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Around the NFL: ESPN's Ron Jaworkski with Salk and Holley

Oct 25, 2013|

We go around the NFL, and focus especially on Brady's play at QB with a former QB himself, ESPN's great NFL analyst Ron Jaworski.

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It is a -- Friday -- Ron Jaworski will join us coming up in a few minutes welcome holly and WEEI WEEI dot com as well it's also our road to redemption though brought to by Andersen windows built backed. It service like no other window -- taken off right after the show had down. On our way. Circuitous route but we will head to Saint Louis yeah be there tomorrow we'll do -- show -- Maloney tomorrow for the game Sunday before the game and then extended show on Monday. From the -- well. I little. You can call -- I call it the little you can do that whenever our -- -- know -- and the people to nicely correction anyway of -- -- -- -- -- -- we'll see the saint -- have a correction. To make. I'm lawman Wyatt who knows more about ribs in music than anybody in a trust me no more about music than you do just except I believe from. Lester Lester and maybe maybe not -- up and everything else. So why -- runs missile fire barbecue couple locations here Alston missed knows well. He says man this is all -- baby back to Saint Louis ribs are special trimming of spare. Cash to throw -- pork right. So but it gives you just. I don't -- what -- braves I think you're digging gross they don't tasted their grizzled I don't like beef ribs but if their pork ribs and I think they are their spare -- though and not not a baby back. So Memphis he says Memphis and get on the birthplace okay. A baby back -- they -- I gave great I love men are solid in there once I love the food there -- thought -- I would the mobile street. Lose staying with -- good barbecue -- they have more like a dry rub there in Memphis right and then when you get to Saint Louis things more like a sweet sauce I'm not mistaken. But I gotta go find out I never really been an early got the chance sample so looking forward to that we'll talk to Josh -- just a moment and we'll get back your calls and you guys are all over the whole lot shortstop third base thing whether or not the time for John Ferrell to make -- -- -- something at least. With -- Bogart's at shortstop. But Tom Brady we're talking about it earlier in the week 55%. Passer right now 55% Michael. That's not Tom Brady. How does Tom Brady end up throwing the ball and only completing fifty. 5% of his passes Ron Jaworski joining is via the AT&T hotline -- how does that happen. Well guys what we want yen above lotteries. -- I've spent a lot of time watching Tom Brady this week chemical Tuesday. I -- eight remaining to give it her all about it. -- game last week against. Indianapolis supposedly. Am -- get these great players we talked while Tom Brady and he talked about Peyton Manning he's got future all that are incredibly. -- -- -- At an OK there's going to be game there could be sued him whether they're not as sharp as they normally are -- or. They're two games in the course this season we're all just not doing you want to go and open goal of the day recording -- working. Receivers are making great -- now when you look at Brady this season like the truth about mr. Tom Brady I think there's a lot of little things going law. The passing game is about. I mean and -- them. It just had not been consistent -- For the patriots this. And a lot of contributing factors that. Wide receivers -- out on the line up. Inconsistent in the backfield in pass protection and swing picked up the ball into -- pack at duke beat juggling football. Try it and that. Troublesome to -- has been. And then all of that why take charge and football game. And get on the opportunity to go. The reason reading progression 1234. And apply the necessary of -- -- receivers. And remain good moral support important then you walk. It quite good I thought that would -- strike. And the guy that that know how to play at -- and they have been a stalwart as they need to -- That's a fair point oh well let me ask you this then jaws what do you see from Brady. That you don't like how men are American lots of contributing factors but where where is he letting the offense down letting the receivers down. I don't think Obama is letting them I think he had been sharp there'd been played the field. And a lot of guys do. The chemistry just isn't there when you look at how important option and the that your outing out. But you don't have that chemistry with -- -- the offseason training camp but now he goes seven games in the season. I didn't develop that chemistry that's out there and that probably be squeezed the ball a little bit just leaving little it to economic -- -- So -- want and that could bet -- like Tom Brady when you have new people it becomes a challenge. Or so just what does he do -- -- at. Whether we agree or not on on what his level of responsibility and culpability is in a 55% completion rating which is so far off is Norma. What do you do with -- what do you do with you -- him because the guys are -- can only get better at at such a rate the offensive line kind of is what it is it's not like you've got two new tackles coming in or anything like that. What do you do -- Tom Brady to make it better. And -- academic. The cupboard is he doesn't need excuses made for you know I'm sure these problems that supported the PP 5% completion percentage at that. But the only thing you can do it every day total war -- concept concept that worked on -- one won't give it time after practice. You don't belt that feel the hit the indicator for the wide receiving corps. And oh with a big believer check as far as how he'd builders football in. The -- this season. -- would apple want you bought the team -- look like at the end of the season right now almost the halfway mark I know there's a lot of work that -- be done. I think when you have got veteran guys were back at the head coach and the -- step. You'd be potentially comes together and hope they could grab our legal would come in so certainly -- Ever want sports capital right now there are a lot of people lobby button to. Record. Ron Jaworski is with -- -- always brought you by DCU digital federal credit union what -- DC UC view would jaws. Josh McDaniels has to play a role in this is well Michael I talked about this a lot earlier in the week. When you are not throwing all that well Brady was not especially this last Sunday against the jets. And you are running the ball well and and they ran for a half yards per carry every time the time every time they tried it. He threw the ball 46 times and ran a twenty what do you make of Josh McDaniels as they play caller. Well it is probable that imbalance and I think when you play you get to -- Like the New York Jets. Who can -- and -- album and with their front seven I think they're the sample in the in the secondary it's like our Josh thought that that was there you want attack. But I have always a big believer in ballots -- if you look at that. That the history. Two in the region to clobber each year and that's what he does a reliable one. When he did you appoint yet actually in the paralyze the heat -- and so couples -- -- that would that they played come. So I