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Red Sox Review: The Red Sox can’t solve Michael Wacha in Game 2

Oct 25, 2013|

Mikey Adams and John Ryder react to the Red Sox loss in Game 2 of the World Series. The Red Sox struggled against Cardinals’ rookie Michael Wacha and suffered self-inflicted blunders on the field. The series is now tied as the teams head to St. Louis for Game 3.

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This is a Red Sox review on the WEEI Sports Radio -- -- -- -- -- -- Slightly different he goes the bad swing I'm. I a. It's a recap of World Series -- number two between the Red Sox and Cardinals. Battery in the left in pitcher group went about here's the edge. Obviously it's a broken bat looked shallow left bolt got it got very expected that does not make pitch that brought it up but if it's not time. And here but erratic at Barrett -- qualifiers that I don't -- an epic knock out there telling. Red Sox review with the Mikey Evans enjoyed. There. Rosenthal turns on -- -- of the ones to lose 19 and missed in the ballgame is over that 199 miles an hour. He strikes out the side and Red Sox go very quietly in the bottom of the ninth. Ford to the finals of St. Louis Cardinals have tied up the series at one game apiece and the next 3 o'clock in the saint louis' Busch Stadium. Now Mikey Evans and John Ryder with the Red Sox were you on the WV guys Sports Radio network. We got air conniving community here I mean thank you -- Okay so why so so what so they lost the game so. So big deal it's only to World Series. Got would -- be given this -- first of all let me just sum up what happened in this game from the perspective of a cardinal fans okay. Well we had really good groundout. Nick got us our first run then and -- hit it really awesome sac fly that turned into two errors that got us three more runs up please come in triple. At triple. To prepare but I mean if I knew the reds to run the runs were all caused by a Cardinals baseball. A cart in its double steal and also by hey look at how about how big is deepens in these first two games -- just a little bit. Our defense courses you've been a huge part of this. Turkey having okay that's -- more volume on the microphone I think it's a guy here I could see it used we have a specialist just cave in and it's not even -- lane. But I know I can hear you okay -- -- these covered under Fenway Park now they crowd walking by the wind it will be different than the crowd we had here last night -- Crowd here last night was. Oh god they were just so happy and contented and smiling. And you know confident borderline cocky. Last night's crowd however tonight a little bit of a pensive mood up from the people leaving Fenway Park tonight -- their most of them have already gone. A little bit have a different feel but that listen this is did I say last they would not be a sweep writer. Yeah I didn't think it was going to be a sweep so that would -- really have babies some with the David Ortiz or run wanna move would have been 221 but yes and -- by the way. That was really. The only highlight of the game. The Red Sox had four hits while John Lackey had some -- on the mound but yeah -- David Ortiz yet terms of the -- it's right -- nothing nothing or four hits. A bunch of strikeouts a Red Sox struck out twelve times tonight. Including the walk and -- -- Bogart's went to case. Salty had to you know not very impressive. At bats. You had two strikeouts by Victorino who by Pedroia. You know block is pretty good he's very good although they had him they had -- ball. They had him and I I guess if you gotta take one guy whose performance. Mix. -- the outcome of -- game it was Breslow tonight and I hate to do a tour but you know he's the guy who really obviously. Napoli -- for three he did walk would get a strike out and so good but. David Ortiz the big -- two for three discordant and drove in the only two runs for the Boston Red Sox tonight as the final. Is fortunate to the series all evened up at one game apiece. And that we will obviously be taking all your calls for good for bad for a different. The complaint department is open. And I'll tuxedo is a smiling Q little Red Sox fan. As she is not going to be deterred by a loss she knows the Red Sox are gonna win this series right. Giving a thumbs up as he has called -- nine. I knew it. And that's the kind of figure what that's the future Red Sox right there. No reason should be to despair over in unison and look you know we we don't get wound up and tied up with the all the Red Sox outcomes. And and it's it's 44 hour thing. However this -- has to be 48 hours. Because there will be a day off tomorrow and we won't get back to a until Saturday. And as Saturdays whether they resume action in Saint Louis. And I hope we get back -- which right now we've we've moved out of starters number three and four in the rotation. And depth but who knows what's gonna happen from there I think everybody. Agrees that both pitching staffs when you get to 34. More Dicey. That you would have assumed from the starters went to the rotation walker is all -- -- is cracked up to be here pretty much control this ball game. Until the poppy home run and that was in a position lose that game until it really fell apart -- -- -- about -- about a seventh right -- seventh for an. Yes well that's when what do you put that back there well I I was laughing earlier when he said -- crowd there's a lot of deep -- like who's I was just picturing this deep reflect and the crowd thought well yes -- -- you know it just sitting there it's. Listening to and I know I know some guys got his big fat -- read up against a window on trying to impress the other crowd was hit by the way there. Are there at the cops are impressed. I would expect more agitated bunch yet. Yep -- resort don't the other all. Walking out of here thoughtful looks on their engines with the and yet reflecting now but the key to this team this year has been the ability come back from losses like this and as we discussed. -- have long winning streaks of losing streaks this year. They've never shown any. Opportunity for you know -- put pulling it all -- going into little cocoon and hiding from me this crap. And by the way right right through the -- home run it look like it's going to be one of those typical OK well back surrogate so Walt and I hate and -- comes up big as he always seems to. ID blasts a two run homer to left field side 375 feet away the 21 lead would not last as you know. That odd ball situation where the the ball is thrown home. By Johnny Gomes a little bit off target. Saltalamacchia moves up the first base line a couple of steps. Off the right hand side of home plate it goes off his glove picked up by Breslow. Breslow sees the -- going for third and decides to fire the ball over there although that's a throw that up pitchers never have to make. Is that little throw from to the right side of home plate to third base that's what's screwed it up and that's what gave the Cardinals. Their margin. Of victory. So you know what -- don't decide it's over now won't you all even at 11 writer yet and I take it now the is -- left field in 193. What do you think I don't know that's the now that the magical Jonny Gomes undefeated post season starting streak is is history. I guess they can do that with a 71 now. Yep put -- and in left field you know army people gonna ride that until -- they lost the game I guess with Gomes aren't I think that he probably even if they won you'd probably synonymous with you and ideas and you have babies babies. How much of an impact that's gonna have I don't know there was nobody the Red Sox it was able to. A -- city against this walker kid who's you know again. I've made some of it might be on familiarity with the stuff he's offering and that goes to the rest of the league you give up. You know it in a partial season and dominated. In the post season music dominant as well. Just I'm not sure that did that he's going to be quite so unhittable ones they've. Actually got to look at him for years so look at some more tape on. Yeah I -- -- are so good he had he's going to be pretty good for free for future years -- would be my guess. You know I. I'm thinking he might will will see who was his arm troubles have better career than Steve Avery he's the only younger guy to win the NLCS MVP -- you but does that. Fastball and not enough high ninety's and -- devastating changeup. Pretty good stuff. Yeah I starters start as young kid he's got a bright future ahead you know again how how what comedy he will be in the future it will really depend -- if -- if anybody out there to figure out. What's coming out of Murphy continues to be you know that the -- been -- force is no question about it snores too what do story. From cart to the Saint Louis cardinal. Pitching staff in the person of Michael walker so what we're gonna do right here is gonna open up the phone lines to you until like 2 o'clock in the morning or thereabouts or to the tickets out of here. 6177797. 937. You can texas' well because we have the the text machine off fired up here. At 37937. Your writing off the game you're heading back to -- Maine New Hampshire. The southern part of the state Rhode Island work here and I was there yes Saint Louis maybe Soviet people just had directly back to Saint Louis you can listen to listen. All the way through New England that's when our signal finally die out and -- and we're happy to hear from all of you on the way home right now as won't take gay yet top of the hour break and welcome back with your phone calls. With the Red Sox -- live from Fenway Park. I'd aside for all you folks across we've got to go hard those are your thoughts on my game too I know it's not as as sweet nice tightly wrapped up in a bowl. Like last night was it was a sloppy situation that led to this 42 loss to the Red Sox tonight here at Fenway Park live. Red Sox review would John. And Dow down here in the the fishbowl known as our left field studio. Whereas I mentioned the mood a little different people -- well we're serious out there tonight. And you're serious analysis what we've already got some of the text machine here writer yeah the season like disorder here. Two World Series games Pedro up Detroit and Ortiz combined seven hits all other Red Sox five hits. Which is true. And -- one guy Texan has a six or seven area code -- it says. That's THT's spells done do you win the Saint Louis in five now. It is that. Is that -- -- bibles you know opinion to have it with this particular Red Sox team Mike got all of a sudden a won games lost. World Series -- and have them but these people yeah well it's you know last night all right it's a sweep for the Red Sox tonight too -- up three in Saint Louis so sure you know it's just what a while both of us actually agree on this just we thought I still think it's a six maybe seven game series and I'm still -- -- with -- Red Sox -- six. -- been ecstatic sunny here it