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Time to forgive and forget: Aaron Boone, ESPN, joins Mut and Merloni

Oct 24, 2013|

Aaron Boone joins Mut and Lou to look at all aspects of the World Series but first the guys discuss the elephant in the room, The 2003 ALCS. Aaron tells the guys that tensions have eased since his home run but some Red Sox fans still hold a grudge.

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Watched -- our Butler nine -- 837 WEEI get it set. Yet is set for game two. Of the World Series tonight. -- two -- a better job keeping his emotions in check in yesterday. Pushups today. It's seen any of those. Walk squats lunges Iraqi did you were doing yesterday here. Turn your Mike on their -- pre pre was talking on that six haven't won at its -- -- when he walked in I was all that. That's gone out there to tell you cut it again this is the call right at 2 o'clock to sort of get away a little bit. And he jumped back up there come back around 334. Have -- by little five minutes I sit in the seat. Empty Fenway I just a -- green monster and see the World Series -- just to -- it simmer. A little bit you just let it. Simmer the moment you -- what you do in -- you know it's nice fortunate to be able to cover the game and be out there in the field and the B and -- cobra World Series. It's it's camped in Kenya rather than playing and and and just lucky to be able to do is he just sort of sit back. And then the people -- morning. And then the players. Start to its Rogers cup final on the field. And then you see the excitement and the buds and then starts to get to an air ball 530. Yup that's when it starts to hit me OK and I got about a two and a half mile prep them for -- game gets going where I start to get -- fired up. All right -- got to control the emotions when you working on three for all sleep for a few weeks you got to get to do we had learned to control. You can control up and to a point up to a point that it just comes -- doing about -- -- that -- it's sort of and then forget about it's lights out its rocky theme it's get -- bitch -- Mickey logic to get a what I was in the radio Booth and I listened to some New York last night you kept. That Jack I give you credit. He kept that they check what upper professional sit between Joseph and Dave. That was nice job social ponies I didn't hear is headed here to show -- A -- -- -- a -- aren't I I just wanna say before I go to our next guest here okay. I I have not. I've not asked to play this but Joe's our operatives who would like us -- place up in the -- does not like hearing quite differently but before we get toward next guest I think it's timely -- it it. -- -- Leading by only as well. -- here's the thing with an enemy is live that you you deal with that right with. The affected Joey you know Joey to finish the producer of the show -- was a week ago and said he was thankful that moment. But does that ever Altria board only you know I'm glad it was -- that you're thankful for that moment. But I still pain I still wake up in cold sweats because of one mr. Aaron -- it just it happens I can't help. For the first time I think since that moment Aaron Boone joins a Boston radio station he joins us not to 37 WEEI. Aaron -- and little -- how -- you. I'm doing well especially after hearing that yeah he explains that. I've been ya you son of bitch subjects who -- makes you feel good doesn't it. -- -- -- I see you -- yawkey way you do a fantastic job and his pillow listening to yet. What is the reception like when you combat command always one of the oldest city -- won a couple of World Series and and they're all happy this morning it's -- enough and you know -- we are in this World Series. Do people recognize you of people still upset with you. But I feel like for the most part and then my apology to the people out there -- not the nature. But I feel like most of the it it's good natured and I think a lot of that obviously at the U though or. And notes that the -- you know it's kind of part of the story though most of it is. While most people are friendly like a hate you blew it you'll like it -- our view. On where to little more down deep I was just onset -- morning and one out walk by its -- -- -- -- -- walked in you know. But for the most part. You know. -- treated OK but the. Well a year -- okay by a lot of people but I've heard a story that -- -- -- to -- it may -- Some people lose family might or might not be OK let me sadly his sister Erin do you remember that story. Gash -- -- one of my favorite. Is when -- and I played together in Cleveland and there are a pick. Picture of -- in the paper -- meat kick in when I first signed with Cleveland talking and I know -- got. A lot of -- ripping back at home equity current pop and that eating more and. And then it's her game that the -- when now explain the next