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D&C: Breaking down Game 2 of the World Series from Busch Stadium

Oct 25, 2013|

The advance guard is all set up in St. Louis as D&C opened up the show from Busch Stadium. On the menu: Another homer from Ortiz, the return of Beltran, and a big mistake from Breslow.

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-- 24/7 Red Sox World Series coverage continues live from Saint Louis -- Dennis and Callahan. Presented by foxwoods resort casino and brought you in part by northeast electrical distributors and Bigelow tea. On Sports Radio WEI. The. Robert. -- characteristic of the way we. Think through baseball pitcher Rosenthal turns on the -- the 1219. And missed in the ballgame is over it. Ford to the final on the St. Louis Cardinals. Have tied up the series at one game apiece. And if you read what you've forgotten that we. They. You got right back. Well guess where we are guess where we are you know I feel like this morning I feel like. The advance -- party. Custer says the little big point to make your -- out there now custom brings the army out and we are greeting you from Albany. Saint Louis Missouri eight -- 25. Include without any capacity we -- by we would've been here a half an hour ago Vietnam but we didn't have a scraper. And that is the God's honest truth we just scraped. My rental car hit with Kirk -- money clip -- We did we actually put that -- -- -- finally -- an assistant secretary did nothing new radio. You have a money clip and I used the hand of Starbucks double shot espresso like this. Which they shop lifted this morning and then scrape the guys like this year as you can see that Iran NASA we're missing -- I'll -- -- And it took awhile but it is it is. Dead of winter and the New Jersey dead of winter field to displacement it's it's. Dark and we can see the city skyline in the back we see the arch street that we have absolutely right now the best seat in the house if there were -- -- right where ever again going on what's the sun comes up love -- even better view but I'm looking at. But like this but what's that Saint Louis post dispatch side is the arch street that's what -- -- that's like right center field the arch for an interview -- all right yeah that's how I met at. I had heard the -- here. Yes when that -- nice to. The miles but they have an -- check out and it -- We just arrived right about the same time as the St. Louis Cardinals which you -- that -- in the atmosphere yeah yeah there are only two cars left the players luck as we just pulled in the players' lot that's the kind of place this is. We laughed -- If this were Fenway this -- -- stadium. If this were when the Mets play in so one of them right yeah I met life's -- it and that he may feel like Citi Field yet. One of those places we've got to what it would have been easier to get into the American Embassy in Baghdad we were knocks we -- shot effectively. There's no no and just the sway of how you do -- money hand right then pulled in the players' lot next to really souped up beamer. And a monster truck I don't know who's who's who still here who's getting treatment or what the much talked Beltre he needs -- to take all the toward all home what can I see us and Beltran god bless torrid I I I that you can't say that I. Called them was I just asked. -- what I say if he doesn't play again in the series a via doesn't play again there will be questions will be played again and came up with a big hit. And he's got. He's got to epic ones out he will be he will be an issue for the bus -- -- He said I think it was in post game that when he left the ballpark or perhaps when he left the hospital in Boston after game number one he didn't he gives a chance in hell. He could play in game number 2 woke up yesterday morning trying to keep my -- streak here felt a little bit better and and he said Witten got. Treatment that's quotation he got treatment -- taking a shot toward all which gives you as every NFL guy knows almost every. Guys knows -- old time pictures on time old school whatever. 56 hours of stop pain free but. Mitigated paint it up and man it worked out came through that once insurance -- what is so what does DuPont's. Phrased better living through chemistry. Yeah he's up there and which has better living through camera you know and we should that should be an issue because I don't think any -- Boston at Butler would -- don't know yeah. -- no chance. But that today. Hate to say at the you know but I think it's -- and hands on impairment -- day. Today beacons. Two -- think. Well not we let you know I'm no that's next week when I wanna know about his what happens when you watch a game with a minute and sit there and you just hope that Jonny Gomes falls flat where all of you have -- That Jonny Gomes has anybody seen -- was magic dust is that -- here wears -- look -- up in the sky wears it well could be the start repairs and haven't fired yet I mean. She Jonny Gomes overtime and the seriousness of the -- in a -- would save at least for last night Colmes a bit lucky no. Hope that it would almost a lucky no home did not come -- certainly did not did not know what but nobody else did either. And I honestly. -- I don't know why middle Brooks doesn't get the play does get to play that he would it -- -- Babylon school cause these -- recess he's not allowed to play. It is -- get hit he doesn't get the plate but. -- picketing would be different if it middle Brooks were plant. I do think Nava is obviously against right handers obviously gives him -- chance to get on base that's still kind of port. I've got to matters -- better defensively. Not not a great thunderbird better defensively I don't think and I think -- respects at the plate