was and its. Stick a fork -- him. Stick a fork in him dead dead Sox aren't done -- have studied the same guy with the same crappy spelling note of DUN done that. A -- kids these days patty's case it does it mean. Who lingo I know 6177797937. We're gonna have some sound from the locker room -- Analysis from. The folks and actually played in the game tonight. Well. Would have been an honest guy he's a glass I studies -- I think I see it didn't have a vote one of future COLT coming my way Byzantine. Now for some reason I just clicked off the page here I don't know I may be Joey you know -- I just clicked off the page that was our call screener. I don't know why it said run time done click -- but. Our first caller back to the studio you can put money year -- that so Mike you never ballots might might get Everette Howard you might. I don't rural area yeah I. Let the best it's important to everybody. We all know that the unit it understand it. Will go on to lose. I -- -- this -- and there have been a mistake but that I think we can and it is to come back away and you know. My question. Did you we got three Saint Louis fans right now outside the window. And even Michael lockers timlin then and it looked drunk. Before they're out there are a lot of little wacko -- luck a lack I'll watch out flat out -- where did you. Put them on campus last this week it. You know the movement and an idea on how you act and we struggled at Detroit that an owner and there are questions. That I'm Jim. You mean strategy of letting the first pitch strike go by getting down in the hole hold water 020. Trying to work that count -- his coach talked about. Well Michael -- they work to -- -- 114 pitches and they do work the count yet in six innings and guess what he was doing pretty well out there. A -- -- put the Red Sox ahead. And the Cardinals. The only way they can win the game which -- some errors that's the only way they can pull it up. 'cause that's outside last night Julia after the Red Sox won -- don't want yeah I don't convincing Nobel comfortable last night now. -- Mike thanks for the comment. It's good talking -- you crazy freak. We'll go -- to let's see who's who's next it's is it worth yeah there are got a writer Ryan and a car ride go ahead. They're like yeah don't play. It went in the you think it's prior or genital itself out of there and not let up -- play. Well you don't hear ya when he went and this is what we've all become we've all become nit pickers when it comes the Red Sox strategy because. The first time it doesn't work. Everybody added I'm not saying your idea is wrong here Ryan when I'm saying is we we look to the very first thing. That we can say okay what's gonna solve the problem tomorrow well you know whether it's Gomes a left or -- in left. Yeah they gotta you gotta make that play at home plate you got to grab that ball and an editor editor -- you got -- not throw it you just. Third that was the big part the Brewers go through the third base not I don't think -- -- -- like you would had a robbery but it got a little don't know he didn't have a play -- to me. If you know you have to -- attack the guy out you knocked it down keep it front he had to avoid further developments on a base paths instead. It it popped out of his glove and Breslow picks it up and says OK get this guy -- big big play and I think that you know Brett I am like yeah go ahead. -- -- -- They are now and what what won't have it here the -- 300302. Or three summit -- or why my ankle and not. That's my question. Will be just Gomes and for every game that you start the -- Such -- well out there and they like his intangibles sit and I like his energy you know like do the flair for the dramatic but I think Iran I think you'll see my guess is I think you'll be seeing -- start in left field. In game -- Yes. Which is OK I mean it's fine again those are really interchangeable parts oh hip what the Red Sox were writing was some kind of intangible surreal. Force of nature. They thought well you know we're undefeated. In games were Gomes starts awards keep go home with that now that's all over. Now -- and -- and by the way nobody has I don't negated diminish the opinions of Gomes. Based on what happened tonight. He made that near catch in the outfield. He didn't make the play he made the throw to home plate that Saltalamacchia and make the play that's a pretty tight games with the exception of that one little sequence that happened. That led to those threes and -- runs that's really all it was at an oh that and the fact that that the Red Sox couldn't hit anything at four hits tonight. And down. And that's partly due to via the pitching of walked a and and the bullpen came in and -- was all the community don't. It was it was those three who's in the locker Martinez Rosenthal guys. When he three or younger Mike about that. While man the -- the big youth movement for the St. Louis Cardinals but you know again I realize this and a big picture sense I say what these and this a team that won 97. Baseball games this year both of both teams -- of the Cardinals you know we don't just because they lose the first game due to whatever jitters. They're gonna find a way to win. On a regular basis to like the Red Sox in that respect and other big long losing streaks either they're fundamentally great ball club. The Red Sox tonight what the fundamentals didn't happen form so who wins what the Cardinals do it's only gonna want and what did you expect. And that's the point I'm trying to make are we going out to. Matt in Boston how -- how are you. 00. And try. No more than just -- -- sure like the looks and Bogart's. Personally fourteen. Directly from the -- back back in the lineup. I'm not only from Charlotte but I think. You don't don't ever swing you know be out there and do it -- -- that ball aren't you know I think what I'm doing what you're. Wins over the results. You don't. Look I -- that with a -- middle -- -- it's not like -- is coming in with his gigantic resume and while everybody the world thinks is going to be a big star -- Eddie's been mature in his at bats in the post season so far. And all that stuff we've heard it for days on -- now about Bogart's. I don't think it's a big deal. Giving middle -- an opportunity to play one of these games and maybe snapped out of a slump. It while you got Bogart's at their healthy on the bench and the same thing goes Gomes and -- those are the most interchangeable. Positions the Red Sox have -- think -- -- evidence of the different he wants Bogart's in middle Brooks and it together -- call that policy. No that's not gonna happen. And I think. Regular aren't that pool why not. Yeah I have a hard time understand out of myself -- is getting killed again Mikey yes he was unbelievable defensively tonight gap another. Another tough night at the plate but he wasn't alone in end. I don't think they make that -- if they make any change. Maybe middle Brooks go overboard guards but I think my guess again my guess is not against the start game three left but I think they still keep. The same defense on the left side of the infield. Well you know you're probably right I you know I'd like to see middle bush get a chance -- a like the -- to be -- you know dropped an -- if if folk -- to come through tonight and a couple of hits idea obviously leave me he didn't. I really didn't have very impressive happens all night. So you know it's not like like -- Roberts hasn't earned a shot as Nava has in this World Series to to contribute. And if you're gonna make any -- the -- -- by the way the other thing I would I would -- with all due respect Saltalamacchia he has had a great policies in Tibet. He had a game winning hit but it was a little single through -- -- drawn in infield. It is at bats have been kind of awful too and I'm not afraid of putting Ross in there. Maybe more regularly than you might have during the regular season. Because of his defense I think he's going to be -- going to be tight games the last five games of the series. So I am I think moves are are possibly imminent when it comes of that. Would nobody been dropped out of the picture completely I'd like to see middle pushed an opportunity yeah. You know what I think habits I think to give Bogart's another shot here in game three if he has another tough one at the plate they stick middle works in there for game four. -- case 6177797937. Live at Fenway and it's lead in. Calling from the great state of me now are you in Maine now -- Off -- them are you content are you there are you arguing back to -- Well -- am hearing me -- what what are you doing tonight you'd you'd just digesting all this all. -- Okay awesome. Both. I yelled at las of their of the World Series yet they lost though and that's not awesome. Well no it's not that they know what they're doing -- okay who do you still I remember that scene in the 1970. With Carl Yastrzemski. And Fred lane. And they were both saying I got it I got it. And the ball to beat him. That would win was this game I'm I'm trying to remember which game you're talking about you went oh my goodness that wouldn't and I looked at me so every five World Series. I think. There now. Well you know we don't have to go back depth fortified moments that might shake your confidence a little bit -- but let this guy as I've said before. The one thing about this team that I've been clinging to all year and most of the fans have. Is that they don't let -- a loss won loss turn them into a losing streak type of team they don't it doesn't they don't let them let that dip in there. Both these teams are like that all kinds of yet and then that's that's going to be key to make this what I think is going to be at least a six game series is because I don't expect. Saint Louis at home with their home crowd cheer him on a to lay down for three games and have a singular I don't and it's a lesson to roll it back. Yet in like yeah I don't expect the Red Sox all of a sudden drop all three they were tied 11. I'm heading to Detroit I expect this you know there's there's is not going to be all the sudden a three game winning streak for either team out of -- -- to look at the bright side of things for those -- you want that big giant party after game six Olympic clinch this thing in six. That that that can now happen more easily if it's gonna take to Saint Louis -- sport. The series to come back here. And I'm completely confident that these Cardinals will win at least one. Their own home ballpark. And you assistant to Mike there's some thought there were some clock of them today order to change is now that they won tonight -- probably does but I'm starting Wainwright. You know games for. And that would be as normal about arrest all right so Sunday. You know with the starting on Wednesday and in my exiting somewhere early yeah I got you. Okay well you know he -- he's going rumors jewelry young I don't think it happens aren't they want and I'd maybe if they if they lost tonight maybe they