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NFL Sunday: The Special Teams Factor vs. the Dolphins

Oct 27, 2013|

The gang talk about how they see the special teams factor effecting the game today. They love what they've seen from Julian Edelman on punt returns this season especially his east-to-west cuts but they still aren't sure why LeGarrette Blount is in on kick returns. Gostkowski has been money all year. Dale also brings up an interesting idea in order to entice teams to not settle for touchbacks anymore - bring the ball to the 15 yard line instead of the 20 yard line.

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Back on NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. -- talk about specialties for just a minute and I was thinking of you. It's sad that I do this as I'm watching football stuff like on the weekends in the college game and I'm thinking about. You know Matt Chatham when he thinks about special teams and how in the college game if you get a -- you bring it up -- 25 and and and I know how much you wanna see more returns we -- more returns last week really than we're used to seeing them. And I come up with a solution where he expects you to ball to fifteen. Yeah so dissuade them from Jessica cutbacks to get the ball up at fifteen not the twenty. And now you're thinking you know what I got at least try I mean I'm here better than fifteen also that if you end up with a net seem moderate terms or artistic or was originally I mean that's I'm just trying to come up with a -- you know we see so many. Two incentivized the green yell out. But. That's that's what he hears a thanks so I do like the college example because you -- back and it -- to UMass game yesterday with. -- mr. Prius piano and the game opens with a kick return for touched -- it just makes the game some work site. To circle back off the kick burgers I thought last week was one of you know to make the point that you mimic in all your dale had the staff says she's so good -- an element with this part return. I test might not tell you that what we'll look a little speaker no you don't see the explosive Deion Sanders in you know about the whole -- plays. But this time so efficient. Last week was I mean it was your scientific case you can put that thing on. On video real short anyone and what's -- if you went wanna say -- currently one was 361 was thirtieth summer in that range. Especially when you're talking about an office that has struggled as much as an -- a huge yardage is it's such a premium. You're able to get a performance out of a guy like -- adamant Q do you view good field position statue of what would later become a touchdown. That is just it's obsolete permanent fascinated by him going forward. What the not the Indian has but what how things are gonna end up for him you're going to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Broncos yet. And yeah he's on a one year deal. In here is -- I did find is exactly -- that's the thing for me it's like Randle -- thing it's just it's impossible to define his value because. I'm under no illusions that he's gonna get the same sort of off into production going forward into the second half of the season. Because Gradkowski going to be here because -- dole is going to be healthy again Nigel ostensibly. Marine is gonna be back in in part of a Mexican so you have to figure that his numbers are going to drop off a little bit but you're looking at a guy who's gonna have thirty something catches almost forty get through the first half year one of the best if not be best punt returner in the league. Where do you go from here with. To put the ball that guy's hands and I think that's what we're -- about the Mike Wallace -- where you think you got some Julian -- -- is not street light speed but. His run after the catch is exceptional. He makes so many people missed you would expect us to program -- remember from the game one election got called back and cost them almost forty or try to position Jamie calls with the block in the back to -- clergy by the way it was the most obvious block in the back call you'll ever hit. It can't do that that's a that's a young guy that needs to learn that lesson pretty quick but I can't say I haven't done it. Some point so but you know color for now want but the way -- and gets the returners that not every thirty yard punt returner -- -- the same. The cuts he's making the people he's making miss the way you cut back against the -- the way he makes. What returned there blocked for sideline and returned to get. -- he still -- yards and other parts of the he just he -- -- US -- is as quick as anybody he pops in and out of a job cut like -- and I've seen it it's it's it's very erection western reporter well. What it it's it's underrated because at the tail end of these returns you don't see a run for three speed and finish them off. I think you wonder appreciate what happens on the front half the -- -- or he does better than anyone the back -- or funeral Boston more than you'll you know -- -- Devin Hester but. I think it's such a huge part of what they do it for team were talking about it's really try to manufacture points and yards he's such an important factor. And earlier -- Washington. Go into this area I -- the preface this question -- -- it is we keep knowing your relationship early -- in a -- -- -- the -- -- respect but I had a few people on -- ask -- this week. When he was downgraded out the fact he didn't practice at all affected really haven't played a whole lot over the first half the season. Wisely in Washington on this. Well because his contractor. So they they're paying him what if you're not but but could you use a body in that spot more appropriately you're gonna -- him no matter what while I had a body you can get is something I still feel like he's a stable and reverently on is a good