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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Defense vs the Dolphins Offense

Oct 27, 2013|

Miami has been up and down this season on offense and although Ryan Tannehill looked to be taking a big step forward at the start of the season, he has since regressed and made some poor decisions. The guys discuss how Miami really needs to get Lamar Miller going in order to be successful. The Phins traded for Bryant McKinnie this week so he'll probably match up with Chandler Jones - the guys are undecided if this is a good thing or not. Also, the Pats brought back Andre Carter but will he be a big factor in his 1st week?

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Most -- I mean that the players. The right time had a chance when -- -- -- the ball games there at the end hands and we do. That's Ryan ten and help. Quarterback for the Miami Dolphins dolphins started the season three you know they've lost three consecutive games now stand at three and three. Cameo has seven turnovers in the last three games that is. As Eli Manning hugely harbinger of doom he's also been sacked 26 times already this season. Opt for that reason the Miami Dolphins on Monday when out and traded or Bryant McKinnie the start that. Yes he's gonna start at left tackle. Six days after being acquired means he's probably gonna -- Chandler Jones most of today and effort team had given up all whole lot of sacks already. Chandler Jones has got to be licking his chops just a little. A little bit now. I think ideally through the patriots I think you you'd rather McKinney was out there an -- controversial because Bryant is strong willed himself. But Jonathan I wrote about this this -- commitment Friday -- called John Morton was the guy that was brought -- as a relatively the 42 overall pick from Stanford last year and he was left tackle Stanford won the higher rated tackles in the draft. He played all here last year at right while Jake Long a much better tackle was there left tackle. Longo with the -- it was the -- self. Went down John got a few games I wanna see what was the patriots -- longer in the media secure right w.s. He was pretty shaky going into the offseason he put those few games after Jake went down it was pretty. Open -- whether -- -- that was going to be good enough. But they made the decision not to resign Jake Long with a little bit controversial them and we talk all the great offseason signings with. Like Wallace and then the tight and then -- Like his name from the jets. -- but I don't that doesn't excuse. -- so what's the point is they they invested in special responsibility allowing goes slightly at least they've written date they took the risk that Jonathan Martin could take over that spot. They signed Tyler -- that at right tackle on the senate side that -- they're gonna go Jonathan has had a pretty -- or -- this season. And I think if that's what it makes it difficult to judge the quarterback Neil I'm play different views so more. Especially when your investment point was wide receivers and speed on the field guide to throw those people those -- the ball out of long pockets. So I I'm looking at this says if you were the patriots I think you -- actually preferred. To see Jonathan mark stated that left tackle spot close there right. Bright McKinney you can be beaten up solely as a reasoning was available from Baltimore Eugene Munro from the Jackson was treated them there to replace them. But what McKinney is six point 8300 a whole lot whatever it is -- huge and when he gets beat. He gets beat at this point for speed. Because he's older and functions where Chandler Jones yes. But I think Chandler is surprisingly good at strengthen links that pressing pockets of what John Morton had a problem with was this is Iowa while Michael was about was to simply -- -- in the lap right and you know. And you can't do that Brian -- you beat him a different way and I think if if you're the dolphins. You don't mind if Bryant -- allows a guy to four of the field and we saw that last weekend's game against harassment if -- going to be. -- into trying to wind up the field and passed the quarterback that's an open -- related hi -- was not raised. You know we talked about that this week it'll walk on Monday it was Banco and you put that on that touchdown run he put that on him he said that was the reason why you know the play broke down. Because Ohio for pursuit I think it's going to be interest in the article but defending. Regard because. He's not an exceptionally mobile quarterback but he does have speed he does have a limited ability to keep plays alive with his feet. And while it's not as important was earlier in the year freeze some of the quarterbacks I think. Patriots. But containment -- -- discipline it's about keeping -- in the pocket of pushing guys back and I think we're gonna see. Andre Carter play. Fifteen points that it wouldn't be surprised to see him take over that situation is pretty difficult to Michael can increase in the with a -- regression McCain and I wouldn't be surprised -- the one that includes. Jailer at their defense to tackle spot -- harder the deep confidence bought and networking has again fifty points to team. I look at Carter DR -- -- little -- -- -- from the brain of yours where you're not gonna rely on him who you know. -- whole lot but he's a guy who's been brought in through coach of some of the young guys to be a mentor to some of the younger guys on the defensive line the guys like -- because -- -- Keep those guys under his wing you know it's cute to -- with Adam really. He's predispose. With with the here he loves those. Older defense the one the guys and of his career. In the pleasant more -- -- warns of -- trailers. Bobby Hamilton Carter back in 2011. Those guys really serve as mentors for next generation -- one of the worst time to throw the football is an issue for ten to begin with. As we said he's been sacked 2426. Times already this season. Assuming he does have time. To throw the football -- will from time to time. You know what scares you the most from a patriots defensive perspective is it. Is that the flat -- speed of Mike Wallace is -- the reliability -- Brian Hart -- -- you said they've got issues now tight -- position with Dustin Keller being hurt what's the thing. That keeps this defensive staff a little bit nervous going into today's game I think -- depth now at their skill position what they've not had in I don't know how many years that we've been with him and covering it for me. Played against the dolphins. Brandon Gibson as the name it's not gonna rush and -- a lot out there with people don't know if you call this from last. Last time of the -- play the rams last season we were talking about some weather up and coming guys -- Gibson was this. Dynamic super explosive but three or four targets a game guy. That I think changes things for them in the event that they can get the ball and again -- he has not been playing exceptionally well there. Haven't some consistency issues themselves but I do like their mix isn't as a going forward -- thing. Provided the offensive line stability Wallace's speed -- I think -- economic issue for sure. Our line is the dependable route runner gets open competitive on the ball. Rating Gibson is the X-Factor the third that's really dynamic. Imagine a scenario where you kept Dustin Keller there. And at what Reggie Bush go this would be an incredibly dangerous group I don't know if you could -- that under the cap. And keep a bit left tackle Jake Long what. You see there that in the event that there's protection they've got some weapons no I don't think they've had the past. Mike Walsh would be skiers -- I think he's probably the guy that'll get to double that does that mean -- has got. He'll do safety conference and trail or you know some -- way but Mike Wallace I think in in the interim they've had difficulties with the getting the ball downfield -- -- he's become a little bit of the gimmick guy I don't think that was his unnecessarily Pittsburgh bill involvement screens and reverses -- You know quick quick look -- this stuff because that they've got appointments like dude we -- a lot of money. He's our most explosive guy how do we get him involved where you guys surprised at how much we -- mark he's -- last week yeah I was rated it dead. And by the way it probably says more about the guy he replaced and it does about mark he's Cole did depth and we've talked about this before the depth at that quarterback spot. He's not glory. They have three guys there who I think are a really good we talked about to -- we've talked about a desert we talked about going to. I think there's a drop off after that it's only natural you know the reason he's got -- twos and threes but I think. Some of that depth with exposed last week -- I think Logan -- played pretty well I think they're pretty happy with him -- one of the highest -- totals via -- solid game my other vision you know twelve or product but you know. The hot that. I think they've got something there and I think what's what's cool -- more Q school and I think you can go through our trio with Hank -- and a guy a guy that the rule to rely on certain -- off of the Chrysler -- basically have sat in the coming in and play low limit in a pinch I think he's kind of a guy for them. The thing that you know just dramatically that I would of them -- against the jets that I -- Rather they slowed it was which realise major -- with the -- -- leaning on. Once they made that switch it brought more peace and allowed him to take that over they gave him coverage was who's on him it's how you approach from top to bottom so. I think once they made that decision it didn't matter that it was. Not Ericsson and -- on that problem it's that they brought covered with a so I think going forward to hear that you have a little bit of an issue because if you decide to push things to Mike Wallace. There's enough with this team -- partly to -- get ten targets in a minute. And and inadequate happened bought that we we need to circles back to what I think is the thing that drives everything with Miami and that's Lamar Miller. They don't have the run game and we talk about this in the context of the patriot how much more -- these things are ravenous around about conversation. Really go back to one and -- established on the ground. And the inability to be super consistent with that has been a compromise is well there's some similarity. What we're talking about the struggles the offensive line and I think the hatred of the equivalent to -- predicted there's something there. It these two teams they have some of the personal issues but I think it. The areas they struggle there are a lot of the mayor's office of line. An inability to buy toys are. -- consistently. Talk about Logan rise -- was interesting to see him I think -- meet you meet this season read it. For one think he -- the expertise deeply 65. Of the 93 before that we receive -- he's -- -- you could see more going for if we. For