go to. That that yet it would be more likely for it to happen our text numbers 37937. We're getting texts from people of some of them really good some of not so good. Here's one -- out from these 541 area code where the hell that is and it could be up Mars the way it is text reads. Get guys would there be any thought of playing Napoli at catcher. Well or how but the third one that it had been. You see the -- You're both wrong -- always hold a second Mike might it im getting silly Tex now it's jumping all over the place. Your ball -- Breslow is ready to commit a batter before and should've swooped Ferrell left Lackey in. And salty should have been replaced. For defense. We were both wrong when we. -- understated but that you know Norman mentioned that at all us to execute someone else. -- Mikey serious question could I would you have sex with -- please grow you've ever known if you could have sex of the hottest reliever ever known. One -- -- to give me half an hour to think about that I will have my answer for that. At 1250. AM if you're still around it's still listening text or promised to work. -- to get that to you you have -- -- of approach to that hundred thoughtful right now I just think about what it -- quick break getting giddy up. A quick break we hear a lot of -- to get criteria we have -- phone lines live at Fenway Park this is post game two Red Sox from Fenway on the Red Sox review program. Batter in the left hand pitcher has -- the now here's the bench. It's a broken bat looked shallow left don't get a body there -- -- -- -- -- it's not like there's that and -- -- it's -- time. And they're both erratic at Barrett rental buyers at. An epic knock out there. I breslaw throw out why not -- the third base pants. Cardinals -- straight at -- Just kind of sailed on me you know looked up and I saw that it's I definitely had to play there. And you know didn't to make a good throw. You're not not a throw that I had to make too much but nonetheless one that I need to make there you know sort of indicative -- they got to force. Well here's hoping you don't have to make that throw again for the rest -- series that was ugly you know do you think your plan and I'm not sure about -- now I don't I don't need. I don't read any of it but it would take a perfect throw with a lot about it and yeah -- he had a lot on it but it was nowhere near -- -- near perfect. And by the way it just sorry -- so we don't know really the story though is not just the Red Sox not hitting but he got to give some credit. To the Cardinals pitching staff even when walker left the game -- went six innings gave up three hits. Although he walked four. And struck out six he got it out to the point where you -- -- a quality start right. Two earned runs and then Martinez comes in two weddings three strikeouts. And then Rosenthal comes in at strikes out the side so the Red Sox starting in the seventh inning. Really had awful at bats I mean they they struck out six times in three innings out you know reminiscent tiger series. At the end of his game and let's give some credit the cardinal staff. And some negative credit to the Red Sox for having better at bats after the -- Ortiz home run. They just didn't they could -- went into those guys have built Martinez that slider and in -- guy and ended up there near a hundred Rosenthal he had no. And but you know undertaking and I like to do part of it's part of the Providence as the team's approach in that scenario. Is that they continue to look at. For it for some reason being patient at the plate and and working the count. And it when you're when you're up against these guys in their first pitch strikes the easiest one numbers can be the easiest one you're gonna get to hit. Against them -- for example -- one Rosenthal. Okay had a grand total of nine strikes okay struck out the side. Six of them were on called strikes so it -- they only stronger to swung and missed that tournament fouled one off. Overall what I'm saying is that surprises these guys you got to attack. You know on that first picture you see a fastball I mean I understand the concept of working -- -- -- -- look at -- you don't have time to get many of these guys you know. It sees -- armor for change of that was the first pitch but then his base hit was on the first pitches he jumped on the first pitch for receivers right now last night but middle but I think in order I think their approach a little bit there with those young kids is Rosenthal who -- -- Missouri native and pitching in his first World Series at Fenway Park. They can all right let's just see what he has -- see if there's any jitters clearly the -- not. Know -- it -- it enabled them to get a head that both those relievers to get ahead of every single hitter with these exception of Ortiz base hit. And you know that's kind of what what the story was late in the game progressed sucked it up apiece and yet six point 777 -- 79837. A lot of text messages and there's somewhat of a positive. Some other negative. This era from 50 wait I know it's human nature over think things when you lose. But it's as simple as whoever makes the most plays and the least mistakes will win game three. Yeah well yeah I'll be a mistake and a tight ball game World Series typical Davis the world we saw but the Red Sox. In -- first inning last night. We sought when -- -- The 200 double ever played led to three runs for Saint Louis and tonight's ball game as well. We go to Jimmy in -- Wakefield Massachusetts you're next on the Red Sox reviewed Jim. I'd like yeah do pretty nicer. Than it. At bat tonight they were had to get on a medical errors. Who -- in. You know that state if you can make the the Cardinals who have little shaky and made that flyers at the end of the game it was very close -- A -- it's. Yet like he said. They were waiting on pitches zero letting -- -- first ball strikes and I thought it would have been a good idea that maybe you should know Brooks sport Saltalamacchia. And it roster and what well and in south of Lackey didn't -- -- -- The session the practice. That. Anybody agree -- not. Well you know it is it's salty and he went over all the gains he's made this year cutting down on the strikeouts and looking better at the plate -- paint loaded doubles this year he put the what are the ball pretty well the course a year. But overall they -- gonna -- one of the longest swings I've ever seen in Major League Baseball. His swing takes forever to develop. And to get to the strike zone and he's got a guessed correctly to put. To hit the ball hard somewhere he does strike out a lot and we you know he does have some pretty heinous at bats. If you could pinch hit anyone there you go carp. Yeah if if you gonna do that because middle Brooks is that you can Rosenthal -- strikeout. Pitcher or stream strikeout pitcher in the middle -- is strikeout hitter right Deion right. Right and then Saltalamacchia. You know he strikes out quite a bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Area -- -- -- that matters here and it's inadequate to what when he makes subsidy they kinda. And but content is -- you know let me get straight at that would have been a good -- to. I thought you know not being called up to bench go in the pitchers you know he kind of packed yep. You can regain by pinch it's not well at the. The huge differences between a one run two run game you get Ellsbury -- first base and he can steal second in a one run game and that's a meaningful situation but you're not gonna happen steal when you're down two runs. And the way it worked out that error that single individual one play was the real telltale story in this game. Anyway and we can talk about the seventh inning on but let's think there was some Mother's Day I made I thought an extremely pivotal moment. Was in the fourth inning Pedroia leads off with a double Ortiz walks in the get Napoli to bounce in the double play. Yeah I'll kill at city get your twin killing right here -- your rally killer Ryder. Six -- 77797937. And we go to Jack. In sandwich. Jack how -- -- They do it. It's been one minute you guys and so on that talk with the -- it's going to that in order bring -- -- yen. In order. You mean the Lester up Glaus doctoring news scandal. -- up. Did what did they ever determined it had to to any exact. Result what that once I -- resin -- -- okay. You know I is that going to be look at that at I think they had a lot of people analyzing that all over the country yes he had the St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball. You don't Dick Tracy management Sherlock Holmes. They all looked into it and you know if he's going to be. I guess you can say oh he could be stupid enough to put something. Illegal on his glove. Then that's one scenario the other thing is you know if if it's resin. Which is standard fare. Players keep debt and you'd go to resin bag -- time you want to you can keep it -- to -- -- to keep it in your pocket you can keep -- your hair. It's illegal substance. And and -- analysis that I heard -- it was that there was no drastic change. In John masters stuff from any normal outing. So I -- -- guys pretty much put to arrest but why would you think about it. Well I know I thought you know like in the off clearly on like this thing. That's when people are saying -- like I haven't heard a bunch New York is talking like how he's going straight to the politics. But he's duly -- it off with his. And I'd still like at the announcers were like that. Now who knows how many kind of implied -- could have been anything we will blood breslaw on the Casey's a scientist. Good during baker because. Of ground yeah you know again a dark as subs a substance used to doctor the ball. And again it's test there's guys ask that you the old days -- the ball put a little scrape on the ball so we'll do something a little bit extra. It's eight. A relatively miniscule adjustment there's guys who talk about gasoline and Gaylord Perry Eric. You look at -- if you wanna Dokic caught would you go seven clear like KY jelly. Number I does that make sense. I was at green I mean it look like there was green on TV whatever was on his glove but that's only have to look at batted in -- and zoomed in. You know and again the people that would complain about it. There would get something done would be the Cardinals during the game. Not after the game with -- all the TV event and the high tech looks you know I was a minor league pitcher on Twitter it was that really made the tees were. A minor league pitcher on Twitter yeah so he's in double loser right he's not only in the Cardinals organization is not only a minor league pitcher but he's got a -- is that a calling somebody the Cardinals office they don't even know who yes. I checked thanks and I cardinal. Metheny kind of put put the clamps on -- -- the really anything which good for them you know sour grapes that's exactly right that's a big league way to look at it and -- you know maybe who knows maybe they got