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Dennis, Callahan and Minihane Live From St. Louis Previewing Game 3 of the World Series

Oct 26, 2013|

The normal weekday morning gang are together on a Saturday live from Busch Stadium to preview Game 3 and talk about all the x's and o's on John Farrell's plate.

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Now are 24/7 Red Sox World Series coverage continues live from Saint Louis -- Dennis and Callahan had presented by foxwoods resort casino and brought you in part by northeast electrical distributors and Bigelow tea on Sports Radio WBI. Greetings from saint Louis Missouri we are coming to you from me sun splashed Busch Stadium cloudless deep blue sky it's. Very well -- temperature expected to be almost 68 perfect day. World Series game number three sadly the plan the damn thing when it's going to be us. Unnatural it really is you know the players are all here everybody's announced a lot of that I have breakfast looking at the witness what a perfect perfect -- to play based and it what's temperature -- it's -- be 64. It's on it's way to 64 and couldn't be better could not be better for fall baseball and and yet and wait for the sun go down and that chill in the air and which going to be. And I 32. At 32 to I want to the schedule right now I'm sure there's a day game here somewhere looking like baseball -- World Series game five. Seek game it is game three right Busch Stadium in a seven game four Busch Stadium. 0815. Game five Monday though it doesn't -- it back to Boston about Wednesday. Now that's atoll seven about Thursday that's atoll 7 Pacific dictated what Jerry this what -- -- -- what time would you like to start this game. Two now 2 PM at least sixty rate it'll be 63 Europeans it's works for me it's 46 right now the game starts at 1 -- -- -- -- goes a long we don't -- sunset I wonder what we have a lot 1 PM is 61. Yeah which is fine right. To accomplish that doesn't start. 88078. 7074848. At 8 I was 7 o'clock warmer 5252. -- mental and then it drops 10 PM 45 so it doesn't. You know yet. It won't be that bad it's not -- Lopes knows no rain is no clouds it's it will be that -- not be -- much better than yesterday morning was the coldest day in Saint Louis since April 2. They said yesterday -- it was a new year this year this year. All the state 2013 -- we didn't have to scrape the windshield with Kirk's and nobody -- and that's true warning triple later. Well sure why. I I looked up the stadium I got here first welcome back parking lot and I saw some band. But about six or seven blocks but if there's and all that it was slight open the door and dump it's -- -- -- -- -- on the pavement. And he crawled on its hands and -- in the elevator and just what can run just about ten minutes bill reeking of cheap perfume and sex if you told Turkmen hand heading this trip do you gonna participate in orgy kept. Yeah I would have been stunned but I'll tell you what the young and you've told before they're great if you if you haven't tried to get -- and I -- and. Like your analogy wondered what you do those six girls someone's -- turns -- they take care of himself. It was obvious this was like something out of a fairly Rose Bowl week we didn't it didn't conclude a reach any kind of dramatic conclusion acted. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very good very expensive the -- -- table and we look at this is for real but still would like to tables in the corner and the other one and five. -- Midwestern -- testament -- dollars and they were. Forty the rule for the late late thirties later 35 to forty it was like and we -- -- since those sweeping set up is there like amateurs that you don't read this do you feel they're there -- -- -- that Jack. We end and it and they were -- and they were drinking and their own home god. If the real there as the first like contact. The boss Kevin Kevin is the boss creepy how he's single and -- I -- unveiled yet -- this but you know -- -- -- -- -- that little by him they get -- yeah it's very radio hey how you -- yeah yeah that awful and then when he said do you know why -- all of -- that are out to Kevin grant from W. Okay. -- -- -- than I am -- than on the low key thing baker. Would've bought yeah yeah what -- you what -- -- we just have to take as he wants -- like the east with tight you know right Canada mysterious kind of -- -- with no name met with -- right and it worked you know we got a couple pictures they were very nice. But back to the bathroom whatever happened happened and I. -- -- this if you haven't told the you know the best part he'd tell me to this morning draw. So I don't take the pictures minute hands Bozeman mostly we will go in a lot of that we had a good time girls they're girls he says. They hold the one girl. She and what was off the China soccer. Off the