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Playboy Jimmy Preston delivers a crushing blow to the Cardinals

Oct 25, 2013|

The Playboy Jimmy Preston leaves yet another epic message to Mut and Merloni regarding their World Series opponent, the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Back -- -- Fenway Park Butler got a 37 WEEI a couple of minutes away from salt and -- John Ferrell. We'll join the boys as well you wanna join the Red Sox and their fans a game to. Other World Series you got about ten minutes left. To play sure they we've got your tickets to game -- of the World Series right field box were up box 35 row eat. He's your face value 250 dollars each the current bid. That's your tickets is 17100. Dollars every single cent goes to our friends at the Jimmy -- to keep it between now and 2 o'clock. At 6179310937. Set earlier sports fans and generosity. Is what separates new England and now we look to push his -- of the mortgage for the game. But you got a bit right now to get top 17100. Bucks. For two tickets to game two of the World Series right field box rope -- 35 to brought out here at Fenway. All proceeds benefit the Jimmy Fund 61793109237. Is the bit line 617931. 09 B 37 current bid at 17100 you've got beat that between now at 2 o'clock you're helping out the Jimmy Fund and go to World Series game two. The Red Sox are six and now. When he Jonny Gomes Salina Lou yes you know. They are Q1 -- In series that have begun. With a one man throw Wright Jimmie Preston. Overload to go back to our show's favorite wrestler laid down a promo on the opposition. And once again the one man thrill ride. Jimmy Preston get you set for World Series game one hit it GO. Are -- a -- let's get this party started this time for talking it's just about over it and what thirteen World Series. One man -- -- is not what did you read. And it -- but it's doubtful. Not the type of congress for the cards but to get -- -- -- that would be very clear that beer got women are back and it got sick. And oddly enough the hot and the so called fans are but he'll lay it while he -- in Detroit boy so I got to go out they are -- this week. I've played on beat them back and debate -- could have possibly on -- trickled. Powerful. God it would you -- your shoulders and -- -- only lead to fit into the ground robots breakfast. And it I mean you'll cut a deal and it doesn't hard boiled eggs don't give -- cat under 160. Pound squat. Actually applied to state that we. -- I'll be thinking about winning and author UFO compensation. We're at home and partly. We didn't want because sometimes -- got -- -- to practice protected corporate debt and -- ticket tax cut. I care about how Carlos Beltran is in desperate need to rock over towel there don't want it. People want to playoff performer and gave it works. So Michael why not walk a walk off base poppy gonna put you want to think they -- hip -- Broad you better off spot and delivered me. Yeah it -- to operate in ball is gonna like her girlfriends flat and don't force anything else you can probably that. Old blogger it's too bad I'll read your -- like according -- Does -- exploit -- it's gonna put up good vote on that anger back -- -- also talk -- he -- What -- suppose we -- here but they've been people wrong all. And long they are the cream of the crop of just talk about all locked up 45 absolute that he's playing one you need that can't be. Stop there's a Boston Red Sox that stack of Major League Baseball champion so cute that duck -- topics. And all the people that speak out are gonna wanna get smeared with dog man you know appeared already -- and get paid. His best one yet there's no question in my -- a student support for Michael -- it. -- Michael -- his girlfriend and that conversation. The one bad throw Wright Jimmie Preston could seem on FaceBook. On Twitter he's everywhere it's gonna YouTube page there as well. Are got a -- throw rather it is they are undefeated. They have not lost -- okay now must be spiraling down and not lost the series when he cuts a promo. That will follow what six hours away now. -- leg and you both towers of light at first you do with what's on tap to find out what's on tap your voice what is into an excellent shot. Elena yesterday puts on -- -- --

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