year with some edit. And then you -- and I still did not -- sort and it looked. And blew it trying to be like you know he's a nice guy she just need to say hi it's -- you -- enough that they were. Well yeah that's that's that's sees the but it frank she's the bits of the family so you know it's going to be. It could be ticket beat up on some people but we are we love her bony and I know -- period last night and you watch in this game and and wanna get to some of the things -- joining Lester but first step performance that you saw from him. I felt command -- fastball in really set the tunnel for opening up the other side of the plate and get in those hitters has a little bit that he can get in on you what you see from -- Yeah I thought before the game one might say look I felt like -- at that Democrats are on the inside part of plate. Especially because -- so many right indicators. Anchor right indicators that cardinal lineup and because. Especially in scoring position situations that Tina so that it worked in the ball the other way so. The fact that he was able to create a presence on the inside our plate opened up the rest of the plate. And the fact that he uses are so much you know -- he's kind of got away from that a little bit the second half of the season. Pregnant he had -- -- Carter took it not only you know in on the right hand but that boring it was also called strike three. -- Molina threw it to some -- these as well. You know game one he came out in complete command at the top game and it was at a press the earth orbit. Iliescu populace at the fold up here this morning with a video. Of Jon Lester apparently go into his glove now I've. Feel like doctoring the baseball I feel it's best Lina feel it's cutting stuffing -- -- -- -- pine tar. Even though it is technically an illegal substance I just feel like it's common. And -- is anything that I -- on Mike Love and have a hard time and always trying to get a little out there. To criticize one guy one I think a lot of people are doing well -- your thoughts on that body for able pine -- any kind of sticky that a pitcher might use. -- I'm sure it would not being. Grip related and especially in the cold weather here you know and I think -- love you and I senators -- tell you. You want that picture have a decent group out there when he brought in 95 my heart that -- out there. Yeah assuming it was pine tar -- grip related which I'm almost certain it is I have no issue with that. I guess by the letter of the law did is illegal but but I take. Any one in inside the game really is no issue and and you didn't see any cardinals. Saying anything because reality is you know probably most of their pitchers especially this time a year when -- goal. Are probably do it not to get themselves a little better grip on the ball. Well I'm curious she Mike Metheny -- gonna be sought you wonder if error in the coaching you don't want your guys checked rights you don't go check Jon Lester and I. I get the feeling that tonight. Yeah there might not be anything because once with the goes out there and checks on pitcher. Doesn't it open it up or Farrell on the theme for two straight or Everett L series goes our -- back and forth check in each other's eyes until this series is over. Absolutely absolutely and aren't you know there. It and he did and you really EE -- -- these you don't need to heed that. Like -- I think doctoring the baseball. Cheating without a point is putting -- -- is putting you know some kinda actually trying to make up it's been something. That it otherwise -- news copying the ball using an -- whatever those are. The kind of thing that I think our hitters especially with -- that's illegal that's cheating that needs to be dealt. Delegates your thoughts on the on the call that was reversed and it might the I go back to how the whole thinks ought to know shifting is a big part of the game and you were their base which is still an infielder. When the shortstop is on the right side of the bag in right field side of the bag it is a ground ball to his left that natural reaction is to go through it. I don't like it when the older shifted take in a double play situation and infielder -- money and natural side of the bag. And it creates -- running to second away from the ground ball after already jab stepping. And keep an eye on the ball keep in nine to back with no momentum the first. Your thoughts on -- play and then the reversal of the call. Well. A lot of that focuses on Cosmo rightfully so he dropped the ball and I think you lose you know I think carpenter was probably just. Cultural -- because she -- really handle the ball smoothly. And then in the transaction. You know is it almost turned into a changeup that caught it they are not. Was was kind of timing it merely had to hurry -- little bit -- -- -- right had to -- turned the double play. Then