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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference after Game 2 of the World Series

Oct 25, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference after Game 2 of the World Series

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In that moments. It's it's the tying run if we've got another man on base part of that maybe they make a move put to you know he -- a young guy with great stuff. You know David gets the basics. You know I don't know what goes under you know Mike's thinking on that puts. You know we get the base that we do -- give ourselves chances to continue to build the inning in and apparently. You know with Napoli Bynum felt like that was the best -- to go through that part of the order. -- -- -- Front. That's the first time seeing walker lines and in person you know what are your impressions. Look like from the second inning on they start to settle into a pretty good rhythm you we have a big opportunity in -- four thing and probably the pitch of the night might have been the ground ball double play and a to Napoli we get a first and second situation nobody out with a seemingly had chances to build an inning ground ball double play in and pop up soon. To Gomes to get out of the inning but to them. Know very good changeup and maintained his stuff throughout says the time that we -- in terms of build the pitch count and give ourselves some opportunities but. I thought he threw the ball in our guys so effectively. And so once again in the second terms of the order started flipping the curveball to give a different look. I and he was impressive that they pitched well tonight. -- Can tell Barbara -- and -- series tied going to mistake or about. Being and one going two endorse. Well just in terms of the series we fully expect this via a hard fought series. Not surprising that we're we're in this position we are. In the seventh inning we kind of contributed to it to the three runs allowed. I thought John Lackey threw the ball very well as the leadoff walk. -- start state to get things going for them after the base at the Jake. I don't felt like we were a pretty good situation for match up. In and unfortunately local walk in the errant throw that that's the one that you know in looking back. I'm sure Craig would like to have a ball back and hold it with the chances shut down the inning right there we give -- the wrong. And then Beltre -- which we wanted to hit from the right side of the plate in on the 31 pitch. As an insurance run to put. It's uncharacteristic of the way we've I think taking care of baseball this year. Into and contribute to the three rounds. -- John Ortiz is swinging the bat well and first two games this series how does that factor into your decision and how many games to play in the first base in Saint Louis. You know way it's likely that game three he'll be at first base at this point just a quick look at it. And how we go from there you know -- will go to a day to day but today again. We're gonna lose -- the middle of the order bats and that's understood going in. But still David Davidson pretty good place right now offensively. -- You dominating game in game one -- now that you mention you're not surprised -- want to once you go back to Saint Louis that certainly changes things but you're aware that can happen. I'm wondering what your level of faith is though because. Peavy you have going obviously a great pitcher overall hasn't been as best lately and then you buckles who was pushed that -- or you're concerned or are your -- it's still pretty high there. No. In this time of the year with what our guys have proven over a long haul what we're looking forward to the challenger go into the what should be a great environment over in Saint Louis. I am looking forward to Jake take the mound in game three years and and continuing to -- -- away from the mound I thought with the exceptional one inning and I know it's only two games. We continue to throw the ball off the mound and fully expect that to continue. -- -- -- -- -- -- The double steal in that inning against you what brought that about. Well they felt like they had an opportunity to get two guys in scoring position. The only time it's time some things up with a with Perez on the mound whether it was just a read that they had on the number of head looks two. Keep caused it in check back there but at them in that moment a timely play on their part. Anything else for John this -- Okay Steve. Obviously you wanna win both your games at home they they get. The -- here can talk about the approach going to Saint Louis. Knowing I guess conceivably that they can wrap it up there. How much that does this game really changed the the whole setup of the series. -- I don't know that it changes anything in terms of this you know what we we've got to continue to play every inning here and look to win every inning. This team has responded well to -- to challengers on the road -- home. I know will be ready to go on on Saturday over there. Put them. On that this time your our guys embrace every challenge that comes their way and we're looking forward to that on on Saturday. Less questioned in the middle. On that play at the plate (%expletive) south of market come off the plate to. Make sure he had an injury at the ball in the first place or did you see that he thought they had a plate -- No we we felt like we're worries that right there you know it it's a shallow fly ball for there to be a play at the plate -- is trying to hold his ground. Who we know that the importance of the Iran in that spot. I have to say that he's got to come off and feel the throw. And bonds -- just going off the tip of his glove so that it does not second guessing on salt his approach and I. Behind it. Johnny planning any or thinking about any changes to your lineup for game three. With either now or David Ross. Well as he's mentioned the other day what with a lot of ground to cover in the field the left right matchups against Kelly. You know with the without announcing a lot of you know or or -- all that and right now and I think the way in knowledge and off the bench last night we could pit pinch hit appearance. It's likely he'll continue to factoring here.

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