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Red Sox Review: Controversy at the end of Game 3 in the World Series

Oct 27, 2013|

John Ryder looks at every angle of the game deciding obstruction call on Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks. The call was a shocking ending to a game that had many questionable decisions and strategies. Can the Red Sox circle the wagons and even the series in Game 4?

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This is a Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Here's the pitch and he's right. Ground to hide behind that I think that it's not. It in the -- can't produce cars don't drive -- very he's going historic. Hear that crowd about my -- do. Not a day goes -- third. It's a recap of the World Series game number three between the Red Sox and cardinals. A base hit. Would -- -- to down -- the business. Lincoln high jump up the middle of a second base and off the America and around the the Red Sox are excited Victor -- touches home then -- BI single by Bogart's and a Red Sox can't even a game form forward here in the eighth inning. Red Sox review we've -- right here. The only good news going -- -- said the boy's mother is a diving play throwing home plate at the plate beat Texas town go to -- and barrels. And you -- -- interference. Management and -- -- they're. In -- they can -- on the London born. Now John -- with the Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio network. Boy what a way to -- it. They have seen that before this. Particular in the World Series. -- -- with a series chatted wanted to game three a you're not gonna like this. Here is -- -- like this information at all. Well the united most read says his most people listen to showed -- likely that finished and I'm guessing the tone of the calls. Will be against that that called interference to decide World Series game support. Tough way -- seeds have tough finish to read sixteen's seized up finishers Aaron -- we can go on and on -- visit. This is brutal World Series united the other game three winner -- a World Series as one sixteen. Of the eighteen series this according to a lie is since 1969. So Norris or try to buck that trend you are not gonna -- too much here I wanna hear what you have to say out there and receive full form lines let's get right to want. Here's a man forever -- -- Hi John -- -- -- -- -- I don't need to be talked awful -- you know maybe regulator call will be but. I just have to say I mean all the men in my fifteen I haven't played baseball organized baseball with a seventy. I couldn't -- a better job of that and John trial did tonight I mean the mistakes he made were myriad. But at the end was -- not when he's gonna do a double switch bring in David Ross the plea defense. Especially since Saltalamacchia. As blown two games on the net defense and -- -- throwing. You could argue that not only in the ninth but nobody even earlier bring in -- -- or you could even question Matt starting Ross you know it. I saw this yes there we are ready I forget Elaine talk that whole -- back forth the right. LII saw something I read something and I can't remember where repeated so many different things but where. -- we're Ross a -- -- -- the bike he's got peavy more. Led to and NPV. Other -- early in the game of bounced back to Michigan out of a bases loaded jam granted yet the pitcher and other things but. Is -- RA would -- sketchy uses his two runs assault -- Mike uses two runs higher the -- but you could. You could argue Rossi -- were definitely in that game and at some point. Oh yeah and in Andy's hit better than not talking not talking market you know that could hit a patient barrel with that swing. But I want to the point I know the people gonna be talking about the mistakes I just had two quick -- I wanna make it to get on your other. Callers one is. He blew Felix you brought tonight the music that purity which could have kept the bullpen going you know maybe not. Have been you know forced him to overuse. Either work -- or. -- dollar. But then the. Well led -- it would be I would -- Dempster would come in I would think they could still use. Do -- Maybe for an -- any any wonder how much Workman will be able to go if they need to go to him and and even Franklin Morales might be in the mix to mono people who wanna hear that but. The second part -- -- which no -- on the television coverage is a race. Why in God's name when it a Beltran would be you know he used his armor plating -- would like he made no you know. I I well first before that. You know I wanted to answered abroad thing I don't -- going to no I can understand. That situation because. He he was up in the seventh inning remember he was due up the top of the seventh that pitcher Jonny Gomes and that's why eating lots -- from the bottom of the seventh. Lopez led by you can -- you can. Today -- later on why why not -- should do Napoli for workmen to Aurora. Like opening up pandora's box of areas but he -- by the public its final -- they give the calls you on that and thank you for taking this but you Papa I want to make. Why did he not -- -- in protest Beltran. The point the Nolan brought up as well with David Ortiz talked to -- I have a -- excuse me I don't think he would be encouraged as we know we don't get on the. The southeastern Massachusetts that Philly we ride it. He'll be people buying call yet but part of you touched on the what David Ortiz. Talking to Beltran about -- -- heated argument and I think to myself why didn't suffer I'll go out. And we can get the umpire can make that decision -- -- he'd admit he made no attempt. To get away from the back row and otherwise I would. I don't leaves you know that's true you're right at it at tanks that make John -- you could you real quick like some time in the game. I'd love to see them put a ball right into