charts couple on the black community this matter is optical until you know there was no there was no it Obama's well. But I think yes and there's at least one question sit just take a -- ten years ago ten years ago we've gone girls gone wild you guys these pictures. Really that to ten years ago -- -- ten years ago. I don't tells a mile away -- all about. -- German or bring him back and am married -- a ten year. -- years ago I'm fantasize well addiction by went back fitness to work very easy. And I was by myself Africa Mike Tyson nice fancy Italian joint you know Jeff -- diet for dinner you probably hit it. Chicken arm spaghetti meat balls as -- it was actually it was really good CB. I did that I did and India will play you know play it is the strokes I hate that ops I -- -- is simply put they put four yeah. So you know I plan knowing him like shadows aren't yeah you're right it doesn't put his multi industry it is on his fortunate as well -- that would -- but I plucked the meatball right out and like league let it all. The whole thing yet but he moved and round and he says I can't eat anymore and I just left if you listen if you don't ultimately you've had -- -- like half gone. And I thought seriously keep I've got to move your -- size that you -- it's that he wouldn't be alternate is that food that's not that -- -- just didn't bust your balls well but I have a lot to like -- last. Little while he lives just familiar -- you're like well yeah it was repetitive or anything it straighter well. Like it has been a bad month and as good as -- that you have -- a straight day if you don't have the laughs and go to Saint -- you have -- well I tell you is it right on the -- and it was a big day it was but it -- out of the -- I -- agree about the product of the Atlantic champion traditional -- they introduced and it's a local -- and the running I don't know see I -- -- -- -- between it because -- the picture -- yes and that's it isn't it yeah that's wonderful looked like what Christie -- wanted -- out there -- us yeah do it. He gets in my elbow -- Yes he did that because we shouldn't do she got to plus the sloppy with you a lump -- -- was your wrist wrist movement album will not not as durable Rondo grabbed the grab opponents -- grab I'll talk about it. This isn't grabbing no I don't just like I feel like that. The -- that they -- out there -- she was ten years ago we wouldn't girls gone wild and saw and so let me ask you the the important question here. Separate checks no no no big guy the big the big fellow IFC are so shallow that we now love we love definitely. Depth -- that he's not a 180 -- yeah and it and we did KG didn't have alligator arms out now and I can tell Ryan and I were ripped him -- -- I -- old I told these guys that talkers you drive all of them did say that so they went. Not that ordered everything empathize picket line. -- one Grimm had a by the collapse yes -- this pumpkin beer thing and implement would be but it's it's got a book but I agree I three -- Yes. It did and then -- Biggio of the Expos. All right they did staggering -- he's slimming it's different if it happened that. -- that he's here. Oh era and didn't deserve. To be known that he was playing at that point I would agree more I mean I didn't know appetizers yeah. We got some we should I gotta grit our corporate so KG picked the whole thing up whole thing up always LP GAQ a -- expensive ballpark. To divide it by 1234. Seven days to check for 65 while it was ridiculously expensive the view we got real humble position specialty -- with a bone. Like accident like official moment like a -- not supposed to be the only man to be there but no I hop and a pop stuff it would no pasta. And the ball that was a huge pieces of -- and it was so good. And I felt bad report calf was tortured but he's -- -- when -- -- in the restaurant I'd brought up to a good about it I. Not that I could do about it but it was interest and it was so Franken good. And -- but it was DuPont was what 33 don't. You've heard of field on 33 don't know. It's good it's -- I don't know I mean as mighty my long lost -- once you get what you pay -- yes you do get what you -- we got what he -- -- -- even better but he said he bought the -- -- -- -- in -- -- older stuff so -- -- I'm -- regardless of the -- I was on the -- yesterday up there I was in the -- did you go all the time I had a great day yesterday. Yeah it didn't follow me on Twitter of course while it is an -- apparently sure there are no tweets from the top of the -- to know what to do -- -- -- from up there. Sure there were I missed that and how. Picture pushed it from the arch -- put picture of of the Jones dome and I said look closely easily because he Brett Favre reporting for work a you've always thought -- are stuck in my drought that's not a veteran and I saw a picture from the top the