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NFL Sunday: Are the Younger, Inexperienced Patriots WR's Starting to Improve?

Oct 27, 2013|

Dale, Chatham and Price chat about the Pats receivers and if any of them are improving and can help straighten out the offense in the second half of the season.

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NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEE I broadcasting live from Toby -- I -- this barring a patriot place right next sort of Gillette Stadium. Right now to blow through the stop sign at third base got a rundown now back to third base safely now go where you're ago gadget at one -- talked about but the rookie receivers Ford dropped. They've had a one of the things snuck out to me. Or the -- these reports. We're talking about this before possibly the separation because -- the never really got. Great separation they did that terrific straight line speed -- -- ago it appeared poised. But it was their ability to fight for the ball at its peak there -- pretty -- to use in. We know this from Dobson because you -- college basketball scholarship some of those basketball it will box guys out and go up. In fight for ball. -- -- To this point this season from one scene. That competitive nature from our camera guys -- -- exactly -- -- a book but we're not seen those instances -- a whole lot of at this point season but really. When you watch them practice when he watched them. -- up against the Eagles the of the Buccaneers. Over the course the -- these things that. Their ability to compete for balls. In the year like that in we haven't seen receivers. Like that here a lot of receivers here -- the basket with media that. But I think we have a lot of receivers with those deals that. Of course the regular season we haven't seen it. It. Tissue may also requires the credible that you would compete for a given the role of they have that it did it really to have been -- -- ball right zealot who receive them -- doing it is Brady has -- -- that they're gonna come out of that goes hand in hand with a -- route that crises that their really proficient at that I think there's good that I think needs to do that more is you -- brown boy was was. Pretty cool it and really deep come back if it's at all state art the point two. You right back down hill that the those that. That's what I think dobbs would I watched last week's game I think -- older animals. What whomever was totally overmatched. He would stretch -- shall little speed. And import routes back -- bill the way adoptions doubles cross formations -- And he seems the -- stuff about it's separation that -- Thompson well. I think the problems of common the end cuts though for areas -- they need -- at the routers it needs to be precise these are more. High school college routes were running across the formation of poster right. But there I think we argued the point though were walking circles or work there's things that you well there's things they don't do quite as well. And you've got to get to that point where you start his own and on you know. A bye week quite frankly that would come up vote here a couple weeks were so sky harbor. You know it that we need to stop this well or we need to start taking better -- with this guy does really well because he's not getting balls but we -- in this particular way. Should I be looking more he can't do everything but he does this pretty well strike capital. These guys are big guys in it today I don't know if that point has really been stressed they know that it over the last few years the patriots have had these kind of undersized all kind of smallish guys -- in these guys are bigger guys and I don't see them using their size to their advantage. When they're out there -- -- when they're looking to overwhelm the defense tobacco regardless of the situation I don't see them. Getting physical I don't see them again you we talked about separation of -- and there but I don't see them using their physical skill set to their advantage in those situations. One example that was awesome and we are back the other items dame program. The was often open would have been exported or we have all the stuff on so we often define what did happen -- you must be limited by if that makes sense. So -- looked a little bit when we talk about this all things. It's tough to say it's not happening and comes back. Or back where it goes the place. If plays for standing 67 second law. Yeah the protection which failed earlier. This that's them. One of the more disappointing is this is. Potentially one of the best the lines that play. And it below it good all right I Brigham average but there have been good weeks and so for its group and yet the need to give it to different green it's standard -- are -- -- -- witnesses. Mature markets can. We we don't know I get music that we producers has. Brought off the -- that McCain and his he's asked to -- one -- note of it they all are but but if it look like it's part of the job this replete with don't you get guys -- -- both tackles you because football tackle -- you get guys you can play. -- -- You very rarely we department this appears they're for it rarely guys who. Are forced to force but guys where you rest applicable court and tackle you know it and didn't McDonnell was a guy who -- -- -- who -- Across the -- what we talked about him was great -- well I've played so much of the big yeah yeah I think what what was -- -- your point is what they think. Usually the way the makeup as the most off the line. Here is your story five. And use -- right. So. Could be yours -- could play both -- and if they choose to go one more in depth it's one. -- -- it looks like now the first guy and is it to position that outside. Courts I think some people play Marcus can't. A number ever teach you to view without color you know it. Again that's that's in mystery excuse that's there's -- -- those at the level. But it is also owners want the past there that's I think -- Islam and the fact that the -- the -- the point -- does not meet you where he won -- I think in years past we've grown accustomed to very -- Arsenal offensive lineman who but it was a little -- -- -- that for me. As one of those guys I don't know if they have that team -- tip them off at the point news in the pat -- maybe even I think the biggest issues the -- disorders that global you know so it's like we have -- -- out about it for a reason that the premises. With that -- -- only been -- -- a little -- also