Beltran ripped. All right well to wanna get you know it. There's good times -- and we've seen this not only uses. You know cardinals to I would Beltran but but there's been times that that was the case would victory donated by the pitch amend that. Will be tougher be got a way we've seen in just beyond not move we've seen that plenty in Major League Baseball these days. -- right to opt out continuing your phone causes he allied appear but here's will middle Brooks. That we just got in the locker. -- Obstruction problems -- had to dive for the ball falls pretty inside. -- -- As -- so. You know -- for a dive for the ball there that are endorsement ago go to get up he's on top of me so. An orphanage there. So. I don't know it's tough. For. Us -- I was gonna -- myself. And it's that it didn't matter. -- me you know just I'm not. I thought process from -- so. I don't know I don't agree that he. You know it's tough for me say I don't know how does not -- I have to dive for a ball. I'm on the ground and there's -- there's nowhere for me to go through. Pencil and I have to -- double. -- Now we have talked but it just -- -- you expect that through did I was there. And though it is that I had to go down for risen into the room and just. I don't know. A master. Monaco was meant. Or did you know I get an explanation. Well I was excited at first as we know we know to go home and no officer was called -- so. Four summer in the home plate. You know massive -- -- and to go play it because that's who we thought we but it won't say and note we didn't think there's an infinite obstruction there I was -- of the sudden based on how to dive for. As I'm getting up to troops overran. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's pretty tough like that the way of club back. Against good pitching and that's visceral so I don't. When I'm happy about -- Yet you guys but -- And will always sit well instantly and what to do about so it was -- to ready for tomorrow. Both teams have shown the job of bouncing back. The cardinals definitely did. We'll see if the red sex can they haven't yet. After the game two loss not a game three loss this heated war more crushing they gave to any loss is tough for the World Series. Why did anyone ask him if he intended and analysts off here from the they get screamed about Melbourne spirited no one asked to -- did you intentionally. Mean to obstruct him. On that play -- announced that it that some might ask him. That -- -- the -- potentially take your leg at you that's that's tough because you -- display over and over it there's really no right answered whether. You know he. Couldn't get out of the way whatsoever whether he tried to impede Craig there. Would it would kick in his leg up -- -- -- for a break I see full full -- I'll get to your calls will also have John Farrell and it what he had to say the media will become an up. Well laughter one. As I roll on until 2 o'clock we'll have rob Bradford before the show's over lead Iran -- the program from Saint Louis but. I'll be of Korea and will get right back to your calls after this break. Here's the pitch and Easley to ground to hide behind that I think that it's not. Realignment of the Carter can't produce cars -- -- that Barrett he's going to score though is that proud of them might wait till my. It's. Not a day goes did very. Ford two cardinals. Voice of my interesting -- except here and I see try to get through as much of that and your phone calls as well and coming up. So many people and hold it for awhile here. I'll albeit to a couple calls in and Jarrod Saltalamacchia. What he had to say. Now on that controversial finish here's David in Salem -- David. They -- brilliant right did you. Let's let this whole year. The Red Sox have prided themselves on one thing felt was let's not gotten any calls any it's. Any anything that happened tonight. If if you can't put this behind you and come back. And neither team that you are. That you're not the team we thought you were anyway YouTube I guess I guarantee you these guys. Don't think about this. There were down 21 all you do is still want you and he's still -- away emerged -- -- -- one to two. And your -- goes up against their -- and you win you come actually to work up all year we've heard this team but not worry about the game before. And what happened so we're about we're about the fee that usually get it here and complain. All we want. But the game is over it's decided. -- Don't you -- yeah well I mean I can understand people wanted to talk about it not I period gave thanks -- -- called they've they've been extremely resilient. This season. It bouncing back now -- -- bounce back here in game three it was a wild game three chaotic finish. To game three we'll see if they put it out of the real question is what will buckles give them in the rest of the pitching staff tomorrow I -- that they'll be able put this behind them it's more. You know what what can -- colts give them you know a much less than a 100% buckles in game four here's David West Palm Beach -- David. Yeah. Capital letters all -- print that -- all. Yeah this must be your finest hour David -- Farrell was that some mistakes. I mean in the top of the -- number one -- -- -- -- the minute to the quote ultimately. Get to do. I'll admit that and it -- what the ones that -- out -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and the company through a comedy audit I -- it. I outlaw everything pretty much did that could garage and pretty much did go wrong with the one exception Metheny helped out a little bit. I don't -- go to. -- was demand is there that turned -- -- around who delivers the base habitat it too I know that seems like an eternity ago right here is Jarrod Saltalamacchia what he had to say on the call. I explained to me explain -- to do on. And I guess at the time I I didn't see it no matter