all of a sudden we wouldn't car -- it handle it real smoothly eke out a little further out and at the candidate. Slow himself down ultimately he dropped the ball in the and that's on him but but. It that's too much to do about Parker entered not coming up cleanly and get -- of real nice. Speed I think that he was kind of expecting. You know after the yet. You know I didn't feel like it's become so commonplace though that. Dietary -- now and that's pretty come -- play it out at this part of the scene that part of the -- thing. And I actually think -- they're fairly comparable with the or sorry and I got up or out at the reaper spoke. What they got it right. Yeah I only get Mike Mateen you know dollar and you know. -- in the guys clearly in need looking right that it they eat at all. Overturn -- I understand how that it be extremely frustrating. I think is there analyst. At the end of the day the fact that they got it right. It's probably the that's the best thing that it out of there. Aaron -- is joining us you've been covering the baseball playoffs the route for ESPN radio. Last night bigger factor in the Red Sox been able to get to Wainwright -- was at the visit that play. And busting it open because they couldn't get an out or at least turn to or was that -- stuff. Or lack of stuff from -- the early on last night. Yeah I think that in aren't behind pinkie that its own with a partner I mean the red dot obviously. Are so good at and make it pitchers work like Wainwright is big strike thrower as there is in the game. And the fact that he'd come out -- battered -- we all we're all behind you all are actually walk him. It's totally uncharacteristic. Al Wainwright hadn't struggled in the first inning this year but that in the inning he at all. But and the. He settled ended. Was more -- -- in the and a medal at -- But you know but that is one of those perfect storm where your best picture is in command to get through is normal level early. Yet so this is buying it you couple those who think it's a great -- like -- not. And it's a key game war. Buddhist Red Sox team come up Detroit it not only did he cease and great stars but they -- a great stars of the east golf and and I can't help but think last night and -- Sarkozy in the -- series a lot more comfortable at bats as more conviction when they did attack the baseball. And and -- we saw that little bit last night even nobody -- Wainwright sounded off. Struggled but they kind of got it late a wanna get your -- Michael walked in here tonight as you've probably seen him a lot more than most of us have. Connect fastball change up mix and know that dynamic in the occasional curve ball keep this team off balance. Yeah I think you can't. You know. He thought about the tiger act the way -- on right now in the repertoire the. From a stuff standpoint. It is that -- and that stratosphere I needed it looked at about all major operation. As you'll be right up there. Promote stopped import we're sure there with Verlander. I think his curve ball they'd better -- that eat or talk about it definitely is hurt it but it but back here be it what -- their first strike. Eat eat it Jason -- -- so I think he'll be effective the question is. Out eat that he don't that he beat that you know Boston is going to make it work and get an apple and now the differences. I think the difference between the cardinals -- say the tigers is the cardinals' bullpen is much deeper. That that there's power arms down their from both sides that they have the ability to match up late he -- And yet that it. You know now. They're all young. Obviously other first World Series -- will eat out they -- spot. It at all that so far but it's one of the real good accurate I think it is here. Is that part of all and it is so good against its pretty opposite that you go -- he. It -- -- the pulpit and number eight. Put in all with the news duel last night kidneys guys -- willow bay in the World Series has been since Friday gives everybody an inning but it is it sort of -- point to these Red Sox hitters. They give them -- a look. You know and they give Ortiz has only one pits but. Maybe a look at Carlos Martinez late in games as it might help these hitters may -- as the season as the series goes on. The other at least that's I mean I think got the hitters the only feel like. According to see it the better off you are an pitchers even talk about that it acknowledges that or inner conceit meet. Abort the advantage goes to him or at least. You don't start the paper and a little bit but that being said I'll battle with the media actually I think. The fact that he was able to get Wainwright -- either around ninety pitches. You know panic yet -- that optional possibly pretty impact now on three days' rest you know he -- it. Completely overused. It in a big outing on and I think just yet though. Picture