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Dead Give-away! Sox errors prove costly, and now we've got a series!

Oct 25, 2013|

It's a 1-1 series now and we're discussing the Sox key errors, plus good pitching from Wacha that led to it. Plus how will the rest of this series play out?

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-- talked earlier WEEI hand on WEEI. Dot com. Finally back and to be in there and beat around the action and now we got a series man now we've got to -- -- As of yesterday you weren't quite sure I wasn't quite sure I'm sure. You watch and gain Yorkshire like -- baby this is series that maybe the Red Sox just walk it had been since 1986. Since we've seen them lose a World Series game. We built up the cardinals in 04 we built up to I think to a point. The Rockies in the hot streak that they were on those seven but once they got going it wasn't really series either time blowouts in the first games -- take it from the air but last night. Looked so much for what 67 innings like it was going to be. Just like the Colorado series right blown out the first game when a close in the second game and then head back to the National League sitting up to your business. And now it's not now we've got a series now the cardinals have arrived this is the team. And I think we've talked about leading up to the series leading up to game won the cardinal team that didn't show -- In the first game and then they did last -- I thought they look like they look like it. Formidable opponent last night yeah I think -- -- we have a series obviously because tied at one but there are more questions now. After two games series started about a Red Sox are about the stories about -- about the series about the Red Sox about the cardinals to me your theories. While before started you thought you had a handle on who the Red Sox top three year top four starters -- you don't know that now because the court buckles situation. Coming into the series. You thought there was a a known commodity and Adam Wainwright. In the hot phenom and Michael wacko well Adam Wainwright did not have a good game one and although Michael walker. Won the game for them last night. He did not he was not the a fearsome guy in my opinion I thought he was he was good enough to win in -- given credit for that. But I didn't see. A guy -- the Red Sox cannot get to me he was able to given credit for getting autism a tough situation to give the home run Ortiz but even before then. I was walking some guys you thought. Maybe the red stuff and straighten things together your native now they -- they wouldn't capitalize on but I don't see walk as. A guy who I don't wanna see again. I think I know what you mean because he didn't dominate them it wasn't it wasn't lectures are neither of the two games that he pitched against them. And I don't think there especially the first game he pitched against I don't think. I don't know that I was expecting that I was expecting great stuff which he clearly has throwing 9596. Miles an hour angle in the fastball. Locating it pretty well I did walk four guys that they only got three hits off. It's not like they tore the cover off the ball they got three hits in the game Ortiz hit the home run and he's he's in -- category. By himself David Ortiz is but even that ball. Mean that was just a pure David Ortiz whole round how many other guys in the league have that kind of strength -- strength to hit that out when he hit an -- volume. When he hit the ball I thought was a pop up the left field. And I kept I want nodded and took a pop pop up out of my -- scraper. -- about a -- Wall Street and it was close to being that -- I mean -- yeah it just goes by features only 375 foot home run. It was a it was a fitting way fly ball that turns it off home run I don't want to diminish what it is David Ortiz a strong guy and he takes care Fenway Park is a great park for him. It's and it's a home run. But it doesn't show me that Michael walk. What was the blame really I thought he was really good at. And more than anything it just proves this point that even if you're able to do what the Red Sox do which is get you get the pitch count up continue to work on that. Apple -- this bad bullpen is ridiculous if you if you came away marginally impressed with the walker you have to come away impressed -- Martinez and rose. -- -- especially Martinez that they Martinez they had some opportunities and he shut him down now I mean is that the fact that he can. You know what's common with bald guys in and it doesn't matter it is to really matter when they throw that hard throw that effectively. Young guys all of -- 2223 years old all the guys pitcher for the cardinals last night. None of them even 25 years -- now. You use him Martinez also a Rosenthal I thought three strikeouts three batters three strikeouts -- later I wasn't the heart of the order I mean he's facing three guys down near the bottom model home are swinging the bat that well if you come in for three batters and striking out all three -- 97. That's pretty good in my book so it comes down to this question and you're right. Questions now galore about both teams -- what do -- -- -- -- you know. Like the same situations we had in Detroit you know you have won one and ALCS. Go back to victory you're looking at eighty mini series with the in the series. Can you win two out of three. -- two out of three and on the road and Saint Louis who and then you come back to Boston for games Dixon and and potentially game seven. -- the question or I don't think anybody appears Lincoln. United States. Red Sox in five so maybe it's like a little thought but now most people aren't thinking that the Red Sox go to Saint Louis and knock him out. I don't I don't think I'm being -- in straight especially