what you read. You know so muscle. And is is you know for us -- for two. So what's Hillary Fleming from us so. You know -- was playing on stomach. You know he'd. That through his head but that meeting that his body Peter and try and jump out of the way just laid down a stomach. You know -- was on the inside -- -- the base. And try to jump over. You know on trips. Zealots obstructions. Laying on the ground that things -- -- Definitely it was. Yeah I mean you know you don't wanna lose. And I have to have the rulers I don't know that the rule book says. So the rule book says that's obstruction and you to prevent you walk off field and in particular command. But I don't tone of the rule book. -- with. Great dignity but. -- As a during game you pay for that. All of all the pitchers did on -- job we've we've learned a lot of ourselves we went out there and meter fishing community bases loaded no -- get out of it you know he really bounced back from the first thing. You know they just found -- -- in the -- to do. Hopefully. It integrates. With you can see. -- -- Yeah I mean he's he's not been running well obviously city you that he's not going to be speaking in. You're taught to make the tag in and look so it made the tag on. In the song that he was nowhere near thirtieth halfway there so Tim made a thorough. You know and ran off but the and then -- and it -- -- Good books -- every field. Is supposed to. Speak. I mean I promise you one thing we're not gonna come back tomorrow thinking about tonight's game. You know we're gonna come back tomorrow we're about we are due tomorrow so we've done all year long and. What's changed now. Mr. result from my yet put a bottom up today nobody that there well a look at Bruntlett. But better that there is a game tomorrow and I'd just give you get right back to it than those of -- for the gators so. Tried to labor break yet again but a lot. We'll after the break you right back your calls will also have John Farrell and his press conference will do that up next that's right John Greta we're red -- -- VOA as we roll line I'll knock -- but here's -- to -- How will get to it a couple of phone calls a couple of text messages -- so many of those committee and they'll get you back to Saint Louis for John Farrell's press conference that we'll get back to the cause. So for a step back to the calls we go here's Philip demanded a Philip. Hey John idol and hang in -- our -- All sorts of Marshall looking back -- booster -- count this spectrum the so yeah. I've I've I I knew those. References would be coming up through some different references boy did on some played were both so far this series and no more so than tonight. On John assembly. I think -- the thing is patrol on the. Yeah that that's where it starts amid the Saltalamacchia bad throw I can understand why he threw at some people are saying. Philip -- should held it there -- -- you got a shot at him at third. I was at the last game at Fenway Park before they went to Saint Louis and even warmer too strong a ball. Not even reaching second bases on a bounce this is channel between innings and sensational. Look -- certainly -- -- oozes out. The thing is also what CNET. When you -- -- America -- -- -- -- strategy. Between the managers yes. Saint Louis so little bit better than of course and essentially it's only reasonable course -- The relief pitching we we don't sit -- -- did. Did better. A you know which can be still great series I -- I was upset -- -- -- the umpires Joseph Torre. In to get together and maybe change that rule no approximately John would need to stay on the he got to be kidding me umpires should win the game should be pleased to meet common sense was equal to get out away. Even if he got up there. I think you know -- -- interfering -- as well what I could understand the press -- is well from the -- who played the post game show was I never heard the the -- create their -- baseline never -- it's a little bit. But the other thing I -- I wonder -- that -- would -- David -- would be and it -- Saltalamacchia is cut the bulk of -- distorts. You you wonder if Saltalamacchia starts the game of the Ross comes in once once buckles has done really submit some fascinated decisions again for tomorrow for John -- Or rugby and then of course we use the blog tonight and I thought earlier today regional talking to people. That if you would maybe goal with four. Quite putting goal but 23 innings whatever -- -- strategy change bring him or else tomorrow what do we need to get. Now Dempster. Dempster is probably there and I still think a lot on the I'm not you know. Brian give them another inning I I think he could probably get another inning I would think. You know tonight he he ends up going. 25 pitchers. Right John tomorrow you know when I know what it is it's seeking but -- huge. One out of three get a stepped up and wait. In critical six and seven I like our chances are that they use very unfortunate but -- -- -- John -- not Ortiz and and -- Order your PI NN day and interest and thanks for the call -- has always have but to he had Napoli taking some ground yours at forward before the game I never thought I would have. Heard about that. And that that was during the pregame I guess didn't go too well here's Kyle in mission -- he Kyle. Page one major but I'll pay back that are both -- -- -- in the arm free anywhere on line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've had a few text in there let's but dead you know -- the called being what it was. It's pretty much academic. -- I think corporate all right no no problem century has at some point all right job I'll continue I icu waiting patiently appear on the full lines Brandon -- Europe next. But here's judge John Farrell what he had to say after this excruciating loss. And what was your argument to the umpires and what were you told. Well. He