other again. Who need to be told to get back to the guy on and now it's came out this morning might have -- morning uh oh. Yeah cigarette and wait late last night and didn't finish my tour. But it began the day looking for the arch spot that hard to find out if you thought I'd get your blood -- really up to be couple hours but I found it speaking Bloodhound. There's -- fountain between this out yesterday to see it flowing red. Cardinal blood water really eighty shooting up to the error the entire like -- that it's coming out of it's filled with red water -- yeah they're taken. Sutherland who Vinci code that's means something does alarms were symbolic deal that would be real blood focused always said that buckled his arms -- -- hello -- Carlos morning oh whoa whoa yeah. Just touch -- -- -- in this sort of out of the loop a little bit yesterday yeah yeah. You -- -- -- in all I've blown everybody went to a meaningful action on the ball sugar and you've got all of these -- -- bit -- -- -- walking up there and that's fair fair -- I don't listen to what I've qualified indictments and I was -- I'm not sure why. Finally did that -- did. Tweet to Michael reported on their show on the other buckles was at Mass. General our league history. Mike -- claims on Twitter. -- -- cohost Michael holly I got right here on the air at WB the guy ranked WEEI. Said Clay Buchholz was at Mass. General I don't. Always set it on the air -- not but salt weeded. And Eric -- its offices -- important -- was a source tells Michael asked -- the buckles was at MGH today while the team was in Saint Louis. This was seventeen hours ago sort that the twelve hours it'll be 10 o'clock. I mean -- and hopefully Robert caucus bought okay so. That kind of it's a little -- people talking about it and and you see Buchholz here playing long toss uniform from wanted to work under -- at the right -- right. Now. Sources tell me they're always saying that he took a private plane buckled which is possible. I guess that the -- obviously that would add to that the case and if anyone knows private plans it's all in all that's true I don't yeah. And but he was here and throwing long -- correctly. With the trainer -- his every move yes. So I mean the question remains if he's hurt if he's right right. And the pressure -- is on Jake Peavy like never before. Get to -- -- ask this. That -- that tweet from salt make it here. So that anybody was asked in the Red Sox organization if there's any veracity to him and we're gonna -- a Miranda got up this morning. Epic quarterfinal today when their top -- was past that nobody's talked about it since I think they will find out. You know the pretty simple -- on the plane with the team right now but if he wasn't then it's a story interest interest but. Even if the if he wasn't that -- -- -- checked out of the hospital correct but it could still be you know excuse to have a physical issue. I absolutely. And when the trainers are watching them it's almost like they're admitting it not hiding it does no subterfuge here it's like look. We are concerned that whilst it is a trainer watch. Then Jake Peavy or is there's a medical issue now I mean I -- -- There are a lot of details were not privy to but that would be apparent to the whole world that they're concerned about books buckles yeah physical connection. And that will be we think it's a big issue now what do peavy -- Wouldn't even glimpses and then as the there's a good chance that can happen if you look at for another well and it's -- I don't -- I I don't think -- starter mark. I just don't I don't think he's -- and additional but it's gonna happen too much smoke around sent bodies heading. You brought starts tomorrow night but he could pitch and just be on the short leash maybe pitch maybe -- in the third of the loads the bases and -- and there are. We don't know what the physical ailment that we never have we ever known now. Well but I prefer if -- help us to maybe only slept have a let me ask you this -- herald over at the diagram. With like his body that you know point in talking to doctors at no time unless you know that happens I don't. -- -- I don't. I don't know what it is I I don't know the details of his physical that. Ailment issue. Over the dead arm issue he's not pitching in the World Series because of the dead arm -- it's different than he's actually injured I mean then you start talk about a guy's toughness and that's something that. He's gonna take a lot of what he dead arm. What is it dead arm is some what -- being a bit of its something were to -- -- today and I'm but the doctors have -- the world at some overnight and it suddenly and I don't deserve it if somebody needs surgery for. I presume he's not out there right now playing long toss and throwing right and they're gonna respect. Even if he scouted either of the darkest sentences