with the questions surrounding Buchholz especially with the questions surrounding JPV. I am not feeling sweep right now in known that they still love -- right looming it may be wasn't at his -- in game one I still believe he can be better than that. I'm very I'm very curious to see whether or not he starts game four now or whether they push him back and go wins winning game four I think those are the questions and and more. That are going to be -- to come back to this matchup we'll get you guys involved a lot here and a lot of questions. About John Farrell and some of the moves he's made some of the decisions he's got to make now 6177797937. We'll also talk to more Molder. Former cardinals pitcher now the ESPN he'll join us at 245. Gave his take on where this thing goes from here. This comes back last I think -- back to my questions about the cardinals as they match up for the Red Sox not the team in general but as a specific match up. For the Red Sox like we talked about more football than a baseball what are the Red Sox like to -- your star get him out of the game foul ball problem you saw last night even in the first inning. There are foul balls off Ellsbury in the -- eight or nine pitch at bat to start the game and you asked. John Farrell afterwards about Michael walk. That he was impressed but I think like you he didn't sound overly impressed he said this. Look like from the second inning on they start to settle into a pretty good rhythm you we have a big opportunity in -- -- thing and probably the pitch of the night might have been the -- -- played. To Napoli we get a first and second situation nobody out with a seemingly chances to build an inning grumbled will play in the pop up soon. To Gomes to get out of the inning put to them. -- very good changeup. Maintained his stuff throughout says the time that we Preston in terms of build the pitch count and give ourselves some opportunities but. I thought he threw the ball in our guys so effectively. And so once again the second time for the order start to flippant occur both to give a different. Look party press them they pressed them they were able to get his pitch count up that's what they do. But what good is it when you end up with somebody hitter in the seventh eighth and ninth. Rosenthal you're not gonna I don't think you're gonna get to Rosenthal the way he looked and it Martinez now sort of has the sea legs under him he pretty damn hard to get to two so I. It just worry that the Red Sox strategy which is so effective over 162 and a couple -- effective in the next. Five games that's destroy us how many got a good bullpen and those guys were impressive last night but. Your ball putting guys no matter how dominant -- -- -- not better Michael -- Those guys are are are better than he has -- you know they're they're very good for for what their role is but in the back in the grand scheme of things. Would you rather face. Martinez or would you rather face walker I think Q Matt you would rather face Martinez and market itself. -- -- In the post season. I I -- I still can't believe this I still can't believe I saw you side we also asked acutely. Jose Lobo -- got to -- you are so anybody can beat anybody can be gotten to anybody can be exposed. So I'm I think that's the strategy is fine -- strategy they used keep using a strategy it work for you so far it will continue to work. And I don't want them to stop and you're right anybody -- any given night but you start playing the percentages and saying okay. I'll still take the Koji vs low but don't match up 99 times out of a hundred and yeah I got to them that day it anything's possible on a short series that's part of what makes it on the and your right to change this is what the Red Sox do the question is. Is it -- is it is -- he's gonna work as well it worked great against Detroit -- terrible bullpen. It worked pretty well against Tampa Bay -- middle relief was not exactly fantastic and -- -- closer at all kinds of issues. Will work against the cardinals team that is really put its strength in the bullpen especially if you're gonna throw the ball around the way they did last night it was uncharacteristic. -- are used to seeing it but for the second time in the policies may be the third depending on how you look at it. I think the Red Sox beat themselves a little bit last night especially in that one play you don't see it often but he definitely did on this play and he swings it up. Broken bat looked shallow left don't get a body there is expected that does not think there's -- -- the planet -- it's not mom. And they're both they're routed at Barrett red -- -- that the pilot and -- -- my health. I breslaw throw -- one happened at the Paris based pants. Cardinals late straight at noon. But I don't play from a Smart guy was just bad just bad all the all the way around and I wrote Tim McCarver. You know a lot of you out there listen McCarver over the years and based on what we hear you not too excited about what you hear but he was absolutely right. When he was talking about Saltalamacchia last night how we didn't have to be position in the way he was that the gap he had an opportunity. To make a play -- the Buddy Guy get charged with the -- there and I think rightfully so. But the ball get away from him but even then OK that was bad as bad as that was. You would just hope that Breslow and and it -- an athlete adrenaline I understand of this editors over them. Just just told ball -- ball that point but to throw it to third like that. I mean most most pitchers can't -- You look at I -- who say Jose even think that the pitchers for for many years and got gold gloves. You think about democratic and all the gold gloves he got. Most of the time they get gold gloves you -- back to on the field written and they