he was awarded home plate. After the obstruction call their base. Tough way to have a game and particularly the significance when you don't -- trying to dive incited to stop the throw them. I don't know how he gets out of the way when he's lying on the ground and when Craig trips over. I guess by the letter of the rule you can you could say it's obstruction but. -- Ali said let's talk -- wall. Talked about. I decided yeah opportunities when you order or not he's Napoli especially in the night knowing that -- it was coming out of -- not have a whole mother and left him. The IAE you know hindsight probably should double switch right there with after softening and a final out the previous inning with. -- coming into the game. Felt like. If we get into an extended situation which that game was looking like it was going to. You know -- held map back. In the event. That's -- came up again. Legacy in hindsight. Having more when it's hit against Rosen calls a mismatch recognize it. But we needed more than one inning and work. No. -- porosity catch. Right here in front. You can review a play one more time. Did. Dana do you make even -- a call on contracts -- was the interference already ruled at that point and it -- sort of called interference. And and basically had been awarded him home plate. So the play in as far there was no play it play period. Not at the point the play continues but. We've -- Craig out with a plate. But he was ordered home plate after Jim judge awarded him home with a conference call. Obstruction -- couple more. Came right over here. John Stephen Drew another couple strikeouts this he's still solid and a lot of fun for orderly we have David that we would just walked off the field I haven't thought about it. -- -- With Saltalamacchia rate to make that attempt to throw down to third base to get shot out of. To bang bang play. You know as it turns out -- We we are forced a couple of throws at third base that have been a proven costly. Tonight was a costly throw. Or more here. John if you would also comment first on Jake Peavy and second off until Kelly and if you felt. That maybe there were fewer opportunities for you guys that may be just sort of left on the basis tonight yes -- -- in regards to that. Yeah. I thought Jake you know he gave us everything he had you know they they came out this -- about. Right out of issued against some for the four base sits in the in the first inning but. In a bases loaded nobody out situation that forced him in a number of big pitches to get out of it without any additional runs given up. You know I thought and that third and fourth inning we started to get some opportunities. Put you know he's got great stuff he's got a tremendous arm. And yet you know we didn't have a whole lot of opportunities that we're building. But when we did you know they and they found a way to make a pitch and and keep. Keep us off the board until we're able to chip through with -- was manner you know it with a triple later on. But just I thought hard fought game and you know what -- back out here tomorrow night. Phil Condit. That you have a chance to her room. You're the play on video and when you say couldn't get out of the way it looks like he also raised his legs up a timer to. In the you know while it was on the ground. Yeah I have seen its I'm. Like I can't say the legs are being raised in an effort to impede his progress. Boats. You know and again it's. It's a tough -- -- have a game and he's on the grammys. They'll be tries to raise up then he's clearly getting in his way. You know -- for Craig to try to advance -- -- but you know they get tangled up with them and and that was the call. One less fun if there's anything. And. -- the microphone. The fact that it was Craig coming home does that. Make bogey -- marked the fact that he's running with their -- Just one when John -- at a certain. You ended up obviously using you are there when when -- on. Let's John Farrell -- his -- press conference after the game you know -- I wonder if will never get the answer to this either way whether middle Brooks in and it was good question. For more of that report awards where there. Middle -- put his legs up a couple times was just Bob and was he trying to trip up -- not there was there's just natural. You know -- in that you'll never know. From middle bricks and will also never know I wonder of Jim Joyce that plated into him call an obstruction. Whether or not. Let's. A couple of text messages and and then we'll take column we gonna get to a breaking gambit -- Techsters his terror leader to watch Jay and a ninth native -- Napoli for Workman bad game for the Sox manager. You questioned. The pitcher's spot due wild and already some pitchers and players used. After Saint Louis they didn't have too much coming off the bench that's my response -- the text -- via a convicted argument. Of course it wants -- fired. This is -- leads to be fired for losing this series sponsor isn't over yet and -- tough one tonight. No question but -- candidates hold dramatic. Another to I felt compelled to give labs based -- the final call it was clear from press conference that the umpires defense about the call a couple of the consistencies. George said the ball went straight through this guy goes on and on. Usage Joyce said Craig was right on the track he wasn't he definitely wasn't there I agree with it and -- and a book -- -- texted him but thanks for the next. I'll get to some more of these as they continue to flow in but here's Brian and -- Bryant. Article in the event no problem. Aides say first of all Carl -- to blame credit lost. Why he doesn't include assault the two -- striking out left and right I don't know and then let the work we get this course career. That in in the top of the night with one out in the World Series that also which opened -- You we are we should