absolutely horrible for for 42 I believe it is. But I don't the middle Brooks would be raking against these nasty right handers either. And I know that's what we do we second guess we beat question the manager. And certainly can question and I would think -- -- it's a hunch and you've got the empirical data to back it up he doesn't but do you think if they played. Ross. Or. Middle middle -- they would hit more than probably not more than. Drew or salty what I didn't broached I you better than 442. Maybe I think that's pitcher -- it enclosure. Just pretend it's dark here don't count put to rest and I imagine there is are here against -- a magic middle -- against Wainwright a match or middle -- it's Rosenthal or even worse this nasty Martinez. -- they can be hidden. Now I don't know not me up and I don't Farrell knows that they'll know how does it get worse. What gets worse defensively I think that's federal fallback position obviously -- make all the plays a great deal out of yeah I think ball that's would be justice -- and I really do women. They're they're not great athletic plays that you can he can't -- book let's make it right he's an and what I -- what -- I don't remember the last bad road crews made it was July. He doesn't make bad throws an inning later he bounces -- to Napoli. I couldn't hear you because we were the -- and it was more -- it was insane and out of your being sarcastic all I've never been out on -- -- -- -- am so happy -- on the -- in -- -- at -- -- He couldn't decide between the chicken rings cheese and chicken fingers yeah. It's true Pettigrew ticket -- which -- those empty. And almost twelve people there yeah. Yeah that's an ecstatic staff did they have the just the -- up -- you can you know our TV and so people cardinals jerseys on the left before the game they left to against Italy -- -- -- -- -- it but it. -- that's we we we get it if you can go to chesterfield Missouri you have to go to -- one of those things chart the mediocre Paris -- in the apple house value through you don't go to go. Out to this frequently do until we wish you do we went to the front that is that we said that we what we said Italy the front -- very nice he said. We wanna go to the finest place in -- name. Some dual role -- barrel flavor if you civil this place July extra. And we're so there would try it out yet what actually into the wrong place. Happens just this year good things about it very good things about and where via Russia reviews accurate was I -- a good meal and by -- does the right. I mean I got my 22 dollars worth as well because there's -- -- yeah to a 22. IE I texted all three you to support you -- the -- we saw the pictures yeah yeah reliably able -- -- lovely rooms in a -- -- -- don't know what. I'll be out at and I made the -- -- you -- first mobile Smart of them went to a plea for the energy -- like -- energy and vibrancy and and they in -- -- can feel the adrenaline coursing through your -- yes so so after a long day of travel after a long they've been on the -- yesterday and a longer and planes in the seven I was at seven changes we make. There was Wheeling and I Lusk. Oh Saskatoon. Peoria Peoria or back again and -- Cincinnati right and then. Detroit Saint Louis that's why the president got the longest sort of tired right. -- -- for most of them were in the same area that midwest he's kind of bounce around yeah yeah and leave them like the touch and go a little slow but it doesn't go ahead and we got here pretzel -- looked -- completely switched to oil well you're a little bit. I don't notice -- it -- it but you guys are Smart. Because at the end of the day it was time to watch this game. Instead of going to your Roman relaxing you went there someplace where there was energy so you fed off that energy. I said let's -- -- 900 count cotton sheet trees down clothes -- prop this up behind me. -- satin -- Gordon might but scream on TV. I was so comfortable. About a third inning I'm saying. Oh million. Third of the way to the game what do what do -- way to go to a text you guys that I don't -- on the lateness. And that you -- one suggestion up. And Gary got another note I said I can't keep my house that. Any suggestion that Mr. President what like we're laughter laboratories posted. We we were we were at a loss I didn't -- I mean that -- would you want us to secure a lot what John Jack. How do you you guys -- Just surely will match oracle got toughness that's all caps and tell I don't -- -- suggest I couldn't find that out yeah it's been. Saint Louis I pick it up. Minutes suggestion was a little Bolivia marching ever what -- -- additional bump -- -- before. Eight one trip around the block out that the four seasons found not a little bump that's a small line that would open up. Specifically but that's sounds -- memory serves and all right -- suggested that maybe cost you would be the way to go in economic illegally that would be the Smart -- yet he didn't pick the Ryder Cup you can crush your mind that you were trying to stay up. Half -- -- coffee might cut ever everyone not ever I don't know it just like a morning I know why -- you not a coffee maker because that keeps you expect. Well -- and again that's that's probably why well it's an idea what was the movie you sat up. Sat in the chair would you like that two things called room service or -- off what maybe it was -- and spent 22 dollar meal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like yeah but -- Back -- acknowledge -- shoplifting that doubles shuttle's rustling did. So -- game and it's that you can bet that suit over the living room section of the the room. And put on the other flat screen it's in them makes up right chair of the disabled people and hope that they have problems. Honestly -- an -- but really it's really -- -- bills to pay in they didn't know John well tonight I'll be pets heads of fallen are now. -- could stay awake in his room the foresees I -- -- -- -- -- -- was on that wicket and Mike Bennett of -- a coffee insults to Stewart opera -- it was fine you're right. Into the game you gotta appreciate Michael walk democracies not just because he's a great pitcher. But he works masked off the ball that Lackey to collect all the Martinez who Martina is too didn't three hours and five minutes in the early game I mean it's I'm still out and fired manager -- comparisons while this I'm not too. Predicting -- not -- predict the cardinals win the World Series in 2013 moment ago had -- gonna win in 2016. Or eighteen. I cannot believe the young stood arms they have on this team oldest one who pitched last night was 23. 