here it is this this this whatever and in the then denies he's gonna take a beating them in this the World Series this is. You know this -- opposed to right which Schilling and that bloody sock the you know Beltran second tour plan is everybody will have had some physical issues like. But this this is these next couple of days our legacy -- or both peavy and buckle to is that fair to say legacy and for a lot of god awful lot of guys but for these guys in particular witness sack debacle so let's and the second thing about tonight's starter. Is it tomorrow at this time are we gonna say Jake Peavy is that guy. Who is just stand that amount squinting and swearing and not stepping up in the biggest game of his life. Or he is the guy that it confirms and affirms the Iglesias trade and we can all say. That was worth that this guy to -- this guy was a Bulldog when they needed him the most he. Is great on the podium which you met yeah absolutely huge confidence on the podium the four. And I got to keep our -- this I took note obviously he said I have never felt better. Physically mentally I'm in tip top so why did he suck so bad against Tampa. Was the explanation because he admits that it wasn't they did you know just happen. Hit his good pitches he didn't make good pitches he was bad you know I was a -- I have a theory I've heard it was bad because this is incredibly intense they're on. This pressure on him like he's never had before he admits that too well because he's never felt this kind of intensity that kind of pressure. You are so right if he. Falters tonight if he gets knocked around tonight. We are gonna think less subject -- now forever what we're gonna say he's not a big game pitcher. I've heard this theory floated and it makes a lot of sense and based on his personality really aligns with this theory and that is he was not unlike John Lackey in the power -- game. Wait too wrapped up now what's -- stoppage it's a sinker pitch right when you overthrow it stays in the zone you don't located at stays up he's not in 98 mile an -- I don't know if the sinker is not sink in the -- -- -- -- and and the theory was that because it was the stage because it was where was outlets and all the pressure the jury just Basra to try to -- was too jacked up and somebody said you know what a seventeen minute power delay would have done Jake Peavy the same amount of physiological. Good that it did job. -- yet to cliche to say it's the biggest started somebody's life because oftentimes it's not mean Buchholz OK if he doesn't start yours mark sharing while it is so it's one of those that he would be a pretty much -- -- -- -- exactly -- is the biggest start of the less he pitches game seven. You know will be the biggest start of life and he knows. We have quite a lot of these guys they think they're coming back next year and they think this happens all the time buckles. The sparkle to the -- when he. 829. Does he think he's pitched again in the World Series and -- or everything to be back here five -- a Lester Lester same thing. -- -- The -- at the dais he said -- I'm toward the end of my career this may be my last shot at the restaurant right he knows he knows it we know it and the pressure's on which is makes it fascinating -- it's like watching. You know a guy in the Ryder Cup known that he's not gonna ever you know. Be under this kind of pressure ever again -- anybody or maybe it can get shipped back at it. Will he come through. And I don't want to what's next and he has to come through that the -- looks. Will hit more score more him from the get four hits last game broke via my -- more than that to Pedroia and and Ortiz out there hitting under a hundred correct. That won't happen I mean you get to the third fourth starter for for a the Cardinals. Nice conditions good conditions they'll hit don't you think and he's athletic Carroll would sign for right now day off yesterday to rest a bullpen five innings two runs handled. Yeah I think at what here's a thought that the reason I think it's difficult it is to figure out exactly which you'd get from TV tonight. He has been opposite from himself in each of the last two outings. Against Tampa he went five and two thirds a run five hits and three strikeouts yanked -- a little early. Little -- a lot of people's taste but he touchdown -- in that game five and two thirds are you than against Detroit. Three innings pitched seven run my. At that I said -- -- -- the -- but he's good tampered with the Tampa game very dramatic NLCS -- -- pressure built. He and I think you have to -- he tried to does he worry as a as a factor doesn't seem like a thinker yet to show too much analytical yeah which is make -- think the in an athlete it's things slowdown. And if you make of that and he seemed like you might be thinking too much -- -- can -- his legacy with this all means and Willy Aybar would be back here. I love that I thought I hope becomes to a what you way like -- I like his style. I don't know how many more chances of the and I don't know I mean he is one more year with -- yeah yeah. Odds of very much against him ever pitching in the World Series again and by the way he might not pitch in this one again depending on how it performs at Charlotte you know say Buchholz. Is okay. And he is not when they consider. In game but it sparkle to dwell that we could do that I buckled up for Leicester or five and six and when -- do have seven of talk about too broad availability. 