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It Is What It Is Cast: Previewing the Patriots and Dolphins

Oct 24, 2013|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price preview what to expect when the 5-2 Patriots take on the 3-3 Dolphins Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike Vitale joined as always quite patriots expert columnist for WB PI dot com for -- for price. Chris there is a nip in the air maybe it's appropriate because the Patriots offense that you wrote about this week. In the third quarter it has been ice cold what is and how can they fix it. It's across the board if it's not just one thing I've read miserable at least statistically in the third quarter they've struggled on the ball they've also not really lead. What you call compliments of football but for the defense that struggled -- so that the companies that things. Bill Belichick talked a little bit about press conference they talk about the fact that there's no magic bullet you can take. You know you could -- -- this is how do you fix the problem it's got to be across the board got have been blocking got a better excuse to get a better defense. You mentioned in your piece that they I believe ramp up only two times in the last ten minutes so that game. We have said all along I -- I wrote about this after the first pre season game in Philadelphia. Are we finally beginning to see maybe the return of the running game the patriots. And would that be crucial well it seems like in in some of the losses this year mainly in Cincinnati where they ran the ball only six times in the second half. Sunday -- in New York against the jets been getting away too much from the running. They really are I think it's one of those things where you -- look at the offensive victory over the first seven games this season you could it kind of draw some conclusions in in the losses. People being brought -- the world I think if your your point we're talking about earlier in the media work room that Hillary the ball twice. Over the last seven minutes it got it all in overtime against the jets feel the ball six times the second and -- against the Bengals this despite the fact it was a it was a one score game on both McCain knows that the game was still in doubt. So you know there were situations where you could run the ball did the one. Splits. In the losses really gaming I think in a lot of ways -- -- they'd -- -- to back from running the ball up to get back to run the ball consistently because when they do that good things. After the bell and that thing gets really hard do. Understanding and really get a grasp is they have the running backs they have a lot of -- variety in the running backs in terms of Steven Ridley the current -- they will be getting back. Eventually Shane -- he is eligible to start practicing this week whether he does or not. Belichick said that that he wouldn't start on Wednesday but maybe later in the week. But the personnel there -- is there for the patriots to get to the running game. I wondered Q how much of that point change with the return of Ryo wondered how much do you think of him and -- look at regarding -- It did they might start run the ball with a bit more when when -- When we come back because in his one game this year you were very good at that opener against the bills they were able from the altering the move the ball consistently as a result. In this bill. Flight don't just expect to -- the running back that the outbreak thinking offered him something he some of those guys don't happen -- I think ultimately. Being mean to get back from running the ball you can get back to -- Consistently. If they wanna have -- the week. And the other thing we we should also point out it is only week number eight I believe we're coming up on in the season and Tom Brady it's always going to Bill Belichick has always talked about. Judge us in November and December when the weather really changes and -- in a lot of the the fundamentals of the office can. Exactly this more than any other -- maybe other than 2006 the dolphins have really -- in broad. No we've talked about that specific to the passing game. But I think you can make an argument that the running game as well because for me. They're kind of working without one of their most important offensive options including -- -- to still in his first you're in the fifth and talk about Wimbledon. In -- and really what the guys who are very young relatively young and relatively early in the political career so it's all -- come together right. Defense this side of the ball the patriots welcome back an old friend. Certainly one of the war respected players in the locker room a couple of years ago Andre Carter. Defensive end he played last year with the Oakland Raiders after blowing out -- Phillies. Against the at least it was against the Redskins -- in 20112. Bit or Broncos and -- 2011 yes thank you but certainly he was a big. Part of that defense in creating. Pass rush from the edge. Can he approach those kind of numbers and could impact. Here in New England where is it too early to tell I think it's. It's too early to tell but I do think that he brought me here for a couple of first of all publisher Brian Waters you know you're not at 34 year old guy you get off the couch and -- jump enabling it up and put them. I think you're looking at him to maybe give him fifteen to 25 to gain at least at the start. Really kind of -- -- -- situation -- -- record maybe you I think if anything in the world with a bit of a breather in those kind of situation. I also think you that you brought here have been relatively young defense of wild boy when you're talking about guys in Vince Wilfork Tommy Kelly. We'll -- you really got around him a regular basis because the entry heavily were no injuries. This is a really young defense. You're talking about guys that look at me in the field -- Beckett -- -- -- -- of hope -- -- all of those guys are relatively -- and talked about. -- all NFL experience. Bringing a guy like Andre Carter could have -- informant in and work at that. -- -- -- Wondered when I think that we're looking for what would your argument is hopeful impacted if you almost as important off the field. We talked about this a little bit after the jets came -- on Sunday afternoon the AFC east is all of a sudden very jumbled. And this suddenly becomes very critical game. In the division and one in which the patriots certainly. Figure to need it. Protect home field. If they're gonna wanna win the division in the end of the season through the open led Miami Dolphins started out very you know house on fire. Everybody thought maybe this is the of the dolphins challenge -- patriots they've lost their lastly what what has happened with the help. -- needs. Get back to what we've been successful we need to get back what quality do. You know the good athletic quarterback. The other thing too. They have not been able but the battle. In -- people -- 69. That's a lot absolutely absurd when you're talking about. It was second your -- you need to do better dump their quarterback I think that with the gulf of really having gotten off track. Adding this represented a great opportunity for the patriots. Accretive separation if he's kind of rebound a little bit what happened last week. They can beat the dolphins here and the Bengals can beat the jets and Cincinnati which is not unreasonable to expect -- the -- -- start. I think public usage which would beat him with a little -- separate himself -- they've seized and rebound from what happened last week. And going into the -- exactly you know you always what you thought about them going into the life. If they had the bite me at six in Q given everything that's happened given all the setbacks. -- spectators. You quoted by we think it's got to be pretty good about yourself because things start to get guys back don't -- -- back offensively -- -- goal. -- hopefully returns you've rightly so you have guys.

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