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Oct 25, 2013|

Four topics at four oclock including John Scott, Torey Krug, Danny Amendola and MORE

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-- Now -- -- -- Ali score or roller board or the four. Fun cleaning. -- -- And -- On its rate to. Or four brought you by Marvin windows bet you do that writes that upon my call of duty. I call of duty now the night before big for four. And what he's terrible and I doing bad. Eddie says New York anything that like to live vicariously through their benefits go to Boston and he says that the live vicariously through you pick up people will be interested to know what you do all night. Well old friend Heidi -- are right that's enough -- -- -- -- that's disgusting. Around with the -- reforms or was that discussed and well but then it's disgusting you know. The pitchers have been outscored 4049 this year in the third quarter what would you say the bigger problem is Belichick's adjustments. With the team's lack of execution. Our execution. Execution absolutely and I think it's what you're gonna say outscored 44 to nine. I'm gonna focus on the nine. They've had some opportunities to score some points. To move the ball they haven't done it and we talked about it before I don't think they need to be happy. -- ground and pound kind of team there are many of those left in the NFL. I think that offense as a whole this is extinct. But there -- a couple of games two losses were the patriots. Have had the opportunities to do that name in the past on them and I understand it's so yeah I'm gonna go -- -- -- go with anybody go with the offensive coordinator. Who hasn't really taken advantage. On Saturday data point to over and over again any people you can use spell check who you're talking about what they've done specifically coming out of the third quarter. I -- appointed Josh McDaniels that's the coaching staff I guess more than execution I think Brady is being inaccurate but that's up to your your offensive coordinator to recognize what's working and what isn't. And and react accordingly and I think so far Josh McDaniels and horrible job of that. Siam -- Danny Amendola cities ready to play -- has had a good weekend you know ready she ready to go. Obviously. You got there Cathy go anywhere do yourself maybe. Right -- the question is how many games -- dole played the rest of the season comedies that -- so far. How your game. Per game and what about the pre season. I would accounts that would mean I thought we were agreed to count the broad policy is driving you you're trying to get it to them on the on the negotiation. And it was rejected how many turning left nine attorneys open item in his coach is in nine games left you played eight -- -- You know economic and I think he's gonna play one. I think is gonna play in all of nine regular season games. In the entire post your milieu that he's done now for the year of any injuries I think that's it sounds good to me out of the injuries. From Danny Hammond didn't do anything and Mazzola are behind it are so that not every days are behind you were right Michael if he plays in the or if he or I'm sorry you were wrong and if he doesn't play and if he misses another game gets hurt again it's often mean anybody wants to call it -- that -- on -- -- -- -- kind of -- you -- I'm not -- I'm not -- now. I'm not X -- I think we thought I know I'm not accepting a debt -- me and I'm not accept inherited a minute you're not gonna structure Arnett are two ways about my guys are looking at this problem from a far. I'd say I'd be quick the -- are making is that not only. But no -- is now we can go back -- -- taken up for grabs now particularly go for -- -- -- getting knocked out cold and maybe courtesy we could. Three. Right time for some more man love salt -- who who now. You have no way. Torre proved he's leading Bruins defenseman in goals and points surprises not reading the entire league. Crude is also leading the entire team and power play goals Purdue is on pace for fifty points when we get there yes. But I didn't say that in the fact that up yes of course we'll get their best offensive defenseman I've seen in Boston since somebody was here -- number seven -- -- symbolism of the candidates are -- I don't plan and I'm afraid is that a bit extra goings he had that little Danny Amendola and they're Wideman. -- Dennis Wideman. Very good forward to -- throughout. Sort of -- forward else. No wells Thomas camera like Don Sweeney Don Sweeney. Amid the tears I don't think that's too big and an exaggeration I don't he's quite there yet but the talent the skill -- it's better look I know there's the -- I think we can make fun but the -- really is good and when you watch him play -- is the unlike any defenseman I've seen at the point the -- you -- you know on the Bruins. I just I really enjoy watching him play in and now not all be surprised if he ends up with fifty or more. But does that really got much. The