23 was the oldest guy they ran out there and the slowest pitch was like 96. -- fastball amendment is nasty line up and we could talk and I know we will. Talk about the assault team is play in the ball Breslow -- blow air mail and Connecticut and Gomes off controlled but. When you're only four hits -- you have to focus on the hitting the offense when he had four hits two runs is an -- out of the problem. Now what the combination of things I mean you know we laughed at the St. Louis Cardinals as they officially at three years but more like five or six and at no point in their bubbling. And stumbling in game number one did that make 211 -- I mean that's hard to do and they get it I -- salt -- salt it was sort of torn between BC but you keep my foot on the bag for forcefully correct. Or block the ball well -- -- -- would it come elated to -- At some point don't have to make this car that -- decision. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to understand for -- -- -- I don't McGraw I don't think well yesterday I thought -- visuals Corus Group binoculars. I'm not sure why it's an error of salty pretzel control about a third. That's not their council does he have to assume. The Bristol would not have been -- from a yes there because Oprah book frozen my out -- -- -- he would not any good for about Bristol he's not out and Coca the Mets around salty yeah from Chicago I'm yet. I mean it's hard to tell on the replay target fell to the -- -- on the stand out and I think he's out even Saltalamacchia makes the play. Not -- god it's not out yet no I don't I don't -- let the guy right there correct and resolute in school or those -- regular -- -- Which is unbelievable usually the fish usually we're bitch and sent how's that an era will he went through the that the whole scenario to sign right. Both guys gave. Who was that running was that the mobile brew movement caused -- marry a cosmonaut. Two basis. Assault even third. Actually. The replay and I don't blame Gomes who don't proforma -- I'm not so sure about that -- I I -- slowdown amateur there's a -- I had to double play I don't know run I can't do anything I have got -- -- IBM (WSJ) second no I can't -- -- -- that's -- that's a realistic -- wasn't mean no one at -- knowledge -- I mean there and I'd be yelling for a second but anyway. -- we gave them third and and -- games at home so that you -- -- -- obviously sloppy defense we haven't seen that much but. Still only four points. Only David Ortiz and and nobody remember that we would we -- -- Myers we laughed at Detroit bumbling stumbling laughed at Saint Louis in game one it was never the Red Sox until last night. In an app play -- is actually finally the -- yes -- -- and -- happened. I'm -- -- all that was -- Milwaukee so unaware of his body positioning in where he was that he actually -- with his left foot out like that it's somehow. Affected change at home I don't think his thought it was it was even touching the plate. Well he thought he could catch the ball sweep over -- like the tag and an amateur could have but it was. That's respect and sick and I can make equipment to catch that should not much is trying to keep us what it was no reason to keep his foot there if you was almost like it was like my body -- so we can catch and home swing over make the tag. I mean think about shallow that fly ball is yet if they can I don't care who's running he can trauma. Or even who's throwing. A good pro so a good pro. I mean that that's go fault committed to pick and Jonny Gomes got lucky moment -- -- But that's Gomes fault a good throw. Anybody's out the plate that was a risky play on the part of the -- -- unfair on that fateful play. No we we felt like we're aware is that right there you know it it's a shallow fly ball for there to be a play at the plate -- trying to hold his ground. Who we know that the importance of the run in that spot. I have to say that he's got to come off and feel the throw. And bonds are just going off the tip of the club so that it does -- second guessing on salt is approaching. It. Happily come -- catch the ball right exactly does have to go for the -- -- plea doesn't have to be catches the ball you know and swings and over but he didn't so I mean it's his fault. And but. It's the run scores anyway I don't think yes probably got so it's his fault that the guy that the third -- -- for a little bit there in the -- just air mails that. Now when they bring in special assistant Bobby Valentine to spring training to get a good or want to bring new ideas and good concepts group are gonna do. Here's gonna do -- at first thing he's gonna do with the sites are that loop of video watch what you get interest in the club house. We are going to have pictures actually. Work on throwing other places that home plate. It could -- Mean how many times we discussed this you know a number of times they can throw