00 somebody -- -- peavy gets knocked around right. You go to seven games who pitches game seven it's at Leicester or do brought -- dance there or wherever I don't yet know wouldn't be -- you know think after two bad starts are well known it would not be. 61777979837. Dennis Callahan minicamp broadcasting live from Busch Stadium. Matt looks nice up there phone calls that's what the NC a special Saturday addiction. Lately Dennis and Callahan have been trying to figure out you know your. Yeah. That. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Somebody somebody was noticeably absent. I thought -- -- such he said it was funny match for Curtis told me and he put those phone. I remember the days of -- do bits for us from that -- that I am old days when I put the kibosh on helping out the deal right broke right yeah well -- -- -- and you're back to do for hours on secondary leads the amount yeah. I don't know. -- I'm Monica -- those guys and all of let's say throughout cents a -- note on notes other -- book at him and -- try to get talk like they leave you we -- -- a real stuff was that your idea. Now you've got to do funny of one of us. Absolutely believe it appointed. Yeah like one. Why your defense yeah I ever had a great fit at that element to respect as I wanted change back from my twenty. Wouldn't listen if he -- still alive -- be so embarrassed at at the right and indeed human yeah you know what it isn't turning. Reverberate even as we speak that if -- special Saturday edition of Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Saint Louis Busch Stadium. As presented by our great friends at Foxwoods Resort Casino. -- we're talk about peavy on the way into the yeah the break and it's a legacy game for him. Problem you know what we talk gets to get John here how can hang on -- -- talk to most -- stay with peavy for for just a bit. I had a feeling prior to the last game that -- was going to. Step up he's gonna come up -- and missed that it was gonna. Come through come through aren't his money and just get -- not spit the bit and he did not and it's strange because generally Bob Byrd wants that that's -- to be. Think it would be burned again but don't you get the feeling that that. That this guy has -- in him he is a supremely confident athlete you'd think so or at least it supremely talented athlete he finds himself on the biggest stage. And weather is a curse or a blessing that he gets all that is you know circling around he has and his teammates -- I'm not sure. But he knows this is one of his last opportunity to do that you get the feeling that we're gonna see the good Jake Peavy the Cy Young type JP and -- -- Cy Young quality. Or the guy who -- on the mound and you go whoa this is not looking good here in the first or second inning. -- -- it's 5050 that's the thing I know lives public confidence in Leicester I have a lot of confidence Allen Lackey at non. It PP four here tomorrow. You know we've been peavy pitched three innings of seven runs I will be surprised at all. I don't think he's capable pitching eight innings giving up one run it probably not a reason -- a great great Lackey performance I don't the I don't see it now I see him it's very very likely that the displays of legal and not an hour and a half into the game yeah peavy walk -- after bad start -- surprise militant derby died in her spot is. In this force of four postseason starts yeah -- -- with -- ten point 31. Don't think that's good news outlets and I don't know baseball like the -- -- goes to right -- that could go right either. That group. It would be good for me all three with a ten point 31 -- it that doesn't sound good but doesn't -- I'll have to check with the guys when they get here that -- -- get it they get I don't think that's very good. That's not good that's not good. And like -- DBs -- been Asia manager he he's just -- like you know they were in the game he's OK not great. He's gonna start sent. Yeah well I don't know about that because David does -- go -- -- -- they see throw safe throws around ninety. Goes five plus it gives up two runs stark in game seven in Boston I think. The pressure was the problem in the -- he has I think we have the world -- -- -- feel like it was when -- legacy games feeling he actually said he never. Felt this kind of intensity he's been around long time it's in the playoffs won a Cy Young he said he never felt anything like it what. LCS pitched against Detroit. For the Red Sox. This is more this and the more it. Opens -- Richard would you agree the results. That negative results of the pressure can be two different things and one I think it's very negative and the other may not be if you just say. Beat the moment. Had him to amp up. Is that necessarily a bad thing it is -- -- doesn't perform. If you say the moment surrounding him. Made him pitch poorly made him shrink from it made him watch if you will seek. Would you agree that there's a difference between watching and just be and -- jacked up that you have. But either way the fact -- the variables or that offers pressure right right form with them again I don't think he's gonna walk the -- your belief is that all it was too big for him the other night. -- -- Witness at all so I want us journalists who was -- will be busy with two texting multi million. Good job. And read it perfectly and it. I wrote. I don't yes but at least it should producing. Wells knew that if god we're -- -- backing up. You right -- the only one hell of a year ago. You can't do that Spears that I thought -- -- I'm sure I don't got a testament. To the second and I. I. I've been in the office before these guys are nice to -- -- to make mistakes they would board -- about that is opposite true. That I -- made a mistake he alone knows that. He's got a I don't think you're -- you were -- -- the notes that we were probably -- -- is that it its sights at my job because we know. That people were. In the post. Outlet that word is turned -- Every shows to a great. Yeah -- -- good money with the Red -- and hit it in the -- by the correct yeah did you get it we don't like our new boss -- I think anything like first time along that well like and I wasn't as you would have thought I was as you can see. You proposed torch on the Yankees and we got up. Policy and the beast was probably tired of these moments like that follows the funny part. That I'm right and my -- so that was not supporting their shows he has this. It never changes I get in trouble all the time and our nobody else's turn signal problem yet you didn't appear in the bit. Think I was part of a bit I think well you know what would you read a story. And and an unnamed source right. Tells somebody some great information like you I don't know Buchholz is at the hospital or or -- and there are a bunch of other quotes in there right. You figure out you know there's a rat somewhere right well we got rid of one -- I think we have an open and -- don't know what I'm saying. Birdied what was arrests or however. It's told someone this is off the record at some info but it's off the record yes you have many times like -- like -- we work with or people at newspapers report now people other keep. People you know people in the gossip which you don't ever respect that they say that that you would be no no no no she's just nobody not a -- we have to display says that the Kirk don't you. He just yourself right the first thing he says who -- him help. I'm possibly I just say this I'll be happy to participate in a bit difficult to expect from it and a half yet but it would never be that way ever. Make I would jump others -- I -- -- of theater where their last night is very expensive there and they didn't which haven't paid for and a I'm next to Manhattan with phones on the table ringing off the hook Brett and I looked up -- my. It's him. -- oh yeah every topic got off Gayle fee and you know one after another explains a lot just -- where we -- yeah that was the toughest player but he -- -- the -- -- -- -- I -- I gotta take this call you know there's any comeback it's that was my wife and my wife in the -- he dropped the -- For it on a full time job that nickname from the brains of Joe's our bonds -- just that's -- by allowing me to contestants to work here. My abilities right part of the purge I think I must have been 61777. On 7937. Let's try to top pitching wise when she can't get I got some -- really Portsmouth such numbers that really. -- discouraging numbers for Europe Boston Red Sox fans in you know Saint Louis post dispatch okay. Today it looks like kind of special section the comes out after you in the world stand on top right because it's quite -- celebrate it Pretoria in us and tell you I'll tell you why via red bird fans -- -- red -- to you know you -- the red -- fans are so confident and also -- when you're here in -- of the some of the ESPN's -- Saint Louis. You call players by their first names all you can't DA Carlos and -- real yeah all those guys you could do that here it feels like a college atmosphere I mean there. -- is pitching tomorrow night yeah -- you