two points. Fifty points for a program for rookie defenseman Izod -- -- Julian why he's got a real rookie -- He is but he isn't he's a legit rookie he played one regular season game before this year one regular season -- -- -- a -- -- it was he was a presence -- still in the postseason and it was relied on apps like -- that some. To some fresh faced rookie who's ever seen him before ought shocks aren't those guys that play up experience. At that point you're there. It. I'm pretty positive to -- younger in fort for -- excited never go to Saint Louis what would you be positive. What's -- -- positive you are after number four OK Jon Scott of the buffaloes oral and aid out in the Ericsson with a nasty elbow the other night Ericsson is out indefinitely. Before that game Mike Milbury said this about John Scott. I don't know what he's doing normally no I'm not looking forward -- overall I believe the players have played this week should be able to escape and pass. Not simply ignite a fight and that's to me exactly what he does. The father this is it true. He hasn't scored a point this year he's got one goal over the course of 86 games played five big points he doesn't believe he. Does belong in the league -- an embarrassment I think they ought to just give it up here that it happened buffalo without having this guy on your roster. And after the game Milbury said this. This was bound to happen this guy is a predator he was put out there as she can destroy. And in this case will his team two goals down he destroyed a pretty good player well after you release the block. He was looking for trouble he's been looking for trouble every -- he's been on the ice could be the end do. Much of anything else keep this is our top one could take your near the Boston. God bless them for restraining themselves and not having an all out war after this defenseless player. And NC the principal point of contact is the head it is an unnecessary hit it's -- 42 game. In favor of Boston. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll go back to one of Mike -- -- teammates when he first came into the league he could said the same thing about Terry Riley. There was scoring golden do any -- -- could do any -- that he was trying hard jobs out -- -- -- -- difference. First of all Terry Riley turned himself into a great hall of fame hockey player and Terry O'Reilly. Wasn't trying -- cheap shot people he was their fight he was there to cause a ruckus and all of those agitation things that really seemed to help hockey team. He was a ball of energy. Not a ball of cheap shot at this and that's easy what Jon Scott there's no need for that there's no need for that hockey they get a thrown -- -- -- -- no but I really do hope that they use this is the perfect opportunity to send that message and do not let him back. Until after. After Louis -- flat rolled out. Will happen I think anything that does happen to him. Pretty much everything is deserved Sophie suspended days of declines have been 25 games thirty games. Good for the league but -- terms of throwing guys currently because they do things that you don't like or throwing guys out Little League because you don't think they're all they're all that talented. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me I think. General managers. Across the league will make a determination. If somebody is. NHR Georgia you're not only access them by gunmen I don't think you can to start throwing out have a lot of weight but if he does things like this -- to the -- -- -- -- -- -- But this is a cheap shot it was not so much cheaper than some of the others we've seen from Matt -- gets better it's a bad player but I think over point does a good one if you're not there to play hockey what do you there to do. Why is he on the team I know buffalo wants to get a more physical presence. And hockey -- that I love the physical presence I'd love the fighting I love hard checking I think all that stuff has to be -- hockey I'm not one of these -- is over remove anything like that from the game but when you're targeting the head and you're in a bad team in -- Keith Jones actually a great point. -- out there a point to score a goal get them back in the game at the downforce to -- up there to do something bad to the Boston Bruins don't assume no call for a look at what that majority that gets a fair point then. Why are we so focused on. The player you are you you you changed the behavior. If you say he's not he's he doesn't belong in the league that governor dependent belong in the league. Jones says so why -- in the game at that point he's in the game to agitate the fight he's a cheap shot artist on and on. Start focusing on these organizations. Do. But maybe he went -- to say that talk about how the ownership general managers need to make some organizations. Accountable when you. For what they put out -- not an -- kind of guys they employ are not that different from the conversation we had about domestic violence in