guys -- their team used the same -- whatever it is but again I'm not gonna worry about -- investigation to conclusively proves it is cheating going on. Whether there's a different thing go out Everett -- if you if the caller was talking to people from New York writer. First thing out of any New Yorkers mouth. When it comes to anything about Boston sports is cheating. You know I mean we're talking about you know -- spy gate and all this other stuff it's always going to be. Especially come -- from the folks in New York there's -- where that's a way we look at them to A-Rod and Giambi are cheaters they Kevin they were when they were good as is part of the other rivalry. -- and it has come up a couple of times through the Red Sox remember earlier than Clay Buchholz yes and yes Jack Morris settled in yet now it's if if Clay Buchholz about the -- -- Jack Morris in the press room tonight -- -- -- -- could closeup look at Jack Morris he's just -- hits and knows he was replied yeah ice storm a few weeks back when Toronto isn't. He's in his -- out there. Like I was looking for some of that free media food after the game. We knew what he was doing there I don't know these from a government or somebody if babies and advanced scout for all we know. My agent OK this guy says I got to sign off when he curiouser on the sex would you have sex for the hottest in the have a the question was would you have sex with the of these Korean government if you could have sex for the hottest there rivermen afterwards. No. That's my answer and I can't elaborate on that but the answer is no and on -- -- which it down. But you know you're talking you know please girl or you don't -- that kind of ruin everything in the future for -- But he -- -- I don't care if you get to eight Upton lined up next if if you've gone through this. Horrendous nightmare. With a 400 pound reward the greasy you know -- Yeah I mean that you're not gonna -- even see anybody else for a few months or -- experience that and get a car crash that set. We have batted zeroed out we got to -- we take he's notoriety it'll be Obama be a fair shot at. Shown in the car. I don't think it's a cloud outside the window wood baseball bat scary evil clown man. -- they died off a little afraid clowns what's up John. Michael calling for the evening I could but lots. What sort -- he got to thank you brought it to my suite at W -- Do you welcome anytime that it was -- wide stupid it appears at pregame show was on the outlook retirement. Bubba speculate -- That you see you on the Red Sox outbid because limited to a little leaguer. One was come off the -- just -- grow -- and number two was probably having him field that Little League stuff. They look a -- that first game the other effort that they've made and now we recorded it are you gotta get stock up people like you're in the game three and beyond. Yet expressing -- a throw that you know and he said it himself is the pitcher never makes the throw to third base from down there behind home plate it's the right of home plate. And if you're not sure about that -- runners on base and World Series you hold. Ball everybody was at Florida ball everybody is Vince well the solidarity you know I didn't -- you wanna make a play. What does -- you know you just gotta eat it. You know yet and that's I can guarantee you that's not a throw that -- any pitchers practice. It's just not one they're gonna work on I don't let's go up there work on a throw to third base first -- assuming of the bad things are gonna happen you're gonna have guys going at third base. So he'll work on that. You know Billy wants to obese or Adidas I semester to get Pete Rose out so -- just throw my best pitch and go cover third. You know I mean it's -- it's something you don't want to have happen. And and certainly it's in that scenario you say while -- that used to make in this throw a bad things can happen here now covered two World Series in 04. I believe was poppy threw across the diamond league -- runner at third was out on the yes soup on play Ryder. Yes who pond yeah yeah -- is Heathrow made a perfect throw across the -- and get get -- But he forgot I -- has played much first base the first to third row. Is a very rare. Occurrence in baseball overall it doesn't happen often. And even for a guy plays first base all the time it's not a common thing for him to make a throw and necessary Becker -- across the third -- this was little different but. Breslow is a candidate -- -- he -- he made a little of that message sodium but hit a walk. And he little lackeys runs committed double steal but I guarantee you Breslow is the least happy guy at all knowing -- right now to. I saw on. It's on Twitter like the -- then you only allowed one stolen base this entire season. While that's some believable yeah I didn't know that I didn't either team that's -- you're right you have these little sticky stats like the stick of notes in your head. You're able to pull off -- riled up I actually got that -- Brian MacPherson Twitter account from -- -- Joseph -- to -- them even better even better area. Are number 6177797937. Will be at 2 o'clock in the morning. And for those you driving back from the ballpark you know. Now we have one line open right now but were happy to take your calls in order on Red Sox Cardinals game two live at Fenway Park this is Red Sox review. Is this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. And that's okay. Don't want bonds than. I'd live at Fenway Park might yeah out of series here on midsize Buick John. And out 6177799793. Serie a Ryder yes it's got property. Pretty bad I he's he's so unbelievable Mets. But the bigger the moment the bigger he comes up and you don't -- it could've been a different outcome of course they when he put the Red -- -- to -- one place -- -- and and well they should. Sadly distant memory it -- yeah there's some advantages that unbelievable another ethnic. David Ortiz moment the job against another tough pitcher and -- changing the course of the ballgame at least momentarily to last long. Based on what happened the following inning and I you know -- get guys I saw one out Lackey that it a guy gets on base and you know. I feel bad for Lackey because he pitched. A pretty good tonight he was a girl he wasn't his best. There Reseda what use negative they're real tough guy I'd run the Titans the game belonged to him and all got kind of blown away by once shaky awful play. But I guess is what to expect it's a World Series two winningest baseball teams -- against other 97 wins each. And you know unless you were really kind of blindly wildly imagining a sweep this series. But -- you this is not an unexpected development. As the series is all knotted up won a game of people a piece and I expected favorite credit could go that way through the Saint Louis series that comes out of Saint Louis ahead. It's a good question the Red Sox could be three to you don't down now the way it looks coming out of that series it could happen yeah. And that again you know I mean if you're sin was card affinity what now we understand what it's all about yet you out of -- and I -- Is it they go down 02 rather. It's better -- -- home runs stands habits of 21 win. Yeah I mean if you commit such a different story such a different story with a young Cardinals team I think. We have let's see who's next here how I try to -- again it equity in not. What we don't like people who are having to wait on hole longer than they should. So the longest guy that's been on -- has been a hole for eighteen solid minutes. And for that reason we'll go to him next. He is right in in Brockton O'Bryant. Oh hi Brian. You know -- pretty good about the sooners. Originally picked them to win in six and that -- -- -- that happened and and stick with a meet -- meet whoever writer and I -- -- a safe prediction on the series. And I think you'll. I mean you can't do any horse and last and going and Joseph Kelly Uga. I don't out you know your time that are it -- -- impressed. The one game I'm really worried about though is -- I really don't know how healthy is than them. I'll repeat -- starts into -- now. Well you scheduled up for game four -- time but what's arm fatigue you know from my shoulders shoulders coming back from the injury and all that. Now here's what that what I think is gonna happen and I think he'll get the start -- for the you go out there and I do the best he can but whatever stuff is left to his repertoire based on the severity of the injury but they'll have a shortly leash on him and they will have one of two people standing by. Raid at command as early as maybe the third of the fourth inning just about Colts could fight through the first few innings and that he's looked like around -- fifty becomes a different did you. Yeah and that's why the peavy started so big because. -- -- If he's all over the place he could only give them four innings then what he would do if you're worried about buck Colts only giving yet you know four maybe five years yet in game four because well they help the back -- where. The good news is though they do have to who you know cause I long relievers who are really starters in disguise. In in Dempster into bride who I think that you know can give you a solid 45. -- I -- solid -- talk about you don't go for my duties give up two runs or sub. Then they can even go Workman for a couple innings the right and I'll take a lesser anyone right now he's done that and low. He handles pressure he's not in the race on -- grade so that. Actually has been. Well you know -- certainly you don't based on stature prior track record long standing. A performance of this team you don't he would be. The gates you know if you look at the during the course the year the most consistent guy really was Lackey. -- was beautiful in the early going very unhittable in his Cy Young destined. The way he looked in April and may of course you know when you missed three months that changes everything. DPP's equality number four. It's going to be very very it's staying and it certainly. There's nobody out there this feels now as confident as he did yesterday. About the the you know run through the run in the -- the table here -- I don't I don't like that this -- -- team while they haven't impressed me at all with the bats. Even tonight you don't get one run last night and they got their runs tonight in kind of an honored fashion. Although the all the runs weren't on earned. They okay B it really on that one play you know at an earlier there was -- a guy go to third base ground ball got to home so -- was -- the Red Sox pitching so I was getting -- So -- was really -- Beltran solid single and -- in the holiday triple exactly. Excited thankfully they traded for peavy I know a lot of people. And is specially if he does this is still just to have him on the it would especially with the -- injury and I think that's part of the big Brees wanted me to -- Yes because he that is still going to be less of