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Future Sox Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez holds court with Salk and Holley

Oct 24, 2013|

It's Pedro's show, we're just taking it in. Salk and Holley sit down with Red Sox great Pedro Martinez prior to game two of the 2013 world series.

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Inside. When government until Monday knowing how to make plays and maybe don't do enough -- to -- to -- White House. Boy you. What are you going to get better funded that they don't want to have improved player who continues itself. And I don't believe in that of course is now in Pedro Martinez with -- wholly owned Sports Radio WEB five. First guest in the history of the show to have his own special open and it makes sense my fair player ever watched Obama. But I don't usually get -- anything that we in the media and figure Martinez and studios the type but they are very similar lies the first person committee or make me a little bit nervous this brightens my day I can't tell him how much how much fun it was and we've heard this from a million people and partly from annoyed to suck up your mind -- good -- -- -- -- suck up. Does that throw from myself thank you so much for me it was a really appreciate it agreed on to -- it would be I wanna talk you -- hear from stores back in the ballot -- Michael we could fuel for our show just on paper -- -- for stock about the World Series that were all watching here tonight. What do you see last night from Saint Louis cardinal team that it. -- -- -- Well that team actually came out probably little cold. And and -- -- team was ready to jump. Tunnel -- and they did that really well. They did not execute. You know. With the defense early and it ended up costing them probably start from their best Stoddard. And you know all the lead. It goes though would do it right away jump them and jump over and took over the lead in and kept it. I think Jon Lester is doing now that he wasn't doing at the beginning of this year and he wasn't going for any of last year when it what are you seeing. What I think is it's besides unless the depth a lot more talk with -- now and then use of he used to get a little distracted now he Knowles is the -- of the team he's the veteran. He's the one that everybody's going to rely on. A guy that's unbelievably. Strong. And and that's the best -- about that if you gonna be the excellent team you've got to be on the mile and a five days and he has somehow. Corrected everything that he was lacking out there and it seems like he's carrying it out there everyday now -- it would expediency he asked nobly. You know I -- -- hearing you talk about Jon Lester is saying well maybe maybe Pedro could write about Jon Lester here that -- like a literary god now you're you're writer. Does it tell me about this -- me about your your your your writing -- got a book coming out onto. The F -- coming out but if this -- A book that's going to be inspiring to a lot of people because. I IE then I will never be found out saying how much I struggled to get up. Because it seem like I dominated the league for so long. That people thought I also put gifted. And I wasn't. And I have to work so hard to actually maintain my frame and the Allen and and maintain in the Chapin and an able to pitch. And all the things that I had to overcome. Did you know the second guessing of my body shape you know my my my -- my actual body being -- -- to fragile. All the things that I will fold -- -- remind Obama you know all the things now I get to explain. Why -- almost both constituted like that and why I -- publicly into. That's not the biggest reason why I told the food food to be a prima Donna because I won publicly I didn't wanna go out there and look like -- rubble at the youth everything else. What's so interesting that you that you bring up your Freeman and the fragility. That's much of the conversation today Clay Buchholz and push back to game or throughout on flat ground earlier today some of the people watched him were were unimpressed thought that he looked like he was laboring. In the meanwhile John Farrell says nothing has changed steelmaker is game four start. But a lot of callers have pressed on that said he he is fragile he is too small he is too -- is there something he needs to do given your own experience to get himself in a place where he can throw more innings every year will hope. We I I I'll get back on time in spring training. And get together with -- -- and and hopefully get together with the trainers and kind of the gift idea. That idea -- to keep me healthy. And and how I -- about my shoulder as specifically. It's a lot of work with it's it's ours that you have to put daily into your shoulder -- your shoulder. And I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't don't realize that may be bulky is that a point what are. When he needs -- now he needs to spend that time that I used to. With and what what would my shoulder on -- on my shoulder just to make sure that I will -- a photo for the complete these. I am I'm curious to hear what you did because I remember 2001 shortened season. LA from Terry came back in 2002 he didn't have surgery. -- when -- games in 20022003. Legally ERA. No surgery so what did you do. I weren't and I worked my tail off. I really did I win the extra mile every time every day. Five to seven dollars daily. Working nonstop. And and my shoulder were -- -- -- in at least an hour and a half of flowers gifts from the shoulder. And also things that I am only if I can suggest that goes with it the month a lot out of you. It demands a lot of mail they indication 2222. Working on your body. But