in the MBA at the time but in other sports as well. Make the organizations accountable for the actions of their players and some of these specific things and they did and they go like this is not worth my trouble. -- he's talented not that -- and I don't need that. I don't need to get hit my own person ever single time this guy at this guy makes a mistake or -- does what he's out there to -- I agree with you and I agree and silvery. Not that he needs to be out of the league but if you start holding the right people accountable maybe they take him out of the league for you Stop & Shop bring this week's keys. To the patriots game heading into the weekend's matchup with the dolphins the pats rank fourth in the AFC they plus five turnover differential meanwhile the dolphins into the game with a minus one differential at the news for the pats. Turn -- will play a key role who comes out on top Sunday at Gillette. It's game time and that means it's time to party like the patriots Stop & Shop tailgate headquarters stop to chop the official supermarket. All of the New England Patriots excellent 777979837. A promise you guys a lot of time to talk about this lineup. And maybe to just flat out complain about the guy playing shortstop it's time I I've been a backer. I've been sitting here waiting patiently and waiting for Steve injured come out of it and you know the way my luck goes Michael I'll finally -- -- it's -- to take him out Google for for four with a home run in two doubles and be the hero in game three and by the way if that's true. I hope it happens it seems like a good it is working hard and unfortunately just not going for him right now. But I think if you're John -- you've got to take a look and see what your lineup looks like without Mike Napoli. But with will middle Brooks. In Santa Barbara outside your field that was gonna happen is you gonna have I think you know exactly which -- line -- is gonna look like without Mike Napoli. Not gonna have Mike Napoli and it. We'll have David Ortiz as a first baseman. Stephen Drew will be your shortstop. Alexander Bogart's I think it will continue to be your third baseman -- what you're saying -- I don't understand the frustration with Stephen Drew he's not hitting. Another way of looking at it if if you wanna be. If you wanna be encouraged by something. And you know that this Stephen Drew is not coming up that line -- no way no how. Another way of saying it saying it is this someone is gonna have to step up. So I was gonna have to step up -- it in -- might be Bogart's. It's it it might be drew although most people don't think it's going to be it's gonna be true. Or what are your guys are but if I won my guys who are more likely to stick our race and -- a general idea was more likely to step up only nurtured or Stephen Drew right now. Who would you if you had one at bats against Joseph Kelly looting is more likely to deliver let's go back to Matt Leipzig where they have that coin flip. You didn't -- -- a court court put I don't know I think I get a -- On seven so I don't know -- -- how to write 37 it's a little more than a coin flip from -- get this point. I've seen so much evidence of Stephen Drew in the post season that I'd like to see something else just try it you don't have to stay with -- Thompson Connecticut -- The call that there's wanna bring up 3.2 at such first I think Steven church in the lineup it's just my own opinion -- just because. You know what -- -- -- -- -- outs that sensibly would say it's wrong and keeps our pitching pitch count now. Who don't want to go to our bullpen and sooner than we do so. That being said he can keep the pitch count out a lot -- -- a -- -- and played ball coal and stop the the second put them going. I bet that we should leave this dialogue I mean the spirit that -- -- about to let not you don't make it art or five million dollars this year. And I mean here's what he -- 6380000. It was so no 185. But he's really gonna give you 2829 starts and I wouldn't be surprised if this guy get surgery after that he didn't. I mean but I think he's going to be five per game or he's gonna do his job that he -- -- -- -- -- -- job Tom what do you think the job is for him he's saying. Political. Six strides the sort of five million dollar -- -- it has given us all all year and Igawa should beyond. -- -- repaired Circuit Court by those that dumpsters or tension in the ninth inning you know. -- eight to one game any good stocks but it we just gotta give this little little break I think each -- More that we are. The only reason their hold on a second time I had a serious name in terms of -- look trying to get value out of your investment. The Red Sox probably overpaid for Ryan Dempster they were looking for an innings guy quite frankly gave them what they wanted. Innings army veteran pitcher this year I know they are where they are without Dempster but no I don't wanna pitching in big meaningful moments in the post season. The reason Buchholz is making