a question mark in most people's minds then either -- brought aura or Dempster at this moment. You know and so that's that's where you're at -- Makes the call Brian. That you are able to regulated 6177797937. It's -- in Norwood next on the Red Sox review who. My changeup my -- still has -- that a big match. I'm Dorell Wright. Fortunately I didn't get they'll watch against the -- -- network but I am on the radios. Did you take huge DVR and I think. -- I didn't DVR I pack it up and watched the on the eighth inning on itself is it real what you DVR game viewing time you really go home and watch it. After you were just as we know the outcome is if they won -- pretty much. But. -- are the type while Lackey you know he pitched. Nice and I like he pitched really well you know he's a war or a big game pitcher and he has spent his whole career. But once again -- all year. Just like all the -- they couldn't get a bronze or -- yeah that's true. He's had awful awful luck this year you know and Owens had worse. Overall hitting support on the staff for sure and maybe throughout Major League Baseball I think the Red Sox were shut out five times. Six times this year five of them against Lackey when he pitched so I I don't know what that's about that's his crappy luck. You know when he's been great and I'm not gonna knock Lackey for his efforts tonight or even -- a time and of course a year. And I think is like. We get I get runs early in the ballgame posada watches the Cardinals well all year right next all right guys broke gas -- -- -- -- like. You know watching the last inning into the game -- what can happen out sparked on the -- like they're expecting tomorrow. Yeah yeah that's true and by the way the Tigers series went the same way in the tiger pitchers all throw heat. The recession gonna have to figure out a way to analyze. What maybe you know it and yes better on first pitch -- not that I -- Maltby Nomar is out there hacking away at the first pitch but. Sometimes you get a look at a guy may be one at that next time -- he's always gonna start me a fastball. I should try to give me 01 casinos that we don't largely swing at first pitch fastballs. Our setup that thing to try to rake it somewhere and did get something Conte has four hits for the Red Sox tonight that's. Pathetic yeah well victory in the eighth the Martinez. Boy. Victory don't Madrid as -- decent at bat especially -- battle there that was just that. He was guessing fastball that was just a knee buckling a slider and I was -- I was really -- well yeah one off balance him. They fell off a -- you know I saw a couple things the Cardinals tonight to win. When when they're where they're fixed on okay this guys gonna throw me a fastball on the outside part of the plate I saw Beltran into it I. They they -- obstacle right with a have a nice easy swing put the what are the ball and try to get a base hit try to get something going here. What I see the Red Sox very very often. Is it there it seems like their whole mentality it is let's work up the count on no matter what pitchers out there get as many looks as we can. But I I I tell you the difference between 02 hitter. And it 20 hitter is at 300 hitter compared to 200 hitter that's that's how drastic it is. In and tell Chara was so good -- that RB -- which was huge you know port to instead of three do. Goes with the pitch singles to right field and at times you know I can't stand this but. I've gone for the down some of these Red Sox hitters I think against these Cardinals pitchers to -- the later innings. Dan no I wanna I wanna see like the -- extended rallies the base hits a parade. You know. They need a lot you know just that work in the council issue that they got. Like they haven't faced them all year glamour. About where I feel like we need to get not paying a lot of Gary I don't -- -- Jonny Gomes and a lot of them know he's good blocker guy. The heart attack for Christ's -- back in the. 98 volleys cheated at -- times occur. Asked if I think. Yeah heavily im not an -- especially the outfield a lot bigger and Saint Louis and now -- -- 300. DEC meetings. But up. Let's and I think they gotta win the game in six their betting needs to step up the total there than just straight in Brooklyn bar or something and what got straightened out and -- But I -- I greeted to a degree on that because so people tend to do that -- Boston New England they say always log on now now what do. Last night deserve this win tonight to Cerrato -- are in a row. And Gideon never know it's it's baseball that's why we watch that's why they play the games every -- David Hyde Park on the Red Sox. Review how note Dave. There -- and I can't do what you did. I've just -- -- that way I am so incredibly frustrated starting line up the whole big game tonight. It just seemed like your whole carbonneau the pitch count thing what to -- -- I would watch the pitch count I mean by the fifth inning. Walker had only thrown like you know lows sixty to our pitchers go so you know he has got a lot battle. But he worked in the sixth when he when he you withdraw high changeup that had no movement Ortiz whacked on the -- -- -- plus when a guy like it when a guy like walk a lot when a guy like wacko walks wacko -- walks four guys. You should be able to somehow take advantage of it. I'm talking about getting something on the board before you have to rely on David Ortiz to hit one out to get your on the on the scoreboard in that fourth in a big opportunity of fourth with Napoli then you have double play Gomes pompano. Yeah and then I mean obviously like you pitched great tonight and you know the -- doors you know a lot of these in the -- But then you go up you know up to one with cookies are all right. And then Marty called that -- when we're close pitch and in that ball up myself -- -- -- you shall prepping your back pocket. Like you that might you -- scientist but obviously he doesn't know -- the velocity are -- -- three lap he'll be. Yeah hindsight does that necessarily gonna make the right decision and an appearance like that out of play like that I mean that's a play that is and as such has never practiced -- -- says you think. The Steamer Bob Stanley could've made that throw to third no I don't. You know it's not a play that pitchers -- I don't know I was going to be -- and didn't know then there would have taken Randy Johnson fastball perfect straight right right over the heart of the plate for the tag it's just it wasn't a Smart move and you know it it really did lead to loss here tonight now hopefully Breslow is not. You know going to be ineffective for the rest this World Series because he was a very key part of the Red Sox success. In setting up. Koji but again part of being Boston's strong. Is to not let one loss mean diddly -- two year when you know you're gonna come back out. Not tomorrow but Saturday. And try to put it to the Cardinals again it's reached the final result it's gonna count here know what's gonna -- the Red Sox win this series. Got in six or seven know what's gonna putback gave to would say oh yes we were Boston's strong. It's about winning the best out of seven against the team -- won 97 games here. Our writers in the studio I'm down here it is Fenway Park studio went down street live. If you go by -- could wave -- will be good about 2 o'clock it's from your phone calls. And for those of you on hold will get you right after the as break from the Red Sox review broadcast. At Sid you heard it yeah I heard so -- drops and don't. Have. Been out. They don't NATO that was huge and and it. There wasn't good most Iguodala that's that's kind of the telltale story this game as they head. To bush yeah I mean a -- -- weather update call it stadium Brazil. A resilient. Stated is that a Busch the gateway to the -- like Richard Armey that would not be more today's. And our Budweiser roof. I'm quite sure Budweiser wouldn't. And why would they wanna. So here we go it's only been up and we get to -- causing a full lines are gonna grab as many as we can. One of the security guards -- when I was figured out it was a US to go home of awaited meander run as far as we town tonight for actually physically throw me out the window. Hey -- -- -- fans still have outside the ballpark aesthetic but when you got to girlfriends. Are now OK aren't. It's a guy walking out histories get to -- -- this time -- night that's crazy. We go to well let's examine some -- but I I don't I don't I don't what -- gonna think about mr. We got Freddy told Rondo writer Freddie in Toronto that's in candidates John -- country that's a big city. Hey Pete don't discredit a quick I don't think it's -- why all of that wanted to support epic title watched. Yeah -- -- OK you know return. Why. Now you think he's probably kicked himself and it looked. If I'm John Lackey of course this year it's all I can do not to open my mouth and say you know why can't these guys get some runs are way out pitch and I and that. I ended up under 500 for the season with a one wins and losses which is no reason for that without. A low three earned run average legs most Saluki digs and some of the pitchers obviously some of the pitchers -- matched up -- I know they love to get him because all those guys like dominant in the club -- to the fans like it more than ever and he's been -- and he's been a real soldier for. After this Red Sox welcome this year but your point is well taken Freddie he's had absolutely awful locked. And take nothing away from the way he's gotten out there and manned up everytime it's his turn to get the ball he doesn't say any thing he does -- say you know complain. And you know it passed through my thought that Lackey might be the -- to do that that's not true. And I give a lot of credit for all he's done this year I feel real bad he just can't get some -- Ultimately if you're in -- collecting eight what are pretty confident and the Bruins opponent but he belong to -- -- look -- week fourteen or. Don't the -- you can't explain you know like chipped out. Yeah well that's to be expected. You know honest to god that's to be expected he left here he left there you know what -- having not been successful comes back to an organization that knows him he knows the players a little better. They have a little better do a little more set up to win and any any ballclub by the way Toronto. You know you gotta think the aren't gonna argue that's good rider because that they're for their basketball team -- -- done. -- -- Yep the -- to meet her for this season yeah OK but I mean my point is that it is they get a baseball team that never quite. -- -- ninety three's they would get it done the best road team and densely blows and there and their hockey team lost gotten better kick -- all the big. Price here -- it did serve I mean this from what. I'm kinda joking here but I was about to -- on what the five people watching the World Series in Toronto. You know some believe the -- is they -- that's opening games might -- because