out of the Mona happy to suggest those things and the if bulky who have with the guy that that's really. A warrior a guy that likes to work. Can probably yields on the -- bison and and and become healthier. We -- much as microphone there having a Michael's Michael from a better. -- -- haven't actually let me jump in here and ask -- this talk about advice for some unlikely Buchholz if he does have to go out there in game four when there's a problem and he's not feeling up -- was -- shoulder fatigue or whatever we know that you did that one time -- in particular 1999 in Cleveland. Dealing with a back injury. What advice would you give them just for that it's not long term it's not how to build up shoulder over course of years how do you pitch -- one game when you do not have your best January in pain. Well you -- your goals a motivation your goal right now it's a -- Walters. That makes it easier for us to go out there and I I wouldn't suggest to him that it -- feels like he's jeopardizing its three year. To go out there and do it because we -- from their arms so we can use that. He's he's gonna be on judge I think he Knowles. When he's able to help the team if he's gonna put the team in position. You know. That's going to be difficult to overcome I don't think book you'll take the ball and do that and all full for his career he's young -- -- -- -- for retirement. He should consider if he's not. You know capable of the all hope in the team. Just hand the ball to someone else and and and continue on -- the mean that he he didn't wanna be out there nobody wants to go hurt nobody wants them. Not take the ball in both key moments. But. You know jeopardizing a career. -- -- made. I wouldn't suggest for him. But I I think you go and unknowingly is gonna make these -- the right choice of the time dude who's. To go up there. When you didn't have talking about 99 coming out the Pope and against the Indians. Did you think -- you and in cross your mind that you're putting yourself in danger but what was your thought process before saying hey I'm available -- -- into this game. I did not stop to think about my career. Later on I got hurt in 2001. I realized that everything with the carry over from that day. You don't -- IE IE I told the blindly. I I did not think about it IE IE and I didn't know I will jeopardize in my career. At that moment right there and in the next game too. You know like I he I'd I'd let out there and only take me over holes supposed to be 2102 innings maybe. And I -- no I can't come out IE I need to make sure that we get this win. And adrenaline to -- and and I'm never being in worst pain. And I wore us on the plane out that we took off and we've got to 20000 feet. It's -- I really. Not with that I will really really hurt and that -- -- also bearable and you know. Now but I know better hosted yes the bookie. That he built them. Make it any worse because we've got to carry over to next year so knowing what you know now you probably wouldn't have done that. I think I was field on. But. -- to tell somebody else not. Because IE yeah I know myself and and at that time when I went out I figured that I -- Will let the look that he and out of the same time be effective and and and if I am able to do that. -- and I can give my team camps. And I'm pretty sure bulky feel that this same way you're going to have they didn't believe me nobody wants to. That what we were saying earlier that's where the legendary. Happen when you don't think somebody's capable of something -- -- -- Kirk Gibson steps in and hits the home run when you pitch in 1999 when Schilling goes in game six and 2004. Those are the moments that that to find some of the great performances any of us have ever seen. Well those those special moments and and they requires special people to boot to to come out there and and and be willing to Google thing enough. I was a little -- myself. The time to go up there and pitch I wanted it told he refused to give it up and and that'll cost to me sometimes -- that. You know I don't regret any moment that I that I get to appeal there so you're going through that unbearable pain on that plane would you do who helped you. I through there I remember it that whole team got quiet because I could not hold my screaming inside of fools fall hard. And and I remember my brother Ramon Timonen and try to get me a couple of seats from the plane to try to get me to -- down somehow. The medical stuff -- trying to reach out voters you know painkillers or something to. Two bit way that that that I in the plane everything it's it's in in the belly of the plane. So I had to pretty much beer with the pain onto we got to the other thing got duels on the flight from Cleveland to New York it was really close. But it did the pain most terrible that they most terrible and I I would not suggest anybody to go through it. Since we have you here to go back to almost a happier time long before that when you first came to Boston. My memory of it it was a couple of years after Roger Clemens left previous to that you go to Fenway Park it was a very monochromatic place everybody looked very much the same. Not but it wasn't a good atmosphere was but things changed when you got here the Boston Globe Michael's -- paper started printing or gained eight recaps in Spanish in addition to English that's certainly never happened before we play this kind of -- -- own thing up and shadows. I think count your strikeouts we had dinner with him the other night and I was asking about that is that I haven't used that for anybody else since Pedro Martinez is there anybody else in the game that you would give me. -- two and say hey. You deserve to have your strike -- also called punch shots is there anybody else out there. Hello everybody that I guess the amount that I was getting I think QB. To be on earning enough to -- To be called him that you of the new moon -- -- -- -- you know if something that -- came up with it was -- -- unique view of the -- -- playing -- that he had to do. I appreciated so -- the in the glow. You know translating what my gains and -- on it because. I -- -- if everybody Knowles that there's a huge. Dominican population here and they all came around. And from all of a New England. Two to give me support and and and dust and everything changed you started seeing that they've drawn the wheels in the Dominican. That that we don't know that he and that the wheels in the Dominican you're -- Miami game this stadium. Think you blacks in big flags indicates all the case -- the Dominican flag in the United States black. And and and tobacco it an annual fuel grade -- to the -- I think how that campaign with the k.s and address system flag on. Both of things that made it change also. I got to go to the Dominican festival. Mayor -- -- there and I publicly. Not an expert -- of the -- that I can be there. And many in all allowed to vote ever be without attending involve them in and yell I'm glad I I carry it over. David who gives the tradition field and I hope the many more dominicans come over to to join the red subsidies that's your place. Is a special city and out. We ought to be proud Boston. -- we were talking about your book that's coming -- at at the beginning and you mentioned some of the obstacles that you were able to overcome and we were talking up the air and you said you were known. As Ramon Martinez his little brother you are known as Pedro Martinez you're you're you're -- little brother at the beginning -- and obviously. You develop your reputation cy -- and -- in the World Series title. What are some of the other obstacles that that your -- obstacles that you overcame your product and you'd like to talk about. The biggest obstacle that I have to prove to overcome. I think well I think to a did doubts that the whole organization. You know and the Dodgers organization down not -- my minor leagues. I think every every one every scout every every every baseball personal. And in. And in that -- Dodgers and taste and I guess. At some point kind of second guess what I could be those levels. A 154 and throwing 97. They didn't find a way to -- both together. And it was hard to believe it -- -- to believe but that I IE I had to actually raise that from everybody's mind in a minor leagues. And also in the big leagues vehicles that -- always. Always that concern. That I would not last. That I wouldn't make it that I won't be able to -- five innings in the big league. And I think overcoming that overcoming that fear of not. Being able to do it. On -- finally gave me an opportunity. All of the -- on my biggest achievement it well in and adding to that doing it against a lot of guys on steroids and exactly -- if anybody had reason to actually use a fairly tight pink -- legit candidate. To actually use of steroids but. -- asking a couple of players out that they suggest that it to me because I -- open. Football's the able to make the big weeks ago I didn't look strong now but I keep posting on others in the minor leagues that's suggested that I could do it in the big -- But this deal wasn't enough. You know I wish I I actually considerate. That I had the same time. When I heard the effects that they have them on on the on on the players. I I told not to but I I -- baseball so bad that I almost them that this. I'll spend the two -- -- getting the chance to to to actually. And build the big league. And it really thought this before but going against all these guys who are mammoth and using steroids and in and out of their shoes. I might be able to help them hit the fastball you don't 97 MI deal helped them get around on a fastball. I don't know they're being completely -- it out of your mind would help you get the paper change and how does that. How does that help you hit it off speed pitcher curve ball do you think that's one of the reasons you maintain success through that era. Well Mike three pitches to a very deep for an. And and and and they both the date they all three of them complement each other I think that possible wolf above operation. They can't get the velocity -- McCain -- -- fold drastically smaller. You know. That horrible will break. You'll really late in heart Dow. That would that total opposite of what you can expect you can probably expect the -- you're gonna get on the eighty king yet from a 97. Possible. And then that graphic. Margin. Well velocity between that repeat it. We'll also be different in how we use it. In different speeds all three of them. Operator we certainly appreciate taken a few minutes with us today as I said it's a big honor for me thank you so much for sitting down -- -- -- we hope -- able to do this again. Maybe it's in another World Series I don't know that any time as a World Series -- always invited to be in our show thank you so much we appreciate it. Well thank you guys been it's always the moment and now I'm becoming both and often feel. Well there's always -- -- we're always looking for use -- I don't know. That is the guarantee our Pedro Martinez as I said the greatest I've ever had a chance to watch jacket and a chance to sit down about that something is wrong with Buchholz. Stop dictator game form and if you need them. Plumbing and looks like he's ready to go game four. We have a lot to get to before Derek Lowe joins us at 545 back in a flash and WB.

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