what he's making is not because of how good he is it just because of the system they have in baseball that's what is that this state and that's the way -- it's not about it's not about his skill level it's about the seniority system for -- baseball players. Okay and then my last point that I look I don't want to make. Just defensively you know where negate or what I wouldn't be surprised that the Red Sox know. A lot -- to start doubting but I wouldn't I wouldn't mind them bringing in lots would -- slow -- you know have a go to the -- had a little girl or see what he's got stalling and then make that switch that they've got the lead. You need a defense of switch it catcher in the middle of an inning. No -- yeah I mean just re wearing a man like it or not by Tom don't like that pitch count just Tyler reminds you -- the start of the call. You started the call by saying I don't want John -- to panic by making a little shorter -- after you ended it by saying if he should go to incredibly unconventional route of bringing any defense of catcher in the middle of anything for a reliever. I can't tell you that I don't I don't see that. In the game I'm just saying -- in the game meaning for any -- -- -- they're gonna have to use -- -- or because -- cancer very goodies you'd seen what he has in the -- you look at -- well when he came in the other night you know that 22 pitch with a borderline pitch again that cult figures that it didn't get form that he got previously the last game and lost the -- I'm not saying that they'll do it but -- -- Saying that that's something in the other. Don't tell -- it didn't. It wasn't Saltalamacchia behind the plate for pro Lackey. Any define it was great fine now so it's not like he's some that of -- to start the start of he's such a terrible framer. He's probably so bad at it it's about you know Mike I thought what a lot of people don't at all -- -- are supposed -- absolutely. I'm with you saw pick him David Ross has is and always has been a very good defensive catcher. He's a better defensive catcher. Then the Jarrod Saltalamacchia put. You're gonna you gonna -- salty for what Bristol didn't -- that now no matter who is behind a play I think -- put -- right so have been read what has been shaky -- equipped with walks yes now he has given a pretty run he hadn't yet given up any runs until last night. And he had no reason -- he had given -- no reason to look at him skeptically before. That the melt down last night and the throwing error -- -- frankly -- The best performance that that that Craig -- had in this -- I think maybe disagree camp was one against Tampa Jarrod Saltalamacchia behind the plate or every pitch was right on the outside corner to the right -- -- it was Longoria and have a hard time remembering now and that was his best performance -- -- back -- I don't think you need to remove him for defensive purposes but I do think that the waves hitting right now is also problematic if Jarrod Saltalamacchia was going as he can't as he did it stretches during this season. You know David talking about this because it doubles he hit for a little bit of an average he's got a good OPS a little bit of pop in the bat. The problem is right now it looks lost at the plate as well he doesn't look great behind it it looks fine he looks so it looks like himself. But -- -- played it looks like he's not even watch in the ball into his back. And and and look you know a -- -- -- -- -- love having him on the show a week or so ago yeah I think he doesn't we are I think he's been a big part of what they've done and I only again. To the bench him. But that doesn't mean you can't try David -- for a live -- a little bit actor and see what happens stardom for one game if it goes well you're a good situation at -- apple. As you know I think -- they -- it is safe to say I can speak for you here. You'll love this we love this time of year but the fact that OK the Red Sox or edit the last series of the season. Love talking about baseball. In five games that -- It's a great conversation but -- think along with John Ferrell force. Big job fair. You're the manager of this team you've got. At most you've got five games left in your season. What he -- -- stuck with Stephen Drew this entire time in five games left would you -- probably not not five games left. You've got you've had Saltalamacchia and Ross they've got an understanding of of what -- out of what their roles are five games. He didn't know immediately in the post season with with -- going up the left field just riding on -- -- he did I know that's -- out what is going back. And I was gonna go -- settled out of -- point and he's done that before but it -- of -- nobody had that position. I don't ever I don't think it was a split position. At times which he -- out there -- Gone I also think of David Ross have been healthy throughout the season you would have seen more of him then yes -- and they cannot.

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