they can the dual national tossed the first base. But in terms of just standing there like a fielder. Is throwing at the third or second and being accurate. -- -- Don't think about much natural movement to gutter ball anyway it's not a surprise order sales on them it's too bad that's what's weird about the play and it's scorched during does not too often -- -- sacked seven to you one. It's a very very strange play the -- almost never seem baseball and had never seen in the history of the -- exactly what was the same play it was almost like a football thing with a quarterback bad decision making and -- accuracy and really it was a mental and physical error humble the catcher in the pitcher. First tentative the giveaway. First salty makes the mental error by not coming away from home plate in the physical error not catching the ball and Breslow does the right to make good on him he's in position -- backs -- play no problem. But in mental error to -- thorough physical error to throw wide of the bag and that he got a problem and he gives up the hit to Beltran. I'm not get a criticized barrel for the handling of the bullpen last night I really have a problem when he got lefties coming up. You got Beltran is a switch hitter I didn't really think he needed to go to does Allah I thought he took out Lackey about the right time and -- something that maybe should shoot onto bristled earlier. I didn't think that what guess you could account or draw about one bad I know I don't want batter earlier that's would be Q I mean look I thought. I thought he did the for. The right thing and I'm not -- question those bullpen moves but he's got rights. The -- these playoffs -- -- some of the things we can question with -- about the lineup of what it's going to be like moving forward we will get into it starting very solid and it. Number -- not that they're number one advantage. I came out last night. In a big way the huge advantage the cardinals -- only only area I give the cardinals. Triple check marks. Over the Red Sox is their -- It just got more guys that you have they have more. Depth and who knows maybe somebody's guys and they will we see them more. They won't be able to handle the moment but right so far you look at it on paper. They've got you know five guys that go to and ask for additional depth like its traditional coming in early ninety's after the Red Sox don't power Red Sox have three guys that they actually trust and who. And I don't work -- was in a game last night but he's not in that three we know that three. We've talked about on its -- though is is dollar and it's Koji. And it when you when you get into the sixth inning. Instead of bringing those guys into the seventh or whatever. Now you've got now you've got to stretch a little bit you've got to play around because ultimately what you like is. Three outs from Breslow in three outs from two dollar and then close it out with Koji. World Series that knowledge work out. It just doesn't then work and actually look pretty good again last night and maybe he's working himself. No pun intended back into being one of those guys you trust as sort of that a minus if if if you're three guys at the -- your eight pitchers and the rest of them -- the beat guys maybe you sort of in that. Where you trust them a little bit more but I agree with -- 6177797983. -- wanna give you guys a buying all day today Iran's and met. That rob Ramos -- -- there are lots of throat thank. Let's renowned. Justice out. Hi I -- so the job he's done even more watching that game that -- and last night and you should read what -- you are in -- -- green. Kim who walked cheated or that guy in the seventh inning and not immediately -- them -- when you got there as -- ready to go. We want number 20 we'll all talk all you are structured and miners from you got -- not. -- -- Yeah but it throws a ball in the stands and out in the debacles -- at that point damage is done it. Yes you know -- it -- if I hate it if I wanted to break it down like that I would say. -- -- we didn't get it honestly brush up on your back home front -- on on a second director promised to back here. If if you wanna say that he he went we have. He didn't go to Breslow early enough OK I think that's a legitimate debate but at that point we took a Bristol from the ball into the stands. You're already downgraded to take him out shore but you are that the damage has been done now mapping out right there that was game. You know what though -- here's how things will hold honest and LeBron and the issues -- this one the Lackey even with pitching to that only that other bettered only thrown 95 pitches I was not convinced he had lost that fact. I -- been shocked if -- had left Lackey and for one more batter I thought that was the possibility. Well which if I wanted to take him out and I wanted him to leave them in that's not really fair what you're saying -- what you're saying is you don't like the result and I like the result either and that's climate than me in the process is screwed up. I understand about the pres okay may -- is it's not the right place after that. On the other hand I think they wanted Beltran to hit from the right side instead of the left side and they liked that matchup better I can understand both. Of those yet here's the other thing and a breath as those -- the one of the three trusted guys and I thought he was dynamic especially in this and the Tampa series I think it was game four he was outstanding. His numbers. When he came into the game last night they're missing -- fox -- he has appeared in whatever it how many innings he has no -- to give him over. And I look at that status is good on paper. Doesn't really. 