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Kevin Millar: On Red Sox Cardinals World Series

Oct 25, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the first two games of the World Series and what he saw from both teams.

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I don't know quite a -- fight all you guys in the car cargo volume on okay. Enough about me let's talk about me some more Kevin -- -- moment loony I'll OK from the W media exposure unit. And who cares about him. This and make -- -- short. Ugly radio guy. But he big league the big leaguer that's what happened yesterday. -- Maloney big leaguer got big league for -- by Hollywood a professional at best it had to be considered a big may not reflect all I didn't know that. Certain -- of that and I think what the. That area that large airports have got a bad person -- yellow why don't you. Thank you guys -- -- -- -- -- -- on her -- all the different compilation like I'm gonna land in Boston in game one World Series and drive over it sure what my. And -- Red -- baseball in studio look at that wasn't on my my military now my outlook champ Bobby has won over some Alltel. -- shape. And do a lot of why you know without that base side. And then -- big league may or actual outcome on a national park and apparently it's scary at each -- right. He has little boy by the white object discomfort but I. Don't think we'll -- my nose tackle and we that. On the record I'm OK on the regular -- quiet -- and not having and I get out on the radar name myself yet do you know what else. Not I don't know -- got it just to clarify here. You were tough for a couple of days yesterday it was -- second day and a. -- -- I landed I landed at 130 -- made sure it is well no -- but that was a library I don't -- he -- that it -- Kevin Kevin we all know nobody's winner we've seen the -- you -- -- -- talking about game one yesterday you the reason I bring this out. You said to us if they get to Boston I'll come join you guys -- -- weight to one of the day's wife thought this game two I. Bobby -- game one -- -- -- irrationally one thing is I don't game -- you -- we -- ballpark anyway yeah I don't regret the ballpark every we all we all realize you were busy many high you fly in the Boston. He go to -- -- -- for this pink shirt. Whatever shirt he can find right Saks fifth you know what sure looks like good to break out game one World Series can you please explain yourself. With the -- selection there. More. I -- that a lot of a lot of -- -- -- law they did and why do we -- walk in my -- look period. The sport certainly -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- Rebel spokesman Mike port deal Blackstone -- government great boat you know I'm really not let thank write a grab a couple of shared like World Series ever read wanted to be good but -- Not all the bird on the back at school all and I'm like an -- and good white hater I'm. I put on game one walked out of my own. And wouldn't form meant that the Bellman looked at my idiotic they're excited and -- -- -- -- a -- -- I got -- at -- -- I couldn't put out all of my shirt I realized what it -- sure -- and I told viewers that bad and whoever else salt and sure. Well I'm curious now what it would -- my -- -- -- actually it should apologize everybody. And you and you should have my question is going forward will always be back Hampshire should a guy on the road bring up back I'm sure he's nervous about the cursor. The problem that royal. Don't let them back -- -- I wrote I -- a large church that's a blow to its its probably alcohol by a -- right. Well -- sure but you know you -- it can happen and the -- school. Yellow shirt you -- Architecture. -- war before it took bad China went with that. They would get out war how it and I deserve everything about it. Those beautiful meant they take that last as the CLU guys out there on the field but. Front row seat for the first two games -- -- plays that are made plays out may see all time in a post season right. Yeah I'd play at the day and one sloppy today. -- -- right it looked like gambling rights Sox win. Great day last night were up there poppy. And again I mean -- at some point I think you'd better than -- -- Better than anybody in the world. Big guy comes up Chirac called mark -- Jacob brought it that it does well why are stocks are up alike don't you think and putting these guys on the back legal adult sentence. Nation bloated Shaq why albeit -- are upbeat outlook ground ball over a boat I've only sort through Beltran knocked. You're like little. And I want say -- It's not so much so palpable physical air bomber. What -- -- -- to let get away because now. The series is tied 11 that's more than just tied 11. Give a -- -- question mark peavy -- to open at three all you're going back to Saint Louis Eddie gotta be walker again at some point. It turned into a little bit of uncle. Well it does because you could be walker Reich Kevin the stuff that he show last night -- -- got a four on the post he's got a one ERA in. Some guy you've talked about it some guys get to Fenway and regular school -- the pit stains -- to get a little bit louder. Not Michael -- man he was unbelievable last night. He really -- much he'd never get stopped on the list could stop go. Go to UPP. Billiton -- eight GameStop location or why you know you've missed a few -- they've -- applied. Think it's good though -- no doubt and what it here now though. People -- and you go back to saint Lewis you lose now your second home runs your second RBIs and my. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're looking now like huge addition. Could that line up which is Mike -- so now definitely favors -- cardinal. This is fair game. And they're part yet you have got the expert group Egyptian and American League McNabb would have -- our budget can't get this here and it's miserable job anyway. We've -- a point that I -- you know three games out here in Saint Louis. I don't see it David for any of film and it's not a good scenario and I love to have Napoli and its lineup but. Get -- you gotta like David Ortiz every single game right at the first base. He played every game will look at that streak their turkeys are not fit a game could try -- Mike Napoli and pertinent to the regular season. A bail out or he's -- a -- -- starting pitching all right hand for one -- I can't picture. Even great matchup for Napoli even -- Needham. It will popular governor and Ashley Parker -- -- -- will be in the batch will be up the bench. Maybe it doubles which late in the game to see him come and but the bottom line is that that's why it's a little bit Larry L wolf. It -- rexrodt sell huge huge money niche. Put the man now that tie up a little bit of all given your. It's gonna be great its prime better series now because teams have gone up -- nothing of one some ridiculous amount now this feels like for shore. A seven game series so my reactionary comment for the day will be heading to game three. You're gonna lose like -- realist like -- -- -- lose my -- a game like Mike Napoli is out of line of apple is on the bench Ortiz at first we agree. On -- back in the effort Gomes Lou has sold me on David Ross in for Saltalamacchia went to comment on the second so. I've lost so often it's in the National League I gotta get Stephen Drew on the bench for game I gotta get Zander Bogart's a short. I -- -- will little Brooks at third knowing have lost some offense -- my 789 potentially could be Ross drew pitcher. In the National League park I want Bogart's its short Kevin wants a true for game three. Senator Clinton you know I understand you guys McRae he. Also now you Walsh offense not have a -- senator. Well memorable sound output standard -- are going to be public it could agree on any -- so well that absolutely where. And I you wanna throw the Iraq and a hitter. And he collected by the what they're not an easy he's got to five in the post season hit a right to play like that you might -- -- take one look at private bill. Right and that our our pitching picture. You've got a reluctant urgently now. Not that big poppy. A true perpich short that you want to know what Beckett -- you can make that -- because they're based Alexander walked out per second. And you know again -- not a -- there -- see that happening in weather watch or sloppy lots. According mean that I rocked this is remarkable we know that -- remarkable and it should -- and speed data -- strike -- -- offense well. You can make a move would be like you should not need I don't know I think we're all this -- there's always -- wrote that there's going to be made we don't that was going to be on the bench. Yes the I Saddam by putting drew back on shore suburbs discussion when it comes to Ross -- or like Leckey said okay. I love David Ross Kevin you know this kid man but when he's behind the plate. I I just feel like he -- couldn't just total control he's having some good at bats. And it may -- it is a flip the coin but I just when he's back there with a guy like Jake Peavy. I feel better about it and distant tomorrow night. It's just something good like the -- takes control the staff. And the load -- that are rendered. Eat sensibly. You know your -- so important right app that he's bad he earned it by any means spotlight extra Hebert Ross. Probably handled the staff. Better okay great. -- you're better back but you have to find out. It is Jake Peavy at work great with David -- we note Jon Lester does okay maybe a little bit more emotional -- appear on -- all know that. -- you know Robert and I believe it's what's best for the -- -- and how do we get a win or try to get -- per game three and I think that's -- jumper Carl ultimately. We'll put again. Probably David Rice -- I agree with you. I think -- might be kind of like. Hillary's -- they want one now and give the -- right and you really look at go to Saint Louis as we talk about now advantage games three games four and I give it. To saint -- staff okay I believe in Jake Peavy I think he's gonna show up in game three the question is Kenny give me blank can whoever goes in game four give me like. And it listen I think -- -- Kelly I think they can get the lid on all along they're gonna going to games. But if you're gonna tell me it's hitting six through nine is gonna decide. I think there's more depth over their Saint Louis and -- open especially in that get me out of the fifth sixth inning area. All I believe what you -- on the semi. Well then great yet he had a little bit of a breakdown and told gap but all strolling the wrote there but that big cardinals' bullpen. It's dominating with power arms so that advantage is a -- -- the -- out yet. Meanwhile in champs -- -- like oh cal Martinez comes in their you'd like all week so they have our joke elegant -- -- leg up there. Jake Peavy got the experience. You get the Bulldog mentality it it's like -- all cannot go to bury a little while the cardinals. And taught that all dislike anybody else sort of -- good game advantage I'd -- -- collect. The cardinals. That's too much because I'm not actually -- -- more experience would be the but it -- go to the cardinals. Kevin last one from me at any point the Red Sox start to get more aggressive on the basis I -- McGinley it is great Smith not stolen base but how about. Hit and run a little bit how about loosen guys over does the style have to change to get any more aggressively one of the nationally park for game three. Yeah my I don't like inflationary -- on your game to -- we are -- let the -- -- bass player and still -- It could jump still the pitcher -- economic program we gonna get -- -- I don't -- -- -- -- Molina outnumbered voters have very Smart make sure it teach -- to plant a -- go look well. So I -- nationally argued that the manufacturer could you -- have now shepherd and a -- hitters. You know they -- that -- sometimes not. But that map betrayal that does that sit around a bit -- a three run home run. So they haven't not guys their physical enough offensively. To get scrappy and still backed up only about -- Somalia has seen it -- of course but they still got I think as the basis. All the -- seeing on Saint Louis we had update a -- everyone's travel thing most talked about difficult. It is to get to saint posted to travel right got to connect everywhere so I know you'd just landed. I know you -- had a tough trip where exactly what's your connection right because you probably spent lot time and here. Yeah the connector of -- signature aviation there in Boston remember Larry it's figure by Hollywood that mattered not by about four minutes. Language go all out. All and we landed so you at the top one row you know I'm -- -- -- picture out -- -- down in a whole bunch item item. So no more here lately you'd like it's like commercial and it was -- your role play. Agassi quick private plane -- you don't stand on the thank rich guys got rich friends you know stand buddy get kicked the game and didn't get. I didn't notice that this is itself lucky and get away where -- sure you get away with you sit next to man team and Kenny Chesney guys at. Show when you grabs all game long down near the front row now private jets whenever I was bitching about getting a Saint Louis event three hours. You -- much are separate. It began a lot that we knew that about -- you don't have any and then we let you might argue that that we satellite. You -- that I'm not stopped -- Right away well because I lost those aren't -- grows so outlaw all around it is what people watch. A name. -- Good god get a -- like or commercial -- -- more commercial breaks aren't sure we get there longer like -- eat -- work over AI. That -- is Brian Kenny. The right exactly what broke out more about confidently up later today. Thank you -- crash index that men have crashed and that they. Pride gay didn't have -- I am I must Kevin I'm glad you said that a minute. And I said that. All -- bowl talk some more -- arrests may get some rest we -- the seventy hour flight mortal when. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's Hollywood. -- -- -- Junior junior Brian Kenney Chris Rose. -- is brought to you by devoted tractor corporation by the insurance. Like commonwealth mortgage and -- golf and we'll get a break we'll come back there riding zones coattails. Things that would Kenny Chesney go to private jets is a piece of work we're cutting -- Roads schools what to say about -- -- there at the beginning. -- that he said it to you can go to that live he said -- at least that's not a bad thing is that day and I think finally -- big government white hot place right. That about -- that's better than the opposite this tape and I had -- -- on the other side of it but the good but let's get a break we'll come back a little bit of baseball -- a little bit. Let's talk patriots and dolphins this weekend Peter King. About fifteen minutes from now 97. Only then --

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