of all that excitement all the -- signings -- -- all those empty seats. Not that. Did the Maple Leafs to them is like the Red Sox to us hero who tune in -- -- The -- yet they are and you know appeared to run -- status about the girls -- buried a class CA. It's cosmopolitan city it's they're pretty classy girls up their attention as noted -- Chelsea hello Jim. They are isolated point point but don't you work read it it would have been easier for our club a lot and -- Make putt broke. Hoping not to his left hand side. And don't. No no well yeah Alou -- Loney brought that up there in the during the broadcast. A first of all that throw he wasn't very deep out there and it was a question Marcus or whether other -- -- to try to make that run home. Either Davis -- surprise in Joe's voice when he actually did head to the plate because that was a ball wasn't tagged IndyCar field however. -- depending on what their assessment isn't left fielder's arm. None -- -- they go to your left. They got my DR yeah obviously he had the ideal situation is get that ball straight artsy people just make a straight -- run toward the plate it on a record -- throw that ball. You know it straight on it but you know if -- -- -- if if not it's going to his lefty back cancer with the glove hand across his body. I don't know you know does it doesn't have a great -- well all right you know -- too bad -- bottom line too bad Miguel Cabrera was running. I don't know if I had yeah right right any course or or reds outfielder you know or -- some other fat dude. Two other court minor point first all broke -- but something about the paper -- Are -- of our award named after. Paper knows named after the president's daughter or William Howard Taft. I think. Grover Cleveland either one either when they were a bit speaking of fat guys they were ball fat guys. And -- job ought not to call you out like you but however you are a lot but -- -- good omen or not -- that. Haven't ice level I am asking you who you think Vietnamese woman I've ever met its I don't know library year. -- -- okay no I know you are both listed out from your old date I've slept through the I've slept with. Fewer people that that you think but the more people than most people would think that -- I have not feeds into that doesn't mean score than those guys who -- -- your identity lap and music president you know what here's the other thing about that. You know we've all -- these three regret but you know fortunately for me. I've been very to a lovely lovely woman for ten years and there's no need to do such Salinas you have been you know I've been very very fortunate -- that respect. In my lifetime you know and that's with this face to writer you know that's the thing you know this face who would've thought that. We have but -- -- in Boston Globe big bad Bobby your next. -- you know and you've been smiling more in the last ten years. Then -- -- did and on it to you must be doing something right well Bob that part of that's because of the greats friends I have in the world that it's said coffee -- to be once in awhile. How about from my grandma's drop the case which of the most fabulous dam coffee -- in the entire -- bless you -- those whose. Grade there's going to be around for everybody else to game six you know. It kind of planning that he's just trying to start this whole thing you know basically. Saint Louis. He investigating -- you know platter. And we just did the same thing to them today. It was just came down manner of a series of bad plays and you know it's baseball and they're tough gritty teams that make it. Count the ball players in. These guys are gonna I'm gonna take losing easily -- mean they they know what you need to do to win out here and get a I think -- into monitoring Saint Louis they do they want to -- in Detroit which wasn't easy. No less true today you know I'm not saying that's impossible if they -- they only win one out of three in in Saint Louis he comes back here in a must win situation that's what I was trying to avoid more. You -- repeat these -- really really good National League pitchers to I don't know. I mean interleague play was great plus he's from and actually yeah it would match up well against nationally known nationally ballpark. You know what else about there's going to be definite source of relief not having to face walker in the next couple days because it wacko like eight for a Lander endorse scherzer type. Is a guy you can frighten a little bit as he says they want two or three Detroit. But I don't look for this team to again having difficulty rebounding that's not been there Hammel. Yeah. And behind the plate tonight to play that you picked -- strong ball it went like Nolan Ryan yup and I was really insane and nobody can get around on a pitch by every at bat you get around them but you know so -- -- So when I'm Arnold that I didn't look like that you -- as Victorino couldn't get a run on drew couldn't get. It Saltalamacchia they just couldn't. Would just yet and are written you know what else but I'm I'm a dedicated Red Sox lost we know why they lost his game we know what happened to cause lost. -- overall the Cardinals didn't did. Didn't crunched the Red Sox pitching staff in you know in a way that was impressive they got their run in the first on the ground and their first run on the ground. Ball they got their next three runs on missed plays and a sack fly so. It's not like -- kill little with doubles triples home runs or or success of big hit innings or you know or the Red Sox are walking the bases full and caused several problems. It was a it was a kind of off rookie thing in both situations. The way the games went down Red Sox up five nothing after two based on a and how but the pop up to the pitcher last night you know I mean at this game hasn't been crisply played. By either team in either the first two games and are looking for a little better baseball quality. Saint Louis -- -- I think that we see one of these games like -- I think either game three or four we'd damaged looking at pitching matchup we see some one of these you know. 76 tour or higher scoring games in one of the next two games. Well we get to the the it designated hitter will be out -- so -- Now you're even so it won't get as many quick turn -- -- guys up in a row and get a pitch count up but did you know we -- -- -- -- team and actually in. They got -- got to remember that playing against the best team in the America only the other instruction. They they have that they had that they do what they had to do and the united different hero and I'm just waiting for but it's just a natural progression. They are in late to -- tonight. I hit it and it found a little -- they didn't. They did that's exactly right about Mike Graham but dot com right. Absolutely. -- it again and I'm not grandma it's my grandma yet my -- my -- -- -- by the way the other thing is I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and every year to get some of that. Up pumpkin spice coffee cake because you put a little ice cream or whipped cream on and the pumpkin -- my grandma's coffee cake. And it's it's -- any -- dessert in the entire world. Anybody who denied -- and -- -- great out you had the year you know. And they spot and have a good night you know you -- -- 617779. 7937. We're gonna get some south moloch -- had talked all our cause as well tonight. But let's take this break early so we come back which you hear from some of the players post game locker room interviews on the Red Sox review. -- won in a line drive to right field for a base hit the cart mostly fortitude. This -- out of scores easily. Belcher. I could use his thirteenth Toronto this post season that'll -- for Breslow was on the hook for this one of very tough finding a walk. And the sac fly with -- -- throwing here now the base hit by Beltran that makes it four to Saint Louis. As -- that way -- afforded to the plateau. Have been. And it's only been -- one game apiece in this seven game World Series situation I'm not. Led Mike -- -- here writers back in the studio and writer courses are professionals so me you know me in May be when we get down -- the waning moments this program. -- boy you know I -- know I did I hear that right you're right that's where you're dangling right. All out of Eric guys out here it's these security -- -- outside a -- would receive a -- -- -- let -- have upperclassmen I don't as they have another game today and tomorrow they don't have a game today. -- brought -- equipment to try to get people I mean the guy staring at -- point. But it it does matter we can go as far as we can hear my point is you got some sound you get introduced and by the way 2 o'clock gonna replay it goes into the game. On its entirety. Now what sect called us Red Sox review what's -- Red Sox replay yeah. Or is that what that's called yes it's the road to redemption I know that all these -- -- that everything here is the road to redemption in this situation and and that's who we're trying to do it. It's such a try to redeem themselves for the loss tonight. Saturday. In the other night game but from saint -- artist in the morning shows already headed down to a similarity there are going to be in the air tomorrow morning Saint Louis yeah it's like what did you wonder. Duel Friday show at Saint Louis for no reason it's so no I could fly out Saturday. Or or after. After the show through tomorrow are wearing -- -- but I'm guessing that as with flights. There -- flights or maybe just -- with -- -- those 2 morning show pre -- a three matches not to get 3 primadonna isn't a morning show. They -- negative and make sure they get the luxury suite. In Saint Louis it's right near the ballpark. You know the penthouse luxury suite where the with magical season -- because those are those guys are you know they're like spoiled brats I saw we are they were dining at -- tonight. Or -- jury nothing like cut that -- Saint Louis Barbeque. -- and I just nice job by them. You know but listen you know they're the ones that have to make -- the very difficult trip to Saint Louis. For the weekend of World Series activity so I should. You know we get to lull around in our houses right John and our job is all day in a while I'll be here all week Cambodia. All except for you wouldn't. I'll be a breather tomorrow and -- -- from six to ten that you will not me I will be with you for about six to 840. Are you got a game tomorrow night. Now beyond Comcast tomorrow night I don't know it TV -- way to big -- issues I will be here sooner or two or dress -- we're well looked for -- -- on the Comcast showed tomorrow night where his big -- issues it's like one of his happy as always for -- exodus to put a month. And Rossi he shines -- Mike every day. I hated to some patience on on Comcast so. I want to look at for that Ryder meanwhile we got so let's see who's been on hold the longest by a little bit it's just in Westfield Jeff Gordon. But what about house -- Westfield