only go at least five out that it not. You gotta you gotta play the wind today it throughout the score on. Annual and that guy get his first Major League at bat that. He had no idea -- I was surprised at that news and then he faces here is he sees straddling pin Workman and an Easter. -- on Adams gives up the bully in a bloop single but yet you could've. Definitely pinch hit the air and no question I was wondering about that I died about dad more than anything. Everything that could go wrong did go rod before it ends up hit pitching. Finishing up -- go wrong if it's a barrel all. Annually albeit albeit I thought we call her game not yet caught the collapse in might allow the doubles -- and and not you know met Kabul or -- Or -- you don't explode at third base and then he seven -- the way it should have been in this game because -- at a local market. Even -- and too light they cannot read it rhetorically bad call me or before I Armando Galarraga and it. It absorb your -- I mean everything that happened my particular. You -- and then and then and how would Google books -- why he shouldn't knock on the ball that let the double. Well that that's another point tonight he. You know as it would have been a tough play but it's it's still make double play extra hop on the holiday -- on the holiday double. And you've yet to you know he egos for the pinch hitter in mid in middle bricks that Dan. These defensive problems after truth -- the game -- -- credible. -- -- and even with the Ortiz at first Annette -- one and a bouncer there there where there was an error. Or actually wasn't called and errors and infield hit it. But he this -- just this is tough unlike you know everyone's gonna talk and focus on the call and I understand that Brian but there was a lot of mistakes leading up to that well first of all the Saltalamacchia -- was a terrible throw to third. And the decision making -- previous to that by Farrell plenty of the decisions that probably should have gone the other way. And the EE I. You know John felt like -- and many can be great in the regular speed and then quote -- certainly get. Outcome -- how much experience does he have in the post seasons for score around as a World Series manager -- big there's a little more to track record with paid manic. -- to 6177. Settle Algerian oysters don't wait forever a Jerry. I don't this all right or you the autumn I would regret not. Is back and -- and by the sword and if they -- it -- by the sword and not what the final play the game. It'll make any manner that is bought and it probably in front of the state probably on the rest of the irony but you know children don't even eat a little idol. Think this is is this David in West Palm Beach calling back under a different name. That sounds a lot like. I have a good. And I have a sense of like a detective with these things. It. -- I will do will will roll on here and get to more your calls also continue to get you back to Saint Louis for some reaction from some of the David Ortiz Jake Peavy and and we might hear from rob Bradford before you. Exit here at 2 o'clock so will roll on after this break. Well when though when the play developed after. It's all the markets to -- third base. After the ball head on straight through and Allen had slit in the third and stood up. To attempt to vote to home plate. -- was off right there and when he tried to. Advance the home plate the C -- -- and he tripped over. No -- right there and immediately. And institutionally I called obstruction. A third base umpire Jim Joyce on the a controversial. Obstruction call. Tonight which led to the cardinals winning game threes 82 games -- -- seriously with a 54 victory Jenrette a bag with the -- I interview and I'll continue with your phone calls. And continue to gain it back to Saint Louis for civil for what would some of the Red Sox players' heads they may be even as Saint Louis manager Mike Metheny bit. First from Saint Louis. The one and only the incredible rob Bradford a man of the people WEEI dot com add Brad -- rob. Your thoughts on how this finished was it was that the right call should be made that call Jim Joyce. Well I did -- music all fair game because he saw a runner trip over a guy who treat you like. But the problem I outwardly towards what we -- played a little book good sites -- toward the patriot that. Yeah you're out of the way there -- -- responsibility do you get out of the way that makes -- so predictable the -- We're -- diving for a ball that -- not physically possible you know because it. -- a lot of opposite like a lot of people or say you are legion termed the wandering. All content to contain -- -- that way you'll want to -- -- -- Illegal by the collapse I understand he got into the market bit the -- or create or yellow. I thought that was kind of odd to say I mean I understand what they're saying when the rounding second I understand that but. Yeah my dealer and -- the other three year period according to let me I would have to look closer to a but he -- back -- birdie and cup. Overall obviously over towards -- -- -- -- didn't move at all battle ahead and you got to recharge hurt. So I would not do a goal that again I'm not quite peacefully and Eric -- too much followed comeback tour that. -- explanation that it -- -- upbeat about the way. Their interest. Almost all the Danny yeah well yeah I'm rather than if he gets out that he's interfering as well so -- -- the there's only 13 baseman of the world nickel wheeled himself invisible illness Wade -- so. Did this. Yeah I had to dummy you said it's. Bled to the out -- like there was so many different breakdowns in it and like. You know even before that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes no I was I was just gonna say RA you know ever it's -- and they have been so foreign followers mostly but. Concentrating on and and on