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Bradfo chimes in on Buchholz's health

Oct 25, 2013|

Rob Bradford, Sox beat writer for WEEI.com and the love of Kirk Minihane's life joined us from Boston with the latest on Clay Buchholz and what his role may be as the World Series moves forward.

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Jerry you -- awkward moment when your outlook public somewhere and you see a couple lovers get together and you and you just are compelled to have to say. Get a rule in general get a room and I think. When he's gonna stand back and try to -- with the soccer mom with rob Bradford WEEI dot com joining us on the AT&T hotline -- Brad follow aria. They get a ticket -- assortment in order -- -- last night go ahead. Playing chicken there -- with with some -- Paula maybe petticoat. Coke that was Coca yet you're right on the money that's unbelievable -- well like K you know it's like it's what like watching Sam Samantha. Ponder interview Christian on yes that's like yeah that's uncomfortable and everything I said at a and -- -- almost forgot. Number that vote that at -- no honey mustard Maginnis is the one on the side no knowledge -- honey mustard honey mustard what's not to like about who is out of that but. -- not like Johnston sharp from. Hey hey rob where you fall -- last night without your usual end of the day pillow talk conversation because I know to really disturb the sleep patterns for a permit to hand your not be given a fall asleep with a cell phone talk and you. -- that's occurred at an airport at all yeah. But he went up -- What's happening so is Clay Buchholz starting game four Brad -- I -- to present a lot of how to get through today today side that should -- it. At the ball on the way out the clubhouse last night you could not big saves you throw a side session today. And in and also talked Awad you have -- he -- a little more optimistic. I know that. Other people had seen him wrote yesterday did hot in the health field as it were a little skeptical. By the he said nothing could create a diet I'll -- -- appeal to broad out like. After the game last night you would. If you've been told not that you still who have read out of all time. You warmed up by the bullpen last night he did say however that if it -- that the page he could -- to about five or six serving well. We would Europe. What a name is Annika and where is this an injury that we just has not been disclosed yet -- week after the sees a -- -- -- -- -- something serious is going ours. You really -- is just the dead arm issue. Dial I think you blew it dead arm by that I that figured so slowly things where. He kicked out of it did -- there -- put into the fatigue factor that that the playoffs we've taken a lot out of whatever. He's got now. Everyone said well he pitched a 106 pitches he should be ready to go well you know I -- I figured at least in his mind that you and if are a 100% -- at the other day a couple things he said yesterday was really striking to me it was number one. I I you know I only got one start left so I might as well -- -- and he what I have laughed. You also insinuated that you want to close to a 100%. But you know listen I think big he'll probably try to pitch and they'll be somewhere along lines of what Joseph Maddon did although with a longer leash. If I could get a corporate world. They get a good four innings out of him and then made a piggybacked in with the broad. And make them switch the lineup over or not against a lefty right. Yeah yeah and -- are they afraid to admit that the cardinal lineup with -- -- do it against left handed right right outfield if you're abroad to commit. Do or how effective and he's going to be by. But we saw that the other night not against broke low -- You -- against laughter certainly in and it's something that keep you referenced the public and some other -- the reference that this lineup they've been merely a period. Against left him. We're talking to rob Bradford WEEI dot com something you just said makes me back up a date do you think your heart of hearts -- that there is a good quality starts somehow someway still left and let -- tick people this bowl season. Yeah I do because we've already seen it may reside in camp. Oh weapon you'd you'd -- you -- -- that you have this group. There's no time for excuses -- no time for working on stuff. But I think that he feels like he found whatever what was the problem last start he's still have that start in camp but the kind of based awful. So yeah I'm I -- bit bad. There should be -- well all the optimism by with a wary -- as well because -- it would matter if he had been consistent. So but they added that -- -- you start with how I could believe you see perfectly healthy. And -- also I think that before at least you do have that start against Tampa Bay made this guy came -- -- playoffs. Hey what we know we think now was gonna play left and Gomes will take his seat. Other than put in Ross behind the plate as anything else that. The -- can do can we just give up just dropped his notion that drew was gonna take a -- and any point. Yeah I mean if there was -- -- who would be the next one because -- -- the fly ball -- And indeed during the regular season that's when you saw Bogart been implemented more than any other time. But I do think it -- will probably be back out there. And and and you know I think if we're gonna have to see how these guys into it as well now all of sudden you have the rely on -- Mike Napoli and Jonny Gomes and Mike are. And in some key spot here. So yeah I don't think there's anything that really can do and I I think that that thing also that with -- maybe despair disconcerting over the first two games. The -- it came back down there also what you need this you need to try to be good. And he also beat beat immortal. I think that the couple balls bring Art -- and -- -- Compared to dream and agree with me ever compared drew. Honey and to fight and they -- the fight it's uncomfortable and rob or organizationally. What do the Red Sox they cannot allow you quantify this is the difference between Bogart's defense and roots. By I think bitten. About -- dramatic difference but there's a pretty big difference it's overplayed