know LS he's been Smart Joe's going the night and also when we come back I'm gonna talk about. The greatest post season performer. On the -- You don't wanna put too much emphasis in in just immensely injuring yourself of a thinking man this is. A few starting in you you have to go out there performed and that's not the way to go about it as as as I would take it. Yeah I mean game Nickels around I'm -- reluctant and ready to go. That is set tonight starting pitcher game 38109. World Series being played right here at Busch Stadium in Saint Louis tonight -- to 71 pitch Joseph Kelly. A -- but. If I'm a singles cardinal fan or a Saint Louis cardinal. Last performance we saw Joseph Kelly doesn't exactly inspire -- -- Cy Young out there tonight he got his lips knocked off by the Dodgers in game five as ever called that right. Yeah he was bad game five of that series real bad yet that's the thing is that I think you're you're competent start tonight you're gonna be okay great start right I. I get everything under in you can think I was like sit next to -- in the planet knows so much about baseball I am so ready. Joseph Kelly does not exactly have swing and miss stuff there's a good hitting lineup yes Boston Red Sox top to bottom. They put the bat on the ball they can hit right according to fan graphs one of my favorite sites -- and month term in on the -- The contact rate. For the hitters and 84 point 6%. That Sox soccer. He doesn't miss many bats says Bernie Mikell as he struck out only 15% of the batters he's faced. -- score and I you know -- Red Sox are scored W doesn't mean you just have to be. Max Scherzer tonight -- it was a numbers you gave five innings is a huge success. -- -- five and 36 and -- BO OK you know react if you are going to be not facing. Walker or scherzer or Verlander tonight you're facing got -- the refs -- directorate aware downs or read to a 61777. On 7937. Other Davis dropped out -- -- again and again we -- and trying to get to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and talked with somebody about Dustin Pedroia but we show up. Hold it in abeyance for just the help over that you know -- I'd like it was opened his window lumpy and throw this piece of garbage out and trying to get everybody down below OK that's all layups that just don't get anybody with his computer when you throw out the window. Now what ever it is that David Ortiz channels whatever it is that David Ortiz. Is able to produce in the post season. To create the kind of legacy he has -- without question the greatest post season performer on this stage tonight that's what Jake Peavy needs to figure out Cilic has often said. It's as simple as remembering to learn how to three. And David Ortiz if you look at it you know what. I don't what I mean the solid fan boy here -- Celek pink cap. But we're watching something that you're schnabel safe while we were in the middle that we watched his entire career we watched a guy in the biggest of big stages. Not stay the same not get worse but -- get exponentially better and we can go through chapter and verse -- David Ortiz has done this is his I believe. Seventeenth. Post season series that includes 78 games and 340 trips to the plate. He is I believe. Passed Babe Ruth for postseason home runs seventeen -- he has passed me finish passed Reggie Jackson. For post season total bases he has passed umps are used tight Rickey Henderson for runs scored and you know seventeen home runs I mention. I read someplace. Fourteen of those meant something but either broke a tie. -- tied the game. -- brought the Red Sox within a run and only three of those for us seventeen meant nothing had very little to do with the outcome of the game we -- Or loss. Right and he's one of the great World Series players in history obviously that the Siewert is almost one of the great -- yeah 'cause she's likely ten games in the World Series just three home runs thirteen RBIs and slugging percentage 765 so PS 1241. He really has for a typical the Beltran play. Well the great World Series forget because playoffs are with all these different numbers Bernie Williams yes he's one of the great World Series players in history don't -- that he is. Making it caught a case for all -- I don't see a July I know the subject comes up all the time but if we're in mind it probably didn't in June July and we said -- and a not gonna happen he does them enough time to put up the numbers. And I know there's the PED Spain but it's not a big TDs and like and they rugby these days and I think this is I mean Reggie Jackson's hall of Famer right. If not for the World Series is rejects and ultimately 560 homers yes I -- that matters I mean mattered back and doesn't matter anymore he was fourth or fifth ever when you retired you would. Yeah it doesn't matter anymore it doesn't have as many as Mark McGwire. The