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Headlines from Busch Stadium

Oct 25, 2013|

The guys are in St. Louis, but they've still got all your big stories of the day. Updating the Colleen Ritzer story and taking a look at the details of Tom and Gisele's new Brookline home.

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Kirk before you begin -- since we are audit location in Saint Louis will these be Saint Louis centric headlines I would like to -- painting of the art Sean -- A table and -- today no to do brief one tomorrow yeah we're back. -- over airport here for the foreseeable future ten. Ten to two here tomorrow so be eleven at three it will -- that's I don't know if -- 113 year. Note tend to know what don't do this seat Pepsi what are we here. Where our program director I don't know here for eleven to sleep at eleven are at near eleventh and legal of fifteen OK when we leave but we're getting a duet with -- with Saint Louis -- headlines market like yeah yeah repaint the archer says a -- couple little little later on today. I'm not today -- -- at the front pages it was post dispatch it's happening -- associate -- I mean we're barely got it figured out it out some. Seven to update this terrible story out of the odds with calling richer. The Harold writes today. One of the last things. Calling Richard it was offered to stay after school help the struggling student. Philip Chisholm the same you can tell the cops say leaders -- to death in the school bathroom dumped her body. And watered offered after moon alone at the movies you've struggled this map but he she it was it was learned now you're a student assorted other yes yes. I was having trouble when she went over tomb coupled with classmates said and he shouldn't the -- to help want to stay after school late I can help you do this. He folder into the bathroom is student -- from after school teacher didn't always go upstairs -- some student veterans are used and that's three detector. So while we're learning more more here every day Jerry. Enemy determined it was only a model that was a box cutter and no other weapon. Where does come it yet but that's been -- I really think about. Now -- that you know there's a lot you don't wanna think -- on the -- complete the Daily Mail which in him. My experiences bad about a thousand pretty good at these kind of crime stories. There reporting that the police are pursuing the theory that. He was infatuated. With her. Investigators are looking into a theory that Philip -- developed a crush. On that tragic Colleen who was incredibly popular with the students -- user friendly. Approachable manner quote is a police source according the Daily Mail. Oh with a coup. They're trying to determine whether he killed. He blinked in fantasy Heatley and -- so they sponsor that is popular government. My known as a parent that they're pursuing the lead. That he was infatuated with her -- he's earned his Caribbean. And resisting and he couldn't take. And that. Obviously is a rumor obviously it's your first thought yeah what would guy because a guy like this to snap. And I assumed she said. Wouldn't go on the field which used to -- a -- you're right our home right now -- you know what all you do is here. A -- dedicated she was. Conscientious she was airing she was many students to choose hearsay or read she was my -- -- -- -- much favorite teacher I've ever had an. Doesn't she look it doesn't look like she was real children up -- that engagement in the audience that. So right -- yeah our buddy Michael Berger used to produce here yeah his sister grow up with -- best friends and others that you just you know that just one of the Caribbean cruise together just the nicest girls awful we find them warmer -- it worse and worse. The little lighter news Tom Brady and Gisele should have some money here now though now it's that it's they just always buy stuff. And they buy a house every week of the fourteen. Out and out there. You don't know why. Yes why did they want so many holes somehow that I'm asking Thomas again if you guys are yet to respond elastic -- aspirin the tough questions here yes -- -- ask him the details of -- fourteen million dollar. It's like you -- fourteen million dollar town house. Condo in Manhattan -- -- -- -- has ballooned clicked in his hotel room that's fourteen or -- I thought he just sold a condominium in New York for seventeen million. Seventeen point five. I engine orders sent -- pay attention they own that try totally down slightly from seventeen million to fourteen I was amazed me why do you want. More homes -- mean he could stay at a hotel you can rent an apartment yeah. Mitt Romney just -- is -- house right. He's retired or sold retired. Right yeah. He's a grandfather and a Family Guy. He's got a house in New Hampshire house in Massachusetts house in the it's La Hoya right just bought a mansion in this town outside of Salt Lake in Utah well yeah a lot of renters don't have a magic underwear. In that down a bit but no point. They'll all here's a here's why you're exactly right for like you and me or an empty -- or just a couple or whatever the case -- -- if you wanna go spend a couple of weeks and law yet you just go to the nicest a lot and all four seasons at right now. These are big family people they go for months somewhere anyone to bring -- and bad Chad and all all the properties and their kids -- house not a political don't always hosts are two different plants will well I -- -- -- -- that the pipes -- birds is great yet they they have a 141000 foot square -- mansion LA. If a similar size one in Brookline in the one in new York and implement chesterfield Missouri -- -- I don't Jessica that you