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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live From Gillette Stadium

Oct 27, 2013|

Mr. Curran calls into NFL Sunday to help break down Pats/Dolphins set to kick off at 1pm today and also discusses the upcoming trade deadline.

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Let's head into the stadium right now bring in our buddy Tom Curran from Comcast sports net CS and any dot com good morning -- current -- I'm doing very well thank you I understand that on the field they are behind you in some place. Danny Amendola is in uniform and doing football stuff but -- sort of felt all along he was gonna play today but it looks like that's pretty likely. Yes and I think it's given. What seem to be very dire injury would happen. It again. And a announces -- Resilience is and -- he is despite the fact but he easily broken. Thomas cuisine -- acutely about the yet. I not yet -- I I think the feeling is that based on what we saw of him over the course of the week. Would be surprised if he was not out there but at the same time I at this. I think back to the Jacksonville game -- -- out there for five or six snaps and they realized he couldn't go they've they've they've pulled off the field. Yeah I mean and we saw that couple weeks ago when he tried a couple of come out when he tried to muscle -- -- against the New Orleans Saints. I think you have to do as you do with Rob Gronkowski perhaps that. The patriots after the -- -- the Broncos camper and we can't. -- side options that. You know huge game in -- It's a divisional game. And you suddenly have -- bunched up they see what. You have to measure your steps going forward it's how much you're going to use it it's more important game that's so early that next week's game in the week coming out by. We still don't want Oprah went to we've been evident in app that -- which is annually bothersome -- Do we know at Rob Gronkowski dad thinks the McKee we've situation. Should go -- -- growing up keep. All the local. -- Let's talk a little bit about Tom Brady and his physical condition we yeah. We saw the picture taken -- -- patriots charity event of Tom -- the two fingers the second and third fingers on his throwing hand taped together. We note that -- on the sack last week in the third quarter first play of the third quarter. He got to kind of shaking that right hand through -- six the next play what's your assessment of where he's at physically today. Well I think watching that game I didn't -- velocity Europe so tight spiral impacted by the fingers. It needs in the -- you can deal with the most -- I think -- blow it by this point in the -- and actually -- pop open the injure -- with a shoulder. Wonder that about. -- They would never do that Tom they would never do that I know I know I guess it all out here -- But I think you look at. The fact that an injury apt to be. Ordered any time he's rich and and she pretty pop up on -- Figures were sort I don't. What an impact -- we just beat the pop up last week after the initial order. -- we talked a bigger question this week -- -- Brady when he was at the podium talking about. Is it ability or inability to. Put them are got a lot of these passes duties on this here where you in the US junior it was reported question. It looked like she's kind of driving a lot of these balls this year as opposed to what we've seen in years past what's your take on that how that relates to his. -- mechanical problems if he's had mechanical problems that point. Sure I think it's a decision making thing. We will get its decision to drive the ball and I'll. And it doesn't that is -- -- question -- your arm strength as it relates to age. Really isn't realizing how much velocity he's put them all right now relative we've done in the past his inaccuracy I think it's. In that he sort of also -- so law. That where are having an opportunity to -- for the -- and if you look at why would he be doing I guess the question that -- not all of. When you know where players are well wouldn't you know they're going to see it separates perhaps you could afford to puts more aero on it. And I think that in the past we've seen them all with both players more frequently. With balls that are thrown I don't want. This year on a lot of these comebacks a lot of across at a bike can think of countries from -- -- -- always -- -- -- -- think -- -- where. Last week he was trying to figure out where God's name -- broke Hopkins was going to go. On -- late results -- in the fourth quarter when he hit a plea entered into pockets who was running around basically in a circle. Until we -- though -- -- it would gonna go and finally when he gets figured out pretty had to throw. You know what -- fastball out. And you don't have opportunity to react to the ball as well I think are -- you'll -- put -- -- people. As opposed to throwing into what -- all intersect critical to -- because if you predict where they're going to be and that's why. That's where a lot of inaccuracies coming so they have to figure out. How to make him. More trusting what you can some one more closed it out -- predicated on. Guessing. Where guys will be. Aqib -- what he inactives by the -- actors -- just announced boys to leave a bowl artists. Tommy Kelly Leon Washington chief Beckett in Chris Parker. Are the inactive for the features today to leave probably the biggest name in that group. But given the addition of under Carter not all all that surprised for decades. Voice at least of a to me anyway appears to be headed for Richard your not a light -- Marines took in 2011. -- you know what Taylor Price in 2000 the point. Yet now with police to when I met him in mini camp in right after strapped to. The skinny on him was that he was a very should be -- and you know we have seen that. The inability that to map the -- -- necessarily relate to intelligence that Watson being a prime example. Our program mote being a prime example well. The other side of it but boy came into it I'm not -- -- -- that's for whatever reason Tom Brady. -- not trusted. And I don't know that would -- earlier and are also looking at related but. I think it's looking like Richard you record for trudge