100% accurate of who he's been now OK technically he's given up no runs. But he has. Had a problem even before last night. The one thing about Breslow is putting people on base. And that situation -- Muslim and -- a -- -- was to got to go to that there's no doubt not second guessing the choice. A Breslow puts you where you are hopeful Betty had a stuff last night because you got two guys on. You walk somebody OK now we got problems that's exactly what have. -- his whip for the post season is 136 it has not been incredible on that concludes what happened last night he does have a few walks and he he he has not been perfect. But he's been your guy and he's always seem to find his way to get out of trouble even if he's gotten himself into it -- put him in some really difficult spots. I so I think it balances out a little bit yes he hasn't been perfect he's not been on one of these kids this is why we're saying that that Saint Louis has the advantage in the pan. But he's also found his way out of it maybe he was just do they -- is due to happen eventually and so what happens here -- -- -- -- that game and you hope that now he gets right back to be in the guide that he was over the course of the year 617779. 7937. Let's go to Brian in Springfield opera. A regular guys Brian -- was not. Or what -- we just ridiculous that -- -- Oprah oh what did you you can't off by it you know have a lot of. It is really high I'll definitely if there's a big hits the high notes for that girl I can stick it tell you this what the total what is -- there's complexity can tell you I'm just up. That thank you strike out. And they're both Iran and apparently well buyers back. And I don't. -- Got her brand anywhere are public you -- ball. So there's week. Because I think your old little anger it is no emotion -- fire already. Here -- make a play if not you are still being out at the ball well. Not really no no don't play but yeah exactly AK -- salt use the right word I ate it and we know all about Brazill and ivy leaguers we know he's not dumb but it was a dumb play. Brian used in the works selfish I suppose like. Suffered a relationship he has nothing you know himself he's -- the right thing -- did it to something else. About sports to your adrenaline takes over it's a competitive athlete. And he thinks he's got to make a play it was a bad decision he made it that selfish now the best ones escorted up the direct. I would agree -- -- -- was selfish but it was a it was bad decision making again you look at almost like a quarterback they they usually run into problems either because they make a bad decision or they are inaccurate in that case. He could have been one of the two but not the dollar and unfortunately some easy inaccurate after a bad decision it really -- -- in the blues in the game 6177797937. Lot of emotion today and for good reason we now have a series. It's not going to be easy it's not gonna be a -- the Red Sox and not just gonna walk -- taken their head head straight through Saint Louis and come back and they -- won the World Series let's have a big parade it's not going to be that he's good this Saint Louis team is good whatever happened to them in game one they seem to have shaken it off and whatever maybe they made infected the Red Sox -- it. Because each team I think has beaten themselves. In each of the 21 games shall see what happen -- properties and bring it bring it's time to bring a -- ready for that with that at the phones are off for the next twenty minutes or so on the Mark Mulder will join us at 245. It's alcohol here W media. In -- against the left hand pitcher has lowered the belt here's the -- -- it's a broken bat looked shallow left both I dare. Not take this step up. It's not. -- -- -- No other way to say it anyway by the Red Sox yesterday after about the cardinals gave away game one of the Red Sox decide they're -- One of them in game 20 you wanna get away game. Almost surely had a few week giveaway game we'll take -- lead and just destroy that thing in the seventh inning you know what a bummer man. About that was nothing remarkable about the cardinals but the cardinals were seeing you look at them like the way. Norah come from that until today don't they -- today profit anyway AT&T text line. Texas as I guarantee Breslow makes that play you guys are bragging about how good -- Portland I think you're right. I think a lot of plays like that baseball here to view -- really break him down. It's -- so close to being going you know the ball being thrown away it was so close to its happening -- happening but when they successfully give. The person -- credit like Pedroia. In game six of Ailes yes. On the field to play. He tags Victor Victor is close by and you say oh what is he doing yours is for -- abuse you don't know it's not confused at all. Thought the peripheral vision he sees Prince Fielder in no man's land roasted a plate and they get friends. Punctuated with a whole areas belly flop but. He'd throw that ball away or Prince Fielder is favorite -- is with all the jury could have gotten more out of matter what he'd do it that way and that's. Any playmates I think you're right what is next now for John Carroll. That becomes the question what moves does he need to make -- last night. I still think it's an aberration just I thought game one was an aberration for the cardinals. What does he do now -- start looking at some of the numbers. I don't see how he can stick with Jonny Gomes in game three I don't think he's going to I asked him about it last night we talked about it with him earlier but I wanted to clarification. This -- his comment last night about the lineup moving forward. Well as -- mention of the day what with the economic ground recovery in the field the left right matchups against Kelly. You know with the without -- -- or or -- and right now and I think the way in knowledge and off the bench