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NFL Sunday: Trying to Understand the Root of Tom Brady's Struggles

Oct 27, 2013|

It's no secret that Tom Brady hasn't been in top form and doesn't really look like himself this season. The boys try to figure out why exactly - is it physical, is it mental or is it just not being on the same page with the rest of the offense?

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You know I don't think about ever thrown right to left short or long feel that your mechanics are vineyard decision making is -- going to be -- -- You know those are often it probably won't be so -- got to work on both those things. And then -- and hopefully they'll help you. Can lead to more completions. -- patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He's been subject of discussion on a number of occasions that this week gate -- we've talked about brie and issues with how he's playing six weeks it seems like. There was a lot of breakdowns this week in the media WEEI dot com among them talking about his numbers and other down and we've talked you know the eyeball test for us is that he has looked the same wants. Number of occasions this year some of that may be. On familiarity with the the new receiving court decision making -- as decisive some that may be mechanical he appeared on the injury report for the first time this week this season. Was -- limited participant in practice earlier in the week -- protest but on Friday. But -- another thing going on here not that the patriots have ever. Let me stress -- ever played fast and loose with the injury report that bomb he was listed on the injury report -- right shoulder probable for today. First play of the third quarter last he looked like he hit -- helmet on paths. They showed him shaken his hand you know looked like his hand was bothering him. Next play was a -- six. The third quarter might be as bad as I've ever seen the Patriots offense look in that game. Patriots had a charity event here. Yesterday -- us. And as he always does Tom poses for pictures with kids all over the place and there's a picture that show -- With Tom posing with a youngster. Holding his football. And Tom's second and third fingers on his passing hander taped together. You go back to hitting the helmet on the pass attempt the first play of the third quarter. Him obviously shaken his hand something bothering him the pick sixes the next play he's been pretty inaccurate much of the year anyway. I'm wondering if this isn't the issue he's dealing with this week more than the shall. I -- -- added I think that's a good way I think of the first question basket think accused it dale in the wake of that third quarter that's -- of plays where he was sacked Michael pulls. Got up was kind of you know kind of shaken any kind of obviously in pain minutes on the on the and in and threw the pick six and then proceeded to have one of the worst third quarters. That he's had been to this might be the worst he's ever yet its just if you wonder too he talked a little bit about this week you know. Tom actually asked the question impressed the question during a press conference on Wednesday. About. There was a grip mechanical question about his ability to put some spark underneath the ball through it through to give some some. The loft to his passes this year because it looks like. In this goes back -- -- about -- -- mechanics that he's driving a lot of the past been used you'll put the market and even know it was a pastoral in your. Where he missed on -- and cola where it would have gone for an 83 yard touchdown pass there was a couple of passes last week. Com where it looked like he was driving it as opposed to put the with a bit more touch on any talked about the ability to. Get some more touch on those -- hasn't -- he needs to -- would have been more in that regard so I do think he recognizes the fact it may be mechanically he is not where he needs to be the one thing. I think would have been really interesting is that coming up on the buy in years past when he was struggling going into the bye week. He would go and visit with Tom working its summer camp would come up -- and go on that people on the bubble. And all of a sudden having to be -- he'd come up the first week after that -- -- -- go thirty for 35 for 400 yards it's going to be trusting to see. How he reacts coming out of the -- year with a mechanical issues he's had to this point as well it. I'll just go with the presumption it's true that he needs more work there bullet. That would interest me is that a guy is damage that's done as much as his career the problem would be. Driving the ball too much -- Yeah good Larry because usually at this point is third -- Maybe because losses fastball is gonna figure that was the that -- there what I think one of the reasons though is is that you know we've Cuban broader if you went and Wes Welker for six years that her. You know in in maybe you're not it's completely confident when he's -- to someone like an Aaron Dobson urging Amendola. About their but he to run through the ball and make that catch in you know connect when you need to connect -- its fair again I was. Like the base of a particular play as opposed the broad stuff because it's harder I think there's when I look back at last week's game I I thought that there were there were times where. I understood the idea have the new toy of Robert counts you out there and I thought -- through some -- probable supplies are trying to think about. A -- having problems. I think Tom's problem -- -- no different than a lot of the other guys on the team is just consistency issue there was a quarter and a half early in the game where they were really sure. Or is it well got it again and then there was a series the fourth quarter after the abysmal third -- of the -- would go against so. And get a I think a function of as you think the function that is -- is it -- -- and XP or justices of familiarity with one another. It's something that I think you know -- I assumed would be rocky maybe not quite destructive. And it will kind of get the point where you did you said the visit its extended its evidently weeks as opposed to for a while -- think. A month and a half I thought this would have gone through the wash I think what's hurt him personally. Is he doesn't up with a different group between Kim and -- thing -- up -- down the -- thing here not. And I think that certainly plays a part that Austin -- now committed to a pitcher Tom it's like I'm not working with the same. Tool gold each week I'm trying to pick and choose this week -- -- drew a screwdriver hammered expert or -- ever. Ruler next week -- and and that I think makes it a little more difficult when he can settle into a groove where. It's these four guys each week you're gonna have to decide how you attack these