and on its export volumes but there was. Write a bad throw by Saltalamacchia. And this game was mismanaged it in fact. You could you could say or and I'd like to hear thoughts on that weather was or wasn't some some instances but he fifth. Metheny brilliant man arrested to have that now about batting left handed so there was some of the decisions of both sides and I. Yeah group or you have a lot of people focused on health point of view. It's not considered a war yeah and inauguration you know and -- do that that that -- -- -- value -- And that he took you could a guy who recruit along pretty well Dubai now those by the U wanna go play that way and it gave away the -- -- getting pretty quick. By you know he. Prospective -- -- and pretty quick you're not doing that you're here and for what it turned out to be just one well. So all of the problems no doubt about it in. Yeah it -- looked -- -- all of movie at least straight game yeah even more believe extreme threat and it's. Yeah and and just tell me what I gave it was with a Red Sox battling back the way they did in in tie the game on two different occasions that it was just that. Now everything in and carols at a -- status -- this season the Red Sox have been incredible we know that from followed and cover the -- all season rob but. Boy you know he he pinch hits middle Brooks and then he said third base -- get to. You know Saltalamacchia is still in there and and an idea what we weren't discuss with your colleague animated myself of the pregame show -- spear. Whether -- should be starting or not but he could probably wonder if you've been in there at some point defensively so. There was a lot of different things that just happy about it we're really was. A crazy one. Yeah how important figure out a lot he you imagine he could play tomorrow I don't think you'd get some guys were struggling so much and -- too much to be wanna call. I if you look at the -- game I'd trade it for that. I look I like you can go to jail like -- and coach he had -- them out of -- secret double switch there. It worked for the accurate figure all the good work permit because pitcher's spot the country yet. Well. Each other but he -- good form so it didn't get it out. And it was now or do you think gave measure -- who think he'll be of their schedule what do you think happens. But what do you think she should have been some other I guess the other. Key decision is whether Stephen Drew is at shortstop or not tomorrow. The I mean I I. Think you -- the Portland through or used yet. You know I'd -- outside our. I guess what lord hear the replay yeah I'll log -- -- the final play there. If you look at it he doesn't make it step towards IE does yeah it may wind up towards second. Which I guess -- might be splitting hairs but we know what could fly over and over and over again but go back spiritual question who can play tomorrow. Children who looks a lot of play -- 202 where. You don't have played a bullet didn't make it -- probably would have made. I did you go to school lunch here and in Boca are now that's where a little bit play shortstop Ian played -- awhile. It could indeed make a little bit and I'll talk about Mike Napoli worked out it. You know -- you know third is all there is no way I. Give -- David did debt I mean I know. Horry Horry gave some -- I know it's still a pregame so I guess he -- but a surprise I could imagine that I easily put what two games -- single way there. And as professional as per -- Got a hundred fail -- gave it to that point. I didn't either we how important defense is 300 ski recruit why. And we saw even though do another -- why it was a little little booklet people come -- -- all come alive. Had no holiday yeah right I mean it wasn't a routine play bud. Again we welcome you welcome your. Now it now he was a -- but that was what I've mentioned -- just everything he comes in and then he's in there at third base and then that happens who knows -- -- of both Hertz was still there I mean just a number of different things tonight lastly rob and in back to the controversial play. I wonder did I stated I wonder if you know will never know the answer to this and it wasn't as to will Middlebury expert. Whether you intentionally. Keep his legs or was that natural and I wonder how much that played in two. Would what is lesbian up late dad after he put into the ground and then when Craig was -- capacity there whether that played in Detroit -- decision may. I -- -- and I think. We can't hear you he kicked out like that yeah European mutual react to what -- trying to -- by the and it if you would reject and by the time he tripped over him. It's impolite -- flat on the ground. You might think you're ripped open extra -- and actually probably. I -- a big advocate it's like three actually not an actual actually to a leg up like that but it. But -- -- you know what -- talk and I don't -- all over the place but -- occupy all it -- people people wrote out. All the children's series and another one -- -- does it help to look at the way look where or equity umpire is looking. And the initial contact page view what -- and so it took them -- wouldn't -- play. Which they view where it will break European ought to talk radio -- are you -- Lot has been denied with -- you're already here in the you know -- -- Yeah I thought realized -- imagine what he called dinosaurs. Obama and you know it is -- can't put an end and with that -- ego but the it's it's it's that. What was the book coming our rob you guys so we'll have a field day at WEEI dot com that back into the last a minute that the recruitment. Could this type of stuff at least. Allah experience they get in on that entire way you'll do pretty solid. I would have Buick yet -- -- where illegal from the year by -- I'll do that should go into the court record to a day. Why are you are put up jointly