last night we could -- pinch hit appearance. It's likely he'll continue to factoring. Darts and that's one of the two things I think you're gonna see Johnny go to be haven't looked at the numbers Gomes vs Nava they're pretty extreme the difference I know farrow's been. Fine about saying I know this goes away from the numbers -- I gotta do it anyway and until now I don't have a problem -- it. But I think it's time to make the change Jonny -- five for 32 in the series batting 1562. Doubles and two walks PS five hits David Ortiz has five home runs in the post season just to give you a sense. Meanwhile Daniel -- in just thirteen at bats as almost as many hits he's four for thirteen giving three away. With with a double and three blocks he's getting on base hit for a little bit of power he has had limited opportunities and -- time I need is you need his bat in the lineup is when he investigators all year let's go let's see. Yeah I'm not I'm not surprised that wouldn't even think it was that bold move a move if if John Farrell decide to do it. I don't know how you look at -- -- but I look at two positions on the Red Sox left field. And third base and I think those are fluid positions based on who the hot guy is oh it made all the sense in the world. If you have a feeling that that Jonny Gomes is gonna do something you'd like his intangibles this -- and many times. Can't go would Jonny Gomes is not really his position is not novice either. See what happens and now. You go back to -- because. He has displayed the delicate hitting he's back he broke the heartland and now it's time -- -- you're not hot anymore I gotta gotta do something -- same thing at third if he if he made the decision and one of these I games Mayweather is game three game four. -- middle Brooks is gonna get a start wouldn't be surprised by that. I wouldn't -- -- but I I don't think I -- -- to show he's not here yet in the book in the series -- -- for whatever but he's -- well mis hit the ball hard -- at bats have been good if I haven't seen anything from him -- to see that that the spotlight is too big or anything -- I don't -- I don't think so we -- -- -- it's one of those positions is -- time to make the -- it -- I have no no not happening that you know even -- numbers -- or historic -- had not happened 6177797937. -- is an -- and I -- I don't. But that Arctic would understood who we all agree that certain companies department for -- are wanted to mention map but the other changes I would make are definitely. Q swap out Saltalamacchia. I felt much better with David lost its plate yeah. The other would be just fire and we are only give. Give -- -- shot at big bet. I I personally I have my incompetence that that Bogart played -- short and I think that. Especially are in the National League we need to we get the power I think that. Notebooks can't get any worse. Bad not bad not been through so why I get my shot at third he's very -- what third Bogart is very -- -- short. I'd like to -- -- just for the record he did it about as bad as drew when he was in there in the -- and he was awful -- we're not talking about a guy who was at 350 and he took him out of the lineup he hit 174. In the post season he has a grand total. Four hits as well in the post season he was not great either. The question is do you need that offense when you have to take Mike Napoli up by the way outweigh the one on David Ross. I think I'd like to see him in there at least for game three maybe for game four as well it's not anti -- these just look I want -- better defensive catcher if if if not he he's had some problems being too -- I like -- ability to calm down. And then in game four if you're gonna have to mix and match deal Buchholz I would like the best defensive catcher I can get out there and because salt is not hitting it's not a huge loss offensively I don't know. I don't know about that I think go. All right last night Saltalamacchia he got the error he deserved the air it was the it was a bad defensive play. But he's a guy who no one ever talks about ever they never talk about his defense even win. The Red Sox pitched well. When when Ross has -- hitting people talk about his defense. So Saltalamacchia. Any any. Pretty nasty slump offensively. But I don't think his defense has hurt this team all year hurt him last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you can have not or Colmes at our -- you can have Bogart or -- Brooks I don't think catcher is one of those positions that they David Ross has been great -- Jon Lester. There's a chemistry there. Yet an advocate having it works but overall. I have no problems with that would let Saltalamacchia has brought to his position Jeff is in -- long that a hijacked. I don't some. Michael I don't wanna comment I don't know I'll. You know I mean when's the last time we've seen sloppy or runner out I mean he he's given up more steal second base and anyone in Major League Baseball -- -- You know. What's your job what what's what's his ERA. As a catcher it is ER. He's been good mr. committed a Red Sox -- top five team in several categories. And yes. Good pitching and it's not just because of the guys throwing the baseball. Why why did okay would win out when pictures performed well anybody else I don't Saltalamacchia was he was. -- below average defensive catcher. At the end of 2012 I would say not not so good. 2013. Improved above average. Well they'd be sent suicide Michael -- thought -- swung the bat well in game one I mean that I had a dollar for every time optics on it that's I would have to work. But so that's one obviously. You have to put enough for -- inaugural -- in the league in batting this year tiger talent. You know. You know I'm not -- of the cheerleading stops I mean trust me I love gone and I think he's