the bit over his and a wide making plays and remember the system to Ryan's throwing -- sites is going to be in that lap. To be able to get some things that himself. Setting aside that last penalty on Chris Jones I thought Jones in -- Lotto in the rest of -- defense of -- Did very well last week against the jets the jets -- did top 100 yards you look at it from a numbers perspective. But it at. Forget who was it was a blow -- -- but it was I agree with the other back yet won more than thirty time to do with it died yards per carry number was we down I think usually the patriots would take that. I thought Jones his ability to. Pilot tackles. His ability to get penetration of the backfield two sacks I thought that group upfront played very well last week in which I've been wave the flag. Thought for sure it's been doing a great job of a lot of was well a lot of those good job taking a double teams and -- -- enough on space she's active both guys have been doing a nice job. The movement the mistakes that I believe they were probably correcting them film for the weekend it's called pastors distribution essentially. If you got four rise across the line you can't get to a situation where during a pot with one another you need to keep your -- you keep spread -- -- -- -- Sent out a Twitter me let me finish this segment but there was there were too many situations where a lot of -- -- -- right next -- one another. Or situations where in a four man rush for you and a three guys left the summer one rite of summer it's okay lose in a one on one battle and more often times than not they didn't. But if you ever lose and get pushed to the side that that forces that. The wind did not have distribution that's a problem I was a young person mistake you. You saw the few times in the game where they got themselves balled up a little bit while that we're not winning sometimes even double team but it's okay to get doubled. He's in the state the right sides of the quarterback doesn't see highway a speech -- issue spacing issues except. I know that we don't think that the dolphins -- earlier from the football. Especially effectively to begin with but without Vince Wilfork and without Tommy Kelly in the middle of that defensive unit for the patriots. Are the dolphins attempted to try to do that more than we've seen them do in the past for the dolphins this week in in. It really does this in mr. from New England but you wanna be of the control that have proceeded to situations where you can -- second run effectively. I don't think maybe gonna come out and try to force the Arabic -- found out about it. But he do you think if you're in a situation in the second half where. They have an opportunity to run the football. They're gonna take -- they're going to be able lifted the with those guards are going to be able to be there I think that's a winnable match up New York the Miami -- the one we talked about how bad it is but I think at the same time. You -- when early show. -- sublime what you want to have rubble he wants fared for you what's been -- it was -- like BitTorrent the defensive -- Again you have to look at it in the context to redeem but if those opportunities are there I think the -- communities -- -- And that there have been a lot of cuts and conversations we were haven't got to Miami this year is south a Lamar Miller has been bad it's not that that Thomas has been bad. They've been OK and I had the bombers are modest and not shocking that -- like -- -- records like -- hurt her high threes it's it's they've been productive not explosive. So I think they're having a lot of the same neutral conversation that we got to get warm or going to maybe maybe it helps you think by virtue put the 6300 I'm gonna left tackle. But McKinney has -- agree -- blocker in the last couple years later discoveries were just a giant obstacle. So they're gonna wanna keep him involved as much as Stephen really get involved affects the way the patriots wrong and so I think. Both offenses are actually in in a roundabout sort of way deal with some I do. -- to these two teams really offensively there're a lot of similarities and you know in in its different personnel differences you know and obviously -- into the quarterback out of it but. They have had a lot of the -- issues over the course of the first. 567 games the year I have one final thing before we get to -- -- here today. US Tom for Tom -- in the question I'll turn around and you guys Tuesday at 4 o'clock trading deadline in the NFL will the patriots amicable. The -- -- the -- I don't think so I am going back in the in looking at the in season deals that beat me you know obviously -- -- -- for 2010 with. You know the that the -- to read the at the Rio acquisition of the united. You know last year they did it -- -- I just don't see it happening -- -- the where with the need -- I mean that's that's that there's less where's the spot you're doing visited defense -- as he argued defensive tackle spot but is available that's the question who's available who's going to be able to be out there as it as a -- -- partner who do you like. As a potential fit in this system well the other guys out there. Who are intriguing prospects but I don't know of those guys were out there. Would necessarily be good fits well and this is one of those situations we have no idea where their health wise I mean you know -- -- relish that name around nobody says he worries that. Toll business name and I think we -- available through back channel conversations. We know about so you can literally look at anyone's roster and look at teams not doable what back. We'll see if -- poacher I don't know. Pilots do we think is gonna happen in today's game patriots in the dolphins' week eight the NFL schedule. Chris will start with -- having knowing that -- distinct when he fourteen anything the patriots. The fact that the continue to re acclimate gronkowski back into this dolphins combined with the fact that money we struggles when it comes to. Trying to shut down titans and that is well as effectively -- really had problems when it comes to protecting the quarterback I think knowing it's going to be able to get into those opportunities. When it comes to rushing the passer you're gonna see big -- for Jim Jones. Ninkovich when it comes to sack numbers in the league in wins this thing 2014. Fourteen OK guy like. The ideas are lingering around that thirty number the patriots. Come back -- much as they did. With the saints game following Cincinnati were able put up thirty. I think when their school there in that range. And I think Miami offer some of the some -- -- as the saints defense to assault the -- they score. Somewhere in the neighborhood -- patriots thirty. Dolphins twenty -- and an outrage about a ten point spread but I have a feeling that the future it's with another week to work another great week of practice. Chart to figure out who the heck they are I mean they're still trying to figured out they may not born and noticed a middle November. But they have other opportunities now see what rob can do at this point. Re integrate him and now not forget about all the of the guys he's got his weapons that are at their best when the ball was spread -- and they use all the walls in the tool belt so. That's world on third one. Based on how the patriots played last week. I'd have no reasonable victim again this week that they were -- I mean that third quarter are often seen since the -- he tools days here I mean it was passed -- I mean it it was bad. The difference is the playing -- team that may be struggling more than -- Dolphins started the season three you know they've now bottle and three cents their quarterback -- during the ball over seven turnovers in the three losses. I think -- put up their for guys to have to make plays on. This is a team -- been sacked 26 times already this season I think that it's some pressure on the quarterback. So I don't feel great about the patriots and how the playing right now. But thankfully for them they're playing the dolphins who may be playing worse so. I'm I'm gonna make it -- clean sweep and will probably -- look like fools at about 5 o'clock today about the patriots but. The offensive explosion everybody's expecting that haven't -- -- reason -- believe they can do that -- like you know 2117. Some like that somewhere in that ballpark in. Hopefully they'll win this thing we got to get out of here for those of you who were interested in final hole but to be our. World Series game four tonight Saint Louis. We've got baseball programming all afternoon long Mike with Netscape Berkman had a coming up next live. In Saint Louis. And the guys from the Dennis and Callahan shall we will be coming your way after the Ole hole what stuff going on there enjoy your football everybody out thanks to up. -- playing here and -- Loper back at the station for put this whole thing together. Enjoy your day we'll talk in next week's Sports Radio WE yeah.

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