punt returner he's a great kick return there and I think kick returner. Through the month of we can't be as good as leader blunt. Roll my eyes. And academic but anyway I think that's probably to answer your question. His value on the 53 is what he'll do in the kick return game for the last six weeks of the season I think there is a legitimate concern for a little bit or guard. He's a bit of an old head I think you -- old people when he was young but he's been productive but he's up there I mean you know I think he's close at thirty but it's not a 35 I -- think he's. -- average but he's been that and I think that is all the little warning sign he's had two or three multiple winners and remember the game that they came that he first came back. You get injured in the very first snap of the game right which as an older guy. I've been there when you serve your wallet in the you know you just got too much. I think the red alerts go off but I think the idea that because -- -- for security because we've brought in a certain time that bought him. The time to sort of get healthy and I think the one valuable bring is in the event that you don't have -- that healthy situation. And you need to kick returner so that you -- -- thing I think -- reps or -- if you activate him in December. There's too ill give you one or two or three screenplays or check downs a game that can be big impact placed in a view a high level kick return the punt return looks -- -- to have government -- obviously. You know on -- -- it is the only time you know as long as I mean just that it's the world it is. And I was thinking about this was a point made last week but you know rated for -- course of the game. The point now -- housekeeper. I mean he is money. Kick offs -- money. The Google money and we just take for granted and think about it kick off the argument that it is. Obviously. It's. It -- -- here because. I mean. He's one of the guys. Anchors are. Looking for offer for these top guys week in. His right through that then there. And I expect them. Were now shall be windier today it's your fault that the game -- yesterday Angela with UMass -- So yeah yesterday in pro stock -- obviously. It's going to the north it's quite there were several kick offs in one direction which. -- you. Expect. What was yesterday in the temperatures in this. Low 50s40s. Range. It can affect the kicking game and now deceased. Were missed. A second lead with a four point -- It'll lead to the accurate and it in Denver -- though they'll mention. I think that you I think that we we take for green but it had you know a -- -- last year and think you'd ticker yet that this EDT nineteen desperately need all extra points. That league in such acts. Yet and everything you can give him last week a very. Overtime. Because he had a lot of adjectives to meet its signature the look at signature correctly so there. You know you you start to put together and that was one of the biggest exodus -- that struck out. This is. So it's. Its goal. The numbers here. It's. Good player as -- deal. Mystery. -- Global. Issue. Weeks. -- -- It just. Short stretch the 060. In the weeks last year. That's. -- that your. Stability in each. -- It's. From a numbers perspective on the anemic returns I'd think this group of specialty. -- that these. Look at the numbers. But a little on the last management -- yeah yeah yeah I met with that perspective. And we talked about it but he. You know that the numbers are probably not what you want to kick return. But the punt returns the punting kick offs all of that identity have -- -- expertise but they've played about. -- -- yeah. Four groups they have or exceptional they are very good kick coverage even now the balls are sure to come -- they do a great job with that's got a bright -- of those guys coached up well on that. Their punt protection has been solid there's been -- issues and Ryan as it could balls that's actually accurate portrait turn. The matures a big part of it I don't think it's -- -- blocker at some exceptional group of you know your office of one of the car -- -- Harlow oil with the that's necessary the case. Keeps him. OK pretty good pretty average but the torturers and exceptional to keep them as a high level group the thing that they don't have is to kick return game other gonna have options and they've had opportunities. I just see when I watch film wage from any free people for the ball. -- often falls on the sector returned again the sort of the backer full bucket when you were called. That's often been Brandon Bolden. That's a guy who who passed to pick up the first -- The returners responsible for making the first I missed which are usually shabby when your essentially running with him as if he's a fallback if he blocks no -- Berkshire gets tackle that's what happily on the one so. Is much as you don't feel great about what your blog I'll while will return to have watched with them there's. Just wait too many free people -- one area of the three of three of the four are really good for special teams. I think that's ordered -- to be a lot of improvement would help them down the road. Broadcasting live from Toby -- I'd love this bar -- patriot place right next to Gillette Stadium pats and dolphins at 1 o'clock today. When we come back after the break we'll take you around the National Football League look at all the matchups in week eight of the NFL schedule. Another game one NG what do grand idea that. There's no idea that the NFL can't grind into the ground it's like the National Hockey -- all of a sudden there are six outdoor games now because it's such a grand -- and let let's let's just make sure it is no longer special for people with NFL Sunday presented by the plant -- insurance at the Penske they shops that use a visit the -- -- dot com today.

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