home runs -- required it's like all different. It's like 60% of the vote different it's it's not different in this regard in 40400 homers to get in the Altman. It doesn't anymore -- And it close so so having said all of that. And this is what we want the breaker to -- have some concerns about the greatest postseason performer was on the field tonight and it is that's follows how many times is David Ortiz played first base how many games you play first base this year you know. Can tell you up top and ran it six times. The last time David Ortiz played first base in a World Series was October 28 to date today. That is the point six so two days from now. It will be an ever except on -- -- -- the Sunday at the Sunday early special section yet on a Sunday paper with a run and got hit that's right. The last time David Ortiz played first base in the World Series was October 28 2007. Game four at coarse field. Dave Ortiz when he plays first base is not David Ortiz at the plate and there is this concern. That -- split duties taking out of his DH routine would have birdied stay warm in the clubhouse look at that tape -- quit swinging the bat what the case may be will not be in play for him. David Ortiz -- playing first base is hitting 158. It's not David Ortiz possible hall of Famer when he's at first -- this year. Or in as it is a Red Sox and first base any time he's played first base every time he's played first base is batting average cumulative. 158. First career. I've not I'm looking out here that's not right now can't be when he played first as a first -- this year. Maybe this year -- what about the policies like ten to six games this year played first base yes thought they minutes Korea. Well all of your 61 -- LB you know what there's still nothing you can do about it he still has to be in the lineup -- -- still has to see it I don't think there was ever a point where. Ferrer looked at the numbers that you know he's just not producing as a first baseman has no choice you know what he's at peace and first -- also -- once 67 point short. That got you out of it and it's it's cute -- But -- -- around however is a terrible pitch him. That would that -- -- but and Napoli. Thirteen RBIs in his first eight World Series games no one else has ever done that in the history of the game. Thirteen RBIs in its first eight World Series games seven hits in eight appearances two doubles. And thirty strikeouts as a pinch hitter not good as a pinch hitter -- so you're kidding yourself on a number of levels yeah it is not as good defensively not grad probably is better. Obviously. In the World Series and it would be any anyplace else -- it's a horrible. -- At bat guy when he's playing for six games featured in a -- him bat that's the one market by the -- right now -- the pitchers not as good and you absolutely. Taken him defensively no question if you lose Napoli back. Yes it happened again what do you do about nothing do nothing he's doing the right thing there is no option is known to. Us. Why not -- David. For the biggest about a -- -- he's your best hitter yeah that's why did you want it once when he can if he's -- role -- -- Napoli was better as a first baseman and not any good as they never put -- badly that that was a better -- now now. -- -- -- -- -- You could never ever see it David Ortiz in the post season -- -- to -- the last two games together and Billy was terrible against the Tampa -- that carry over into the ALCS when he was on the slot that to yet it would advisors say he -- -- he was in a post season slump but you never thought sitting him or hitting for him or anything -- he has to play. Don't committee that is for pitcher health walker was scared of walker it would that was looked to me confident face anybody but Ortiz he is it frightening presents for pitcher for a -- Kelly. Tonight with Ortiz in the middle line up can never set up a bit surprised. If he sits any of these three games -- wasn't afraid of them came right out of I think in the East Africa at the -- -- Macy grace Seacrest thought he was taking the first pitcher did that was a B so that everybody else and and Ortiz just outsmart them and crushed the ball but. I would be surprised that we get to start here and say I don't think a lot of changes any of the three games at the community Nava I think you can see -- -- -- -- can you -- He's so what does that tell it unfold I don't. -- -- -- -- Suits me to make predictions. 61777. -- 7937. It is a special addition of Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Busch Stadium. In saint Louis blues are presented by our great friends at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Coming up Joseph Strauss Saint Louis post dispatch baseball writer and columnist will pop World Series -- night. Game three tonight.

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