a big part of that turnaround in the culture. But we didn't get here be current battle on the bench and go home and and also let you know I'd I'd do. Let's it you know -- that's a great point -- but why not use that logic -- -- Where you're talking about David Ross and Saltalamacchia. Same thing mister Brett. And I didn't get here with with David Ross being -- everybody -- they -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia usual -- had a good -- with the -- unfortunately. It's kind of gone away from -- he had the one big -- to win the game against Detroit. Other that you just haven't seen much of the bat from him and that's too bad. Because I think he's a good hitter and when he's going well they swing especially from the left side with some of the righty that they've seen especially in this series in the last one. You would expect him to start to break through and he just hasn't done I'll give some clutch at bats do PS I mean again on third opened less than two outs and an inability to drive in the run I think those of the problems tunnel out of Jon Lester. Well a David Ross a lot of the credit for Jon -- me obviously the bulk of it goes to Lester put. I'll say David Ross has had something to do it that. Just John Lackey. And his great game vs Justin Verlander who's behind the plate -- Saltalamacchia after the game. Lackey was he was asked about salty and that's my boy -- you know ease -- I'm happy for him -- last night Lackey pitched well. Is Lackey pitching well it's all on him. -- to Saltalamacchia deserve some of the credit. For how well he's unfortunately I think that. If your John -- you're looking at what happened on the other side of the dugout the other night he saw the Mike Metheny recognized a few problems and his team just as Jim -- had done and pulled the trigger on making some changes and they worked -- last night to cause -- out. When he brought him back in later it seems to have cleared -- and you played some good defense and it is just adjusted to the surface now that he seeking Fenway Park he knows that the grass here is just like the grass I don't know. Everywhere else in the world that he's okay actually making plays shortstop even catching balls thrown to him in the chest. They seem to work for is it time for John Farrell to do some of the same -- 61777979837. Your calls all day plus coming up next former cardinals pitcher Mark -- world join us. He's with the ESPN what was what you make if he was John -- ask him that more coming up stay with -- -- -- all WE every great Saint Louis cardinal fan because they're the greatest baseball fans and all the while governor doctor cap to them because they would do it for you know they do it first they rule whatever nice thing you think of they've already done it they've already thought of it they'll do something nicer payment. You cannot out nice I can't have people saying what can I do to try to how nice the people into an analyst nothing. I don't like suggestions 3793718. To -- like how do you handle. The incredible observed over the top niceness of people from Saint Louis what do we do how we get -- how are you nice to the nicest people honor. I don't know I just kind of walked by them -- don't say anything usually like just kind of do my thing and don't think about it all together revealed their won't let me walk by that's on -- dollar walked by and he left -- good morning. Of -- a warning to everybody not everybody okay everybody says. Good morning to how many people -- -- What I think our -- a hundred people I guess every problem that's an enormous number any would you deal with 75% of the people you saw a single loading you in the morning. Not a that's different then that's a twang that's I've been to Wyoming once I drove through there are saying let's say. I believe what shot it and -- a Jackson Hole so I'm a pro. And it. Now. What Kirk is much cranky than me is any. Not bats early I just. I think the whole over the top -- this thing is a bit much for you don't like is that you don't like people being that I just a bit much and I didn't do more than that I just think they the way everyone is has put them on the great pedestal. Of the fantastic Saint Louis fans and you haven't actually seen baseball to you've seen it in Saint Louis and really haven't seen it in Boston's not enough having seen at New York is and and off goes on and I am in a Philadelphia but I understand that they're pretty passionate there as well and few other cities but. Haven't seen it give -- in saint -- Maybe maybe -- I mean it's like this this whatever it is it's like any kind of food that you heard -- like you've got to have. You've got to have a burger here now we have to have the seafood at this -- I believe and we Davies and maybe. May be elected the the fans of saint bullet him. Are equivalent to move the secretly and illegally or the ridge and Saint Louis now probably do we have ribs and Saint Louis had -- half the average home got we did very little of Detroit eating I have to average of its it was a love ribs they do corporate they're not the -- -- right. Beef producers got beat Richard has got a terrible -- that amateur do both a -- I just want pork baby back -- amusing Louis style thing -- these are all I think Saint Louis invented maybe Barack really. Republic I think he was invented right there. Downtown Saint Louis. I don't know there do the arts -- not like there's not gonna do what the article go -- go up -- you can't go all the way up to the top. Was it. I don't realize is that it has gone up and arts and you're down are you on the other side. Vinatieri about the city. I don't game it got much better in the Space Needle in Seattle -- the Hancock building downtown -- top of the Empire State Building. I did in the -- a bit in the include Ater