home -- with pinpoint accuracy they can't throw anywhere else to -- -- like. Go to first put just a kickoff. The lefty thing Lester Breslow -- I don't election I'd I haven't slept at all but Bogut is the cutoff man goals -- which really need them. Should some have been back and up through. And and then made the catch in Brussels throw. No she got cut off -- in position and Albert but the the but the bathroom to get the guys at second trip from second third complaints over the cut off right over. You know the ball goes by. Chopra -- and by the watched the replays just hang -- though I understand by the time the ball goes over -- that you think he has time to get. Back to third base -- behind in third in as -- -- -- Well the who's -- back in the report. It's always somebody always someone's -- and backup outlook enough time for the contrived it was a close I don't think so we're gonna -- those factors for work. Brokers. The -- refuses it we have to focus on -- them luck you know Reich -- yeah well look I would just say that it's like you want a better somewhat obligated -- -- -- -- strikes out. Commitment he took his meeting on Twitter lest they after the Ortiz home run correct I did -- -- again I guess you're just happy that that may have. Kind of sailed into the background. Old Filipino. It definitely did I had got bailed out there but yet no I think. -- not a complaint Saint Louis anyways a year against. That. That's gonna predict Ortiz is gonna play host I think Ortiz is what -- I think he's gonna play in that oil leak is coming off the bench maybe altering it for somebody might. I'm an ethic he plays it by ear Ortiz plays tomorrow. And if he hits it looks good people as the next day and the next day you don't take him out if he looks as good as he does now -- did anybody anybody not think he was gonna get the barrel on the ball. Against walker with and when he hit that home run did need look. Supremely confident Kirk -- -- to -- -- collected his three home runs basically the series there's no way you can sit down and -- tied. The -- to other people and at five home runs in the post season. Did you see the -- this not you'll guess one. You'll never ever guess I guess she probably would but I can't run in the policies -- that respects all ready to exit five. One of them people who do that was David Ortiz right. The other. I don't know who taught walker. -- O three yeah there there there they go. So does -- the lucky no home have any ideas about game three when it gets to Saint -- It's we have an -- hostile environment ourselves here you know they got some a lot of championship flags hanging above us -- were over there. -- a lot of other history organization. Organization's one in the past that point one. Recently. And you know right up with our fans as far as educated. Finishes we see red over there but you know we're guessing that -- I think we handle it. -- last -- turn of events does last extravagance. Changed John Ferrell back to the analytical statistical Carmen group and I was always he was always playing now put in in Saint Louis that I mean let's Gomes went. -- -- -- And this was numbers come to play it's good for not as he missed those two nasty starters yet. -- don't you have to put an asterisk asterisk next to some of these offers. I mean these are two of the best pitchers and -- senate each Ceres but. In a win right stumbled at the beginning of that game settled in little nice groove and then walker is nasty and then these relievers are nasty. Gomes yeah. Isn't supposed to -- -- these tax what you think salty stepped up there -- lot of confidence against these pitchers -- but you have more confidence and gain on out at the plate and Jonny Gomes it was his got a -- right he Casey can -- he gets all right against the righty take it hit a slap on in the laughs I mean -- sudden in the game. -- good swings how many good swings to UC did you see yesterday that against this. That's why I picked him in the series is because when they get beat like that against apple it's -- Martinez last night as I'm a pivotal word nasty mean. Filthy filthy filthy disgusting might just -- believe -- you are you sure that -- is gonna play in -- ago yes it -- and Henry -- or not is gonna be deadly tornado in the -- until -- some tough questions -- -- Joba threw that camera there and John -- arch R&R -- Well as -- mention of the day what with a lot of ground recovery in the field the left right matchups against Kelly. You know with the without announcing a -- -- -- or fractured all that and right now and I think the way in knowledge and off the bench last time we could -- pinch hit appearance. It's likely he'll continue to factor and here I. That continued to factory and I mean. Again the second highest who BP among American League outfielders trailing only Mike Trout he has burned he deserves that I -- -- -- should -- our games one and -- he's certainly there's nothing minutes right about wanting there's nothing Gomes has nothing. Pinch hit home runs that's what it has been OK great so wouldn't that makes it to break him in storage units are I love I always elect of spring training elect them all year I think he's invaluable I think he brings some -- believe in the magic fairy -- lucky -- brings to this team but. Hits they need office -- someone to step up there and it'll have a good bet that a good swing up a bit punting situation presents itself and directory. But too -- beer -- is a lot of blood cancer. There is indeed 6177797937. Yes it's Dennis and Callahan and -- -- hand broadcasting live from. It's dark and cold Busch Stadium overlooking the arch overlooking the Budweiser sign follow -- we'll talk with you next.

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