would probably a -- network I think we need more balanced all but also. That will take some of the pressure all operate to adopt an eagle -- in the -- situation -- the worst bird and Walt. I also hope big believer that play action all -- receivers. -- equated young quarterback action play action. The quarterback doesn't even read either here or -- and that simple reading repression. Don't -- you can also say that they are young receivers. Would you define what their job -- to be simple play action plays. Into war. It makes it easier for them. I would like to see more play action pass to all -- thought that. -- we know Peyton Manning you mentioned him off the top what a historic season he's having so far for the Broncos. I'm guessing you think he's playing the best of any quarterback of football right now but -- number -- many other quarterbacks have you studied on tape. Where you've come away impressed and maybe we're not talking about this guy because we're talking about so much so much about Peyton Manning. Well I think Philip Rivers is is quietly having an unbelievable season at a the last three weeks one of the best quarterbacks in the -- -- -- Cam -- He's played tremendous football you know in winning their last three games so he's certainly playing at a very high level right now. You guys get a chance he Drew Brees the couple weeks Coke is another -- playing at a very high level. But and him as you mentioned. They ever almost in a panic on Monday 18 bank. It looked like -- -- -- losing energy. Couldn't wait you didn't study that date and the same thing about saying about I'm pretty I saw. With the Denver offense they were getting pressure -- -- he -- -- -- Jordan of football he could not. It would throw all of that energy. So the quarterback is big dependent position and -- and -- other guys do their job well probably the same could be that. Revolt that paper right now they're getting that little let out some -- they're dependent. Let. Jaws it's always great to talk here we should do more than once a month but of course we can see you all over ESPN ESP and Snickers NFL matchup Saturday is 8:30 AM eastern time NE SP -- and then Sunday at 6:30 AM on ESPN with -- -- in Merrill has giant tie -- And -- -- Tony it was well we always look forward to watch and laugh talking to you thanks a lot just. -- -- hit it straight to be with you bet I'm probably just finish out all the ball. I'm so you'll never opened often when all the great successor government its warts and all down here really -- -- -- win. Now I'm sorry about that I'm an amount that sorry like -- They just want to -- to Saint Louis a couple of times right what are we don't say it was a good food or. Our thanks Josh we appreciate there. -- there's Ron Jaworski takes a few minutes. Via the AT&T hotline and a course that you like all of our page it's Friday guests brought you by DC digital federal credit union -- DC UC view. I think that's something that does need to be done I don't think the -- to continue with the offense exactly as it's been and they'll survive and I can like go. Two in 52 in 89 out on the stretcher inning but. What I would love to see them do is use that ground attack. Build up as he said build up the wide receivers confidence by allowing them to play off play action. Help Tom Brady by taking some of the pressure off of him with second short third and medium etc. And then ultimately allow him to be himself. But less so you know what I mean program like it operates a great quarterback he's got a 55% guy. I don't believe that all of a sudden he's lost his accuracy years decision making. But both of those things that happen right now is not accurate he's made bad decisions so why not try something else and see -- -- ultimately benefits Brady in the. And guitar and operating. And we have been in critical at times of ratings from the fans Seau and don't be afraid. Jump on Tom Brady's been Brad talked to jars. And you try to twist his arm to say something. Bad about Brady and he won't do so he's saying it based on this study dependent position. But he sees everything else the operative line the receivers maybe the running game play calling. He does not see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If that's the case that don't stubborn about it. If that's the case even if you -- to attack and in the secondary look at it Joshua yeah let's say they don't make it guides like easy some of the stuff he's cute cute do you. About some of the some of the problems that Tom Brady is dealing with -- -- have to do with our our correctional facility place. There Massachusetts all but you look what you've got I mean at right listen and I trust jaws when he has to say if he tells -- if we know that a running game would help you get into a better down and distance that's one. 20 a running game would help lead to play action that helps Brady should help the timing has to throw the ball three the play action should make the receivers better because it simplifies their read. All of those things should aid the process of speeding up the development of the offense and of the chemist. Between now you mentioned helping Tom Brady and you try to ask -- of course American union here and didn't allow asking about food Saint Louis where he was just talking to maintenance and of course he's he's been zimbalist but he had questioned in my memoirs Texan again use just for clarification. On the -- They come off access flat meat and not polls so that it is complete square and just the rehab that's also good with the meat balls also get a record at all it won't -- which I -- -- just. The bathtub I'd other other people around the station or may be upset about the travel how to get all they Lewis in this and that Italian man go to saint -- I'm gonna eat ribs. And I'm gonna watch the World Series and I am not -- complain about that offer such a complex or you're going to let me just get this straight news. You're going. Q Saint Louis. To watch the world -- hear some stuff you're talking to people who were paying attention to the World Series who love baseball. In your complaining. Because you're what you said that the accommodations aren't 100% perfect yet. You're going. To the World Series. That is normal just go to the World Series for three games and a lot of doctored to support to do that if I can I just to go up now go to the World Series. Go to Saint Louis. What are you complaining about bound and shot out. But enjoy -- -- -- my god this tweet that I see that India is provided for me is fantastic. Did you see this the sauce man this -- today and it would of this. -- called in sick today OKT haven't heard a moment on the sports flash is today tweet from sauce man. My New Year's resolution of no more whiskey is not going so well -- hash tag at Hong over tweets. Come on -- man at real saucer men. Top 1800 -- man in bed skip and work today because of a hung over tweet now -- -- looking for. Banks. Yeah I know so many people who say that Paramount six -- 777979. Victory towing them back to this conversation is John Farrell need to try it. This trial something happened that I you don't wanna do what I know your loath to do it. Maybe try some at shortstop tried to change if you like get alcohol W Ian.

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