extended for yet I think there are a much better situation this year this time than they were plastered this time have you basically with the depth there. The whole group are actually kind of like Jamaica because I think look right -- going to be here for three or four years or Q school beautifully -- I think together. Maybe the reliant and maybe they won't but he's always there and always played a pretty good level it needs reliability I think that they came from but. Ambitious -- is going for the they have one guy that we we should mention. At the tide in position for Miami about it what if the facade ago. And he's gone but don't be surprised if there's it's a definite effort to involve as Charles clay guys. He's he's number 42 he looks like a back when you see about her on the field I mean it's obviously a guy without number line in the tight imposition. He started as a fullback he's basically become the traditional wide because killers injured -- gone so. He's a guy that don't get. Two or three or four big plays the game and he's someone that will evolve this younger linebackers -- not there is going to be have to be someone who's covered up well you can be sort of an X-Factor. And them and I'll add another name Dion Sims tight -- do you think about this he's got 33 regular season catches 26 of them have gone for first downs. He's kind of a clutch guy that they look to when they wanna move the chains. He was he was a junior entry out of Michigan State. You know pretty good size big guy. But they say he's very athletic. It looks as though this is a guy who they think is gonna eventually be that that starting guys -- and but it's interesting that -- already apparently developed a chemistry when he needs to move the chains they try to go after this guy. It's going to be to shorten intermediate stuff it -- when you're talking about the Miami Dolphins answered -- you're looking at the short intermediate routes. You're not looking at a team it's gonna drop back improbable deep downfield for a lot of reasons not the least of which again to the protection team needs in jail. Does -- and protect -- -- duplicate them apart and I should have. Made more clear and it. -- appropriately Maria what I was talking about was -- was when he came out of Michigan State that was that reputation. He was he was the guy. You'll have 33 catches for 26 or more for first downs third down conversions and it was like he's the guy big. You know immovable object kinda guy but athletic he's an antenna -- think has already kind of looking forward in and seeing him move into that role as well especially now with Keller. I mean they've they've run out of some options at that title and I vision that I think the biggest thing it's hurt them it is it is. He was overpriced. I'd get the -- this but Reggie Bush being on there is. You added explosive explosiveness on the outside walls which subtracted from the field so. -- course these are dialed the bulk of David. It. The exhibit on the other -- Daniel yeah data they missed the part. He's not that. I think he reminds me actually below ground in in in in -- Stock continued -- there wrote a big but he's not so close right now these ones it is a guy that's good but not great. So -- in the pianist Kerrey's guy the other guys in this apple work that's just explosive element that you super game plan for. You have a relatively pedestrian office I think. That's been issued especially now that all you're on the that was always the thing with a Miami Dolphins off line. You go in penalty in the middle and big Jake Long they were big and physical element of the ball -- -- In decorated some of the past -- the collections which. A little bit softer on the edges and the facts are heroes exposes oval it would invest money in the outside. Might -- ways you brought separate jeered and got -- who is traditionally generally considered the dirty is player in the NFL when they of those. Those up player survey things he always appears very highly. But I found a great stats and in his nine year NFL career. He's never played on the team that beat the patriots. Mean you think he'd fallen to. -- -- -- -- -- means a pretty good player you know pretty good offensive lineman in his nine year NFL career he has never beat the patriots got -- guys need to. Really don't mean you know you consider the source it was when it was talking for a couple years ago he did it in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- please -- -- concerts every snap I think you know today provided not tightened in the pack your likes to simply grab rotor. In the ribs. Talk about whatever it is just but this comparison kept him one. It is summit have analyzed there where he's open our physical like you know definitely a huge lake of Hamburg and if you reach its peak round. To fight after every snap comic guides to Hamburg from -- -- take quick break. Back in just a couple of I don't know where -- go after that -- once you brought up the amber color I've done. We're broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this bar and -- patriot place right next to Gillette Stadium pats and dolphins today at 1 o'clock. At no one eagle off the here we go live to Saint Louis -- -- man scheme -- Manningham. Will we get our baseball coverage before World Series game for the takes place tonight in Saint Louis. You're listening to NFL Sunday presented by the plant -- insurance at the plant -- they shops or -- say is that the -- the dot com today.

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