four I'm gonna go one of the different for each week I think you'll find that hit those mechanical element. So let me ask this symptom as simply is like him because. We've all felt that Tom Brady has not looked the same this season as we've seen in the past at times he's looked great as you said and other times. Did the decision making you know missing wide open guys I'm gonna get a does that side felt the stand on the matter of three other guys are opened on the field I'm going here. Is it physical. Are are there physical issues beyond the finger thing because that happened in the third quarter of last week's. Game -- that issue that you are the Detroit game earlier this year in the pre season of refusing to the other on the helmet thing that. Number we you know what -- -- what they thought there was a point in the pre season there was -- there was a there was a plane in the pre season I think -- -- have been. And it might have been in the country Cuba where you were on -- follow through if someone on it now dead rubber it was like the week after we've been talking about the need thing with the later Claiborne. And I remember we had this discussion earlier because I think he sort of -- the -- than it was believed in the short of the silent the retirement of a deal is just because. It's you know you get a score you get a little ball and -- -- It's not a usual it was by the way nick -- were yet -- hangs with you -- for sixteen weeks it's almost like that will that'll never you'll kind of think so maybe it's you know he had a little -- there from early in the season -- of those read the delicate Bursa -- at the -- of -- needs an injury -- say. But it's something that you -- -- half a dozen times the year. You'll look better than just -- and it pops back up so. It's possible that's not terribly neutral but we -- I think two things at play here first of all we talked about this before the fact that this dolphins. It's really the domino effect if there's there's so much at play here when you talk about timing and Logan Mankins and edited it as much this week at the -- the -- is not -- blows -- At this point this season when you. Don't yet optimum offensive line play. It affects everything else. And you you have your quarterback who may be -- on the ball office like a longer than it should. And the guys where he needs to be at that exact moment in so it's -- so much precision missiles which building. I got into this with some twit this week. He hasn't had his full complement of offensive options around him at all this year you go to your point that we -- of orbit inconsistencies who's one of not lineup. I think some -- what article we've seen him make chicken salad out of chicken and other that that's when I delegate count -- out when I was younger guys I brought up the 2006 comparison this week. Because that was an offense that took -- -- how offseason to really start to jail those guys really start. Took took six or -- teamster released or to come to -- but he didn't really show what they were capable of offensively that year. And sold. Really the midway point this season I think when you have Amendola gronkowski settlement. Ridley and green all the those guys on the field together at the same time I think we might see a different offense and my -- Tom one of fixed one point -- really wanted to make after after going through the coaches tape this week was I wanted to sort of put to rest any idea that there's an issue. With separation with receivers. Or in the event that there is one this is a different way to look at it but I think there's. The soft a consideration that a guy is not -- separation you go back watch the film and the route is getting tired of the defenders -- hydrant partner. You can imagine if -- that defender against receiver who's not getting balls. You can be that much more aggressive from the top of it so the port of what goes into the formula of weather by you being covered as well there might be thrown through. So when you go back and zeroing in on Kimbrel Hopkins and he smoking has -- but then he starts to run the same route over and over and over again and balls come his way. It makes life so much user on the defender it's like -- got 45 -- we get hit the last point -- pretty well because you -- was fast. So why they did get into a situation where I I felt like there was a little bit of a -- -- situation where they continue to go to him. And you can go back and review the film -- plenty of examples. Where Aaron Dobson -- across formation to get a great separation he does I think that the separation argument Dobson over the -- trumps at the easiest temporal. Had probably the toughest match of the day because he -- Marty more than most and there were times is one times he didn't know it may have been a situation where -- looks to it and decides. That's not going to be of one Apple's bottom going elsewhere today but the it's tough when you go back to review -- you fill the kids and of course I'm not to -- separation -- -- get the ball he's able to sit over here so the route. And I normally for the break but I just wanna follow up on what you're just saying because we keep talking about the talent level of -- Tompkins and Dobson. Voice not so much but those two guys especially. And I think we may be whistling past the graveyard because when won his first in the NFL in drops and the other one is third in the NFL in drops. I mean that the the single thing you have to do is catch the football right. And if you have issues catching the football. I'm not sure you're going to be when everybody's thinking they're going to be what I think when you were talk about the grow -- before too real report of the break he figured the event. The first six games the -- were targeted a total of fifteen times. In grunt was targeted seventeen times I think the reason I -- that you respect what -- -- should get it right -- yeah I would drive yet until you're gonna have to go in this offense is going to be more grown eccentric editing going forward. I think you're gonna see more and more. Of the year reader you're gonna start -- -- -- quarterback lean on the targeted more more going for the specific problem that in last week's game is less than 2% -- him as well. You know that the -- ball to -- ball but that that was thrown his way because -- was -- rusty at the top priority faded away. That the of the second that was -- 601 of the -- of lumber companies drop off the zone and apple was -- as well. I think -- it's great Q what tournament -- twelve for twelve or fifteen with them when you go 7% or eight for seventeen I think. That issues to same -- to try to you know what's really weird in -- Click it down here to keep going but I find it there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dot com that.

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