humble -- has -- on and off the -- -- well he hasn't -- any sort of significant but yeah I -- There there there are some questions about how this -- the -- played against they hold themselves and Logan talked about the outlook we pulled itself to to a very high standard I think. Their track record suggests that you beat my two week to figure out. But I think to this point this season I think -- of that group. All of the field because these guys are they -- themselves. There there more pissed off we muted. So exactly at every point that -- give one up. It's a group of pretty -- account you'll go with the there is matter format its course of the -- we feel like that group is one it or distort the panic about them. Because a few little bigger -- just -- as -- -- Wanted anyway from the jets because defensively at least I think they're pretty good football. And I think Rex Ryan's defenses are good and strong and creative. If you had told me that any number. In the history of his career could go one for twelve on third down conversions -- -- called -- liar to your face. That can't happen. When and and even with the issues they've gone on the offensive line and the yield to the wide receiver spot. Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady you can't go one for twelve on third Julian you know -- like. Short mediators girls really underrated running. It probably doesn't and that that for me I just I can't imagine and of that with the couple then beat a rated. I don't know why the patriots have decided to its most it's its clearest in the two losses being in the run in the second and a the rain in the ball against the jets whites -- just a bit more right. -- in he talked about the company's goal -- we talked about finding a run pass balance and kind of still struggling to get to appoint this year. They haven't been able to run the ball consistently in the first half against the jets the jets. I'm one of the best at 71 of the best one defense in the league and -- consistently average with a bigger picture which is that number one it. He did it. For whatever reason in one score game they got away from -- but there was a sequence early in the in my. Are you. Remember a series or two or three other world was high percentage public. Nine passes the one like that. That's always the things that the -- because -- -- just -- get back into a run past ballots the way to get back and mr. run report well. You can judge the success of those it's what you've mixed them that you get the -- it's not Hugo. Series which passers we've passed a report that run that LBJ circle I think it's more. You know world we -- on the run to provide the play action as opposed to pass pass pass the officers look for a five row. I think he kind of and offers a bit though it's one thing for looking. Who were the -- scored in the fourth quarter after throat -- -- -- but he did not what apple beat distinctive beat these formidable -- -- on the ball. Abdomen at some point over the jets I'd miners and there's him. It the ball for whatever reason in which it's much easier to defend -- one dimensional and what you hit some soccer team in the office like there's nothing in the world makes their job easier if mean because. That in the past columns -- often you know if there -- up each and every time because we don't know which passed. In the backfield that makes their job easier. They need the -- from them past as well they just passed passed him down. -- -- -- -- That out there who makes the job. Work. We spent most of our time talking about the Patriots offense and offensive issues. Last week we were talking about how many injuries can overcome on the defensive side of the football. Off I'm Rick Carter was signed -- brought this week to try to you know at least give you some bodies to planet defensive line. Aqib Talib apparently will not play today based on everything I'm reading. So you have -- There is it right now does that mean he played with. He was UBU was really weakened enough practice we got. He was -- a system that Wednesday. -- rooms in full that he was. You were used so I think that tells us of the word yet I think my personal opinion -- in trying -- ago in the -- was the Jacksonville game. We saw him. Going to six -- now that's the network dollar aid Atlanta it is attitude I think that's where I think -- him. This week at that but they're trying to pick -- Yeah he gets hurt OK let's go to trial lets you know and the next thing you know he plays a plane to slam in his helmet down. It's it's dumb to do that that's what they're gonna try to so -- -- back at last year's game I was trying to figure out. You know obviously your ever better. More likely to leave the obvious ever. I'm sure. It will work that's obvious. Weeks that they adds that these injuries happen right. Jeremy earliest not a good match by others quick studies it's kind of like. Last year. Where he's not the guys that you really focusing on but I think we appreciate them more later with a recorder about different scheme it should be focused. Jerry -- is that pitcher. That you just -- in. That game misses the guys it's not that your not a good players that your not batting average but disguised -- number. And what makes that difficult game plan is I think that we were talking about this guy's ego stuff we talked -- Steve Francis who via the game. -- there on the field plea deal left on island and he's elected the Giles -- the Jackson Eagles -- it's -- And here earlier early for them quite so the idea that he leave -- of community connect all of this week the poem out there. Speed guy. Like the problems via the next year the problems like Mike Wallace -- that's that's the kind of -- what its. People might be quicker than him. He's much better in this that the deliberative poll athletic guy. That's on the schedule accuracy. And wrote if there's any question -- mind it's not a week I think that's. This is NFL Sunday were broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this bar -- patriot place right -- Gillette Stadium 1 o'clock today patriots in the Miami Dolphins. Starting at noon today will be our whole -- baseball up leading up to World Series game four tonight. Hero Sports Radio -- when we come back on the other side of the break -- Patriots offense against the Miami Dolphins defense. This is NFL Sunday presented by the plant ski insurance at the plant ski. They shops -- use today is that the Polanski dot com today.

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