forward to the guy who very early on if you treat it you know what he's not at all. Or when you look at the fact that -- Tompkins. And and -- are out there and Aaron Dobson ranked like first and third in the NFL in drops right now how much confidence does he have in them. That's. An excellent question and I don't think that either it is that you worry a lot. That the site otherwise where. You know I I think you -- to have options were guys who would get the -- ball more and to -- I think both those guys up there have better chances at all. To try book that you soared changing. Pacers slightly Tommy. With the -- coming out that also means. Table on Wilson's now active for the first time after -- traders -- overloaded so yeah almost a month and then Andre Carter who's just you know rent a couch. Is now up what sort of -- expert from the studios. -- I would expect -- pro -- a minor role in public special teams related. Our Graham died on though not because the perimeter guys is it expected. Which is where the patriots strong in the front so right now -- In -- adults inside looks like the bigger problem. A lot of wind -- are still trying their best but I don't think they can do a lot of different things with those guys and and high powered he's going to be stressed. Every and a record of extra strength is what -- all boats but seven guys. So -- Carter helped you. I wonder if they must and I feel more secure the veteran presence that they can put him in the -- Trailer on -- side. And try and be at the pile up front that's that's what -- find out why Andre Carter as opposed to Iraq. For a. Okay yeah cures for itself as a mime myself but I think the thing that will be interest in watches which of those two channel or Andre they've bumped down I know they uniform in my opinion usually it's. Chandler -- out of Buchanan stays outside but. -- -- -- -- Were pretty simple -- similar -- this for a size and and make up so really you could bump Audrey inciting keep chairman of the outside of you felt like you. You know I was of their matchup against McKinney but I guess from my my point of view appearances seem -- would see how those guys fit together -- so similar one another. Yeah and that's what I would think if you. What all the guys they were going to -- I didn't think it would be somebody who you were -- it. To returning to their best defensive player right in the front -- Cilic all but yet. All things being equal and I think you probably agree -- rather have electoral -- like I'm not yet based on right inside. They're not break part of this because those people like the -- explosiveness you have a point or oppose the 34. I will freely admit I have watched a -- 100 didn't and in Oakland it's like kind of I don't know worries that you know I don't know if you have a pocket pusher like to have from a juror Warren maybe he's he's always extremely strong dude. And yeah I don't think you know or lose of that when you when your your legs start to go but. It'll be -- in other use of my thank you with if Brian McCann he's going to be the -- their -- have to win underneath them a lot. Which means pocket flushing so you can't just have the run -- the field -- ninety vineyards the because -- of ten helpless to step up either Chandler or. World -- will need to win often insider at least with power moves that means the pocket could flush and that means your inside guys. Need to be able Trace -- that needs you know Chris Jones a lot of little thicker or his group reset -- -- that space might be a laundries just the better aptly. Well that's going to be one of the things too because if they're flush now you have an issue -- got got their feet in the get the outside you've seen you know let. Rick Perry last week on uncharacteristically. I think so by the -- retreat but it really -- With the game -- that makes you a little nervous. I think you know that -- would right in -- -- They have Fort -- receiver. That you could work that way -- since our -- -- look forward as opposed what is your although there. Really -- with Cincinnati oh well there. So in buffalo so. If you get you're gonna have to cover for awhile that there it's recovering in the end. And in no breaks pocket he can run a little bit I think this morning we've all seen. There's got to be very very happy that you know Patriots defense such as it is a witness that two weeks ago right I think they're great opportunities that it put up points. Thomas -- between now and Tuesday. I note that if the Pittsburgh Steelers -- continued to lose minerals into sort of -- it really. Try to entice that spurred on. You're successful the last couple weeks has. Well that'll open it. Arab -- -- pretty what I -- -- quiet mentioning that Larry FitzGerald. Will be on the block definitely in the off season. And perhaps fight to mutate and again I don't think the patriots have. The artillery to make that will remain -- the cap space to assume. -- be in terms of right. This year but I don't know what they have the artillery to make the appeal in terms that wrapped. So I would say. For -- -- roundabout way -- We got there eventually got Tommy Curtis wrote. I have accident Tommy Chernoff brought to you by Tom currents here doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair. -- those pleasure we'll talk to next week. Thank you Tom -- joining us from inside the stadium a couple of things around the league just because you care about the stuff. CJ Spiller inactive today according to Ian Rapoport he's not very happy about it wants to play the bills are holding him out. I'd Jimmy Graham worked out convince the training staff and the coaches he could play. Is active today report excellent receiver as well I think -- that and will reportedly be somewhat -- what he can do but will be playing today. We'll take quick break when we come back in just couple of minutes will -- get an idea of what we all think is gonna happen because believe me we are so good figuring these things out. Basically don't be bet many mortgage money based on our opinions NFL Sunday presented by compliant ski insurance at the -- -- they shops or use saved. Visit the plant -- dot com today.

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