Jeff. -- up a lot of tonight's comment that. It's a nice place to grow up Westfield Massachusetts when you come back over here I'll be here soon I'm always in a western part of state. In other gonna -- a pigeon covered statue after me out there like Mike he's a world tour. What's going -- it. And while they. That. Yeah at this point in tonight's result -- you know what I'm not surprised that it -- you're -- -- except game. Yes six or seven I think that's what most people thought that when things started. You know they're very resilient. You know their young pitchers and yes. Myself right now. But you know hopefully the pressure won't get fumble that. You mean the Cardinals the pressure would get the Cardinals. -- effective mud tonight if he's not -- and then it would have been glued to ride. Well you know some development -- is some it's not like the Cardinals did anything aside from pitched well tonight did. That indicates that they're not gonna succumbed to a little bit of pressure the pressure that is applied to them when they have to face good pitching like the Red Sox have -- to smash the ball around the ballpark tonight. Howard you know have they have they had any any real power they had that one triple bite -- holiday in the woods was blasted out to the corner and by the way. You know if you play if you've been played four steps to his left on that floor on that ball I think Ellsbury will attract that would down. So I cannot take anything away from that the triple that was hit very hard to it's not like David make -- -- about me a lot of the Red Sox pitchers. Now. Without the cardinal have been resilient -- back act before. -- I saw Hillary so tonight he was here in the press box tonight -- -- I saw Tony La Russa yeah yeah. I was kind of -- it is -- and it was wearing White Sox and Crocs. As we need you see him outside the studio stop them stoplight and you're not obvious. He'd be stuck used to it right now we just sleep in in the Alley out here. Your body parts but that he's when trying to kick you out that had La Russa. It's obviously he said its tradition of some kind of you know management technique at an enemy they're there their entire farm system is loaded -- there are always going to. -- -- At a cardinal fan and a cardinal fans that we -- still there's still cardinal fans outside the window. It's like David just can't believe they want this baseball game tonight about the guy with a couple more injuries. He's got the -- Martin's teeth so it is like more. It is hold out and that he could go back tortures in the gaps. You know I mean it's double label these guys I see if I wait -- you know some trials. And I so -- -- she got we got to run here well not yeah thanks but he won't now great. No great great great show good talking to you will talk to it west of in Westfield next summer to. 61777979837. And then. The guy has been on hold the longest now writer is this guy ignorant Brockton who's very very devoted to getting on the year -- your -- -- -- would but because you had. It is Florida. Say how frustrated in watching Stephen Drew play ten but the hope -- he's doing all that I get -- once -- -- inaugurated I'm back to hang up on you here but we get these guys. Out of reality here and they're so excited. It looks like they're all gonna wack wack -- -- Off on down the street. It and they go indoors besides Dallas site there's no here's your buddies calling you decide we're gonna walk your socks off -- clever. -- -- -- -- -- -- They were gonna treat them with a respected the St. Louis Cardinals fans. I treated us in all four opening up their ballpark letting is going to celebrate our four game sweep. It Saint Louis at all for but these guys are happy guys they're drunk obviously -- -- -- -- -- have -- fun on the Alley here is because the ball park entered go ahead of -- Back. I think we can all agree that's been questioned watching Stephen Drew out of Tibet for the past. Month yet you know for -- look forward to the united -- that's awful to lose -- Grogan. Finally say you know give. Bogart a chance to play short and let Mel Brooks play -- again because. David you've been dreadful but hopefully it's not. He doesn't to be in the game 32 TVs were flyable. Yeah I you know -- tell -- what -- the other thing I really improved drew had. I don't know how much extra batting practice you get or how much good it's gonna do when unit has slump it's a mental thing. But I remember that -- -- it during his Triple Crown year in 67 when he was the best player in all of baseball he had a -- for eighteen stretch. During the course of the year and he stayed after the ballpark is closed for two hours smash hit batting practice into his hands were bleeding. Try to straighten it out now I'm not suggesting that that's what drew does but maybe she generally get to the ballpark a little early. And try to straighten out the funky sitcoms or -- they -- I don't care what how bodies at shortstop 100 batting average and a World Series gonna get to go towards. Yeah I take horrible -- was for the entire post season but the news they love that -- has been he made some more great defensive plays tonight but he's. He had to me why I did I Aggies also won four for 421 for his last 35. You know I'm aggravated my night here I'm really lucky tonight I am here alone in the alleys deserted except for those freaky cardinal fans. And also three beautiful women walk up to the window and wave at me it's like. Like a dream come true there really -- -- you an idea. Of it and they're lovely lovely analytic gun but -- -- out there at the and there's locker guys and yet they're gonna follow the wacko wacko that's dangerous any any any guys that have wacko -- wac as there's loaded humans they were appropriately if and the union and yep so Edgar what's don't have Brockton tonight I got a lot of sound. In Brooklyn terrible always -- I thought they had an hour after after hours parties down there well about who we thought this Brooking you know didn't go over. It was good talking immense. Thank you go -- Six what 77797937. You know before we get some of this. The classic go low post historical locker room stuff. For you are coming down the pipeline it's your ears and into your radios or whatever we got our old friend now I'd say -- nicest way. George in Cambridge. Torch. RU. Hi George -- In -- it. It to -- it's it could hear you and John and -- -- I was concerned that you know so we're here 6 o'clock her time had been taken. HO and it you know that this very dangerous for it to be yanked him do that. Well you know here's what it is I think you know I know I'm not sure that it has anything to do with. With me it has to do more -- the round table. Format that they've embraced for this World Series into this post season. Where they bring it all -- heavy hitters and a you know -- George I'm used to get preempt it I'm not taking it personally. -- it the other -- can errant error and they get to be comfortable with the pattern. And the personality like at certain times but that's broken. You know they they get upset -- very much so we. Well -- George we're gonna have pulled planet -- shows starting November 1 right through the winter because we're not -- as Celtics we're gonna have. All the time in the world to talk to you went others every night. And you know abide by Billick I'm glad he go in a sense that -- at that. I several welcome back as soon as they get good at. Right. In the game is. You know no problem isn't on my friends keep smiling and you know I would be the surprise they went down there to bureau in Louis took three straight. That's very possible -- Well -- you know and then anything's possible I I don't I've never anticipated this kind of series being that. That much of a dominating thing by one team or another because they're too well. I'm out you know that you will constructed teams can that look on paper be evenly matched -- -- you you can compare all you want. You know and and go up and down on paper that doesn't mean much when the first two games have been decided by sloppy play rather than you know I extreme. -- extremely excellent play you know Bethpage I don't. So I mean -- it's caddie or you know I think we'll see some better played baseball. Now that the jitters are all out of the mix for both teams and and hopefully. You know if they don't have the face whether their -- walk a lot more time which you know they're going to that backup Milos I think most people look at and say OK that appearance such laws so I think they got a win. Not sure -- the next three you know. -- this could be an opportunity for the Mets and Kelly and win but the Cardinals promise in the same thing -- peavy and and yes then exactly you know healthy buckles. I'm sure they are very very intently he IE I like he'd be a lot I hope he does well. Well thanks for the call big Georgia have a great night man did you run into his brother and I might George's brother no not George well I just tonight it's SE TV's brother again tonight this time it's gonna beat out of the smoking section I'm not. Yawkey way down the Alley next or who's on first yet he was up on top of the monster. He's all over the place he's everywhere -- a lot of folks in these Jake Peavy is little brother Roger on Rondo was there and I Brandon Spikes. Then yet although I saw discounts either the pats ticker. And some I saw a few famous people I don't wanna sit here and drop names -- Ryder -- something got what they said they saw you -- some saying you know that and appreciate that. I don't like people tell people what I -- up took. Six or 77797937. Are joined a program. I've got -- I believe lined up here. Or they -- back to the studio. The post game sound from one. John Lackey who of course was the losing pitcher they're hard luck losing pitcher tonight's game. When Breslow -- in the runs that Lackey put on base he had -- lost despite a pretty good pitching effort here's John Lackey. After the game. Joseph what's the frustration level like emotion like as you see what happens to play. With the air line runs square when again. I just lose again as frustrated sure I mean we you know -- pretty game that are you know really good pitcher this and I didn't. Who had chances but. I mean we'll come back -- on the next game and tribe did. Not. All down like he pitched well it was almost like you're unlucky it. Just the wrong time just sort of feel that to a degree. Mean if you're so it's obvious. That -- The and unfortunately what had happened a few times this year so yeah yeah it. But -- they're awesome for us this year I can't wait to see him get back out there. Because he's been so good for us and meant it you can't go wrong put Miguel Romero. At the middle on the left John with a number of days like this sort of gone for you this year as they're currently there are you kidding me kind of feeling to it went in the -- A dozen other sports it's not about me having. You know who really cares who gets the win loss match that name is trying to win four games and went right. Couple more if there's anything. We're joined him you've been in this position so many times through the years I mean how how much pride you've put in trying to keep this -- -- -- -- the other night and last -- can keep -- rolling keep. Rotation that is an excellent. But there for a little while to go pretty good yeah I felt focused and thought -- I probably a little better fastball my last start. Located pretty good and they're guys pitch well also. Margin for -- really slow and this time a year and -- Karen come along go a little bit tonight but we'll be back out again national. It join his you'd you'd just and that's you seem to have terrific stuff. A lot of -- great movement how much I'm working with salty like you that you make. I mean if I thought yeah there I mean he's he's got the call the game but. If so I'm improving yes and lo Duca will be solved he's been great for me collier we really really study these guys and we go reports together and he's been he's been great to work -- -- of these you know. One more. Back of the room. You their management he was talking about -- how they're a team that prides themselves on grinding it out not necessarily to work the count but just you know get a pitch to grind it out is that -- a couple times. Times out of frustrating type of team the pitch against. Not really at the a lot of strikes regardless look to try and do. Let's John Lackey had tough luck -- Mikey is exhibited so I'll laugh all the albeit. I I'll try not to be Craig Breslow try to be. No offense for Trevor Rosenthal and finish this one up tonight. 