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NFL Sunday: The Patriots Offense vs the Dolphins Defense

Oct 27, 2013|

The guys start breaking down the X's and O's and think it's important for the Pats to establish the run against some aggressive pass rushers on Miami's D like Cameron Wake. With Amendola most likely back today, Brady will look to figure things out on offense. He's finally got Edelman, Amendola and Gronk all on the field together.

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Our number two NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Broadcasting live from Toby Keith's I love this bar and -- Patriot place right next -- to Gillette Stadium. This is the part of the show where we try to do some specific kind of breakdowns here and specifically -- the Patriots offense. Against the Miami Dolphins defense. A couple of let's let's start with housekeeping things for the sake of for the sake of argument we expect Danny Amendola was complaint is that correct now we know that. Our Rob Gronkowski is gonna play presumably -- another week of practice you'd like to think maybe even help -- came out of last Sunday. They're going on the worse for -- other than the normal Wear and -- LC. One of the first times this year he's listed as probable not questionable -- so guys after he's feeling OK -- -- needs to be at least close to where we brought up the -- -- the markets cancers are skeptical about what is it just managed reps because Edgar's you know what he is not residents are looking at this report from. -- is not a danger. So that -- constitution -- I think -- well yet it football again it's apartment before but there. That that jets' difficulties at the front maybe look you know what. Adam dean is a -- -- what -- because he has a concussion problems in the past if commodity of the -- ever obviously I think he's a guy. Particularly after. They've really closed so potentially. -- -- about 13 pass the test them we'll sit -- Let's start with the premise going back to your point Chris about you know a commitment to running the football wanting to -- the football I'm gonna give you that I think that's. Mission -- here for today's game. How you on the football against the dolphins team is this say between the tackles kind of gamers this to try to get to the outside again dolphins at the wrote in defense of course the hero they're not great they're not. All 402. When he rushing -- Purdue allowed its fifteenth in the league -- prepared and it just because -- the four. Column to this point he thinks he relief has been used and I think part of that is because these. The much discussed fumble issues he in the -- he's had injury problems but he's a guy in the arena. Look the -- it's when they run the ball good things happen. When he hit a hundred yards as a team -- I'd -- that were brought the simple thing keep -- attempts below thirty exactly yeah I think if it all goes into a successful often look at the offense in totality you need to. Of an emphasis on on the bull in the last few weeks I think if you're able to run the ball on the ball consistently. You take some of that pressure Brady you allow some. Things to open up the play action in anything good things are gonna fall. Yeah I agree about I'm I'm interested to see the the expansion of the -- -- -- package running game because we know that they can run with the with the with the fullback they use for party dealt one. But now you have a legitimate to -- two guys to block kind of thing when -- was given a seventy targets last week a lot of who was outside the box is to put -- -- -- and he. Even -- limited staff cheaply or title last week engine program has a so I mean I but the point of there you go -- -- -- right on the Jimmy Graham got some greens just annoys me that it's that time it was sold. I think I'm excited though now to look at some situations were back to the why why were onetime items on the line -- guys next column or you -- where you back the inside god -- with the outside dialogue. You get to the situations where -- you can manipulate the edges I think this is a good week to do with a guy like Dion Jordan who is sort of -- you've won the top draft picks last year at all at all football he's a lighter bodied guy he was really sort of wondered felt pretty so selectors for a pass rusher. Reminds BO. Should part of the camera than the -- Tampa Bay's defense of that they were some good work he's so good. Once you get a lead but it he's not great it's out the -- -- -- too -- -- -- him ammunition for them but anyway. I take on the edge there with Cameron Wake is another smaller not small but he mis use probable pass -- -- he's not huge I mean read it's gonna have a little bit different fuel -- what you saw last week against the jets of interest and if they can attack those edges. With the two big guys in the two pieces they know how and released him pretty good at making that first -- read on the outside so. From what you've seen when it comes to -- film. Where have the breakdowns been on the Miami defense when it comes to defending guidance because you look at the numbers you look at the numbers the stats that they've allowed. To some of these good young tight -- Colby cleaner. Graham Jordan Cameron. Have all had really good teams against this Miami defense when it comes to catching the football we talked about being grown eccentric in the -- wanted to lean on him. More going forward this certainly sets up to be the cunning game. Where you know you could you proper cup -- get 79. I always look at teams that are super aggressive on the edge is teams have never route so don't be surprised when you're able lead pass rushers like like the colts are always agree example. When you've got those two dudes Mathis are palpable freedom for -- are comparable from a few years ago the average rate did people -- regret because they wanna get sacked. I look at the Oliver in the and in India Jordan and Cameron Wake is guys. Who are the kind of people the -- and all that sort the team needs the support of it there out thirtieth sacks or via the field. I think that's one component that they're just not the kind of program that commits to. You're in this sort of -- decency thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In New York use a walker he's he plays or mean that's like the back in a couple of our -- at this. He's a strong kid he's not nearly as athletic hall is a strong. A strong arm -- -- I don't want to try to say is there's the there's there's -- atlases drop off there are talking about middle production of the part about. Linebacker matches in the field so I think that the compliment -- of overly aggressive defensive pass first guys. Persists linebacker and that they had that generally pleased why. I think it's also going to be though liberties are on the ball on these guys