guy and -- being here there I think we're the only way to go for Mike Metheny. And I think we're the Smart thing you know. -- last one for me I'm not sure if you made a prediction on this series but. I'm wondering if you like the cardinals going in if you know going for the Carlos Beltran either is not going to play. Or is going to be severely hobbled and have a hard time swinging the bat with what they're calling 88 to date -- confusion. Would that be enough for you to -- answer the cardinals have a hard time winning this World Series without him and a 100%. Well definitely harder because. You know the -- this cardinal offenses in the that's topic and actually. But like many other -- It's with the except here a couple break out is that struck about -- Williams both speaker. Really their one constant there one consistent performer has been Carlos doctorate. And it it right it did at the line -- each candidate -- them at their outlook is the switch hitter. Switch hitter with power the -- hit it. These Boston pitchers something else the -- so. It is certainly a factor he can't go work he's not near a 100%. It's certainly factors and that being set I still think. This series that that is the two best teams it's heavyweight match. And and I still think we'll come back to Boston to be able. I always listen I appreciate the time and I hope these Red Sox fans I hope they treat you -- the next couple days ago at a time to forgive maybe we'll see maybe maybe I can even forgiving in live past that moment. Thanks Luke speak highly of mailman. What's I've noticed hold on let's keep -- would say it's funny -- get a lot of text message saying how can I hate this guy is great talk in baseball. But here's our quote we about poll question into every Thursday -- -- your part of our poll question today because they have won two World Series. Since all three they're up one nothing in their -- asking fans simply today. Do you still need air balloon text yes or go to 37937. Right now. And when -- when it went -- little runs -- -- the park -- you know how the voting -- -- -- -- is -- at the ballpark tonight and I think it's gonna turn out your favor on the optimist but -- the and we appreciate your time today. These guys are sick in that that number again. It's 379370. Can set it to all your family and friends and I bought. They want on voting no I'm voting all right now sort of start on the right way air we appreciate the time today. You're here. Aaron -- yes Aaron bleeping Boone joining us and we're not kidding. That's our pop -- poll question today it'll pop -- -- stepped up you up again. They brought our pizza here to Fenway they brought it right to Fenway they knew its -- Thursday and know what he might chicken fingers and pizzas they brought it here. You still -- Aaron -- text yes or -- -- 379237. Right now you can also place your vote online by checking out WEEI dot com. Slash what reloading. The -- Paul presented by pop -- -- is of course. Bob Regina is now serving buffalo chicken pizza and lost barbecued chicken pizza. Can take out check out -- small party platters welts got wings took ravioli twists and more call or on -- -- -- -- dot com. Let's -- -- is still eight Aaron -- Red Sox fans. Yes -- -- 37937. 3793. As I always view. I let you vote first -- a lot of hope for you know. Or your sister adorable -- I don't. Hey Aaron -- I hate that moment particularly their -- is he's one of the best that to you what he. Of all the guys that have kind of done this transition thing if you haven't heard -- years and you just heard it here. He is I so I think he's the best I heard on the radio do in the the tigers is that the first the tigers' first round with a Michael okay. Awesome awesome Madonna was that the twins got there with a grant fell for all the -- you always wonder what some call what you guys gonna do knickers -- were bony. When I play the -- Cleveland when the other team was was on the field he would actually do the play by play. On the bench in a sit there about 12 from early as a curveball for strike early really get picked her about working got Hafner off balance. But he would do that the entire game Regis you knew what you gonna do after baseball he's very good at. Exercise I still hate her you little. -- but that's the status that would have been about the C it would never got there -- your boy Grady. Also -- depression so let's let's get a break we'll come back 6177797937. Up you woke up this morning turn on your radio about 9930 started here. The Major League Baseball a Major League Baseball but somebody in the cardinals organization. Was questioning what Jon Lester had a his club last night was he cheating on Major League Baseball has come for released a statement. About the picture and video a region that -- your phone calls next.

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