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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 10/25/13

Oct 25, 2013|

Ask us, we'll tell you how it is.

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It's time for questions -- question what's. The big question. So -- should be -- answering. Every. Question it's. Means Mike adams' here we get a special guest answer for into the questions they might minute ski. Is what this is well because he's and that the singles with a couple minutes amok because I'm waiting here to wait for you guys -- this -- and the business side and my little -- side by side but I -- This hole and it's got it right so -- joblessness. Others very Matt Mikey one way. Trash mean really what he's able skinny guys out knowing much preempting me now. Doctors -- the lowest -- -- broadcast which is true. -- we all know that preempted by means. For him to answer the question brought you by -- restoration specialist if you're a property or facilities manager or insurance broker. To ensure you have a disaster after he should plan of ways. Well it's 774611111. Or go to heiress -- we describe my keys you know. Too much my earlier it was only like -- here. Right spot where. I'm from. Because it acts here for. Andy -- writer -- pre line you have Mikey is with food easily. New -- of his character breakfast -- If these things -- none of them makes sense of each other. This is -- calculator says yeah yeah I 82 I think it's pick your freezer keeps your stuff called -- ice pack now so much history human. My elected the first question is is there anybody here not name -- but now just like right now. Sister as your -- -- market hundreds of crescent. Larry I was trying to answer some of your question my dictionary for one told Mikey -- -- operate the you'd take a big hot topic shut the bleep I -- How many pushing penalties will get called this Sunday in the NFL 000. All -- out but that's how the rest rest of the year of its report perhaps the over on the rest of the year under. -- -- no way under but I don't know -- it will write lines or perhaps a legit and I think that's right I take the under its front like the -- I wrestle with the rest of the next question to know relations portion Mikey Adams who smoke more after Red Sox loss or Red Sox win. Tobacco yes. I smoke during IV it's like if all freaked out really nervous -- wade who. During my what do you do during a stressful it. What stressful you your due to the game if there's. You know it's stressed out during your close tight games in loses more here that -- it's not possible this would lose anymore there. It's easy to use the breakthrough them. They've they've identified the gene now it's just a matter of years before all of this is apparently on the island is Rogaine -- out until then I'll ride it out -- -- fine you make the move from the year suburban when it's a stressful game -- -- The movie make you -- perfect for -- that the laser -- surgery in suburban before it gets stressful -- expert where -- from -- at this. I'd love what you do happen -- gotten a little firm. He's gonna rocks at night on the -- no way this premise of the brown which she users at us. Next question -- but the real man. Got a question as well pretty well maybe it is. What you prefer pumpkin spice any thing -- Apple's. All you can destroy the pumpkin spice migrant coffee cake is the best in the world elected. -- -- in the world at pumpkin flavored anything you get to 31 and it pumpkin pumpkin. It's obvious stuff so it's at its box and hot apple slander on good pot and whatever is pumpkin ravioli which -- however like the -- I just killed immediately and the connection in the the sounds like Seles actually broken -- is a really yet it is this with -- to our condolences. -- fury now I normally don't like the stuff. Well it's titled it's like golf club which. It is good to sell something that really takes like crap that you cannot yes I would. Thank -- siders clutter problem that's. An analyst with my life crisis over at school and another yesterday next question. Did you get beat up a lot of -- -- apple would want. Freedom enough time 5050. And a hundred Mikey do you remember every -- -- Jerry potter -- our independent he's been in. This fight -- serious -- 5050. Fight what decade. 60s70s. Sometimes like in the sixties and seventies despite were like on every street all the time -- our average out there you know six. Okay only once when stroke if the media market confidence. At the rest it but it could be. Now you know amateur early -- most naturally I looked up some -- -- yet I did you agree dispassionate. Stuff. Six Landis that it's great stuff like that mole pops up -- whack a mole. -- recycle more jokes like. My oh wow. -- okay cool and really. He's he's you know lay off and he lets it go away by the lack of minutes ago when we're glad. -- accusing. Either give it up. -- battled well and I did it you know. And I got told that the last one in the grade and I know I should've pressed charges real answers I don't know that -- was going to school but it wouldn't it fixing. I was sixteen that got -- four. My basketball for a play about smoke machine shop from. -- you know elbow and get out from behind and hit job breaker I didn't know that breakaway. And he said don't do that game. And it did and -- it. Too -- or record the last -- hello. I started so I've got to appreciate it shouldn't have -- -- applied -- -- not I actually really only been one fight in I was not -- -- Witten again. When I was -- -- that sixth grade -- a textile and Omaha -- political girlfriend at the time that means this experience. Went back with -- that night she went man and I told her what happened just like come on that's not true it really what it's only what you report to fight was over. Yeah. What is so some -- what was the over. Welcome it. And answer the question you -- -- I thought it was all eleven years twelve years old was. So certain religion islands. Salters music and a guy who closes eyes suits now. I'll tell you what I -- -- -- fighters Hillary knows -- winters like December cold really cold out and the you know I was fighting. You know everybody gather around us fight in the Q&A three -- -- basically had like he still had globes. All right so he never even hit me never neverland that a single punch item on the ground on a few times and we got knocked off their proposals now you wanted to know. -- wanted to among defeated in the appointment sixth grade and -- about Irish. Next question. I think it was about what was it really about what you think it was like explosion I think it is about. I think it was about culture. Religion. And -- news. I don't -- that one though the odds and it was one well at a bullet to a wild eyes only and it's last minute coach expect it. -- question is it possible that Stephen Drew was any bad slump plus he knows he's lame duck shortstop and is literally looking over shall. -- -- -- -- -- Next question this is from like -- did you -- -- with your significant other than others other bloggers. Insurance limit one's restaurant that is -- great honeymoon like great honeymoon thing this year been. One of those. Goes it's a great place and music we watch your honeymoon to its. -- -- -- -- It has had management questions ago no money you won't admit that you exuberant love for the Pittsburgh fans this place. Not at all Pittsburgh fans -- first lefty was unbelievable it's not my fault. The have a long history at Pittsburgh callers on the show so you have an unnatural hatred. Towards them like to get up in Maine and others I'm gonna tell you this that baseball crowd was an a plus crowding our current eight plus crowd -- -- crowd that showed up at a baseball game there are good they're just. Sharing. Early short our car I thought they were good job. One final question now I -- is just for might give assists for the whole esteemed panel is leading European opinion he gateway drug. Notes gave way to haven't you know here's the -- it should be legal -- tequila is legal and we'd should be legal is tequila again later. Yes. It straight to jail. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't know a single -- -- upon which we'll see you going. Where you go to saint I'm going to I think well -- -- -- -- different OSHA issue. I'll tell you what -- -- go to Saint Lucia and complain about it the entire way because -- I can't fly nonstop and actually be dropped with a parachute -- to my hotel Lucia I'm going to be very. There I don't see mr. parachuted to -- -- -- or on our way to Saint Louis we'll talk -- guys tomorrow what 6 o'clock along with little -- -- will be on earlier -- maps. Time out block the result wrap up tomorrow and Sunday Wednesday and then of course Monday as usual -- to talk to them --

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