not just because you know not that it comes to spending but -- -- -- another. We back with him. In we always under so the fact that he's a pretty good run blockers well yeah again I think that was the wireless school. You'll want -- that the approach for the last week we talked about this off the air India mental when he had that week for speak back from the groin. There were the -- and instruments that were brought back him through all items of I don't think you could be -- -- -- snapped yet yet yet -- or look at race specific numbers now that rate vs the stamps what was was was rule. -- -- This is that second week this is nevertheless. What we saw the second time back -- you expect much more about it should be more org -- is the -- You see higher proficiency lovable of the way the blocks both just the little stuff you know. That the wave over on the route -- -- the little things you forget when you haven't done for a year you know. You get it was essentially is -- He went out -- for pre season games all the little tricks of the trade stuff that you kind of forget about it. The transit board games that they do practice. It's like oh well Aaliyah Aaliyah Aaliyah and go back to revert the film. I think that was one thing that was sort of scratch enemy where you kind of know those things happens if you -- entirely there. Expect our global mistakes -- have to do once your curriculum and altitude think that this is it's gonna be interesting to see and we talked about this before. Earlier in the season. How they're able to utilize both human Dolan element at the same time because they're not in the -- they don't do you know again -- broad brush here but. The you don't do the exact same stuff but he to a lot of the same stuff and it's going to be interesting to see when their out there if there authored together what the do how to use the yeah I don't think this is a group. In the Miami Dolphins have programs the big the big. New -- right there that the quarterback that was or that big free agency talk more moderate yet nova deadliest rapper -- employer. Likes I think he he will Mexico -- the situation here here rather. One guy's definitely better than there there's going to be some takeaways I don't think the patriots approach accurate your your government has deep support this program now. -- takeaways I think everything goes back the tide in position is based on seeing what they did before. They don't really. Defensively and doc who -- takes them away and I think when you approach the patriots I would -- -- -- who would be for the receiver position. Is an -- noses ago Dobson uses. I mean in the event that pumps are all these guys we have this discussion I think at this point. In the weaknesses -- may have a secondary might not be such a big deal because they don't have one particular god indeed the guy who's kind of jumped off the vigil watching some of the film is -- deceive the -- been really competitive -- when it comes to pass coverage but whatever reason they have not used to do but more undersized. They haven't used -- we talked about defending those tight ends in a wonder if he's going to please some sort of ruled this week when it comes to trying to. -- -- It's possible again I think we saw last week. The way they would approach the resume strong safety just basically street a man demanding help which was a little bit interest to receive the agents approached. -- Like Jimmy Graham and -- and and install something like that. They went with a straight we think this market a product dynamic rock won a lot of those matchups you know on the completion. But then you -- undercut him in the event that. It's pretty it's destructive situation where the reason raucous or whores because he can put his body between someone else if at the top of the route he fades away and you lose that advantage so. If you bigger. Just put yourself between yemen's army -- each and every time they choose the orchestra seat. I think the pages were generally urged that it would like the idea that you hugest. Give me your god we think is better than our guy that's great thing that would Bobby -- -- trucks covered which means. It blow them alive for two people combination of stuff like that is usually the better approach as opposed to who's gonna do is -- -- -- argument that and is now. He is this the candidate and he admitted after last week he was -- Have devoted to him out of that late drive you did right yet -- admittedly dreaded or more than one occasion which he was kind of witness and opens it look -- -- -- that the it just it's -- a core DO question as marches all the other issues he was haven't. This is. -- left field but I'd notice that expert I've. The idea of rebels memorable conversation earlier about Wes Welker -- the reduction in reps and other debris settlement along a little bit more. What's Walker's rep numbers actually at that. Level that was soak up last year is last year has brought -- like hello Louis area that was the numbers so. I clearly John Fox is fading amid the observation about I think that's the point doubled my point is I think any player it's not necessarily terribly controversial. If you work around 80% -- -- that that's a reduction steps of the -- or humans one quick question before we go to the break and finally on the Patriots offense. Can you have Danny Amendola Julian settlement and Austin Collie all active at the same time. -- you do have some positional versatility not so much with the with the element but with the Amendola and Ali. -- that they outplayed on the outside before but it might create some interest in the moment but expected to. It should question bill I think I think elements excellently disease -- they'll extend to -- and mental puzzle or ambient outside. I would the more -- watch him he'd remind him obviously as good. -- for younger. What he's more the he looks like -- is what it's like I don't see him go run routes out of the numbers as much. Austin Collie just looks like the Deion Branch of the guidance mark the guy that's right correct route. You watch at the top of Austin College route that toppled was them all the stumble -- right now up one word -- How much more. -- he has of coming -- It makes it too big difference what you do those last two or three steps you can just see the polish. Polish -- here. He's not the fastest guys the biggest guy but I think in this spot where you have to get a guy that's gonna run right exactly I union. He might be the guy that might be enough just to carry even it means that -- the difference. Will flip but -- look at the Patriots defense against the Ryan to have a hell let Miami Dolphins offense this is NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance. At the plant -- they shops that you save visit the plant -- dot com today.

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