in in the Luxor Las Vegas I can't imagine it's cool with Matt going up the corner of a pyramid you can't beat back. And I would like to make sure we get some -- I've embarrassed myself in the past with all you can eat ribs and so I will intend to do that again bring -- they give -- a bad idea course -- -- one of those things you can always have one more. Right like one more -- Okay now one more. Got to wonder could turn at one more rabbit in the meantime John Farrell I think. Yeah I hope he's unfortunately he's in Cleveland he would like to be there he's come a lot to -- Ray Charles Ramsey. I think that is that Charles Ramsey rightly remember. Well he's he's it's -- recording artist bureau Michael he's going to be the grammys next year for that remakes that they made of him. John Ferrell has some decisions to make we saw Mike Metheny make them after game one the I thought he acted pretty swiftly and decisively I wasn't sure that would look like panic. And clearly based on the way his team acted in game two they did not take it that way. It whatever message she was trying to send to them. It worked it did not seem to hurt Martinez that he had thrown -- out -- in game one he got a steep wet it was great game to Rosenthal Sheridan seemed to needed he was -- last night. And for the other players that seem to serve as a political wake up call. They got there they played cleanly last night no problems what does John Farrell do. Does he need to react to the fact that once again this team did not really hit the baseball even in game one at the bats came alive a little bit but they were aided by five terrible defensive plays by Saint Louis. Is it time for John Farrell to act and making major or even minor changes to his -- Thank you for asking that question honest abs get you ready for -- Thank you. Thank you that -- really. It's a really fair question. Thank you for asked are you telling me I'm gonna prefer to hang out with me and hand in Saint Louis -- any of the Saint Louis -- -- -- don't -- what are they are. -- caring so much about baseball we loved baseball I've been out in ulcers -- I think it's what you got to do with. We yesterday we were talking about Mike Metheny and panic. Because he changed -- shortstop. They changed the starting shortstop and are they panicky. Well he may have been -- -- and you can't do that I think you go with if the position is not solidified. So. We know first basis solidified as Mike Napoli job until we get through nationally and then has to change because the rules. But Pedroia that's his job Ellsbury that's his job victory of a job. In it go through -- you go with the guys who were on your team who -- everyday players and I think in the case of salty soltys an everyday player. I would not. Suddenly make David Ross -- everyday catcher. I want it in the case of Jonny Gomes is not an everyday player. In an O barrels that he thinks he's an everyday player that he's a -- important thing is Saturday player -- he's got a lot of confidence. But he's also accepted his role as a guy primarily -- American lefties. That's what you've gotten here. Gonna go Daniel not a go to your knob and it got I really -- not overlooking Jonny -- So now -- that's not panic rejecting Saltalamacchia right now. I think they'll be a little weird factor team. -- your team has Saltalamacchia as a catcher unless John masters and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It also gets back to the strength of the bench I think. If you have you know novel playing games. So he got -- games three and you wanna match up later in the games I get to later in the game I should say you've got two very good. Pinch hitting options. Yeah Jonny Gomes who has been fantastic in pinch hitting situations this year. You have Mike Carp who had a great season I think the reason had a great season they used them. In the right role. The entire year me in my car numbers I know is limited at bats. It is open until PS is off to opiate like 8080 and up so. Give act to having that as your strength I still think that the cardinals have the better bullpen but the Red Sox have the better bet but I think it's time exotic gold is part of that it. Ethnic make another move to Michael I'm with you I agree it's not a fine next one is I think one of the other two really. I don't care as much which one it is I think you either need to take Saltalamacchia output Ross in -- Or you need to take -- -- -- middle Brooks back at third base and go with I don't know what Bogart's volatile but I know I know I understand why the defense is great I don't know -- have -- I know John -- never gonna I don't know if you Arab and it doesn't mean I can't talk about it he may not know it but I can say that it is -- and -- going to look at him at the -- it's time to look at there's a memo Michael it's time to look at a memo out there. I don't think -- got that memo it is on it is on on letterhead from all places that the ultimate on the details when -- need to do with the new TPS reports. -- a couple of things to different memo. You are not allowed to even a match I'm imagining you're not in a lot of match to let somebody playing short -- to -- Stephen Drew. It is I'm imagining it's equipped to match I'm imagining it it's useless Michael. Cannot get right to useless exercise he hasn't done. Not -- right now if you looked at these these -- peered out spears the past you know much rely on the dorks WEEI dot com. -- a region too quick paragraphs are short drill has stepped to the plate 43 times this post season one of 673. Players in playoff history with forty or more. Plate appearances in a single policies and after result for three night last night. He has gone four for 421. With one walk. In fifteen case that is an old 95 average and they won sixteen on base