that. This is overplayed it threw me down nothing and now they think -- the bad defender but on this betting on this stage is. Probably would BR it certainly has played a very very -- defense shortstop we cited the example last series in music we can look at this series. It would it will -- but the very first batter he wanted won't back and play the -- guarantees of Bogart is gonna make that now we don't know. But if if you're out beyond all the things that you have to factor and I -- think that there's been a few -- it -- made the Bogart statement. Does that make up for big auto the fourth worst offensive player in post season history. Yeah. That's -- Bono but yeah I mean united it's getting very very uncomfortable. It's like heaven to you -- pick -- a pitcher hit right. They get you -- would it be okay if the pitcher eighth -- ninth that would that hurt us and highlight progress at night last night. Right lewis' double duty on our total rooms. Fifty there until it have been that the position upload them. All right you won your way here because Kirk is like a dog yeah he's missing -- -- like whose owner of one out of town. He's wandering around these these analog doing the last you know what he does he goes to the window and and with his nose pushing the breaks apart just sits there the -- right even though he knew you weren't coming last night he he had to have hope there's always hope that. I don't know what you guys go to the movies later today you have to see him between each other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rob Bradford. -- it got me a -- the question about Brad -- talk -- travel season argued Mariette. Rob Bradford Dennis and Callahan on the eighteenth the outline WEEI dot com spot you -- spot today. Would mean the -- today I. Yeah I think you might be surprised struggles tonight -- -- is likely to surprise you get there the other half that's about it and yet there are places you can go back. I thought out and give -- -- surprise you on the road either Bradford might you might minute edit and -- -- about it -- when -- well -- I never have that happen now. Beef on the beat Richard opened for the first day of this right they did I'd be there for. Yeah yeah I will be for a beer bellies and mentally quick. Really hope I believe it's up -- -- guys that. I was rate quite ready for -- that's right they. Want to send Napoli card game Mac and make it from him and now you know he hasn't done it all yet so I -- once -- that would it have been created or indicates a couple. Yeah -- -- I would because Iranian people are complaining about Saltalamacchia as defense to -- Johnny Bench right now compared to what Napoli would give I think let's do it christened the car has Chris your next. How we don't want guys well we're doing well. Objects and situations I think that that the World Series I think yards are -- now that's for sure what he asked ballclub all of their nevermind the boot this situation with Jonny -- and stuff like that opened up there -- -- -- -- a plan. He should be client he's got to play. Excellent excellent that could they -- second overall with Clay Buchholz what they give you one pitch for a hundred edge. Pitches he should be out in -- should be your game ports -- animal what -- Chris let me start with more than just you know Satie. See -- that moment critique I mean that has a big situation Jeremy and I mean Carter or not I mean I've worked with guys that get heard all the time a moment later this book are you right arm on my second operation on my shoulder. But I could kick a ball right now -- game also -- Red Sox in April while I would be here. Given at least -- and he can't pitch that he can't afford any that hurts you it doesn't help unit between other different levels of pain and injured and he's not the type. Put that you can actually with the name. Paul if we got the bull frog beyond Koppel baby oil and -- do whatever you don't want navigate aquatic animal began at exactly whatever they're doing this record -- -- -- -- -- ordered. But he's not there's no indication that buckles is that tight -- -- -- but -- in his DNA that is not right. I had the book that's my book then that would be my only thing I mean not like -- -- -- -- -- thing you'd think he should I mean it's. Well it's either -- -- do Barack I mean if he's not ready to give the ball Barack or me but what the board back -- -- you know. Is that going to be at eight to seven game in the series. With a cynical one game is going to be a seven the same idea you know for as an -- -- which are all going to double the other guys this weekend and you can -- -- -- -- -- be what you eighteen degrees will be -- it's a real tough that it hit in the combined for 27 hits. I Thomas Saint Louis you get the last word we're in your fair city my friend what's up. They're what we are very very well thanks -- rogue warrior letter step wanted to. Phenomenon not holiday being handled only. One hit they threaten our lineup. Allen Craig you know port 55. Presented with runners in scoring as interns I heard that hell yeah GAAP. And with the kind of pitching we have you don't need a home run to. You may get serious threat and Michael rockets hadn't thought weaponized dead heat in the that this is bad game mechanics brothel. In a little bit. Mean how many many walks to wander through a lot pitches he did that's gonna happen if you are Sox lineup that happen next time walker pitches well and immediately look when he left after the home run when he saw him in the dugout for on and from. Who look like -- blow. And don't give up the big hit yeah that would that might end up being the difference but his teammates saved them -- it is scary. Has as is Ken Rosenthal points out. Hundred mile per hour speed limit 23 year old age limit last night three guys. All rookies all 23 and under all 400 sub. -- tweet 56 pitches from the cardinals last night were 94 miles an hour fast I would not -- be in this division I would not wannabe. Chicago. -- I would not wanna be Shane Victorino coming in out of played either. We'll take a timeout buzzer beaters Dennis -- and wrap up our first -- live from bush getting -- Saint Louis right after this.

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