Israel all -- -- that it looks like Sun Valley where there's a lot of famous pin I was surprised us very very I mean Robert Redford saw him we just went through and show -- I was -- Chile's -- -- -- -- celebrity -- and -- -- -- I was -- Jennifer Aniston -- I don't know that's the paparazzi hanging around outside al-Qaeda didn't get that -- details of the seventeen to fourteen million dollar apartment the interior the data. And -- apartment crafted by one of my favorites Danish designer Thomas people Hanson -- boasts solid quarter someone white oak. Plank floors and oversized doors. A master bedroom with his her closet and master bath for the soaking tub. It custom doubles -- perfect. For the world's most beautiful fourteen -- And your way you guys think you're the Sacramento. I think they spent when he retires from the -- LA LA abound of a Brookline not -- not LA I think they'll they'll both sides. Will ultimately lead to the camp I would take the children bureau whine your way Caprio Leo hey what one you know we elect. Get away from winter cold weather and all that especially if you Brazilian. And in that close of Acosta reeker close -- wide -- displays Brooklyn investment in that's that's a pretty serious. I think they're -- what are you bet when they -- they'll make money by coastal. Yeah it trickled it in the triangle Boston coast Rica LA. They are placed on the coast Rica where all they ever. And the announcement that yet this -- come along with retirees. At. You should know about a street apartment that Clinton and yet but it got us. Number she made -- come -- sharp NATO is there a huge huge -- I apologize for the sequel common writes there is is that it though. Oh that's right -- -- -- -- Slot one -- grant authority. Let's get back into where we -- what's happening is that low. Underneath the arch out there at the -- coming facing. East. In east yeah it was that yes we are. We are -- -- yes exactly the archway into the west and as regards to that's -- -- used to melt because the river is next to give it to rivers on the side of that side that side of the river here. And -- it's the radars on that side that's side. That means this would be winds that at -- to see some. It's like you're right over the arch some companies and say why was this -- on -- that Clinton and there's a reason for. Google you don't like -- like glasses on wood onto hard those traveling with sunglasses -- on the plane yesterday -- -- Edmonton. Because they'll almost -- -- windows. On the last leg on the fourteenth leg of the trip. -- windows. And the sun was as bad as the -- can't admit he thinks it's cool I'm going to get sick I think I look cool story John Dennis is like yesterday I saw. So we get on the plane at three of us in the given me -- Jerry. You know sits on the other side of unattractive growth sits down next. This -- gets up somehow wanders away in this hoc group of you know put the vibrant I don't know what. It's just I look at the first woman units that are you sure you're supposed to be sitting here. She that are ticket matches all your item NC. Two minutes later -- get lost Jennifer Hudson. I do I had to. And all too -- and I offered. Half of my send. Each that you make it. She did not have to get a stranger took half your sandwich will be open and was sealed and -- an -- I -- that's not true life. I saw strange woman took half you're Sam she. State. Would dissent from the receivers aside affirm it. The same -- yeah this. And if so why had a feeling to be less than we'd eat like twelve hours and hours right almost complexity. Carbonate a marker and corn and go shark you know Coronado court -- yeah Coronado yes Turkey sandwich -- excellent and that she coached the iPad that runs really -- that -- sandwich and took all the media. You know about. What. I've never heard of that opening a stranger to best part bat so that's part of flight from here. It was related to -- Curtis. Terrific talent with Keith Whitcomb we as it I've never seen Detroit to South Africa and that's just so excited. -- defend him don't you like to watch. You know Jerry Jerry signature landing Kerry put about his lap there's a and let -- -- stewardess was mad because he had to buckle and you know. You don't have to buy his own ticket no ultimate -- exact moment ago turbulence little turbulence he ripped off as little in the -- and stewards -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but you know -- which Curtis this to get the -- -- Oprah talk. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chesterfield mall and Larry it's the first time -- -- on the road without mommy in that first time ever yes when I talk sloppy and last night I -- where you said. I get to go Detroit. They should just put anybody recklessly. It was so bad debt and -- the best part crayons -- I. You hardly went outside the lines all of us. I've got to give credit and at a -- -- this. Look he's coming out party and -- and it's it's like the mother bird rights which is the big bird out and just original it's. He would like we would like Houston Detroit and saint Louis the -- of the chorus that neither one of them. And this I think honestly out here. We're Saint Louis people go see the -- Carlos tourists well as the Saint Louis -- Will live zoos and lots of you know it's like the Saint Louis but just they just the last hagel are considered to be the world's greatest so you would get on a plane not all summer all presidents who -- from chesterfield pack the kids in the station -- and I wouldn't hurt -- there -- over us and yeah go to -- game to see the obvious -- -- -- -- New England. And now he's a lot of people with flying in the go to the -- -- he's being overpaid coddled -- sort of stuff right yeah yeah. Who's in as Detroit and Detroit right yeah. I mean I'm sure suburban. Michigan upper peninsula or things like that what would you wanna see in Detroit I don't know eight mile. Maybe just part of Americana. Motown with an actual native of the park. So no -- takes liberal -- -- of the candidates in the end they boarded up and the Internet but it was more clothes if I go to the city bankrupt but. I never heard anyone think like he was excited because that never seen Detroit. That's it will be you know missed some months ago he really don't that was that was bad -- I give you credit he wanted to be educated to get a sense of the world around this interview what the window -- -- you can look and see what that looks like from the year that's good at it you know from -- -- bouncing up and down bad girls really well that's true in the hit him. I had the diaper changing thing was we and the bad always wanted to I was sort of stepped down into tables you don't airplane than usual weird tried to watch him out there -- -- -- -- an extra costs and definitely about it. And strut our stuff -- of uncles -- -- return to Brett Nelson Callahan broadcasting live from Busch Stadium -- we're pretty sure or face -- east is I think the sun's coming up over the -- 617. 77979837. Is next year it will be -- in Connecticut by the way hang on -- once 12 my weather spotters objective. As I told him it's 25 in Saint Louis. It's thirty. Three in Maine my weather spotter and me and it's 34 in Hopkinton so we are much colder in mid American Axle Jeff what is it in Connecticut. Morning guys I -- I just. Probably didn't rhetoric about barrel Latin making -- too many mistakes or not we're fortunate in less than a couple Cleary want him around my opinion that. -- order that a little bit different we can -- -- no one. America really big Stiller I think an awful. You know racially based all -- toys so we don't challenge Molina. At all occurred you know he's got to go on and everything else but I think he got to keep -- true. Gotta go you know you -- challenger and then -- really stand out is the first base. -- with two -- with victory and a lot. I think you really got to cut him loose repentance and believe -- benefits without even throwing a match. Evident in a one nothing ball game you know 11 ball game and at 21 ballgame -- -- talked about this prior to the series you're exactly right they are respecting almost to scared. Of his arm and the pitchers are glued to the mental picture back. Rally and you see the numbers on attempted steals were Wainwright on the -- ridiculous it's like 66 settlers having to share exit 230 getting and he looked up at six his front leg barely comes up I mean he gets in gets it to the the -- quick and the -- great and they know that they have. They have numbers anyway you like this. And Carroll said this. Opt outs are at a premium base runners are a premium you don't wanna hand and Al over right this guy is that good and there is this institutional. Organizational commitment for the pitchers and the catchers to do with -- able to do limit your ability to run why do you wanna run -- -- to -- not just talking to do it -- not -- do -- against this -- I knew which one it -- -- Pedroia got to run after he walked in the. Third four I don't know sixth inning -- -- but Ortiz at the plate but how did the double steal work out I thought it was stupid. When I first when he first they never steel marbles Deborah and got the quote here from. From the theme here that they saw something says. I can't give you all our secrets. We've always worked together we have an up and up to our bench use the guys -- -- and we play it every way. And he says here's Stephen Drew on the double steal which. Honestly that's a lefty at the plate. High pitch Saltalamacchia and every chance to -- him out and make -- look like an eighty double -- -- he says this is Stephen Drew in my mind. I thought they were going to run and I didn't think they got the greatest jump itself or Mikey gets a grip. It's a different situation. What's -- Feeney says that. -- -- on the double steal. At their own rules were always working together an opportunity to it to. Here's our our coaches user benches again -- instincts and Leo we play it play in every way. You know once small ball thinking like I did -- -- at the time is after Saltalamacchia walked the -- the fifth I think I'd want to ruin that situation. You know affected druze and the ball all right I think maybe Bogart's or Ellsbury can knock him. He has failed to get down but the couple true and that is true maybe it'll get you -- faith in him as a bunker and it's good point he I think. And I said at the beginning of this assembly in the post season he will start every game and he'll never stay at drew. He hit real hit forum against the nasty. Reliever even if it's a righty. But he will never not start you'll see Navistar -- -- start you will not seek public middle Brooks comes in the -- -- in the game at home run in Bogart's blissful we still play -- struggles yes -- -- -- for over Andrew's done at the end of this mean I know they -- Sign up for one year fourteen million that's insane over its usual stuff so we're seeing drew -- going to be the last time we see him and took it may. 'cause perfect fielder runs place I'm sure is a nice guy just canceling the bat but he's four for 42 -- It's 1777. On 7937. Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Busch Stadium in Saint Louis bread -- and cat will talk to him next. He says sit domes don't is going to be a big topic of discussion if Kirk Miller and has anything to say about it today.

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