combat so what do you expect access and I figured I -- the past couple played World Series history. -- well they're total uncle who. We will open -- double play it. Are you have -- won a playback Pedroia a -- a bit. And then and then terabyte nominee as well. Yeah. Eric he will obviously upset about -- -- happened. And he says you know archeology call appointed -- I've. Yeah save it for the show would get that audio around. -- -- he -- save it for the show what we do shows together it's like during the commercial breaks and Dario yeah. I'm my friend it enjoys -- enjoyed the -- Outside and I I also ought to take -- rob rob Bradford WEEI dot com operatives -- -- -- -- the wait forever old Seabrook a shot. I was going to -- -- -- thirty umpire. And destruction was the right call. And and by the way that I was -- a lot. Now before callers said that you at home plate which she did he says it's academic. Thing it's actually not. Islam. I'm sure he has some sure that he touched and I I didn't see it no I don't I did recently with. He's the lion in his stammering he could -- up and Downey but it's right next on play and it came grab them picking up -- -- -- so. It's never detailed visual evidence that he touched -- -- -- and you know what I'm watching said the right now is get the tip of his -- on on the edge of the plate there. Not next to it and I'm not likely -- ten times already but I wouldn't call -- I didn't look at epidemic but he didn't touch on Blake broke it he didn't. Saltalamacchia in the heat of the moment did they have obstruction rarely ever called that no one knows what to. The first time. It's a post season game is ever ended this way. Now it's never happened but it even and awarded based the runner is obligated to touch the base and can you put out -- guilty doesn't touch the base which I think. If we let the areas Saltalamacchia couldn't show beyond that. You know he missed the plays we -- And what drink and then there's the guy and first is basically the outfield wanna miss the second goes to third in the throw -- into the stands unbelievable runner of the umpire warned them sort of whatever. In a debt all the all the result Baltic couldn't play the runners still obligated to go back in touch second when he missed that and then he can go to third which is awarded. So awarded basis and you want -- -- get debate you still have to touch the base. I think he never touched that I think Gary tuck had the opportunity to put him out. It's very tough because immediately -- The united on how well medically it would play the well in the heat of the moment people are concentrating on that there either you know farrow's going out to argue with the arms and -- on -- Carroll's series. -- that the application of the rule people you know. It be right never happen it's crazy that this happened but you know obstruction happened all the time -- it's never called. So it didn't matter is saying what don't sort of based on our -- -- -- look at the plate when the first obstruction happened but when you put selected -- is looking right at any point that it yeah that's what. Seattle while -- and I understand the caution and I mean I I do understand go. I takes. That extra check NRA were up against the break -- -- from David Ortiz will also hear from you -- continue with your phone calls here after this. -- -- -- -- news going rumblings that the greatest -- a diving play throwing home plate at the plate he Texan don't. A third and -- It's it's. And you know -- interference. It's. -- there. They -- on the run to score. And the ball game will be over that's not a World Series game three will end. Incredible incredible let's get your reaction. Toward everyone and and there's so many different things this ski it'd. Felt like four games in one and -- game three years there Richard in charity Richard. Eight there's two things that I wanted to mention I want to the touch on the umpiring error incident that the game prematurely. I don't know what the consulate -- again but certainly into the game before it should have. But first I want to -- mentioned. How much richer. More convenient enjoyable. More substantive became its without the DH -- look at how much we have -- that talk about about it it's unfortunate that we -- well managed. But it was a much richer much more enjoyable game without the DH triple. And it's like I'd I'd like to DH. Course have grown up watching American league baseball and from this area. I I can understand your point tonight because there's so many different with the doubles which is everything that happens at a National League game but. I enjoyed the density. You know I thought they really appreciate it put the system needs a wonderful -- fitness city. I'm a book -- and M not I'm pushing sixty years now. I remember before the with the DH rule and me in the American right. It -- them much more enjoyable game. It's I would like to he would go. Yeah and I can understand that you know on the -- my thirties and was our I mean the whole time I've watched baseball admitted DH in the -- In the American League -- looked in and I understand that and you know people led. Rob watch -- nationally baseball whatever their ages. Liking the fact that there's no DH. Yeah well you know big puppy for example these incredible athlete and it's just step closer to election now they're doing what he does but it's not really baseball. -- getting to be premature and into the game it's irrelevant what middle -- was doing with -- -- Because it's very clear if you look at the replays of the replay that's right down the left field line Mitchell that very clearly. That. Choice but it's written testimony did not see what truly happened. He -- he said he thought Craig on the TARP. -- that -- was not on the track he was not on the -- -- Third base. He got up and he needed at least one step it's not too