percentage how -- those marks. Of those 673. People just mentioned. Only he's ahead of only. Alex -- In average along with Robinson Cano and Chone Figgins in my continues its worst. Batting average of anybody's had forty at bats -- -- policy of the company given his track record as -- strong on base percentage it's possible even some more super 116 no BP is the third worst. Ever done. Third worst ever in the history. Of the post season for somebody has had that many -- it is that bad the defense has been good. It is not been spectacular but it has been very good to solid with a fly ball pitcher on the mound Jake -- do you need him in game three or and you -- A look at this lineup and give yourself the best chance to try to score some runs knowing that you're gonna. Half the score some runs are just certain things to commencement. If I'm telling you I can't name I'm not gonna I'm not gonna fall for this -- the sunrise. The east and sets in the west okay. That -- when the sun starts to rise and westerns and -- in the east. You can talk about the only job for life doesn't -- -- for a pro life for the rest of this year for 2013. You can't even disgusted. We shouldn't we should have learned our lesson now I have to Michael -- close to talk a lot of what is it you have to wasting -- wasting your 61777. -- are happy 37 whether it happens or not. I'm imagining it ain't screaming at John -- about it that -- I am imagining it right now I even draw the line I'm imagining what it looks like -- -- short when they're there have been great that on the measure up -- seven has been written 7937. Who we need to get Yule -- becomes is whether threatened Saturday to be done Matt is in Melrose -- -- -- -- I love you man but you'll raw -- and urged middle Brooks -- third courtroom that -- behind DT. -- may have a better shot at getting on base than your final agreement that are you argue Matt from herself and are you on that tells me where the American Melrose could have been written. Yet and it isn't the greatest Stephen Drew. Lineup Matt I don't want to don't waste your Friday Easter weekend is Steve from Fall River is not actually from Fall River Michael -- anything is possible I don't think give me so let it be written so let it be done. It's Stephen Fall River can be from where Berkeley. It's -- -- actually from -- And certainly will middle Brooks can get a start at third base or is it short particulate matter just one start to see what happens to skip the shot. Maybe you'll like it try it may be like kids and maybe it doesn't maybe it degrees that you get taken to try -- third. Like six months it feels like like OK finally ultra right. This I actually know what it's like me with -- -- I don't know I don't -- the smell of curry I would -- Indian food for like ten years I finally tried again at a friend's urging recently that you know. I like this Abdul chicken -- all. Let's go to -- now I kind of wanna -- food more often I tried it. I like it it's my fault I waited too long and John Farrell when it happens should start. Out -- -- -- -- It's a good. It took him six months to put Zander Bogart yes. Over. All lower middle that's right topple. Even when he said okay you're right you're right I haven't I'm ready they see a man about Zander but our situation Vanderbilt -- goes -- The steam under c'mon I I don't ready -- I'm ready I'm ready -- imagined it. And now I'm ready to at least for one game 61777979237. Maybe taking the day awful help Stephen Drew and come -- got a couple hits 'cause I'm not an anti drew guy have a crush them all year I've understood -- decision making but eventually I wanna see what it looks like without him in their Pablo is in Lawrence -- problem. You want. Well. I agree with you too mom I think they should try. Bowl where insurers stopped -- long game and see how he does. -- -- -- I mean I don't have been swinging the bat as well. Why is he in the bat better than that -- Stephen Drew and and I'd Indonesia put amid a rookie third -- at least a long game he just. Try as hard we'll like it probably nobilo and Mike saw that he tried anything new that you like. -- games we have left in the season maximum 55 team now. Guys talk just try just -- -- yeah -- video like this not the time to experiment with five games left in the season you have three kids right you have three kids and yes three of them don't you have to make them on our babies and food no I'm good on that I got one in my own and that's more than enough but. Don't you make them try things eventually sometimes they like it. Sometimes they don't. Have got to make them try everything he wanna try this okay do wanna try chicken you wanna try Turkey tried stopping -- you don't like stopping it. What's on American you have to send you back but everybody got to try let's just try it see what it looks like with a lineup that doesn't have a black hole at the end that and again. I am not the biggest Stephen Drew hater I've gone all the way till today without saying little about the fact that the guy has been completely unable to hit. But eventually you have to try something to try to generate a little bit more offense especially. Once you lose Mike Napoli because now you're you're really hurt yourself. How many dead spots in your order and you have before you're no longer a team if he was grinding out at bats even. If he was taking pitches and getting on base. I'd say -- you need the defense. He is hurting you worse than a pitcher you have a bottle bald like you can put up there in the batter's box because they get a better shot -- get hit in Stephen -- race. Of York time excellence that he's got a point doesn't have been 93 M starting shortstop. Steven to try it you'll like its alcoholic W via. Oh.

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