61777. -- this I've done a few of these red sex reviews. This season only a couple. And somewhat inexperienced in this but I'll love I'll finish. But people know I was joking with that I'll finish up here up until. 2 in the morning were up against Brady you know it will get Steve Rockport for for the break it Steve. -- -- Thank you gonna like golf course. This loss tonight I think it might be a kind of a good thing in the long run. -- there was a lot of people talking about a sweep. It is in bully me I just thought. You know it it was like this arrogant and I mean. I'll but he captors on that. And I just thought that -- by guys in that other dugout and -- remember. They don't remember it but they are aware of what happened in 2004. And think that we were gonna sweep this -- -- I thought did the wrong mindset for these people they have. Well I think some some and I understand it and this is a provincial town Steve we know that you know -- not tons that are glued into the Cardinals you don't see in my enemies did -- on ESPN from occasion. Quite a bit actually but I don't know how many people actually will -- neutral baseball games. I'm all for you know there's only one remaining cardinal. Let there's actually two and Chicago Metheny was the catcher Yadier Molina. The other catcher besides that knows there but yet at the Cardinals just like the Red Sox have shown an ability to bounce back all season I didn't think. You know ever it's tiger is some talking sweep after last night I didn't expect. That to happen here this -- I didn't expect to sweep either way idea I had the Red Sox when and his six. Yeah yeah and six and six or seven. I was I was 20 look. Surprised blown away. But their pitching -- young candidate. They got full Earl would they ever any you know throwing at -- -- being yeah you know it is I did it look like. They ultimately. You know well is that that that whether to an end port where you throwing that hard the thing is is sometimes it's it's -- you know maybe I don't know bettors some of these guys maybe the jitters don't don't affect them they can work either way and we've seen young bull pens. -- Lackey knows about this in 02 with Francisco Rodriguez who CNN in the past. If you wanna fit and a phone call before -- wrap it up that's fine. We've we're up against break 6177797937. We will also hear from John Farrell before you finish up if you miss that press conference from earlier rod. Will play some of that so wanna fit in a phone call 6177797937. Or text message. 37 and 937. Cardinals even up the World Series one a 42 victory will be. Back to wrap it up for the red sector you have to this. John -- banquet here and Red Sox realized via a finish things up after the Cardinals double -- the Red Sox not -- fortitude oh. Even up the World Series at one. We're gonna get chewed to the John -- press conference here what he had to say I -- courted -- and checking that out he's gonna -- in this in this president Daniel Nava. Starting in left field in game three. So if there's any other lineup changes for that but to one of -- Craig sour should Joes way of a bond producing tonight. Now for Mikey Adams who makes it to land John Ryder ears John Farrell and what he had to say at his press conference after the game two loss. In that moments. It's it's the tying run if we've got another man on base part of that maybe they make a move put to you know he's as a young guy with great stuff. You know -- gets the basics. You know I don't know what goes in there you know Mike's thinking on that puts. You know we get the base that we do -- give ourselves chances to continue to build the inning in and apparently. You know with Napoli Bynum felt like that was the best matchup to go through that part of the order. Right that you're in front. That's the first time you've seen -- and a lot of them in person you know what -- your impressions. Look like from the second inning on they start to settle into a pretty good rhythm you we have a big opportunity in -- four thing and probably the pitch of the night might have been the ground ball double play and a to Napoli we get a first and second situation nobody out with a seemingly had chances to build an inning ground ball double play and then a pop up soon. To Gomes to get out of the inning but to them. Know very good changeup. Maintained his stuff throughout says the time -- that we Preston in terms of build the pitch count and give ourselves some opportunities but. I thought he threw the ball in our guys to effectively. And so once again in the second time through the order started flipping the curveball to give a different look. I he was impressive that they pitched well tonight. -- -- can -- apartments everything and an issue -- tied. Going to stay indoors and joked about being 11 going to want to endorse. Well just in terms of the series so we fully expect this via a hard fought series. I'm not surprising that we're we're in this position we are. In the seventh inning we kind of contributed to it to the three runs allowed. I thought John Lackey threw the ball very well -- the leadoff walk. -- start state to get things going for them after the base at the Jake. You know felt like we ran a pretty good situation for matchup. In and unfortunately local walk in the errant throw that that's the one that you know in looking back. I'm sure Craig would like to have a ball back and hold it with a chances shut -- the inning right there we give -- -- run. And then Beltre who which we wanted to hit from the right side of the plate in on the 31 pitch. As an insurance run to put. -- uncharacteristic of the way we've I think taking care of baseball this year. Into and contribute to lutherans. -- John Ortiz is swinging the bat well and first two games this series how does that factor into your decision and how many games to play in the first base in Saint Louis. You know way it's likely that game three he'll be at first base at this point just a quick look at it. And how we go from there you know bowl will go to a day to day but today again. We're gonna lose when the middle order bats and that's understood going in. But still David Davidson pretty good place right now offensively. -- You dominating game in game one that now that you mention you're not surprised that you want to once you go back to Saint Louis that certainly changes things but you're aware that can happen. I'm wondering what your level of faith as though because. Peavy you have going obviously a great pitcher overall it hasn't been as best lately and then you buckles who was pushed back so are you concerned or -- your face it's still pretty high there. No. In this time of the year with what our guys have proven over a long haul what we're looking forward to the challenge -- going into the what should be a great environment -- in Saint Louis. I am looking forward Jake take the mound in game three years and and continuing to -- away from the mound I thought with the exceptional one inning and I know it's only two games. We continue to throw the ball well from the mound and fully expect that to continue. Wanted to -- over here. The double steal in that inning against you what brought that about. Well they felt like they had an opportunity get two guys in scoring position. The only time it's time some things up with a with Perez on the mound whether it was just a read that they had on the number of head looks two. Keep caused it in check back there but at them in that moment a timely play on their part. Anything else for John received in. Okay Steve. Obviously you wanna win both your games at home they they get. The -- here can talk about the approach going to Saint Louis. Knowing I guess conceivably that they can wrap it up there. How much that does this game really changed the the whole setup of the series. -- I don't know that it changes anything in terms of this you know what we we've got to continue to play every inning here and look to win every inning. This team has responded well to those two challengers on the road -- home. I know will be ready to go on on Saturday over there. Put them. On the that this time -- our guys embrace -- challenge that comes their way and we're looking forward to that on on Saturday. Less question middle. On that play at the plate -- south of market come off the plate soon. Picture he had an injury at the ball in the first place or did you see that he thought they at a -- -- know we we felt like we're worries that right there you know it it's a shallow fly ball for there to be a play at the plate Celtics trying to hold -- ground. Who we know that the importance of the run in that spot. I have to say that he's got to come off day and feel the throw. And bonds are just going off that it was -- so that it does not second guessing on salt his approach tonight. Behind it. Johnny planning any or thinking about any changes to your lineup for game three. With either now or with David Ross. Well as he's mentioned the other day what with the amount of ground recovery in left field the left right matchups against Kelly. You know with the without announcing a lot of -- were or fractured all that and right now and I think the way in knowledge and off the bench last night we could -- pinch hit appearance. It's likely he'll continue to factor in here.

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