in the direction the second base and then try to run all the middle brought. Yeah an analyst Nobel institute the play action late -- -- that with the current number one. The second -- was made it home plate because that -- was placed on Craig. Craig what I would at the bird at that point he weapon how to equate. He had never gone back in touch thirty touched third went after the second shortcut around third. He without its third when Quinton. So people that have -- but -- -- they look. It'd be interesting next sheriff if this ever happens -- -- sad day if they can challenge a play like that. It's commit other interesting facet. Those rules -- and it's meant to but there will be challenges of critic -- Brian in Los Angeles say Brian. -- -- -- While much at all and Brian Barton added an umpire or out of -- and I actually at the exact thing and it happened Lou where you umpire Brian. -- -- -- -- I need to do or minor league games and Little League game that started it. I'm thinking that I'm talking about that I can't see everything that result of the game between the bombers in the battle -- And look what happened. Is once the ball go past him he got away. You can absolutely there and do nothing -- ordered by you eat a YouTube that runner a base. That that is true if the dead and look -- that all got -- he automatically out. But although what happened the bulk. And people -- saying that you know it all in all incident shocked that not true he did and what -- -- slid into third. No it says people are saying as referring to -- not about that Brian it's referring to Jim Joyce's comment that he was. Right on the track kiwi was a right on the shot Greg. In the baseline. Well I. Well he was still on the baseline and he was in the baseline he was it wasn't like he was a one and on the on the grass. It was more -- Joyce's comment that he was right on the baseline. Old you wouldn't comment you know the guy tripped over -- interfered and Al. Well look you know we're getting umpires here from wherever you know calling up and everything else all right here's says. Here's here's David Ortiz and what he had to -- -- some of the guys running. I think. -- can post Castro Justin Wilson disposable income. It's. And the plasma. Coming in here I gave -- enough. Put together say business. But coming from don't. -- is -- -- let's will get a couple calls for an exit here's Joseph -- a joke. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good this particular call believe how many people like last gentleman called and said he was an umpire and then he used the wrong term -- -- interference. Interference has nothing to do that. Now any official I mean it's obstruction or into appearances in any Majorly in the ML and mlb.com of their box score -- -- says -- interference so. Yeltsin who runs. The person who stole my underwear this year you've been there and that's Saint Louis because. I was calling to say that if you watched the replay you clearly see that. One middle blocks the ball -- -- -- all get to third base of the same place in the all those ultra left field middle books fell towards second. The runner stepped up the base of the law but based what the second base side and when he landed on his person what his second -- came -- the base. I've seen guys at the professional level although. For failing to retake the base for the very same thing and he came straight in from there. So he missed -- even though he attacked the wants to back up toward second he came straighten that. He made he made a move towards second it was minor step and then yeah. It doesn't matter we had a guy last year I think those on the Red Sox I think it might have been nine Ellsbury he was trying to tag up. He was at second base. Fly ball. He headed toward third because he wasn't sure there was going to be -- or not he didn't to us. Traditional tag up lead stand the way he had to go back intact the pace and when he did he slid off output the first base side. Straight -- put the right field side. When he ran back to thirty did not -- -- second and they called him up for the. -- it was so it was not I've watched his replay and our budget -- -- can't -- make it dramatic return towards -- second base do it. You know I knew it wasn't even much of a move toward second he was looking at the ball behind him. I think if middle Brooks had noticed that and had appealed third base that he administered. Then at the very worst on the obstruction they would've ordered -- third because if you look up obstruction. The the penalty for obstructing a with a runner gets the base to which he was advancing well if he was retreating towards second even know was only. Now I think he Republicans were the ball was there -- It and and we haven't heard him but an Allen Craig might be her thanks for the call Joseph Allen Craig might Pia -- as well. This is the deal and of course with a foot injury wonderfully Libya planned. -- -- where we ran out of time I appreciate your patience sorry couldn't get to all the calls. But well -- go wall to wall coverage starting. Starting tomorrow morning. And go all the way up until 2 in the morning when Amman. After game four boy big start for Clay Buchholz -- in in the rest of the Red Sox pitching staff try to even up this series. Thanks to our rob Bradford out and Saint Louis are at thanks to a Craig's -- which. For two and a tremendous job producing is always Laura misery goes help and a -- -- -- day. And our thanks as well to a big daddies that's for coming up clutch they came up clutch -- sixty consumers -- did. Western avenue Brighton terrific pieces and subs Beatty pizza decked out. So I'll be back with -- it for the pregame show. And my version of a store -- 720 pregame show officially it's 6 o'clock and also would be after game 4 are never good morning.

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